My Perfect Summer Cake

Wiiii summer is on it´s way to Finland too! I spent the last weekend at my cousins´ place in Lahti, I had a great time in there so I wanted to do something for them in return so this is what I ended up with; a blueberry-marengue-cheesecake. I saw a picture of a similar cake in a magazine a while ago but I had to improvise my own version of it because I didn´t have the recepe. It was sooooo good! So fresh and light but at the same time very tasty and sweet. A very good cake if you are having a little summer party on your terrace! :)

The idea of it:

- First make the marengue (you can find the basic recepe from the Internet). I used 8 eggs for this one and it came out to be pretty big one. Of course if you want to make the cake higher and put there more layers, you can use more eggs than that. I added a bit of potato flour to the egg whites - sugar foam to make the marengue more sustainable (heh, not sure if can I use that word in this kind of context?). Then I split the marengue in to three same sized bowls and added some pink pigment to dye the marengue layers to diffirent shades of pink. To the first bowl I put just few drops of the pigment so that it stayed almost white, to the next one I added a bit more drops than earlier and so on. Make how many layers you want! Shape the marengues to round cakes on a baking tray (use parchment paper and a bit of oil to make it easier to sever the cakes from the tray) and cook them in the oven for few hours in a low temperature.

- Make the purple blueberry-cheese mixture using mascarpone cheese, quark, sugar and fresh or frozen blueberries.

- Then when everything is ready just pile up the cake and put some blueberries or eatable flowers on it to make it even prettier!

Enjoy outside with cold drinks, beautiful wheather and good friends! :)

This trip to Mexico was already the best trip of my life but this right here is the icing on the CAKE!!🌋💥💥 Thank you @surfer_magazine for putting me on the cover for the second time in one year. Your making my dreams come true #Speechless ✊🏽😆 || 📷 By the legend @jrkenworthy || 🎥 Edit dropping next week excited for you to see it! 🙈💥💥 (at In a dream? 💭)