CAKE and BRAIN FRAME are joining forces to raise money! We need your help, your cash, your raw muscle to grease the wheels of independent commerce, alternative comics, and graphic passion. Join us in an explosive combination of comix reading, live drawing, experimental jazz, and the auction of priceless works of art for competitive prices.

With performances by:
Andy Burkholder
Alyssa Herlocher
Paul Nudd
Jeremy Pettis

And musical accompaniment from:
Alex Inglizian and Stephen Ptácek

Hosted by:
Lyra Hill

And artwork for auction donated by:
David Alvarado
Ben Bertin
Kevin Budnick
Andy Burkholder
Jessica Campbell
Lilli Carré
Anya Davidson
Sara Drake
Nick Drnaso
Edie Fake
Sanya Glisic
Alyssa Herlocher
Lyra Hill
Robin Hustle
Gregory Jacobsen
Ben Marcus
Bernie McGovern
Paul Nudd
Jeremy Onsmith
Jeremy Pettis
Aaron Renier
Grant Reynolds
Eric Rivera
Sam Sharpe
Otto Splotch
Joe Tallarico
Ruby Thorkelson
Carl Zeller

At Peanut Gallery, 1000 N. California, doors at 7:00, show at 7:30, $5 donation.

All funds raised will benefit the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (CAKE), helping pay for venue and table rentals, special guest honorariums, posters, programs, and other printed matter. CAKE is completely volunteer run and organized.

CAKE is a weekend-long celebration of independent comics. Featuring comics for sale, workshops, exhibitions, panel discussions and more, CAKE is dedicated to fostering community and dialogue amongst independent artists, small presses, publishers and readers. CAKE 2013 will take place on June 15th & 16th, at the Center on Halsted.

BRAIN FRAME is a performative comix reading series founded and organized by Lyra Hill. BRAIN FRAME gives comics and zine artists an opportunity to interpret their work in front of an open minded audience. Readings often include costumes, props, music, sound, performance, puppetry, poetry, and more.

Poster by Paul Nudd.


At CAKE FRAME, a benefit for the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo hosted by BRAIN FRAME, the performative comix reading series, Andy Burkholder read an occasionally wry, occasionally abstract, and always aesthetically precise series of vignettes in the lives of people named Chris, aptly entitled: Chris, on April 12th, 2013.

Video thanks to Burton Bilharz.


CAKE FRAME, the Brain Frame/CAKE benefit show, was an enormous success. We raised over $2,500 towards chairs, tables, honorariums, and printed matter for the 2013 Chicago Alternative Comics Expo!

In between comix performances from Andy Burkholder, Alyssa Herlocher, Jeremy Pettis and Paul Nudd, our host Lyra Hill auctioned off dozens of original artworks by Chicago cartoonists. Emma Rand, Brain Frame’s astronomically talented intern, played Vanna White while musicians Stephen Ptácek and Alex Inglizian improvised accompaniment.

Photos thanks to Gillian Fry.


At CAKE FRAME, a benefit for the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo hosted by BRAIN FRAME, the performative comix reading series, Paul Nudd enlisted his brother Ed Nudd to design the soundtrack for his installation and performance, consisting of a slideshow of fly drawings, two monitors looping putrid videos, and Paul’s other ‘brother,’ Barry Nudd, an American-flag draped dummy smoking from the eyes and mouth, on April 12th, 2013.

Video thanks to Burton Bilharz.


A couple weeks ago, Cake Frame- a collaborative comix reading between the masterminds of Brain Frame and CAKE (Chicago Alternative Comics Expo), auction, and fundraiser for CAKE took place at the Peanut Gallery.

I made a jam comic with some of the artists there.

I also got some portraits of the contributors and other artists in between readings. Included here are Joe Tallarico, Andy Burkholder, Alyssa Herlocher, Neil Brideau, Ben Bertin, Jeremy Pettis, a portrait of me by J. Tallarico, and Lyra Hill. 

Initiated by intrepid cartoonist Alex Nall, who is nearing a full year of daily diary strips (an enviable feat), this jam comic passed through the hands of twelve different artists during the recent CAKE/Brain Frame benefit event CAKE FRAME. The last panels were completed in a dark bar by drunk celebrants. Consider this a document of historic import.

Artists, in order by panel: Alex Nall; Ben Bertin; Neil Brideau; Edie Fake; Aaron Renier; Alyssa Herlocher; Kevin Budnik; David Alvarado; Harry Hillman; Grant Reynolds; Jeremy Onsmith; Lyra Hill.

Photos and videos of CAKE FRAME coming soon!


CAKE FRAME, a hybrid fundraiser event for the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (CAKE) organized by the performative comix reading series BRAIN FRAME, was a lot of fun and a great success. In between comix performances from Andy BurkholderAlyssa HerlocherJeremy Pettis and Paul Nudd, our host Lyra Hill auctioned off dozens of original artworks by Chicago cartoonists. Emma Rand, Brain Frame’s astronomically talented intern, played Vanna White while musicians Stephen Ptácek and Alex Inglizian improvised accompaniment, on April 12th, 2013.

Video thanks to Burton Bilharz.

I wrote this snapshot short story a few years ago and thought I would share it now.


The automatic doors on my mom’s minivan began to gradually slide open. I watched as the gap widened and as soon as it was big enough I squeezed my body through the hole. I landed hard on the blacktop and without checking for cars took off running across the parking lot to the gated in play ground. I pried open the gate and heard it grind across the asphalt. After entering the park I spun around on my toes taking in my surroundings, and immediately spied a familiar face. Nicole sat at a picnic table just beyond the green and tan play equipment. I darted across the woodchips to the table. Upon arrival I saw she was not alone. Accompanying her was her mom her sister and four people I did not know. Seated at the table was a woman with hair so wildly curly I was tempted to call it an afro, a boy with a big nose and one of the skinniest girls I had ever met. She had shoulder length brown hair and bangs that attempted to hide a small dent in her forehead. She clung to her mother as though on the day of her birth, six years ago, the doctor had forgotten to cut her umbilical cord. My mom and my sister entered the park and joined the group. The skinny girl’s mother decided to start introductions “Hi I’m Patty and this is my daughter Shauna”. The other three mothers followed suit. I thought Shauna was a strange name, but as far as I could tell Shauna was a strange girl as well. Unlike me she was less than eager to leave the adults to play on the swirly slides and slow moving hang glider, but with some coaxing from her mom we were off to form a friendship.

We weaved through shopping carts sprinting up and down the aisles of Market Basket in search of the perfect sleepover treat. I follow Shauna around a corner at the end of the aisle we saw a table full of cakes. After dinner we took dainty portions leaving most of the cake intact. Normally we would have taken heaping portions and battled over the peanut butter cup that sat atop the cakes chocolate covering, but that night we had other plans. On the way home from the super market we had giggled like only eleven year old girls can in the back seat of the van over our plans to sneak into the kitchen after bedtime and devour the rest of the cake. As we left dinner Mrs. S called after us “I want you two asleep by eleven we have to go to church in the morning”. We lied and told her we would be. At one A.M. we lay in Shauna’s double bed and waited. We could still see dim yellow brown light under the door and the faint sound of the television going in the room beneath us. Mrs. S shared our affinity for the late hours, so we waited. We lay barley daring to whisper because Mrs. S needed reading glasses but not a hearing aide. For one more hour we played tug of war with the blankets until we heard the stair case groan. We held our breaths as we heard footsteps going past the book nook into the room across the hall. We waited until we hear Mrs. S’s snore harmonizes with her husband’s and then creep out of Shauna’s bedroom. We hugged the edges of the stair case where the stairs wouldn’t creek. We tip toed to the counter and cut ourselves huge slices. We started stealthily back to Shauna’s room when I bumped a chair. We made eye contact and sprinted up the stairs there was no doubt we would be caught out of bed but we could at least try to hide the cake from Mrs. Salem. We jumped onto the bed and shoved the cake under our pillows, but it was too late the cake was exposed. “And whose idea was this?” Mrs. S asked. We told her it was both of our idea because best friends get in trouble together.

I pushed open the door to the track above the Health hills fitness club’s basketball court. My hair is wet from being in the pool. I only swam for thirty minutes because swimming alone is boring. The murky chlorinated pool was too tranquil and quiet. I could feel the lifeguard’s uncomfortable gaze follow me as the pool emptied and I was left floating alone. I stood on the rubber floor next to the water cooler in my blue flip flops and watched Shauna bound around the track. When she was twelve, only a novice runner, she only ran a mile at a time but at age fourteen as a member of the BG varsity cross country team she always ran at least three miles. I would swim and she would run and then we could hang out together after, she had explained to me, but by the time she was finished running around that tiny slanted track it was always time to leave. I walk into the middle of the track and spread my arms out. I grab hold of the wood rails on either side of me creating an obstacle in Shauna’s path. She runs up to me and I griped “are you almost done?”, she tells me just five more laps and run away from me. Her cell phone hanging out of her black spandex shorts lights up and announces another text message from Shannon, Whoever she is.

 There was dead grass under my toes and pesky mosquitoes up my nose as I ambled across Shauna’s backyard. Shauna stepped with me as we made our way in the dark to the pool deck. Shauna unlocked the gate and we entered the pool area. We through floats into the pool and Shauna turned on the pool lights illuminating the water so it was hard to see the swing set to the right or my car parked in the drive way to the left. We floated for awhile and swatted at mosquitoes. We talk mostly about T.V shows. When we finally went inside we thought it would be smart to wash off the chlorine in the shower. We planned to take turns until we saw the pink bubble bath. We stayed in our bathing suits and filled the bath tub pouring in all of the pink goop. We squished together in the tiny bath tub overflowing with bubbles. “Am I still your best friend?” I ask her wondering if I’d lost the position to a newer friend. She laughed at me through her foamy white bubble beard and replied

“Yeah. Am I still yours?”

“Uh huh” I replied and we sat until our fingers were wrinkled like raisins.

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Follow your dreams! Become a Baker Florist! Flower themed cakes! Cake themed bouquets! And a sprinkling of gay on everything. ... Now I want cake...

And tbh I look amazing when I’m framed by cakes AND flowers so imagine both at the same time

Happy Chocolate Cake Day! by mcheffer featuring a cake stand ❤ liked on Polyvore

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