For You, A House of Cards

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It was 5:30 AM. A loud crack of thunder had woken you up.

You didn’t jump awake but a tiny nervousness began to build inside your stomach. It had been meaning to rain for a few days now. The thunder rolled for hours each day but eventually it calmed and now, during your sleep, it decided to come back roaring.

Within seconds lighting flashed across the sky and the rain began to pour. You watched through the blinds for a moment and then rolled around in bed wondering how it was possible for him to stay asleep.

He wasn’t.

Yoongi wasn’t even in bed. You yawned and got up, then turned on the flashlight from your phone to walk through the dark house in search of him.

Now you were really scared because if the thunder were to crack suddenly and loudly again, it would most likely take you by surprise.

As you walked down the stairs, the lightning provided some creepy visibility to the house. You just hoped that the thunder would remain quiet for just a moment. Until you could find him.

He was in the kitchen, hovering over the counter and making coffee. He saw you come in and your eyes met.

“I was making tea so in case you woke up. It should calm down your nerves.” He took a sip from his mug. It probably cost ten dollars more than you would have paid for.

“I’m not scared, the storm just woke me up. I never heard thunder so loud before.”

Suddenly the thunder and lighting roared through the sky again simultaneously, making you take quick steps towards him but you didn’t touch him as you looked towards the windows much too large for your liking.

You didn’t want to be too clingy and lose your dignity. 

Instead, he pulled you towards him as he turned his attention back towards the brewing tea but he lazily wrapped your arms around him.

“I’m not scared.” You repeated, hugging him from behind.

“The entire day you were nervous about the thunder. Now it really hits and you don’t want to admit that you’re scared? I kind of wanted to hold you until you weren’t scared anymore.” He surprisingly admitted.

“I’m scared Yoongi.” You said quietly.

He took your hand and pulled you back upstairs towards the bedroom.

You tucked yourself into him and he kissed your forehead, letting his arm serve as your pillow.

“Go to sleep. This is just one of many storms we’ll have to go through.” He said, taking a deep breath.

You held onto his hand and closed your eyes. It felt so good being in his arms.

 There was something crazy about feeling this happy. Especially since this wasn’t your house, your room, your bed…or his.

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Taehyung Scenario: Make A Wish.

Request:  I’m the anon that asked for the Tae birthday scenario. For it a birthday party would be fine. Like with the other members there or whatever you want

Genre: Fluff

–Are you sure this is safe? – you asked with a tremulous giggle, holding onto Taehyung’s arm for dear life, literally, since you couldn’t see anything. Your boyfriend had tied a black cloth over your eyes after smiling mischievously and saying you weren’t allowed to see anything of where he was taking you.

You trusted Taehyung a lot, but being blindfolded wasn’t particularly trilling because you were dying to see, you guessed that was exactly how Taehyung wanted to get you, curious until you couldn’t take it anymore.

–Of course it is Y/N, I planned it – Taehyung laughed and caressed your hand.

You accommodated yourself against the back seat with a little smile, you didn’t even need to look at your boyfriend to make out the satisfied smile he was sporting on his lips. Exactly because he planned this was the reason it got you a little nervous, Taehyung could get a little crazy sometimes and you still didn’t get the full point of covering your eyes.

You suddenly startled because now that you noticed, you’d been on the car for quite some time already, long enough to be out of the city, you just suspected it. Taehyung had only been distracting you with his easy and cheerful chatter, giving you little kisses here and there, saying how excited he was for your birthday.

The thought made you smile silently and you let your head fall onto where you knew Taehyung’s shoulder was. It was special beyond words to spend your birthday with your boyfriend and in the way he planned it for you because you knew he’d put some thought into it and it was going to be special any way. When he’d barged into your bedroom waking you up at 5 am with a smile out of this world, a gift box on hands and singing-screaming happy birthday for you, you thought he was definitely a special guy, that was just how Taehyung was.

–You still aren’t going to tell me where are we going right? – you asked amused, because of course he wouldn’t.

–No baby – Taehyung’s lips grazed the skin of your temple and made you shiver, increasing even more the nervous anxiety you were feeling, you were just dying to know and patience was never one of your strongest qualities. – but you’ll see it right now–

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The photograph that Eddie takes of Marvin Acme and Jessica playing “patty-cake” in Who Framed Roger Rabbit was created during pre-production, and features an earlier design of Jessica than the one that is used in the final character animation. The one shot that was re-done to incorporate the new Jessica design was the insert shot of the picture after it is first developed.


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Word Count: 344

He looked through the trees, the blood dripping down his face causing the forest to look like it was blanketed with a crimson photo filter. The bodies of monsters littered the ground, their blood not only covering him but also pooling at his feet. He had been battling his way through Purgatory for months. He was simultaneously looking for his best friend and way back home. He trudged through what he thought was the same set of trees for what seemed like the thousandth time with the blade clutched tightly in his hand.

His arm was tense, ready to swing if any monster crossed his path. He saw the movement out of the corner of his eye and he readjusted his grip. He could feel the creature coming toward him and he squared his shoulders. He was ready for a fight. Ever since he landed in this place he was ready for a fight. The sound of a twig snapping behind him had him spinning on the spot to face his would be attacker.

He expected leviathan. He expected vampires, werewolves, and shape shifters. He expected any single monster that he had spent his life hunting. What he was not expecting was your petite frame completely caked in both fresh and dried blood. Seeing you standing there he couldn’t believe his eyes, he almost expected it to be a trick, until you spoke.

“Dean?” you asked completely taken aback by the sight of him.

“Y/N?” he questioned right back, his shoulders instantly relaxing.

You didn’t trust yourself with words so you just nodded. You honestly thought you would never see him again yet here he was, flesh and blood, standing in the middle of purgatory.

“What are you doing here?” you both asked at the same time.

“It’s a long story for me,” he said, “you first.”

“Heaven won’t take me and hell’s afraid I’ll take over,” you said with a shrug, “so they kinda stuck me here.”

He just stared at you dumbfounded, still not completely believing that it was actually you.

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anonymous asked:

I'm glad you also framed the cake as the call back to the mark's hunger, cause that's also what my mind immediately jumped to, instead of the bi!dean metaphor that is often used (I support that view too) but that's not what I'm here to ask about. We saw very little activity out of the mark this ep, though that may have to do w/ Jenny Klein's often flawed writing, even when Dean sorta killed Cole, do you have any thoughts on that? The seemingly unaffected Dean weeks after killing Cain himself?

Hey sweetie!

I am glad you like the reading. I hadn’t come across the “pie as a metaphor for Dean being bi” yet, but I didn’t realy have time to look on my dash yet. Plus: I like to collect my thoughts and type them out without getting influenced by other interpretations. :) Also: I won’t manage to rewatch the episode before tomorrow night, so the following is just based on the spotty memory of having watched the episode this morning before heading to work.

But to your question. I agree that Dean seemed entirely too calm given how on edge and amped up he was after he killed Abaddon. If we take that as a comparison, I think it is valid to assume that Dean would be even more hopped up now given he killed the Father of Murder (unless Cain didn’t die - though I am not really thinking Cain is alive still) and one can only assume that it will be much more catastrophic and extreme than it was with Abaddon, who was “just” a Knight of Hell.

I think they deliberately did not further go into what Dean did after he left that kitchen - just thinking back on it sends shivers down my spine - and don’t give us any clues as to if he sleeps for example (the beginning suggest neither Sam nor Dean sleep). And I could imagine that to continue. I know I talked about a sceanrio I could imagine happening at some point towards the end of the season the other day, but I cannot find the post right now, but basically I thought that we will get glimpses here and there of something “other” shining through in Dean, but he remains in control and seemingly put together up until a certain point, when in some sort of flashback it will be revealed what Dean did all the times we didn’t see him and Cas and Sam weren’t observing and it will be really devastating.

In short, I could imagine them “playing down” and making Dean appear to be more in tune and control to have the audience believe he is getting better only to strike in the most unexpected momnt so it would be more shocking.

That being said: I like to think, that Dean does somewhat grows more in tune with himself and is starting to work through balance, but I think it might only need a tiny push to send him right over the edge.

There was a lot in this episode that made it seems as if Dean is on a good path, there were just as many however that suggested that Dean still thinks he “is past saving”. These conflicting aspects mostly played out when comparing Dean’s conversations with Sam and with Cole.

On an ending note. I think the MoC was actually front and center throughout the entire episode - only not with the show framing Dean shaking or adding the “evil little steam whistle” or the “heartbeat” - but mostly in parallels.

The Monsters of the Week were the perfect mirror for what is going on wth Dean. We had the Khan worms - something evil taking over good people and turning them into blood thirsty (perfect parallel to the MoC which also is always thirsty and hungry for blood and killing) monsters which alone provided the perfect parallel to Dean (and to Sam’s demon blood addiction as well btw) current predicament. The two widows also reminded me a lot of Mary Winchester, who experienced what the war had done to John as well while the other reminded me of Lisa, who took Dean in after Sam jumped into the pit. That time during S6 was often referred to by the writers as Dean going through something similar as “The Hurt Locker”, which was also about a soldier dealing with PTSD and the aftermath of having been too war. Dean shared similar expereinces with his time and hell and purgatory and of course, he has been called “daddy’s little soldier” a lot of times to make the parallel a possibility.

All that being said and to com back to the hunger vs. thirst thing. I wrote a more elaborate piece on Dean’s hunger here, if you are interested. :) I think it’s interesting they chose the Khan worms to dry out their victims and ONCE AGAIN BASICALLY KILLING FROM THE INSIDE OUT which has been a MAJOR theme ever since S9 and the only way to be freed from them was to dry out - which to me is another parallel to Sam’s detox in S4.

Sorry this got long and rambly towards the end. Thank you so much for your question. I hope I somehow managed to type up something coherent that answered your question. I might have gotten blown off track a bit. *bites lip*


A startled grunt leaves Prime when the contact is made, and he turns to face the culprit; though faceplates spread into a smile when he see’s her.

“…Hello to you too, love…” he chuckled.

Immediately, a snicker escapes her, optics glinting with mischief, and a sly grin slowly spread across smooth fascia - nodding her helm in silent greeting before speaking.

“I’m surprised your frame isn’t caked in glitter by now….”


Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: Light swearing

Word Count: 1,458



A/N: Happy birthday @lucifer-ismy-bae! I hope this cheers you up!

You lay in bed, staring up at the stark white ceiling in the early morning. No part of you wanted to get up, but sooner or later, one of the boys was going to come knocking on your door, wondering if you were sick, or if something was wrong. And that was not a conversation you were up to having, especially today.

Because today, something was very much wrong–the same way it was last year, and the year before that, and will be the year after.

Because today was your birthday, and it was going to be one hell of a day. 

Usually people loved birthdays–everyone celebrating, getting presents, the whole day being about you. 

But you’re birthdays were the opposite. It seemed like everyone in the world was oblivious to the fact that you even had a birthday. It was like you just appeared out of thin air. So after years of disappointment, you gave up wanting that special day, and vowed to just make it another day like any other. 

So being just another ordinary day, you pushed yourself out of bed and stumbled your way down to the kitchen, finding both brothers–Sam returned from his run, and Dean still half asleep over a cup of black coffee–awaiting your arrival. 

“Morning.” Sam smiles at you before bending over to stretch, you nod your head at him and keep moving for the coffee. Dean makes some sort of sound–his attempt at a “good morning”–before lowering his head onto his arms.

“Rough night?” You ask with an even tone as you sit across from him, and he doesn’t respond.


You shake your head and sip your coffee.

“So I think I found a case.” Sam takes a seat next to you, and you take a deep breath. 

Because that is just the cherry on top.

You stare down at your coffee, not even realizing Sam calling your name until he nudges your shoulder.

“Are you okay?” You suddenly perk up at Sam’s concerned gaze. Even Dean’s now sitting up at attention, all traces of his hangover suddenly gone. 

You shake your head and force a smile.

“Fine. Just tired.” You push up from the table and take your coffee with you. “I’m gonna go take a shower.” 

You don’t miss the glance the brother’s share, but you pretend to and head down the hallway, hoping a hot shower will help brighten up things a bit.

The shower did help, but now you sat in the library, reading through a lore book that might be linked to the case Sam mentioned earlier.

You were starting to feel better, happy to have a quiet routine for the day, both the boys seeming to have caught onto your mood and letting you be. 

“Hey, Y/N!” Dean comes strolling in, shaved and in clothes that weren’t slept in last night. You put your book down and look up at him, not having the energy to smile like you normally would.

“Could you do me a favor?” He leans his hands on the table and looks down at you with a smile.

You look up at him, nervous about what the hell that could possibly be. Dean Winchester doesn’t ask for favors.

“What?” You ask hesitantly.

“We’re out of beer.” 

Your forehead raises and you laugh.

This can’t be his favor.


“So,” Dean’s hands leave the table and reach into his back pocket, pulling out his wallet. “Can you go on a beer run?”

You throw your head back and groan.

You’ve got to be kidding me.

“What the hell? Go yourself.” You scoff at him, reaching for your book again.

“I have to work on Baby. She’s been stalling and I want to get her fixed up before we get on the road for this hunt.” Dean opens his wallet and fishes out some bills. 

“Come on, Y/N, help me out here.” He stares down at you with those stupid green eyes and you huff and take the money. 

“Fine.” You close your book and throw it on the table, your chair almost falling over as you stand. 

“I owe you one!” Dean calls after you as you stomp towards the garage and take a set of keys to one of the bunker cars and head on your way to the package store. 

Over an hour later, you’re finally pulling back into the bunker. The package store was over thirty minutes away–though nothing is really close by when you’re living in a secret underground bunker in the middle of Kansas. 

You grabbed enough beer that no one should have to do a beer run for at least a few weeks. 

You grab the bags from the back seat of the car and kick the door closed with your boot, the bags hanging by your knees with all the weight in them. 

You barely manage to turn the doorknob with your hands so full, but you get it and push the door open with your knee, pausing when you enter a completely dark library.

The hairs on the back of your neck raise and your heart quickens. 

These lights are never off. 

You lower the bags onto the floor, ready to reach for your gun when the lights suddenly blare back on.

“SURPRISE!” Sam, Dean and Castiel are standing in the middle of the library, a “Happy Birthday!” banner strung across the room and a cake sitting on the table.

“What the hell is this?” You gasp, your heart pounding through your chest. Can and Sam frown, but Dean still smiles, seeming to be amused by your reaction. 

“A little birdy mentioned it was your birthday.” Sam nods his head towards Cas and smiles.

“I thought I told you, Sam?” Castiel asks confused, his brow furrowed as he looks down at the floor trying to figure out Sam’s worth.

“It’s an expression, Cas.” Dean rolls his eyes. 

“Look,” Dean steps towards you, his smiling growing. “We knew something was wrong today. The fact we saw you like twice, and that you haven’t talked all day–usually you don’t shut up.” Dean chuckles and you glare at him.

“So we did some digging.” He shrugs his shoulders, smiling like he was proud of himself, even though they probably called Cas down here and asked him.

“Why didn’t you say anything?” Sam asks from behind, but taking a step forward.

You shrug, finally lowering the bags out of your grasp.

“I’m not really into celebrating my birthday.” 

You don’t look at Dean, but you can see his face fall. 

“Well, we are, so get over here and blow out the candles.” Sam pushes by Dean and places a hand on your shoulder, pushing you towards the little cake with blue frosting framing the outside, and Happy Birthday Y/N written in pink frosting and covered in sprinkles. 

“Oh come on,” You protest as Sam pushes you forward. “You’re not seriously going to make me blow it out.” 

“Of course we are!” Dean wraps his arms your shoulder as your thighs hit the edge of the table. 

Cas joins you across the table, smiling at you as you look down at the cake with the three blue wax candles that are starting to drip onto the cake. 

“Make a wish, Y/N.” Dean says quietly, nudging your shoulder, making you smile. 

You look around the large room, filled with so few, but still feeling full and warm, each of the boys wearing their own smile, glad that even if you didn’t want to, they got to celebrate this day with you. 

So you bend over the table, at the flicking candles that are slowly disappearing. 

I wish we celebrate again next again. 

You take a deep breath and blow out the candle, causing the boys to tighten their holds on you. 

“Now let’s celebrate!” Dean grabs for the beer while Sam cuts the cake. 

You happily take a drink before Castiel passes you a slice of cake, and the four of you gather at the table. 

As as you watched everyone laugh and stuff their faces, you looked around the table–Maybe your birthdays wouldn’t be so bad anymore, not with these three around. 

“Happy birthday, Y/N.” Dean raises his glass and the four of you cheers over the now empty birthday cake. You smile, holding the bottle at your lips. 

“Thank you guys, really.” Sam and Dean nod as Cas shyly shrugs his shoulders.

 "Anytime, Y/N.“ Sam pats your back as you relax into you chair. 

"And maybe next year we’ll take you to Vegas, really celebrate.” Dean raises his eyebrows at you.

Your eyes go wide and your heart speeds up.

Is it too late to take back your wish?