Guess whos done with the videoo??? aaaaAAAaa

I am not too sure if I want to upload it to youtube yet since the deadline is all the way at November… I would however still post some teasers here and there over the course of 2 months!

Here is the frame of Cake Girl o/


I did it!

Thank you all for following me and being patient! I will make it up to you with free, full-colour sketches of your OCs. Anyone who wants one just hit me up in the ask box!

25 Follower Milestone Art Comic:
The Canterlot Cake Caper!

Frame 1 - Announcement

Sketch: “Alright Class, settle down. As you all know, we’re going on a field trip to the Grand Galloping Gala.”

Frame 2 - Partners
Sketch: “Everypony pick a seat partner! Boys pair with boys, girls pair with girls! We will be leaving after school!”

Frame 3 - The Ride

-bus wheels squeal and the vehicle rockets out of the school parking lot-

*students sing “Wheels on the Bus” while being thrown around every time they hit a bump*

Frame 4 - Later…

Frame 5 - Ooh! A Cake!

*students walk around, astonished by the high ceilings and fancy decor*

Banana: “Does anypony else smell that?”

Crackshot: “What?”

Dweeby: “Smells like… Cake!!!”

*everypony runs towards the source of the smell while Sketch attempts to get them to slow down*

Sketch: “Students! Please walk! Don’t push past each other! Apologize to that mare who’s wine you spilled! Come back!”

They reach the end of the hallway and see a large frosted cake, completely unguarded. They manage to eat it all within minutes, and when Sketch catches up to them he doesn’t know what to do, so he tells them to put a lid on it. They walk away as if nothing ever happened…

Frame 6 - The Discovery

Later, after the evening meal, Celestia shows up. Everypony bows as she begins a speech about a successful Gala. After the speech, she says…

Celestia: “I hope you’ve all saved space for desert…”

At that note, the class slowly makes their way to the door.

Celestia: “Chefs! Let them eat cake!”

The chefs remove the lid to reveal a massive pile of crumbs. The class, completely terrified, hop in the bus and try to start the engine. It doesn’t start for a minute, and all the guests gasp at the empty tray. Celestia looks at the tray and screams: “WHO ATE ALL THE CAAAAKE?!?” as the school bus finally starts and shoots away from the castle at top speed. The class makes it back to the school and never speaks of it again.


((Thank you all SO much! It means so much to me that you all enjoy my art! I honestly never thought I’d ever have even this many fans! I will see you all at the 50 FOLLOWER MILESTONE!!!))

And a few others!



I know I’m way too excited about cc-free more than I should be. But I can’t stress how much more fun I’m actually having by finding inventive ways to still create the things I want. This must be the feeling that builders get all along.

I have to thank @jools-simming once again, for explaining how she took those pictures of her, “classic cake decals” and framed them.

@budgie2budgie, for the original simlish posters, that I can now remove from my cc folder because I was having a hard time parting from them. Nothing personal hun!

@siminimonster, for contacting me today and helping. ♥

Looks like Bonnie will be working part-time at the photography studio, again. She got a new assignment converting all her favorite pictures to non cc before setting them free.

p.s. clever little girl found a way to make her water heater & furnace too. 😉