CAKE and BRAIN FRAME are joining forces to raise money! We need your help, your cash, your raw muscle to grease the wheels of independent commerce, alternative comics, and graphic passion. Join us in an explosive combination of comix reading, live drawing, experimental jazz, and the auction of priceless works of art for competitive prices.

With performances by:
Andy Burkholder
Alyssa Herlocher
Paul Nudd
Jeremy Pettis

And musical accompaniment from:
Alex Inglizian and Stephen Ptácek

Hosted by:
Lyra Hill

And artwork for auction donated by:
David Alvarado
Ben Bertin
Kevin Budnick
Andy Burkholder
Jessica Campbell
Lilli Carré
Anya Davidson
Sara Drake
Nick Drnaso
Edie Fake
Sanya Glisic
Alyssa Herlocher
Lyra Hill
Robin Hustle
Gregory Jacobsen
Ben Marcus
Bernie McGovern
Paul Nudd
Jeremy Onsmith
Jeremy Pettis
Aaron Renier
Grant Reynolds
Eric Rivera
Sam Sharpe
Otto Splotch
Joe Tallarico
Ruby Thorkelson
Carl Zeller

At Peanut Gallery, 1000 N. California, doors at 7:00, show at 7:30, $5 donation.

All funds raised will benefit the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (CAKE), helping pay for venue and table rentals, special guest honorariums, posters, programs, and other printed matter. CAKE is completely volunteer run and organized.

CAKE is a weekend-long celebration of independent comics. Featuring comics for sale, workshops, exhibitions, panel discussions and more, CAKE is dedicated to fostering community and dialogue amongst independent artists, small presses, publishers and readers. CAKE 2013 will take place on June 15th & 16th, at the Center on Halsted.

BRAIN FRAME is a performative comix reading series founded and organized by Lyra Hill. BRAIN FRAME gives comics and zine artists an opportunity to interpret their work in front of an open minded audience. Readings often include costumes, props, music, sound, performance, puppetry, poetry, and more.

Poster by Paul Nudd.


At CAKE FRAME, a benefit for the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo hosted by BRAIN FRAME, the performative comix reading series, Andy Burkholder read an occasionally wry, occasionally abstract, and always aesthetically precise series of vignettes in the lives of people named Chris, aptly entitled: Chris, on April 12th, 2013.

Video thanks to Burton Bilharz.


CAKE FRAME, the Brain Frame/CAKE benefit show, was an enormous success. We raised over $2,500 towards chairs, tables, honorariums, and printed matter for the 2013 Chicago Alternative Comics Expo!

In between comix performances from Andy Burkholder, Alyssa Herlocher, Jeremy Pettis and Paul Nudd, our host Lyra Hill auctioned off dozens of original artworks by Chicago cartoonists. Emma Rand, Brain Frame’s astronomically talented intern, played Vanna White while musicians Stephen Ptácek and Alex Inglizian improvised accompaniment.

Photos thanks to Gillian Fry.


At CAKE FRAME, a benefit for the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo hosted by BRAIN FRAME, the performative comix reading series, Paul Nudd enlisted his brother Ed Nudd to design the soundtrack for his installation and performance, consisting of a slideshow of fly drawings, two monitors looping putrid videos, and Paul’s other ‘brother,’ Barry Nudd, an American-flag draped dummy smoking from the eyes and mouth, on April 12th, 2013.

Video thanks to Burton Bilharz.


A couple weeks ago, Cake Frame- a collaborative comix reading between the masterminds of Brain Frame and CAKE (Chicago Alternative Comics Expo), auction, and fundraiser for CAKE took place at the Peanut Gallery.

I made a jam comic with some of the artists there.

I also got some portraits of the contributors and other artists in between readings. Included here are Joe Tallarico, Andy Burkholder, Alyssa Herlocher, Neil Brideau, Ben Bertin, Jeremy Pettis, a portrait of me by J. Tallarico, and Lyra Hill. 

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Initiated by intrepid cartoonist Alex Nall, who is nearing a full year of daily diary strips (an enviable feat), this jam comic passed through the hands of twelve different artists during the recent CAKE/Brain Frame benefit event CAKE FRAME. The last panels were completed in a dark bar by drunk celebrants. Consider this a document of historic import.

Artists, in order by panel: Alex Nall; Ben Bertin; Neil Brideau; Edie Fake; Aaron Renier; Alyssa Herlocher; Kevin Budnik; David Alvarado; Harry Hillman; Grant Reynolds; Jeremy Onsmith; Lyra Hill.

Photos and videos of CAKE FRAME coming soon!

Sweets por marina-monego con Alex Marshall Studios ❤ liked on Polyvore

Howard Shooter (Home is Where the Cake is) - 40x40cm Canvas, $39 / “Keep Calm and Bake Cakes” Framed Art Print (Champagne) / The Smart baker / JCPenney Home glass cake stand / Red Velvet Rose Cake / Nostalgia Electrics kitchen dining / Wilton kitchen dining / 5 tier cake stand / Sweetly Does it cake cupcake stand, $23 / Alex Marshall Studios serveware / Buttered rum / Mini Fakey Designer Cakes 12 pack Assortment Petit Fours… / Footed cake stand / LSA International serveware, $72 / Plaza Sweets Cannoli Cream Cake / Disney small appliance / The Cellar glass cake pedestal / Wilton cake cupcake stand / Food storage container / Round throw pillow / Iscream throw pillow / Colorful home decor / Watercolor wall art, $32 / Food Network Magazine’s Birthday Cakes / Triple Berry Cake / Triple Berry Cake / Plaza Sweets Chocolate Dynamite Cake / Bormioli Rocco Italian Dessert Bowl

babykitten97 asked:

Could I please have the links for that pink set you posted?? 😻😻

Yes of course!!!! 😊



The ears however came off from Google images and I cannot track back the store where it’s from. So I’m sorry about that. Also the even though that tail is sold I’m sure you could easily find one just like it. Good luck.


ITEM 168: “sexy pig” figurine
Found on: 6/23/15
Materials: resin
Damage/wear: none (after photographing, base was broken by the clumsy archivist)
Provenance: Quanzhou Jinhuoba Gifts and Crafts Co., Ltd., No. 148 Yanling Rd, Yanling Industry Park, Fuqiao, Licheng District, Quanzhou, Fujian, China 
Factory/production details: Quanzhou Jibhuoba Gifts and Crafts was founded in 2006. Its factory is between 3,000 and 5,000 square meters with 3 production lines and between 101 and 200 employees. The company designs and manufactures a wide range of resin figurines, metal decorative figures, bobbleheads, snow globes, fridge magnets, wedding cake toppers, picture frames, trophies, and a long line of pigs and “sexy pigs” (sometimes unfortunately referred to on the product pages as “sex pigs”). Some examples include sexy pigs on the beach, sexy pig bodybuilders, and sexy pigs (one wearing a leather cap) doin’ the deed in a wicker basket. It doesn’t appear that this particular model is made by them anymore. In fact, this figurine looks relatively modest, given that most current models include female sexy pigs who are unable to keep their breasts in their bikini tops.
Date or date range: likely late 2000s
Still in production: no
Rare: possibly
Still attainable from: unable to find online
Value: retail price unknown; similar item used on eBay is $4.50, similar item wholesale is 3 to 7 cents (min 500 pc order)
Use: This was probably purchased as a souvenir or a gift. A visitor to the Bureau of Suspended Objects remarked that she’d seen similar sexy pigs for sale in gift shops in Europe.


CAKE FRAME, a hybrid fundraiser event for the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (CAKE) organized by the performative comix reading series BRAIN FRAME, was a lot of fun and a great success. In between comix performances from Andy BurkholderAlyssa HerlocherJeremy Pettis and Paul Nudd, our host Lyra Hill auctioned off dozens of original artworks by Chicago cartoonists. Emma Rand, Brain Frame’s astronomically talented intern, played Vanna White while musicians Stephen Ptácek and Alex Inglizian improvised accompaniment, on April 12th, 2013.

Video thanks to Burton Bilharz.