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“It’s for Valentine’s Day”


“You must be lonely?”


And now I’m just imagining Derek Hale at the supermarket at like nine at night on Feb. 13, innocently going through the checkout with his cucumber…..


It’s nine at night on February 13 when this hot-like-burning guy in a leather jacket comes up to Stiles’ lane at the supermarket and plops down a single cucumber and a crumpled dollar bill on the belt.

Stiles hefts it. “Uh, just this?”

The guy nods and offers, “It’s, um, for Valentine’s Day.”

Stiles blurts, “You must be lonely,” because this is his brain on less than three hours of sleep, ladies and gentlemen of the jury. College sucks.

Cucumber Guy’s eyes widen behind his thick-framed glasses (glasses that do nothing to diminish his attractiveness, unfortunately) and he just stands there staring at Stiles, color flooding to his cheeks.

Stiles replays what he just said in his head and mentally slaps himself. “No, wait, that’s not—”

Cucumber Guy just shakes his head, takes his cucumber and his receipt, and walks away.

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Sugar and Needles

So bcus I already have so many fics I need to write but my dumbass brain can’t not make aus have yet another dot fic! Cake Decorator!Lucy and Tattoo Artist!Natsu :D

  • Lucy works at the cake decorating bakery called Fairy Tales
    • Levy, Lisanna, and Gray all work there as well
    • Lucy specializes in watercolour/galaxy mirror cakes and intricate chocolate swirls (like keys and such)
    • Lisanna can make any animal out of fondant, rice krispys, and cake
    • Levy only needs to memorize a technique or recipe once and it’s with her forever
    • Gray is magic with frozen things and the small details
  • Natsu works at his cousin’s tattoo place Dragon Tails
    • Natsu works with Gajeel, Erza, and Mira
      • It’s a hot mess
    • Natsu and Erza are the artists while Gajeel and Mira mainly pierce. 
    • Pray you get Gajeel bcus Mira doesn’t give a flying fuck how much it hurts you litle baby, People think she’d be the nice one just by lookin at her but NOPE
  • So one day someone calls Dragon Tails bcus the address number is one off from Fairy Tales and the whole tails/tales thing. 
    • Also customers are stupid I’m sorry but they are
  • Mira sends Natsu over with the order bcus she has been tryign to set up her little sisters BFF with someone for forever and Lisanna is an excellent wingwoman for Natsu.
  • BUT ALAS it is Gray that he meets
  • Does Not Go Well
  • Starts a mini-rivalry with the two stores
    • Erza and Mira instantly defect in thier hearts, Mira ain’t going against her baby sis bcus of some dumb boys and if anyone thinks they can keep Erza from the sweets RIGHT NEXT DOOR they are much dumber than she thinks they look
  • Mira gets Cana and her gf Kagura to call the tattoo place with an order for their wedding cake 
    • (surprise they aren’t even engaged)
      • yet
  • FINALLY Lucy is there and Natsu drops off the order
    • Lisanna is literally holding Gray in a chokehold like ‘listen here dumbass its tRUE LOVE LET MY SISTER DO HER MAGIC’
  • They flirt and shit and Natsu is around a lot more
  • He likes to steal sample cookies and Lucy rolls her eyes and goes with it
    • Gray flatly demands payment
    • he does not receive it
  • Natsu gives Lucy her first tattoo
    • Draco constellation on her left shoulder/collar bone
    • Natsu loves touching it and seeing it and kissing it
  • Lucy always bakes him fresh ginger snaps 
    • He likes that she always smells like honey and sugar
    • Happy loves it too and gives her lots of face kisses bcus she always has icing sugar on her cheek
    • Lucy has DEF broken health and safety by slipping Happy into the pocket of her apron and stealing him for a few hours
      • he likes sleeping there as she bakes and Nastu likes that Happy brings home the scent of Lucy NO HE DOESN’ T HAVE A CR U SH fuck off Gajeel
  • Levy starts leaving ‘how to get a boy to notice you’ type books around the kitchen
    • Lucy asks her why she has so many in retaliation
      • Levy leaves the Karma Sutra book in Lucy’s locker and Gray is both disgusted at it and delighted at mortifying Lucy
  • They start to trade design elements
    • Natsu’s tattoos get a little more flowy and delicate
    • Lucy gets bolder with design choices and colours
  • They start dating after four months and nearly fucking in the back of the tattoo parlor
    • Mira walked in on them and Lucy’s soul left her body for a hot second
    • Natsu lives in fear of the day she tells Gajeel
  • They live happily ever after THE END

It’s me & I’m back with another new AU despite having 10+ WIPs in my drafts!! (Why am I like this??? RIP) Ok so I’ve got a Rosa/Gina Cake Shop AU fic in the works, but since that’s predictably going to take forever for me to finish, here is a list of headcanons for a Jake/Amy version of that AU: 

  • Charles owns and runs Niko’s (the only cake shop in Brooklyn to boast having the best mouth-feel), and Amy is his acclaimed cake decorator. 
    • She’s not allowed to touch anything that’s uncooked or not made for decorating; even the buttercream frosting and the fondant icing she uses are made by Charles.
  • The first time Jake comes into the store, he’s super frazzled because he completely forgot he volunteered to bring cake for the precinct’s annual picnic. 
    • Charles is worried they won’t be able to finish a Perfect cake by noon, but he accepts the order anyway and even waives the extra rush fee. (”I got you, Jakey! Leave it to me!”)  
    • Amy is Not Pleased because she is the one who has to figure out how they’re going to get a cake chilled, frosted, and decorated in less than an hour. She’s never one to back down from an organizational challenge though, and she manages to get the cake boxed and ready a whole 4 minutes before Jake comes by to pick it up. 
  • Jake becomes a regular at Niko’s and always has the most ridiculous orders.
    • He quickly picks up that Amy is a Type A Perfectionist, so he’s always like, “Alright, today I want… a lopsided cake, tilted exactly 1.5 mm to one side, with a sugar flower 0.78 cm off-center. Oh, and make sure it’s sliced unevenly!”
    • Amy is appropriately infuriated, but she’s all for fulfilling oddly specific instructions. 
  • Let’s be honest, all the cake orders land Jake in crushing debt. After he makes his 20th order in two months, Charles starts to get concerned about his finances and starts creating the weirdest discounts/promos.
    • ”50% off for all NYPD detectives whose first names begin with J!” 
    • “Buy one, get one cake free if you come wearing a leather jacket!!”
    • “Free cake decorating class if you can quote 20 minutes of Die Hard!” (“Charles, I did not agree to teach this!!!” “AMY, YOU GOTTA.”)
  • One day, Jake comes in to order a Get Well Soon! cake for his mom, and there is so much love in his descriptions that Amy’s like… Damn.
    • He orders a multi-tier cake and brings in three messy crayon drawings as samples for how each cake layer should be decorated. (”Try not to look too impressed, but these are my earliest masterpieces from my days as a young kindergartner… I stole them from my mom’s fridge while she was napping yesterday.”)
    • He makes Amy promise on her favorite icing pen that she won’t forget the details on Graham Crackers’s shell. (”This was the last portrait I drew of my dear turtle before he got married and moved in with his wife. Do not ruin this, Amy!”) 
    • She puts her heart and soul into decorating this cake (possibly even more effort than when she decorated her brother Luis’ wedding cake), and the photo of the finished product definitely gets filed in her portfolio of best works. 
  • If Amy were to be completely honest, beyond all of Jake’s stupid requests, he’s actually one of the most Earnest and Pure people she knows.
    • He once overheard Charles stressing over a messed up delivery arrangement and offered to drive the cakes himself. (”Boyle, I can turn on my sirens and be there in no time!”)
    • He periodically brings coffee for everyone, not just Amy and Charles. He’s even got the janitor’s regular order memorized. 
    • He got word that Nikolaj’s birthday was coming up, so he put in a secret order for a truck-themed cake. (“Is there a way you can make sure Charles doesn’t find out about this? It’s gotta be a surprise!!!”) 
  • The first time Jake sees Amy in anything other than her chef’s coat is at Nikolaj’s birthday party, and it’s totally jarring for him. 
    • He thought she looked pretty in her pristine white uniform with her hair in a neat bun, but when she’s in a red dress and her hair’s all shiny, soft, and let down like that… wow.
    • He def trips over his words for a good full minute, and Amy just giggles and does the Double Tuck. 
  • Jake walks in one Saturday afternoon, and Amy immediately gets her notebook and pen out cause oh boy, this is gonna be another doozy. 
    • After she says she’s ready to take down his order, he blurts out in one breath: “doyouwannagotothemuseumwithme?”
    • Amy may have been president of her high school’s stenographer’s club, but even she’s not fast enough to jot all of that down. ”Wait, slow down, I didn’t catch that. Did you say museum?”
    • Jake obviously did not mean for that to be on an actual cake, so he’s just like, “………………. Ames.” 
    • She looks up, and he’s got this shy adorable grin on his face, and then it hits her. “OH. OH. Uhm. Yes? Yes!! I- I’m off in 15??????” 
    • Charles is watching this entire exchange from the kitchen (he’s got the door cracked open about an inch, just enough for him to hear everything) and he’s SQUEALING because America’s dream couple is finally getting together!!!!!!!!!!!

All the love to @the-pontiac-bandit​ and @jakelovesamy for helping me with some of these and to @elsaclack and @proofthatihaveaheart for listening to me yell about this! ♥♥♥

Birthday Cake

Am I still in time for the @txf-prompt-box 1013/Mulder’s birthday challenge? I hope so! 1013 words - without the title. Had to cut like… a lot of it. Mulder’s birthday through the years. Tagging @fictober and @today-in-fic


A disaster.

Scully stares at what was supposed to be a delicious banana chocolate cake. It’s burnt in some places, pure chocolate soup in others. She tries to salvage at least one piece that she can offer to Mulder but it’s no use. It’s Friday the 13th and Mulder’s birthday. Scully has been planning this for weeks. When they poisoned Mulder and he, raw and hurt after his father’s death, slept in her bed, he kept mumbling something about banana chocolate cake. Then later, while she drove cross country with a sick, shot at (her fault, arguably) Mulder, he talked about it again in his sleep. Back home, after Melissa’s funeral when Scully couldn’t sleep, she remembered.

And now this.

She knocks on Mulder’s apartment door, feeling silly. His smile when he opens it is tired, yet pleasantly surprised.

“Happy birthday, Mulder.” Scully sheepishly hands him the recipe. He stares at the piece of paper then at her.

“Thank you? Scully, what is this?”

“I wanted to bake you a cake,” Scully blushes, “it didn’t go very well.”

“Banana chocolate cake. That’s one of my favorites.”

“I know,” his eyebrows go up in surprise, “You mentioned it.”

“I did?”

“When you were sick.” Scully admits. That blush on her face refuses to disappear.

“My aunt used to make the cake for Sam and me. She died when I was 15. I haven’t had it since then.” He glances at the recipe, worries the edges of the paper. His voice trembles under the weight of all the loss he’s had to endure.

“I’m sorry, Mulder.”

“Friday the 13th. Not the best day for cake, it seems.” His expression is peaceful, amused. He grabs his coat from the rack and closes the door behind him.

“Where are we going?” She asks when he puts his hand on her back.

“Go and eat cake, of course.”

“Next time your birthday falls on a Friday, Mulder, I’m going bake you this cake.” Scully promises on a whim.



“That’s when my birthday next falls on a Friday.”

“How do you know this?” He shrugs and grins. “You think we’re still together then?” Mulder turns to her, his expression unreadable. “I mean work together.” She specifies, feeling flushed and embarrassed.

“I hope so, Scully. I really hope so.”


It’s well, a cake.

It’s not necessarily shaped like the picture on the website. The color is slightly off, but it’s a cake. A real banana chocolate cake in honor of Mulder’s birthday. It’s Friday. Friday the 13th. Eleven years ago, who would have thought they’d be here? Who would have thought they’d be alive at all?  

“Hm, morning, Scully.” Mulder strolls into the kitchen, yawning.

“Happy birthday.” She murmurs, throwing her arms around him. He draws her closer, nuzzles her neck. “It’s Friday the 13th, Mulder.”

“Hmm.” He mumbles against her, his lips trailing along her skin.

“I made your cake.”

“Cake. Yeah. You taste better than any cake, Scully.” He tells her, kissing her throat.

“That’s nice, Mulder, but can we try it anyway?” Mulder lets go of her to look at the cake. “I waited eleven years to do this.” He nods, takes a fork and digs in. Scully watches him intently as he puts the soft cake into his mouth. He chews slowly, his face not giving anything away.

“Is it good?” She asks impatiently.

“Why don’t you try it yourself.” Mulder offers her a forkful of cake. Scully opens her mouth and lets Mulder feed her. She lasts less than five seconds, spits it out, and glances at Mulder.

“It’s terrible!” Mulder nods, grins.

“Why didn’t you warn me?" She asks, pouring herself a glass of water. She drinks thirstily, but the heavy, salty taste remains.

"I wanted to see your face.” Mulder admits. 

“I’m sorry, Mulder. I can never get it right.” Mulder hugs her and kisses her cheek.

“Your next chance is in 2017. And anyway, I’d rather eat you than any cake.” They laugh, kiss and don’t care when the rest of the cake tumbles into the sink while they make love right there against the kitchen counter.


Standing in front of his house, their house, waiting for him to open the door feels strange. Another Friday the 13th, another birthday, another try. Mulder opens the door and there might be more wrinkles these days, his eyes more tired, but his expression is the same as 22 years ago. 

“Happy birthday, Mulder.” Scully presents the banana chocolate cake to him as if it were the Holy Grail.

“Thank you, Scully. Come on in.” Daggoo runs towards her, wagging his tail excitedly. 

“Down, boy.” Mulder says taking the plate out of Scully’s hand. The dog sits still but strains his head in hope of being petted.

“Hey there.”

“He misses you.”

“I miss him, too.” Scully sighs stroking the dog’s soft ear. 

“Too bad I’m not a dog.” Mulder grumbles and takes the cake into the kitchen. Scully and Daggoo follow him. “I hope you’re not trying to poison me, Scully.” The cutlery drawer rattles as Mulder takes out two forks and hands one to Scully.

“Try it, Mulder.” With all the things they’ve got wrong lately, she did this one thing right. Her hand trembles as she watches him lift his fork. 22 years ago she wasn’t ready. Eleven years ago she didn’t pay attention. Now, today, things are different, changing. This time it’s perfect.

“This is really good, Scully." 

"I know.”

“You have to try it too.” Mulder tells her. He doesn’t know that she already did. There are so many things he doesn’t know these days. So many things they don’t talk about. That’s going to change today, too. Before she can use her own fork, Mulder offers her his. “Try it.” He repeats; his voice as deep and dark as the chocolate.

“Tastes good.” She says swallowing hard. “I know something that tastes better, though.” She gets on tiptoes, captures his mouth. He tastes just like Mulder, but he’s the sweetest taste she’s ever known.

Vapor- Part 2

‘That was weird.’ Calum thought as he hands Ashton back his phone. Michael just called Ashton to tell him that he can’t wait to see him. There’s nothing wrong with that, really, Calum doesn’t doubt that one of his bandmates is excited to see his other bandmate. He doesn’t think Mashton is dead unlike most fans. He smiles to himself at that and then shakes his head. But why call just to tell him that when they have only been separated for not even an hour? Michael had taken a shower first, at a rate that was too fast even for him. He did not even go to the living room where Calum was chilling to say he was leaving, he just shouted from the foyer. Michael had been in a hurry. And for what? And now the phone call. There’s an itch at the back of his mind that tells him his bandmates are up to something.

“Ash,” Calum says shifting in his seat.

“Hmmm,” Ashton lifts his chin a bit, turning his head a little, not enough to take his eyes off the road but enough to show Calum he heard him.

“Why was Mikey in such a hurry when he left?” Ashton looks at the side mirror, at Calum’s reflection and finds his eyebrows knitted in confusion. “In fact, why did he want to be there first?” Calum turns his head to look at Ashton and Ashton looks back at the road, barely missing meeting Calum’s eyes.

“Huh,” Ashton decides to play the I-didn’t-thought-about-asking card. “I don’t know. He just told me he doesn’t have the patience for us to finish getting ready. I didn’t really want to deal with him so I just told him to go, why? Did he mention anything on the phone?”

“No he didn’t,” Ashton sees Calum turn his gaze away from the periphery of his vision. “I was just wondering.”

“I’m sure it’s nothing more than Michael being Michael.” Ashton swallows the lump in his throat, hoping Calum didn’t notice that.

Calum jumps when Ashton’s phone rings again. Ashton groaned and reached for it, not bothering to see who’s calling him. He hands it to Calum, choosing to not risk their lives by answering it himself, no matter how uncool that is for some people.

“It’s Feldy,” Calum mutters. “Shall I get it?” They are supposed to meet him at the concert. Did everyone really miss talking to them that much that they can’t wait five more minutes?

Ashton nods. “Must be important,” He answers absent-mindedly.

“Hello John,” Calum greets smiling, even if he knows too well that John wouldn’t see it.

“Hi Cal,” John greets him from the other end of the line.

“Miss me, babe?” Calum jokes.

“Yes, haven’t talked to you in a while. Listen, I wish we can have more time for this call to become a full on phone sex but there are much more important things to do.”

“Are you sure I am not more important John?” Calum softens his voice as much as he can, trying to sound sexy without cracking up.

John chuckles as a response. “Calum, stop this.” He pauses for a moment to let a bit more laughter before he calms down to continue. “Remember that Rolling Stone cover we’re all very much excited about?”

Calum remembers. How could he forget? Being in the cover of Rolling Stone US is part of making it, of actually making it. Most of the bands he looks up to have been in that cover at one point in their careers. To say the band was excited when they were offered the chance is an understatement. He remembers asking if the magazine even had to ask their permission when they all know that a band that has struggled to prove themselves like they had would never turn an opportunity like that down. “Yeah, what about it?” Calum asks.

“The guy who’s going to write the article wanted to do a bit of an interview over dinner. He says it’s nothing serious, just a few questions and mostly casual conversation. Says he’s just trying to know the band so he’d know the direction of the article.” John explains.

“When, now?” Calum asks. On any other day he’d really have no problem with this. It’s just he thought he had a few days to be himself, to not put any masks on and he honestly thinks the entire band feels the same. It’s really not a good idea to be around them when their minds are all set on vacation-mode, even if vacation means only three days. He can already see it, they would be too loose about it, their defenses too down. The non-stop promo have really worn them thin. Plus there’s this thing between him and Luke. What are they supposed to do? It’s easier to fake it when there are cameras all over their faces to remind them and it’s easier to increase their interaction to as high as it can be when interviews only last ten minutes at a time. But this, this is different. Someone asked to sit through dinner with them which could last for an hour, Calum can only pray the interviewer isn’t good enough to notice the problem.

“Yeah now, where are you and Ashton at?” John asks.

“Nearly at the venue.” Calum answers somberly.

“Great! We’ll have dinner at a restaurant a couple blocks away. Luke and Mikey are already on their way there.” Calum almost chokes at the mention of Luke’s name. He expected him to be present for the interview he just did not expect Mikey to be with him.

“Yeah okay,” Calum says as he ended the call. That’s all he can say really.

This time Calum did not return the phone back to Ashton, opting instead to clutch the device in his hands, turning it over and back, again and again on his lap, just so he can do something with his hands. “Mikey left early for Luke didn’t he?” Calum finally says after a few minutes of silence.

Ashton squeezed the stirring wheel. “Yeah.” One thing he hates a lot is lying to his best friends, but there is nothing he hates more than getting caught and feeling like whatever explanation he has will not suffice.

“I can take it you know, you don’t have to hide things like that from me.” Calum says carefully, unsure if that’s really what Ashton and Michael were doing.

“We just did not want to present any more reasons for you not to come along. We really want to share this night with you Calum, just like old times.” Ashton smiles at him and Calum nods at this. Because he understands why they would want that. He misses it too, the times when they could all hang-out in peace because there is no Luke and Calum that is coming in between the band. And his heart aches with apology. Maybe being more than a friend to Luke was actually a mistake.

Calum keeps his head down as he walks in the restaurant. He’s walking behind Ashton, watching where his feet are going so he can follow. His heart thuds steadily but every beat seems to be ringing against his ears and his chest hurts from how hard it’s pounding against his chest. He’s tempted to quietly turn back around, make some lame excuse about going to the bathroom and never coming back. He’ll find his way home after he’s had a walk around to calm himself. His hand reaches to his front pocket where he placed his pack of cigarettes, wishing he can light one up right now. He does not have to smoke it, he can just watch it burn away, watch the smoke dance against the light from a streetlamp or something, anything but having to see his face.

Calum is shocked when Ashton suddenly stops and the toe of his boots bumped against the heel of Ashton’s. He looks up, past Ashton’s shoulder at the table in front of them. A mistake. A terrible mistake. He turns his body to walk away but Ashton’s hand is already on his arm, his grip tight against his bicep.

“Don’t make me do this Ash,” Calum blinks fast wishing the burn he feels in his eyes isn’t visible as tears forming yet.

A pained expression crosses Ashton’s features and Calum scolds himself for thinking this is only difficult for him. “Sorry Calum, but he’s looking at us and he’ll know something is wrong if you walk away now.”  Calum follows Ashton’s gaze to a man beside Luke, with a thick mop of brown hair. He looks expectant, definitely the type to pounce on anything unusual that’s going to happen.

Calum nods stiffly, his jaw twitching as he moves towards the table. Ashton drops his grip immediately. Calum pulls out a chair beside Michael, Ashton sitting on his other side. The journalist introduces himself immediately and Calum shakes his hand, hoping his grip wasn’t too hard.

“Sorry, I did not know he was going to bring her.” Michael whispers against his ear.

“Sure you didn’t.” Calum knows he’s being an asshole but he really does not appreciate being surprised like this.

“Yeah, you’re right I could have at least warned you. But I did not know how to tell you without you making Ash turn the car around demanding he bring you back home.” Michael says, still whispering, as he lays that white napkin against his lap.

“Huh, funny, cause that’s exactly what I would have done.” Calum reaches for the glass of water in front of him and takes a sip.

Michael places his hand on Calum’s knee, giving it a light squeeze. “I’m sorry okay, I promise to help you get through this.”

“That’s the least you can do.” Calum answers without looking at Michael. He places the glass of water back, looking at the pair in front of him for the first time. He’s wearing her shirt and he wants to throw the water in his glass at him just so he’d take it off. Didn’t he look in a mirror before he left? The neckline looks ridiculous on him! The shirt itself is too short, showing a bit of his skin every time he raises his hand to reach out for something.

“That’s a nice shirt, Luke.” He says instead, swallowing the bitter taste in his mouth. Luke gapes at him in surprise, blinking before composing himself.

“Thanks, Calum. You’ve always, uhm, looked good in white, I guess.” Luke blushes and Calum blushes too. He did not mean it. He did not mean it. Calum repeats to himself inside his head. He can’t have himself believing anything that comes out of his mouth, even if he had told him that before when he first wore that distressed green day shirt with the sleeves cut off, with his lips against his neck, his lip ring scraping against the skin of his throat. Calum closes his eyes hoping Luke can see his pain. When he opens them again, she’s resting her cheeks against Luke’s shoulder but Luke is still staring at him.

“Please,” he mouths, and Luke looks down, turning towards the reporter’s ear after a beat, giving him the answer to his question.

Calum focused on the food the rest of the night, taking the time to cut them into the smallest pieces before putting them into his mouth. His contribution to the conversation is minimal. In fact, he only ever spoke when a question is directed specifically to him. When a contribution is expected from their side of the table, Ashton is quick in giving his two cents. If Calum finds himself unable to continue with his answer, Michael would continue for him or if it makes him too uncomfortable, he would direct the conversation into an entirely different topic. He’s grateful but that does not mean he’s going to pay attention. At the moment, he’s busy slicing a grape in his salad as thinly as he can and don’t know what the others are talking about at all.

He looks up and is surprised when he meets her eyes. She holds his gaze and he wonders at what’s going on in her head. One corner of her mouth turns up slightly and he honestly don’t know what to make of that. Luke put his knife down and reaches for the glass of wine to drink. Then she raises their entwined hands from under the table and place it at the space between their plates. Luke gives her a confused look but she just kept on staring at Calum and Calum finds his knuckles white from gripping his knife too tightly.

He allows his utensils to drop on his plate with quite a noise. “Sorry, I have to go to the bathroom,” he excuses himself.

“Please, come back after,” Michael pleads against his ear.

“Make him control his pet by the time I do,” he angrily whispers back.

“You already made me sit across them in that restaurant I am not sitting on the same section as them.” Calum’s tone is full of finality and the only thing Ashton can do is nod.

“Would you like to stand just inside the barriers?” Ashton suggests. Calum looks at him disbelievingly.

“Ashton, we’re two six-foot-tall men. Stand there and what? Block the view of those who actually paid to get in here?” Calum can’t believe he’s making Ashton realize something as trivial as this.

“Okay, okay, I’m sorry. Where do we go then?” Ashton rubs the back of his neck, this whole situation is giving him pain in areas he haven’t felt pain in before.

“I guess we could just stay on the floor, at the back. It’s not a very big venue, it’s not like we’re going to be too far back.” He reasons. He walks away when Ashton did not complain, grabbing a cup of beer among ones lined up on a table.

“You haven’t introduced me to Calum and Ashton yet, do you think we should approach them” She asks. She has never left his side since they arrived back to the venue after the dinner. That’s also what he has been doing all night, introducing her to his friends, never having more than a few minutes with each because she keeps on insisting on meeting everyone. He’s too tired to argue, so he complies.

“No.” He answers a little too sharply. She narrows her eyes at him. “I meant, not now because I don’t know where they went.” He answers. He silently thanks all the saints in the heavens for Ashton and Calum disappearing from sight just at the right moment.

“Luke, I’m heading to our seats. Would you like to head up there with me?” Michael hands him and her a bottle of Corona. Luke thanks him before taking a swig.

“Yeah, we’re coming up.” He grabs her hand and follows Michael.

“Where are Ash and Cal?” Luke asks Michael after they’ve taken their seats.

Michael shrugs and drinks from his bottle. For Michael the best state to be in a concert is a little buzzed. He needs to be just loose enough to properly enjoy himself without worrying about what others think of him. It has become harder to enjoy himself at these things recently, when he’s sure at least a couple of people in crowds would recognize him and probably share whatever stupid thing he decides to do to the entire world. No matter how many times he tells himself that he does not care if the world judges him, it still gets to him. So he just tries to become really careful not to do anything extra stupid. That doesn’t mean he’s not going to get buzzed. He still is, just the right amount of buzzed, nothing more.

It didn’t take long for Good Charlotte to take the stage. Everyone cheered loudly when they come in, Michael standing up from his seat to shout encouragements at their friends. Luke sings along with every word, sometimes even imitating the guitar sounds with Michael, his hand entwined with hers the entire time. He would whisper lyrics against her ear in advance sometimes so she could sing them too. She tries, sometimes she could sing them and they would laugh together if she can’t. By the fifth song Luke and Michael are performing themselves, singing to imaginary microphones and strumming air guitars; she dances along with the songs throwing her hands in the air and nodding along. The three of them are glad when Good Charlotte finally decided to slow it down, their hearts finally having time to go back to its natural rhythm.

Luke wraps his arms around her, resting his chin on her head. She places her hands on top of Luke’s arms around her middle and they sway along with the music. That’s when Luke spots Calum on the floor, standing beside Ashton behind majority of the crowd. He can only see the side of his face from this position, his profile, and his strong jaw. He likes running his nose along that jaw, tilting his face up a little when he reaches the spot where it joins his ear so he could scratch the skin with his beard. That always makes Calum shiver.

He closes his eyes and when he opens them, it’s him in his arms. He imagines his chin resting on his shoulders, his arms around his slender waist. He’d nuzzle his face against his neck, kiss him there. He’d make a trail of kisses along his jaw until he reaches the corner of his lips. He’d smile against his skin when he’s there. He imagines him sighing, letting out an impatient ‘Luke, please’ and he’d grin like an idiot at that. Calum would be annoyed, would think Luke is making fun of him so he’d turn and grab Luke’s face so he can press their lips together. He would move his lips a bit and just when Luke’s about to respond he’s going to turn back around urging him to listen to the music instead. Calum loves teasing Luke and Luke loves being teased by Calum.

But Calum isn’t teasing him this time. Luke moves his lips, pressing, pressing, pressing and Calum pushes back, kissing him just as hard. He keeps his arms around Calum, letting it rest against the small of his back. He felt one of Calum’s hands tugging on his hair, the other on his neck. He bites Calum’s bottom lip, swiping at it right after. And Calum opens his mouth, giving out a sound at the slight pain, a sound Luke swallows with his mouth. Suddenly Calum is pushing at him but at the same time fighting to keep their lips together. He realized he wants him to step back so he does, keeping Calum’s body flushed against his. He felt the seat on the back of his knees. One last push and his sitting down. Calum climbs on his lap, grabbing the sides of his face and continues kissing him. Luke places his hands on his muscular thighs, running them up and down, stopping at his hips and hooking his fingers on his belt loops.

“Let’s get out of here,” he says when Calum moves to kissing his jaw, He bites him and Luke has to stop himself from moaning. “Calum, please.” He breathes.

Calum suddenly pushes against him and stops kissing. “What did you just say?” Luke blinks his eyes. His vision clears just as the weight lifts off him.

He runs his hand against his face. “Oh god I’m sorry,” he tells her. Michael is looking at him from behind her, shock also on his face. He’s assuming he knew what happened.

She shakes her head and grabs her purse from her own seat. “I can’ believe this.” She says as she walks away.

“Well, she can’t seem to get away fast enough,” Michael commented after she has left, nursing another beer. Luke has his elbows against his knees trying to think.

Luke stands up and Michael raises an eyebrow at him. “Mikey, if she comes back, just talk to her.” He tells Michael, clapping him on the shoulder.

“What, why? Where are you going?” Michael asks but Luke is already several feet away from him. Michael shrugs wondering what it is with tonight and people walking out.

“Ash where is he?” Ashton turns to Luke, clearly startled. Luke’s hand is on his elbow, his chest rising and falling too quickly.

“Luke, why were you running?” Ashton sometimes has this knack for asking the most irrelevant questions.

“I saw Calum here beside you a while ago, where did he go?” Luke tries to ask one more time.

“He said he needed a smoke. Probably at the back or something,” Luke is walking away from him before Ashton can finish.

Luke finds him at the end of a hallway, standing beneath what must be a vent, watching the smoke he blows get sucked upwards. Luke slows his pace as he approach him, questioning himself why he thought it’d be a nice idea to talk to him right now. He’s had so many opportunities, back when they were touring Europe for promo. They were alone then, the band was alone, she wasn’t there. He could have talked to him when they were in Amsterdam, just after Michael broke down, because Calum could have used an extra friend when Michael isn’t able to be that for him. He could have talked to him when they were in three countries in a day, he noticed Calum was tired then, but unable to sleep, just like him. He could have talked to him on that peaceful train ride to Scotland when he could have been more forgiving.

If Calum noticed Luke coming, he did not give any indication of it. When Luke reached where he was, he did not even turn his head to look. Luke steps in the cramped space, leaning against the wall opposite Calum.

“Aren’t you going to ask what I’m doing here?” Luke says when it became clear to him the Calum will not say anything first.

“No, because you’d tell me anyway.” Calum puts out his cigarette. He knows Luke doesn’t like its smell.

Luke lets a small smile form on his lips. “I’m sorry,” Luke says looking at the ground.

Calum snorts. “What for?” He decides to lean against the wall opposite Luke too, he suspects he can’t handle standing on his legs and this conversation at the same time.

“For leaving just like that. For leaving you back in Florida.” Luke looks at Calum, expecting him to have his head bowed down just like he had. But Calum is staring right at him, and Luke almost closes his eyes at what he sees in them.

Calum gives him a sad smile and Luke’s chest aches because he did that. He forced Calum to smile at him even if he’s feeling like he can’t. He made Calum hide his feelings from him just like he does to everyone when he once was one of the few privileged enough to know what he truly feels. “Are you really?” Calum asks him.

Luke is at a loss for words. How does he prove him he’s sincere? “I am.” He says weakly.

Calum places his temples between his thumb and other fingers, rubbing at his eyes as if to erase traces of tears from them. “Okay,” He says staring Luke in his eyes again. Luke feels a sob rise up from his stomach to his throat. His chin trembles but he keeps it at bay.

“Is that all you’re going to say?” Luke asks because he wants Calum to be angry at him. He wants Calum to be so angry at him that he’ll shove him against a wall and punch him in his gut. He wants him to tackle him on the floor, lock his head up until he’s red in the face from lack of oxygen. He wants Calum to hurt him, like he hurt Calum. He figures he can handle that kind of pain, but not this, not this. This…hurts more.

“What do you want me to say Luke?” Calum’s tired. He’s not sure he’s fought enough but he feels like he has. He can see the veins in Luke’s forehead starting to pop out. Luke is angry and Calum doesn’t know why after all this time it’s still Luke who is angry. He’s supposed to be the one who’s angry, but all he feels is exasperation.

“I don’t know, Calum. You were ignoring me so I thought that maybe you cared what I do after all. I thought it meant that you did not like seeing me with someone else. I thought that it meant that you wanted me after all! Don’t you Calum? Don’t you want me? At all?” Luke sounds like he’s pleading but Calum doesn’t know what he’s supposed to give him.

Calum just nods. “You’re not going to say anything?” Luke runs his hand in his hair in frustration.

“I won’t lie to you just so you could hear the words you want to hear.” Calum tells him.

Luke swallows. “You don’t want me.” he says in resignation.

“I don’t know. I can’t give you the answer you want because I don’t know! And it’s really difficult to figure that out when I see you shove your tongue down her throat because it makes me want you but at the same time not want you!” Calum pushes himself against the wall getting closer to Luke with every word.

Calum is suddenly so close to Luke, their noses almost touching. Luke searches Calum’s eyes and his chest tightens when he sees it there. Calum’s gaze shift down to his lips and Luke is pulling Calum by his shoulders closer to him and he crashes their lips together. Calum tastes of smoke but he doesn’t mind because he misses this. And Luke saw that in Calum’s eyes too. They miss each other, they crave each other. The kiss is frantic their hands touching every part of each other as fast as they can, clinging to what they both know is temporary. Calum nibbles on Luke’s neck just like he knew he would when they both needed to come up for air.

“Lie to me, Calum, lie to me.” Luke breathes out, gripping the hair at the back of Calum’s head.

Luke feels Calum’s grip tighten on both his arms. Calum takes a step back, still holding Luke against the wall. They look at each other, both of their breathing heavy. Calum shakes his head. “No Luke, I can’t.” Then Calum is walking away and Luke can only watch his retreating form.

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Hmm. How about a soulmark drabble where Caroline knows they are soulmates but is desperately trying to keep Klaus from finding out. (He's got that darn possessive look about him and she just wants to travel) Maybe she lies about her name or just straight up avoids him?

The first time Caroline realizes how much trouble she was in was Singapore. She’d seen the vampire with his pretty curls in Berlin, had noticed the perfection of his lips in Milan. But it’d been Montreal that she’d started to clue in that the soulmate mark beneath her collarbones had a funny pulse to it, almost like a heartbeat, when he was around.

Singapore was where she’d first heard his name, skating through the crowd, fingertips stained from the chili crab she’d abandoned. She’d moved as fast as she dared, heart thumping in her throat like a rabbit. For the first time since she’d fled Mystic Falls, she felt like prey and she hated it.


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In which Luke throws a surprise birthday party for Calum.


Luke’s pov.

“Cake… is the cake here?” I asked.

“Yes… the cake is here Luke. Ashton brought it awhile ago, before he went out to stall Calum,” Michael told me, motioning to the strawberry shortcake,that sat on the table, along with his presents.

“Okay… and what about the decorations? Are the decorations up?” I quickly asked.

“Yes Luke. Liz and Joy are putting them up in the backyard as we speak,” Michael told me, motioning to my mum and Joy, who were putting up a banner that said ‘Happy Birthday Calum!’ on it.

Michael then lightly laughed.

“Luke, you need to relax. I’m sure that Calum will love whatever you have set up.”

“Yeah I know, but… I just need everything to be perfect,” I sighed, exasperated, “I mean… this is Calum we’re talking about. Calum, the boy I spent months chasing, the boy I can now call mine, the boy I love with everything I have. And now… it’s his special day. It has to be perfect.”

“I know Luke, I know. But even if things don’t happen perfectly, Calum will still love it,” Michael told me, rubbing my shoulder.  

I sighed then nodded. I knew how much Calum loved me, and how much I loved Calum. I knew he would love it, but Calum was special to me, so everything had to be perfect on his special day. I had the need to make it perfect.

I then felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I pulled it out to see a call from Ashton. I accepted it and brought the phone up to my ear.

“Hello?” I asked.

“Luke, are you guys done decorating yet?” Ashton asked me.

“I don’t think so. I think we’re close to being done though. Why?”

“Calum is getting really nosy. Like, really nosy. I’m sure he’s going to find out soon. You know how he is with figuring things out. I don’t know how much longer I can stall him.”

My eyes widened. I looked around, seeing my mum and Joy finish hanging up the banner and were now tying balloons up as I watched Jack, Ben, and Mali rearrange the food and drinks on the table.

We were almost done, but now exactly how I wanted it to be.

“We’re… kind of almost done. I’m not sure. It doesn’t look perfect.”

“Luke, I’m pretty sure Mikey has told you this… but Calum is going to love it regardless, really. Just get everything done. And could I get a more… exact answer?”

“I know, but-” I started to say

“It has to be perfect, I know,” Ashton finished. 

“Yeah,” I said, “where are you guys now?”

“The music store. I told him I would buy him any two CD’s he wanted. Then I’m taking him to the place where we four used to play pool together a lot. Is that enough time for you guys to get ready to set up?”

“Yeah… that should be enough.”

“Okay… oh, Calum is walking over here. I have to go. See you later.”

He quickly hung up. I put my phone back into my pocket and looked at Michael and told him about the phone conversation with Ashton. We both agreed that we needed to decorate, quickly.

Forty-five minutes later, everything was set up. The banner, balloons, streamers, and the rest of the decorations were up. All of Calum’s favorite snacks and drinks sat on the long table. On a round table, sat a three layer strawberry shortcake with his face on it. Twenty candles surrounded the picture that was on the top layer. The cake itself was surrounded by multiple presents.

Me, Michael, Calum’s family, and my family were here. Since Calum and I started dating, our families grew even closer together than before, so it was only right that my family was part of the surprise as well.

Now, we were just waiting for Ashton to walk in with Calum. Michael was on the lookout for us.

It wasn’t long until Michael ran through the gate opening and back to us.

“They’re coming!”

Our eyes widened as we quickly stood in our places. I straightened everything up one last time before standing in the middle of Michael and mine and Calum’s family.

We heard the car pull into the driveway, which told us all to be quiet. We heard the doors of the car open and shut. Then we heard footsteps leading towards us.

“Ash what is going on? You’ve been acting weird the entire day.”

“Oh… nothing. Hey… I left my um… something in Luke’s backyard. Can we go grab it?”

“Yeah, of course. That reminds me: I need to find that lanky noodle. He hasn’t said anything to me all day. You think he would be wishin me happy birthday like… crazy.”

“Oh… trust me… he will. You’ll see.”

“What do you me-”

Calum walked through the gate with Ashton behind him. His eyes practically bulged out as he looked at us and the decorations.

We smiled.


He covered his mouth with his hand, looking around my backyard with amazement.

“Oh… oh my god. I… oh my god.”

He looked back at Ashton, who lightly laughed.

“That’s why you were acting so weird. I knew you were hiding something. I just couldn’t figure out what.”

He then looked at us.

“You guys hid this from me? You planned it without me finding out? I… wow. I can’t believe you guys did this. Who planned it?”

“It was none other than Luke,” Joy said, motioning to me.

I smiled. Calum looked at with a soft smile. Without hesitation, we walked towards each other.

We met in the middle, as I pulled him into a tight hug.

“You planned this?” He asked.

“Yes, I have been for a month now,” I told him, “do… do you like it?”

“Of course you lanky idiot. I love everything you do for you.”

“I was scared that you wouldn’t like it.”

“Why would you be? I love everything you plan for me. It’s always sweet and sentimental. You could have bought a pizza for me and asked if we could binge watch Supernatural… and I would still love it.”

He looked up at me and smiled, placing a small kiss on my lips

“Well… let’s not waste any time. Let’s start this party,” Liz said.

We nodded as pulled apart. We walked over to the cake, where there were chairs. We all put on party hats, with me putting one on Calum for him. We sang happy birthday before Calum blew all the candles out, with one breath.

We ate the cake. Calum exclaimed that strawberry shortcake was his favorite, and I said that I knew that because he was my boyfriend. We fed it to each other, before Calum decided to be his dorky self and slam me in the mouth with whip cream, which ended up in a huge whip cream fight between me and him.

It was fun, until we got dirty and had to spend time to wash it off.

After that, we played games and ate the food and joked around. We played charades, and it was one of the funniest things ever.

After the party and cleanup, Calum decided to stay over, which his parents didn’t really mind because he already stayed over almost every night.

We were cuddling in my bed, shirtless and in sweats. I had my arms wrapped loosely around his waist as he rested his back against my chest.

“So… how was today?” I asked.

“Today was amazing. I can’t believe you bought me that bass! It costed $4000!” Calum exclaimed.

“For you, Cal, there is no money limit. If I want to spend a lot of money on you, I will,” I shrugged.

“Well… if you insist,” Calum also shrugged, “but I really did love today. It was fun, and amazing.”

“I would do anything for you. This… was an item of a long list titled ‘Things to Do for Calum.”

Calum scoffed, before turning around to face me. He smiled again, pecking my lips.

“Well, regardless, I loved it.”

“And I’m glad you did,” I told him, smiling, “so… what did you wish for?” 

“I’m suppose to tell you… or else it won’t come true,” Calum softly told me, “but I know it will come true one day. I know it.”

“Well… I’ll take your word for it,” I shrugged.

Calum lovingly sighed and nodded before closing his eyes. He slowly breathed as he let out small and quiet snores.

I smiled.

I loved this boy so much.

I leaned down and kissed his forehead.

“Happy birthday Cal.”


I wrote this in honor of Calum’s birthday. 

Happy birthday Calum. I love you lots. ^.^

Sweet Wait

I always seem to come up with an idea as I’m trying to go to sleep. Maybe I should just give up on sleep. Eh this came out. I like it, although I couldn’t come up with a good title.

Sweet wait: Luke would wait. Even if his Cutie Calum was a tease.


Luke couldn’t wait until he was eighteen for one reason only.


His raven boyfriend refused to have sex with him until he was eighteen.

‘I want you to be at an age where you know what you want’ he had said 'where we are both ready to make the choice’

(When Im ready)

But Luke already knew what he wanted.

Although Luke loved him deeply and their relationship was not for sexual purposes, Luke yearned for that touch.

The touch of lovers. The one that would make what they had much more real. Where he would finally be able unite them.

To mark Calum.

Make him feel-know that they were meant for each other. That Luke was his.

That had what it took to keep him satisfied. Make him happy. To get him to stay. No matter what or where they were.

He had seen the way other boys looked at Calum, when he would go to pick him from his classes in the afternoon.

Calum with his fluffy dark hair that you wanted to mess up with sweat. Tug at until he bared his lovely neck to you.

His pouty lips that were meant to be bitten red and kissed at.

The slender legs and fat thighs that were meant to have hands running up and down them. To be kissed and later wrapped around your waist.

His bum. Oh those plump round cheeks. The lovely globes his love had been blessed with. That he had been blessed with.

'How could a boy like that be with a lanky high schooler?’ He had once heard them ask.

The words made him angry. A hot burning hate that coiled inside of him.

How dare they think that Luke couldn’t handle Calum.

They didn’t know how Luke would wreck him.

Make him moan. Beg. Sob.

Ruin him.

Only to pick him back up with loving words and soft kisses to do it all over again.

And tonight was one of those nights that made it oh so hard.

Calum was at his house again, on his bed next to him.

They had been making out. Wrapped tightly around each other. Hot in heavy, with Calum letting out his cute breathy moans into the room. He had pulled away and buried his face into Calum’s neck. Taking in his sweet scent.

Now his head was on Luke’s chest, soft little snore coming out of his breath. Hands curled under him as he slept away in peace.

One of the tan boy’s leg was thrown over Luke’s stomach. The other pressed against his thigh. Just like the rest of his body that was flushed up against his side.

His smooth leg were bare because Calum didn’t like to wear pants when he slept. Because he like to feel the cool air and cold sheets against his skin.

Every now and then Calum would give a tiny roll of his hips. And Luke wanted so badly to flip him under over and take him.

But he would wait.

Tomorrow morning they would wake up. Calum first.

With a cute little yawn and a rumpled look. Luke’s shirt he had taken ('It makes me smell like you’ he had said looking at Luke shyly through his dark lashes, pink blush on his cheeks) would be down on one side. Giving Luke a look at Calum’s bare shoulder.

His boyfriend would straddle his lap and pull him in for a sweet gentle kiss. He would then move to his neck peppering short kisses down his skin and back up. Only to kiss up to his ear and coo 'Good morning Lucas’ before give his ear a gentle bite and hopping off the bed.

He would stretch. Arms pulled back behind his head causing Luke’s shirt to rise and give him a peek of his tight briefs and round hips.

And Luke would wait.

Because he loved Calum and would respect his choices. Even if his love continued to tease him.


I needs the sleep.

FicRequst: Bucky’s Cake

Fic Requst: Bucky’s Cake
Bucky x Reader, soulmate AU
Word Count: 1678
Warning: Fluff
A/N: I’m not very happy with this one, but I need to stop messing with me. I hope you like it @elaacreditava

Originally posted by caps-bucky

After Steve brought Bucky back to the Avengers tower, he was focused on healing and getting used to his new arm, the idea that he might have a soulmate out there wasn’t even in his vocabulary. Even if he did have a soulmate, surely she died years ago. He had stopped looking at the words written on his wrist years ago. Why do you get the bed? They hadn’t faded, as is what typically happens when a soul mate dies, but who knows what the serum did to his body. Before he had left for the army, back when the biggest worry he had was Stevie, the thought of hearing those words made him smile. But none of that mattered anymore. He was alone and would remain so as long as he lived.

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Broken Pieces

Calum lets out a sigh of relief as he flops down a chair, finally getting a chance to breathe. He doesn’t know what the plastic chair is doing there but he’s thankful it is where it is. He’s been going around this place in the past three hours chatting with everyone who can catch him. It’s not like he doesn’t want to talk to them, it’s quite the opposite. He wants to get to everyone since he’s not sure who he gets to see again in the future. There’s more to a tour than the shows, that’s what he’s learned so far. The crew is as part of every show as the band is and all the people around him tonight has been good to him, always making sure his needs are met. He wants to tell every single one of them how grateful he is. If he’s not delivering on that, then he sure as hell hopes the free booze is doing it for him. It seems to be, judging by all the glowing faces he’s seeing and laughter he’s hearing.

“Do you want another one?” Someone says as an ice cold bottle of beer is placed in front of his face. If the pale skin did not give hi, any clue to who it is, then the x tattoo in one of the fingers did.

“Thanks Mikey,” he mumbles, taking the beer from Michael and putting it to his lips. He tips his head back and lets the cool liquid soothe his dry throat.

“Yeah, anytime.” Michael leans against the wall beside him and puts one of his foot against it. He drinks his own beer with Calum in silence for a few minutes, watching people pass in front of them. A few greetings were thrown their way and they would politely nod or smile, raise their beers in acknowledgement.

“Has Luke seen you?” Michael asked when he finished his beer.

“Haven’t seen him since John decided to throw me on his back and made security pass me around between them like some kind of toy,” his tone is annoyed but his expression is amused. Luke had seen him suffering and he had begged for him to help him down. Luke laughed before he had pretend wrestled with David for him. David had shook his head before giving Calum to Luke. He remembers Luke whispering “You owe me.” so close to his ears, his breath had fanned against his jaw. And then he left, moving past Calum towards where majority of the crowd was. That was an hour and a half ago.

“Yeah well, he was looking for you,” Michael informed him, his back already half-turned ready to leave.

“He is?” Calum asked, eyebrows raised.

Michael rolled his eyes. “That’s what I said.” He turned around to leave but stop a few feet away from Calum. “And he’s pretty trashed. I think Casey had said something that made him finally agree to that competition he keeps on going about.” Michael did not say anymore and left.

Calum is left with his mouth hanging open. He knows what competition that is. Casey vs. Anyone, who can drink the most shots. He has participated in it himself. Casey is a beast when it comes to drinking. Everyone knows that. Only Calum can beat him in the drinking game, easier when it’s beer and just a narrow margin when it’s shots. He remembers that one time he barely won because the morning after made sure he won’t forget it easily. In fact, everyone eventually stopped agreeing to taking on his challenges pretty early on the tour. That does not mean he stopped offering them though. He still asks every time. Maybe he’s just a really competitive guy but Calum suspects he likes being wasted, and not just being wasted, being wasted with someone.

And Luke. Luke never agreed to any of Casey’s challenges and he claims Luke is the only person on tour who hasn’t taken him on yet. He could attack his masculinity (not that he has much of a care about that) all day about it and Luke wouldn’t agree. Hell he once even ganged up with Michael to make a broadway style song, the lyrics of which revolves around how Luke sucks different kinds of dicks. To be honest Luke drinks just as much as Calum, he’s just more discreet about it. So what could Casey possibly tell him that could make him agree? Casey can make up pretty good offers, he knows, but he can’t think of anything that is substantial enough for Luke. Except if it’s about–

“There you are!” Calum startles when a six-foot-something tree plops on his lap, blond hair getting into his eyes so he has to lean his face away. Said tree wrapped his arms around his neck and jut out his lower lip before whining out his name, eyes blinking innocently.

“Come on Luke you’re quite heavy!” Calum says, trying to get him to his feet.

Luke’s response was to tighten his arms and to nuzzle his face on Calum’s neck. He feels Luke’s beard rub roughly against his skin and he can’t help but soften. “Don’t pretend you don’t like me on top of you.” Oh. Calum swallows hard as Luke whispered darkly against the skin of his throat.

“I do like that very much yes, but not in here.” Calum says trying to pry Luke’s arms from his neck. Luke still wouldn’t let go so Calum leaned in and put his mouth closer to his ear. “ I won’t share you Lucas, you’re all mine. Now please get up so I can have you.” His voice had turned into that low, huskier tone he gets only in the mornings right after he wakes up or at situations like this when he’s too aroused.

Luke stands up right away, allowing Calum to drag him out of the place. They did not even bother to say goodbye to anyone, Calum’s mission of expressing gratitude now forgotten. Right now he wants to show his gratitude to Luke more than to anyone.

They ended up back at the hotel where their rooms are booked quite indefinitely. They aren’t staying for too long, they have to do promo for the new album soon, but the next few days are free and not one of them has a clue what to do. Except Ashton. He has expressed his plans to go back to LA with Bryana, wishing to spend more time with her. He’s at a point in his life when he wants something or someone to anchor him amidst the whirlwind that is their band life.

Luke pushes Calum against the door just after he closes it, putting his lips on his neck. “Lucas, you really need to shave or at least trim that.” Calum says weakly as he closes his eyes.

“But you like it,” Luke says back, he opens his mouth a little to suck on Calum’s skin.

Calum groans and puts his hands on Luke’s shoulders, guiding him towards Luke’s bed. The back of Luke’s knees hits the side of the bed and he clings to Calum’s shirt to keep himself from falling. Luke puts his forehead against Calum’s and breathes in deep, “Don’t hurt me.”

“I won’t, I’m always gentle,” Calum assures him

Luke closes his eyes and a pained expression painted his features. “No, don’t hurt me.” He repeats, his voice breaking. Before Calum could figure out what he means, his back is hitting the bed. Luke climbs on tap oh him and settled himself on his hips. He raises Calum’s shirt kissing every bit of skin becoming exposed. Calum is still in a daze, stuck on Luke’s words. He found himself trapping Luke’s wrists in his hands but Luke kept kissing him, his cheek, his nose, his lips. He turns his face away but Luke just keeps finding more of him to kiss.

“No, Luke stop,” he finally says. Luke pauses and looks Calum in the eye. “What were you saying?” Calum asks.

“Cal let’s not,” Luke removes his wrists from Calum’s grip and used them to pull his shirt off himself, putting it somewhere beside their bodies. He moves to grind his hips against Calum and it took all of Calum to place his hands on his hips and make him stop.

“No, Luke, I cannot let this go,” Calum tells him softly.

Luke sighs and leaned down to place his head against Calum’s chest. “I know what I am to you Calum, you made that clear,”

Oh that. A few nights ago, last week or was it two weeks ago? He can’t remember and he doesn’t even know where they were. He can barely remember the lyrics he has to sing how can anyone expect him to remember the day and their location when it changes faster than he can ask. The thing is a few nights ago, just after he and Luke fooled around like this in their hotel, Luke had asked if he could stay and of course Calum allowed him. Why wouldn’t he? They’ve been sharing a room and a bed far before both of them had this thing going on between them. It’s just, no one has ever stayed to cuddle after. So yes, once they started fucking , the stopped sharing a bed together. But Luke had begged him that night, saying he was too tired to put on clothes and walk back to his own room. And Calum completely understands because Luke had done the fucking while he got blissfully fucked. So he let him, he just let him, and that was his biggest mistake.

He did not know how the topic came about but Luke had asked him what they were. And Calum hadn’t had an answer to that. He still doesn’t. Calum is so used to letting things be and he hates having to put labels on anything. He thinks putting labels is limiting, restricting and downright scary. His bandmates had called him on his fear of commitment far more than any of the people in his life has, and Luke had always just eyed him at those times, just looking at him a tad longer before averting his eyes. He never realised Luke would ask that of him. So far, the only commitment in his life he’s ever made is to the band. Luke is in the band and he thinks he’s committed to Luke, but he’s also committed to Ashton and to Michael and that’s about all the commitment he can give right now. So that’s what he told Luke. He said they were band mates and best friends. Luke had asked him after they fucked what they were, and he said they were band mates and best friends.

The day after that, he remembers better. He had been training with Ashton, running around the venue like usual. After about three laps, he and Ashton had decided to stop running and walked to catch their breaths.

“Bryana told me Luke asked her to bring her friend today,” Ashton had said just before he drank from his water bottle.

“Huh, which friend,” Calum had asked nonchalantly.

“The brunette one,” Calum just looked at Ashton like he’s insane.

“You have to be more specific, man, which brunette?” He had raised his own water bottle to drink from it.

“The one who went to dinner with us that one time, Bryana brought her because she wanted to meet Luke but that night he can only see you.” Ashton had chuckled slightly, shaking his head.

“I still don’t remember,” Calum had said shaking his head.

“The one when you two decided to be corny dorks and went out in matching flannels, idiot. God, Calum we really need to do something about that memory of yours!”

He remembered that. He remembered Luke looking at her once when Bryana introduced them that night and then not paying attention again. Well he did pay attention to her, offering her plates of food and asking just before they left if she had a ride home but that’s only because he was raised by Liz to be polite. But that night was one of their good nights, as evidenced by the flannel and Calum had promised something to Luke that had made him too excited to end the night be back to their hotel already.

Ashton had been right. She was there that day, at the sidelines with Bryana. He remembers thinking about how he thought if that spot would be the permanent place for girlfriends or someday even wives and children during their show. He also remembered shaking his head and thinking she’s not Luke’s girlfriend, and how Ashton and Michael has to populate that spot themselves. And maybe him and Luke too if they decided to have children. And that’s when he hit a bum note, almost losing track of the rhythm he has to keep going. Michael looked at him then, and Calum had expected a rude remark from him through the mike to be heard by the whole arena on how their bass player can’t play bass properly. But instead Mikey came over to his side and had tilted his head with a smile and had nodded Calum’s beat so Calum can get back to it.

“I don’t know why you’re saying this Luke,” Calum finally says when he’s done thinking. All that thinking and all he can say is this, sometimes even Calum is amazed with himself.

“Do I really have to spell it out to you Calum?” Luke asks annoyed, but he keeps his head against Calum’s chest.

“I don’t know Luke, maybe,”

“Please don’t make me. I don’t want to ruin any of this, I don’t want to change anything between us and Michael and Ashton. Calum just, can we just go back to what we were doing,” he pushes his head harder on Calum’s chest and Calum doesn’t understand what he’s trying to get at there.

“Why are you pushing against my chest like that?” Calum meant it as a joke, so maybe they can finally go back tot he lighter playful mode they were in before all this. Instead he felt something wet drop on his chest, his heart races and clenches when he felt more of his shirt get wet. He feels Luke inhale and still for a while, as if he’s hoping everything would just stop if he stops breathing for a while. “Luke?” Calum asks, and he feels Luke deflate in his arms more tears staining his shirt.

“I was checking out your heart beat. Fuck Calum you make it seem so much like you feel nothing that I am actually checking out if you had a heart! You said once that you had none and maybe you really don’t and I was checking. Because maybe I could finally stop feeling this way if I realise that I really have got zero chances with you. And fuck you because you do! You have a heart and I see through you Calum, why can’t you say it? Why can’t you just say it?”

Luke pushed himself against Calum’s chest and sat up. Calum does not understand why but he’s suddenly mad. Luke is shouting at him telling him to say something and he doesn’t know what it is Luke want him to say.

Calum sits up. “What the fuck do you want Luke? What do you want from me?” He says, equally agitated.

Luke turns his head away from Calum and gets off his lap and off the bed. He paced in front of Calum and tugged at his hair, “I don’t know,” He says when he stopped in front of Calum. “That perhaps I mean more? That I’m not just your band mate and your best friend? Because it’s becoming harder for me to bare more and more of myself to you without knowing if I am getting anything in return.” Luke sounds like he’s begging and Calum hates it. Calum absolutely hates it.

“Oh my god, Luke. Don’t pretend that I’m the only one playing with feelings here. Why are you asking me this when you go running to someone else the first time I deny you what you want!” Calum stands up so he’s face to face with Luke.

“What are you talking about?” Luke’s softness is gone now that Calum seems to be wanting to fight him every step of the way.

“Brunette, long hair, tan skin basically me beside Bryana a few nights ago! I am not as oblivious to your ways as you think Luke!” Calum wants to shout but all the anger is tiring him out.

“That was after you told me I was just your band mate and your best friend! What did you expect me to do keep waiting for a bone you’re willing to throw my way?”

“Yes, no! Maybe. Fuck at least give me some time. You know these things are not easy for me!” Calum runs his hand against his face in frustration

“Well newsflash Calum I’m a human being not a dog, you can’t expect me too keep waiting.” Luke crosses his arms across his bare chest.

“Oh so you’re expecting me to give myself to you when I can’t even trust you to stick around while I try to figure out what I want? Because Luke you sound like a cheating bastard already and you’ve got no one to cheat on yet.” Calum spits.

“You don’t get it. I was trying to move on from you because you’re so cavalier! You just don’t care enough and I don’t want to be any more deeper into you when I’m not sure if you feel anything!”

Calum keeps quiet and just shakes his head. “Don’t shake your head at me Calum! You know I’m right. You care more about Michael than me and Calum I’m the one you’re fucking!”

“Luke, please, when did this become a competition between you and Michael?” Calum is becoming more and more exasperated with this conversation.

“I don’t know ever since I met you?” Luke says quietly.

“Fuck Luke, I really have no patience for this. You are nineteen years old for fucks sake. Talk to me when you’re acting like it.” Calum said before walking past Luke towards the door.

“Calum!” Luke calls out. Calum wanted to keep on walking, he really does but he turns around and faces Luke again. “Please don’t walk away,” and Calum almost walked back to him and took him in his arms. Almost.

“No Luke, just sleep this one out. You’re drunk. We’ll talk in the morning.” He says before walking out the door and shutting it behind him.

Calum wakes up with a sinking feeling in his gut, the kind that makes you want to stay in bed all day and fall back to sleep. His sleepy mind knows something is wrong, he just can’t put what’s wrong in his conscious thoughts yet. He reaches out across the bed and is disappointed again. He does this every morning after he allowed Luke to stay with him, and every time he gets the same results. His body craves waking up with him, he’s just too scared to admit it.

Luke. Last night with him wasn’t pretty. He was wasted and emotional and everything just blew up. He takes the sheets off around his body hastily and gets up, not bothering to put on anything besides the boxers he already had. He walks across the halls to Luke’s room. He would be feeling so much worse than him when he wakes up if he hasn’t, his hangovers are always worst that’s why he does not drink too much in the first place. Calum wants to make sure he’s okay.

“Luke?” He says knocking on his door. He turns the knob and as expected, it’s locked. He knocks some more and says Luke’s name a few more times.

He was mid knock when he felt cold air on his balls. He quickly reached down to put his boxers up and tuned around to punch the offender. “Fuck you Michael!” Michael puts his arms up to defend himself while chuckling.

“Aaaahhh, Calum, stop pretending it still fazes you!” Michael shouts. It’s too early to shout but then again, Michael is always shouting.

“It does.” Calum blushes.

“What are you doing there anyway?” Michael asks.

“Checking out on Luke, he was in pretty bad shape last night.” Calum felt a little guilt caught in his throat but he swallowed it down.

“He’s fine, let’s go come with me I’m getting breakfast-lunch, brunch.” Michael said hooking his arm on Calum’s.

“Wait what? How’d you know? Michael stop pushing me I’m wearing boxers I can’t go down like this!” Calum shakes his arm free from Michael’s and stopped walking to face him.

“Yes you can go down like that. It’s actually better if you’re just wearing that.” Michael wiggled his eyebrows and Calum wanted to punch him so he’d be lights out.

“Ugh Mikey, stop. I really got to check on Luke,” Michael caught Calum’s arm before he can walk past him.

“Calum he’s not there,” Michael finally says.

“What do you mean he’s not there?”

“He left with Ashton. He’s on his way to LA if they haven’t landed yet.”

“What?! What’s he gonna do there?” Calum half-shouts.

Michael shrugs.

“Alright, I’m just, put some clothes on. I’ll join you on your brunch.”

“Awesome. Brush your teeth while at it.” Michael says before walking away.

Calum can’t believe he just left like that. He ran to his room to check his phone. Did he text him before he left? He pushed the button and scrolled past all the messages he received while he’s asleep. He’s disappointed to not find his name among them.

I’m looking for a way to change my mind, don’t walk away.

He presses send before the fear gets the best of him agajn.

He feels it from the pit of his stomach, rising slowly to his chest and staying there. He sat himself on his bed and placed his elbows against his knees. He runs his hands through his hair, pulling every now and then. Why can’t he just tell him, why can’t he just tell him that he wants him too? Why did he have to push him away? Why did he have to make himself feel this way? His breaths are becoming shallower and he can’t breathe.

“Calum?” Michael is suddenly there by his side. Michael hugs him by his shoulders and Calum places his hand on the arms around him “Oh goodness, Calum? Let go Calum, it’s okay. Come on.” And Calum does. He lets out the huge breath he’s been holding, collapsing against Michael.

He taps on the blue icon. He hasn’t been on that for a while. He did not want to go out, he just wanted to stay in and not have to do anything with the world. He’s lucky Michael is with him, someone has to tell him to take in anything other than nicotine from his cigarettes. But it’s been a few days of nothing and maybe he can finally check out on what’s happening, maybe he can keep himself together enough to care about things other than his feelings. Michael had pushed him to join him in getting their license and the day was good enough. The best so far since tour ended, so maybe he can do this.

The app opens immediately and he regrets it just as fast as it did. Luke is all there is on his timeline. And not just Luke. Luke and her. He feels his chest constrict again and he can’t do anything but put his knees against his chest to protect himself. He’s not so sure if he can protect himself from something that’s coming from the inside if he did that, but he does it anyway.

He startles when his phone vibrates.

It’s what you wanted, I suppose.

I was chatting with my mom and looked down at my plate to grab a bite and noticed this: Elsa. Anna. Cake. Fork. THE CAKE STORY. I now have really inappropriate thoughts about my birthday cake. forkanna, you beautiful human being, I am now thinking of your work, that scandalous fork, and an equally scandalous Elsa and Anna while looking at my now unholy and titillating birthday cake.


[Short Cake fanfic]

In which humans and vampires co-exist…and human Calum just happens to be vampire Luke’s bloodbag. It doesn’t stop vampire Michael from trying to swoop in and steal Calum’s heart.

[I’m a huge fan of possesive!vampire!luke and human!cal, thus the creation of this small Cake fic.] 

[Part 1]


Calum’s pov. 

“Oh Cal baby.” 

Oh shit. 

I knew that voice all too well. 

Luke Hemmings, the top vampire at my school. His dad was the mayor of our town, causing him to have instant popularity in school, instantly putting him on top, instantly giving him the power to choose any measly human to be his personal bloodbag.

Unfortunately, that person had to be me. 

I just had to go to the same school as Luke Hemmings, the top vampire, the mayor’s son, the creepy and possessive vampire that used me as his personal go-to snack. 

Vampires and humans just had to co-exist. I had to co-exist with Luke Hemmings and his possessive self. 

Getting away from him was hard. At first, I would try to find every excuse to get away from him, whether it was to escape with my friend, Niall, or escape to the art room and pretend to work on one of my projects. 

Nothing worked. I always felt his linger eyes on me, whether I was just talking to Niall or talking to another one of my art friends. I would always turn, feeling those blue eyes, but then I would see that they were no where to be found, giving Luke that creepy vibe as well. Whether he watched me to protect me or to make sure everyone stayed away from his bloodbag… would be something that would never make sense to me.

I learned that when Luke wanted something, he usually got it. It didn’t make it an easy way for me to escape, him being a vampire with super speed and strength and all of his enhanced abilities. 

So, I started to give in. We would sneak into an isolated place, whether it was the janitor’s closet or an empty classroom. I let him feed from me, regardless of the situation because I knew Luke, being possessive, also had a temper. I was afraid of what would happen if I didn’t give into his wishes. 

But secretly, I loved it. I wasn’t sure of my feelings for him, but I knew that when he fed on me… I didn’t want him to pull away anytime soon. And when he left, I felt empty, and wished he were still with me, whether he was feeding from me or not. 

I looked back, seeing Luke chase after me down the hallway. 

Being careful to not be seen my other vampires [that would be asking vampires, beside Luke, to feed from me], I slid into an empty classroom, waiting for Luke to enter after me. 

Once he did, I laid eyes on his broad shoulders, muscled arms, and the lips, pierced with a lip ring, curved into a smirk with a possessive look in his eyes. I was memorized with his blond hair, combed through nicely, with his blue, gazing, eyes.  

He was huge, compared to my slim arms, small waist, and slender legs. I was scared, my heart pounding against my chest. I should’ve been used to encounters like this… but I wasn’t, yet. 

Luke could tell. I knew he could tell. He could probably hear my pounding heart with that vampire hearing of his.

“Oh don’t worry baby. There’s no need to be scared. I won’t take much this time. I just need a small snack to get me through the day.” 

Instinctively, I pulled up the sleeve of my flannel and held my wrist out towards him. Luke liked feeding from my wrist. He said my blood ‘tasted the best there’, whatever that meant. The same blood was circulating through my body and I didn’t understand how my wrist could make anything taste better.  

He walked towards me, pushing my wrist away as his fangs revealed themselves as his blue eyes turned red. 

“Actually, Cal baby, I was thinking we could try something different,” he whispered, holding my chin so I looked into his deep red eyes. 

“What? Where?” I asked. 

“Your neck,” he whispered, moving his lips towards my ear. 

“You’ve never feed from there. It’s always been the wrist. Why change it now?” I asked. 

Luke shrugged. 

“I just want to. Besides, I have something to try out.”

Luke then placed a kiss on the back of my ear, making my heart skip a beat. Luke then moved down my neck, leaving a trail of kisses in his wake. 

I then felt his sharp fangs graze against my neck. It wasn’t long until I felt those sharp fangs pierce my neck, feeling a substance inside me leave me. 

I gasped, feeling blood leave me. Luke gripped my dark brown hair, burying his face, just to get a taste of me while I quietly winced in pain. 

“It won’t hurt for much longer baby,” he whispered, assuming he hear me.

He then put his hands on my waist, pulling me closer until our bodies made contact. He buried his face in my neck more, trying to feed on more of the blood he loved that only I could give him, tightly gripping my waist. His arms then slowly wrapped around my waist, rubbing my back as he pulled our bodies even closer. 

Luke pulled away to say one word.  


He then brought him lips up to my ear once again. 

“You are a pretty little thing aren’t you?” He asked as I shyly blushed, “I’m surprised no one got to you before I did. But, of course, if anyone did, I would’ve ripped their head off for even looking at you.”

I blushed again as he kissed my earlobe. 

“I don’t like to share pretty things such as you, my prized possession. You are mine, and mine only. I’m not sharing you with anyone. You belong to me.” 

He held me possessively. 

“And I know just how to make everyone else stay away.” 

He moved down my next just to feed a bit more. It wasn’t long until he pulled away and looked at my, my brown eyes meeting his blue ones. 

He smirked, before he leaned in and kissed me. Our lips slowly moved together, our lips seemingly fitting together. 

Then something different happened. Luke pulled me apart then quickly pierced his lip with his fangs, his lips now bleeding. He then dipped me as he continued to kiss me, one hand around my waist, holding me up as his other hand intertwined with him, my other arm laying limp against me as we kissed. 

I then felt a liquid flow into my mouth and down my throat. Luke pulled me up, as I grabbed the bottom of my neck in confusion. 

“What did you do to me?” 

“I gave you my blood.”

“What? Why?”

“Because… I told you that you belonged to me. There was only one way to assure that… so I did it. Your blood… in exchange for mine. My blood in in your system just as yours is in mine. Now, it is finished.” 

He squeezed me with his arm that was still around my waist. 

“You are officially mine.”

And with that, Luke let go of me and walked out of the class. 

After Luke left, I realized what he did to me. 

Luke Hemmings marked me. 


Somewhat edited. Idk how many chapters this is gonna be, just for the record. 

Read part 2 here. 

doritos | cake


it was very easy to say that luke had anger issues, which is probably why when something happens that he doesn’t like he resorts to violence. which is why he kicked the vending machine which held his chips in their greedy little metal tongs that absolutely refused to budge no matter how many times he scissor kicked it. 

not to mention it was his last two dollars in his wallet and it was three a.m. and he was starving and ultimately not having a good time. and when people are hungry and living in a college budget, junk food is their last option and they will go to great lengths to make sure they don’t waste a single penny. 

which is why he got down on his knees and shoved his hand into the slot to get the demon doritos which were on the 3rd to last shelf, and luke had rather long arms so why not? 

there was a very good answer to why not because he’d forgotten all about the muscle he’d put on this year and now his arm was stuck and there was nobody here to save him and he feels like crying. 

just as he was about to fall asleep against the vending machine, waiting for the inevitable fate the morning brought, he heard footsteps. he really didn’t want anyone on campus to see him like this, due to his reputation of the so called “bad boy”. 

but he would rather have this kid help him then wake up in the morning to students crowding the hallways snapping pictures of him with his goddamn hand stuck in a vending machine. the person soon came to a stop a few feet away from him, examining luke and the situation he had put himself in. “uh, you okay mate?” 

“you think you could maybe help me?” the guy walked up to his position on the floor, with a look of concern. 

“uh yeah one second.” he said before pulling his phone from his back pocket, “you are luke hemmings right?” 


“okay good,” he began snapping pictures of him, taking selfies, all while luke was in the background ready to combust. 


“yeah,” he says putting his phone down and grabbing onto his arm. 

“so where are you posting that?” 

“nowhere, just for my own personal enjoyment to know that the baddest boy on campus is an idiot who got his arm stuck in a vending machine,” he said gripping the base of lukes arm and trying to tug it out. he visibly winced in pain, the feeling of his arm scraping against the rough plastic hurt like hell. “sorry, did that hurt?” 

“uh yeah it did.” 

“okay, um we need a distraction, something that will take your mind off of the pain while i violently rip you arm from a too small hole causing possible bleeding.” 

“okay..?” the brunette boy bit his lip. the next thing luke knew he’d slammed his lips onto lukes and wow he was enjoying it?

he’d always thought of himself as straight but his lips were so soft and nice and he could barely contain himself when a tongue was pressed against the seam of his lips and a leg was thrown over his lap and ouch! 

“fuck!” he cursed breaking away from the brunette and examining his tore up arm. some of his skin had gotten peeled back due to the force that this dude had ripped his arm out with. and he didn’t even feel it! because! this guy!! was!!kissing!!!him!! 

“there you go,” the boy on his lap said totally unfazed. “now all you have to do is put some alcohol on it, i recommend some neosporin, then bandage it all up and your good to go!” 

he shuffled off of the blonde boy’s lap, getting up. for some reason all luke wanted was to pull him back into his lap and continue what they were doing before. 

“hey dude wait!” he said calling for the tanned boy. he didn’t care if he woke up the whole dormitory, he needed to feel the boys lips on his again, it felt so right

he turned around shushing him, but nonetheless walking towards luke. “you called?” 

the blonde boy fidgeted, playing with his fingers. “i uh yeah i did,” he said looking at the boy directly in the eyes. “can i get your number?” 

“wait a second.” luke raised his eyebrow in anticipation for whats to come. “did -did i convert a straight guy?” 

“i don’t know man, could i just get your number?” 

“oh uh yeah,” he reached into the blonde boys back pocket, groping his ass a little, and pulled out his phone. 

he quickly typed in his number before sending luke a wink and starting back down the hallway. 

and maybe it was worth not getting his chips. 

because he got a cute boy instead.