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Different Themed Questions I Just Came Up With
  • 1: When did you join Tumblr?
  • 2: Does your username have any special meaning?
  • 3: Does your profile picture have any special meaning?
  • 4: Who is your favorite Tumblr user?
  • 5: Will you ever change your username?
  • 6: What is your blog mainly about?
  • 7: So your blog was created to be about one specific fandom. You ended up joining way more than you thought you would. What are these fandoms?
  • 8: Is your best friend on Tumblr?
  • 9: Is anyone in your family on Tumblr?
  • 10: Would you recommend Tumblr to a friend/family member?
  • 11: Are you a single child?
  • 12: How old are you?
  • 13: Have you had your first kiss?
  • 14: How did your first date go?
  • 15: Do you have any pets?
  • 16: What pet do you want to get in the future?
  • 17: Are you single?
  • 18: Are you taken?
  • 19: Are you waiting for an angel in a trench coat?
  • 20: Post a selfie.
  • 21: Why did you join your fandom?
  • 22: What is your OTP?
  • 23: What is your NOTP?
  • 24: What is your BROTP?
  • 25: Who is your favorite character/person from your fandom?
  • 26: Do you write fanfiction?
  • 27: Do you draw fanart?
  • 28: What are your headcanons?
  • 29: Send me two characters/ships. Make me choose.
  • 30: What is your favorite fanfiction/fanart?
  • 31: Coffee or tea?
  • 32: Cake or pie?
  • 33: Muffins or cupcakes?
  • 34: Cats or dogs?
  • 35: YouTubers or Viners?
  • 36: Movies or TV shows?
  • 37: Divergent or The Hunger Games?
  • 38: The Maze Runner or The Hunger Games?
  • 39: Snakes or lizards?
  • 40: Ham or chicken?
  • 41: meet your favorite music artist or meet your favorite movie star?
  • 42: live with your favorite YouTuber for a day or with your favorite movie star for a week?
  • 43: live in the country or in a city?
  • 44: go to the beach or to the pool?
  • 45: sing in public every day or never sing again?
  • 46: ask your crush out or have them ask you out?
  • 47: meet Connor Franta or Troye Sivan?
  • 48: be a year older or a year younger than you are now?
  • 49: be in a movie or in a YouTube video, guest starring in your favorite YouTuber's new video?
  • 50: read a book by J.K. Rowling or by James Dashner?
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anonymous asked:

72 Supercat?

72. “I will knock you on your ass if you even think about it.”

Kara’s sure that Cat is doing this just to taunt her.

And Rao, it’s working.

There are several things that Kara has never quite been able to resist: donuts, is one. Puppies, another (even though she’ll never trust herself to own one, lest she inadvertently hurt it thanks to those pesky superpowers of hers).

The third thing is cupcakes from her favourite bakery in National City, the one that’s expensive enough for her to only be able to justify buying from there on very special occasions, and the fourth thing?

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