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Headcanon Time!

- Dw and Gosalyn will sing theme songs together. Especially old cartoon themes and movie themes. A microphone-comb is also included.

- Father and daughter riding the toy story mania and getting competitive to see who can get the higher score- Gosalyn beats Dw every time to Dw’s disdain. (He’ll take Launchpad later to beat him by a long shot to feel better over losing against a child.)

- Going back above to the first singing headcanon, Dw sings a LOT in the bathroom and when he believes he’s alone in the tower. Gosalyn finds him every once in a while and records it for Lp to see. Dw loves being over animated in dancing to the songs.

- Dw and Gosalyn will go to an ice cream parlor in Duckburg every friday- and will hang out with the triplets and Scrooge. Dw loves birthday cake and Gosalyn gets superman with the coolest topping available.

- At the Disney parks, Gosalyn loves riding the Mansion late at night right before the park closes. He clings to her the whole time and freaks out over the Ghost Host’s laughs and the hitchhiking ghosts. Gosalyn teases him about it, only saying they’re animatronics- but he SWEARS that one of them actually followed them off the ride.

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So I had a frustrating day and could totally go for some fluffy pony and darry headcanons of them being cute and playful and teasing and having fun and just being brothers cause I live for that and I would be forever thankful

-darry always sneaks up behind pony and messes his hair which leads to them chasing each other around the house 
-after pony’s track competitions, he and darry always go to Dairy Queen afterwards and they both have each other’s orders memorized
-for darry’s 21st birthday, ponyboy made darry a superman cake
-when they were younger, pony gave darry his favourite toy car after they had a fight and darry still keeps it on his dresser
-darry used to let ponyboy push his vegetables onto his plate when their parents aren’t looking so he could still have dessert
-ponyboy keeps darry’s high school year book on his shelf
-surprisingly, they both like the same kind of music, so some nights they just sit around together listening to the radio


Today is the Man of Steel’s birthday!

Happy Birthday, Superman!

From your Wonder Woman!



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your fave non binary peep is here with an extra™ amount of asks: cotton candy, bubble gum, birthday cake, superman, and mint. i love you guys!!!<3

cotton candy: 3 places you want to travel to?
Elliot: I want to travel to… um… Iceland-
Isaak: *gasps* Reykjavik!
Elliot: And Switzerland-
Isaak: Yes. And Norway. 
Elliot: Norway.

bubble gum: books or movies?
Isaak: Both. 
Elliot: No!! That’s cheating!
Isaak: Don’t care. 
Elliot: I’m gonna say books because they last longer. 
Isaak: I’m gonna say both.
Elliot: NooOOooOoo you can’t say both!

birthday cake: favorite books?
Isaak: More Happy Than Not, Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, In Cold Blood, The Abused Werewolf Rescue Group, Discover Your Psychic Type, A Little Life. 
Elliot: This Is Not A Test, Norwegian Wood, Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, Life As We Knew It 

superman: do you like sweaters?
Isaak: Yes!
Elliot: Yeah!

mint: most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?
Isaak: I don’t get embarrassed. 
Elliot: Oh puh-leeease…. Most embarrasing thing I’ve ever done… Like everything… Did I tell you about the time I broke into this guy’s locker just to get his phone number? He was very not interested. 
Isaak: That’s scary. 
Elliot: It’s not scary!