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Cherry Bomb (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Request! 🙌🏽

A/N: This is dedicated to the marvelous @ballerinafairyprincess for requesting this super awesome idea a couple days ago! ❤ I had so much fun writing this!! I’m super jealous I didn’t come up with this! I hope you guys like it! ENJOY! -Delilah ❤❤

Request: Hi darling! Can I make a request please? Can you do a Bucky x Reader where they go for milkshakes and she shows him how she can tie the cherry stem into a knot in her mouth (something he has never seen before). And it goes from fluff to smut just like that? 😊

Warnings: Hella smut! Swearing. Semi public sex.


Bucky always made a habit of telling you stories of the 40’s. Mostly about how different the times were, especially the architecture or the music. Surprisingly, one of the many things he missed from the era were the milkshakes. There was a little ice cream shop in Coney Island named Lucy’s that had the greatest tasting shakes in the world according to him. One of his favorite pass times was telling you story after story of the small shenanigans he and Steve used to pull in there.

There was the time he dared Steve to down an entire large shake called ‘The Big One’ which consisted of shake and cake mixed together. He was practically in tears when he told you that Steve only made it halfway before he raced to one of the trash cans and blew chunks. Steve never forgave him for that, by the way. He still winces and clutches his stomach whenever he’s reminded of it.

There was also a time where Bucky took a girl named Suzette on a date that ended horribly. Turns out, she was a little on the scary side. She flat out refused to let him order because the waitress was female. And she even went as far as making him switch seats because apparently “there were only girls in the booth behind him.” Poor Bucky was so afraid of the girl, he ended up excusing himself to the bathroom and climbing out of the window, only to find Suzette already waiting for him. It took him a week to get rid of her.

So being the big softie you were, you vowed to find a similar little spot to take him. Not only would it help him get some fresh air, but it would replace some of those traumatic memories with good ones.

That’s how you found yourself seated across from a grinning Bucky Barnes as he sipped happily on his raspberry milkshake.

Not only was Lucy’s still open after almost eighty years of business, but it was currently run by Lucy’s own daughter, Leslie, who was in her early 80’s now. When she saw Bucky, she nearly had a heart attack. She weaved her way through the many people in the little shop until she was standing at our booth.

“You used to come in here with that smaller fellow, right?” She asked, adjusting her cane. She was practically glowing with excitement. “I remember coming’ in here after school everyday and seein’ you two.”

You could see the words processing in his head. He was barely remembering things now, surely he wouldn’t be able to remember t
“I think I taught you how to tie your shoes, right?” He asked suddenly, his eyes sparkling with nostalgia.

Leslie gasped, placing her hand on her heart. She began singing some old nursery rhyme, one that you’ve never heard.

“Bunny ears, Bunny ears, playing by a tree.
Criss-crossed the tree, trying to catch me,”

Before she could finish, Bucky began singing as well.

“Bunny ears, Bunny ears, jumped into the hole,
Popped out the other side beautiful and bold!”

You both stared at him with wide eyes. Bucky however, grinned back at the two of you with triumph on his handsome face. He managed to remember something that wasn’t horrific or involved Steve. This was purely a personal memory he shared with her.

Leslie looked down at Bucky, her blue eyes watering.

“You two can have as many milkshakes as you want. For old time’s sake!” she exclaimed, wiping away the ones that fell.

Bucky and you thanked her. Even after she left, he couldn’t wipe the million dollar smile on his face. And you’d be lying if you said you didn’t get a bit teary eyed as well.

Yeah, this was a brilliant idea.


The ride back home was a long one. Tony let you borrow his favorite black mustang which he usually used for taking Pepper out. You figured the car would give you some relationship points, considering Tony claimed he “always got lucky” in this thing. Taking a sip of your to-go shake, you got the second best idea of that evening.

“Hey Bucky,” you say, looking over at him. His eyes are fixed on the road, his hair blowing slightly from the open window. Man, how did you get so lucky?

Bucky hummed, looking back over at you. His lips curved upwards into a small smile. One that made your insides melt. You popped the lid off of your milkshake and tooked the small cherry out of it. “You wanna see something cool?”

The car slowly came to a halt at the red light. Oddly, only you were the only ones at the intersection. For this specific road, that was kind of rare. Bucky placed the car into park and turned his full attention to you.

You plucked the stem from the cherry and placed it in your mouth. Bucky’s eyebrows raised.

“Wow, doll,” he deadpanned. “That’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in my hundred years. Congrats.”

You swatted his arm playfully, earning a giggle from him. Gosh, he could be such a man child sometimes. You weren’t complaining, though. You loved that side of him. It rarely came out, but when it did, it was only with you.

You fiddled with the stem in your mouth, tugging it with your teeth until it formed a perfect knot. You didn’t notice it at first, but Bucky’s eyes never left your mouth. He subconsciously ran his tongue along his bottom lip, taking the pink flesh into his teeth. Your lips were his favorite part of your anatomy besides a few other hidden places as well. It turned him on that only he’d see those places.

Sticking your tongue out, you took the knotted stem from your mouth and held it up for him to see. But to your dismay, he didn’t even acknowledge it. Instead, he was staring elsewhere.

“I thought it was cool.” you frowned, tossing it out of the window.

Before you could turn back to him, you felt his hand grab onto your chin roughly and force you to look at him. Your eyes looked into his blue ones, which burned into yours. What had gotten into him. That’s when you made the mistake of licking your lips.

It was just a simple gesture of distress, nothing big or anything. But it caused Bucky’s erection to strain against his dark jeans. In one move, he crush his mouth onto yours. You groaned into the kiss, letting his tongue dominate yours with ease. You’d never say it outloud, but you were one submissive lady. And this newfound dominance was making you wetter by the second. That, mixed with the fact that you could still taste the raspberry milkshake on his tongue just added to the experience.

Reaching between the two of you, he undid both of your seat belts. His hand held you in place, forcing your mouth open a bit more into the kiss. Letting out a whimper, you obeyed him. But before it could get any better, he pulled away.

You pressed your thighs together, desperate for any kind of friction. By now, it had been at least five minutes. The light had turned yellow now, yet there still wasn’t anyone else remotely near from what you could see.

You ran your hand along his clothed thigh, dragging your nails against the material lightly. Bucky groaned, resting his head back against the headrest. Slowly, you reached for the zipper of his jeans. You pulled the zipper down, unbuttoning them as well.

Taking the hint, he lifted his hips up and you slid the material down his thighs. The sight of his fully erect cock resting against his stomach made your mouth water. You’d seen it plenty of times, but it still got you off knowing that only you could make him that hard.

Lifting yourself up, you crawled over the middle console of the car and swung one of your legs over Bucky’s lap. You placed your knees on either sides of the seat. His hands ran along the back of your thighs, traveling upwards. They slowed once they got to the waistband of your skirt. Before you could figure out a way out of the material, Bucky placed his hands on the waistband and ripped the material apart.

“Hey!” you whined. “That was my favorite skirt.”

Bucky pressed a kiss to your cheek, ignoring you. “I’ll buy you as many skirts as you want doll,” he pressed another kiss onto your neck, causing a gasp to escape from you. “But right now, I wanna see that pretty little pussy of yours stretched around my cock.”

You let out a moan. This was the first time hearing his dirty talk, but you weren’t complaining one bit. It was music to your ears. You slid a hand between the two of you and slid the material of your thong to the side. You pressed a kiss to his lips as you lowered yourself onto his cock.

You knew he was big, he’s a fucking super soldier, for Christ’s sake. But the way he stretched your walls, filling you up until you were resting all the way onto his hips, caused you to groan -not from pleasure, but pain. It wasn’t extreme, but enough to subside the pleasure.

“Блядь…” he sighed, his forehead falling into your chest. You gave an experimental roll of your hips. He inhaled sharply, pressing small kisses onto your chest. You repeated your actions, this time, giving a gentle bounce. Slowly, the pain began to subside and your body coursed with pleasure. You placed your hands behind you, on his thighs, and began bouncing on his cock.

“Shit…” you groaned, closing your eyes at the feeling of him entering and exiting your body.

Bucky ran one of his hands along the material of your blouse, feeling the warmth of your skin radiate from behind it. With a loud rip, the material came open. Your eyes shot open, peering down. The buttons from your blouse were gone, leaving you in just your black bra, one you wore for special occasions.

When he placed his hand on the material, you reached out and grabbed ahold of it. “This is my special bra!” you pouted. He gave you an amused smile, before ripping it off as well.

“BUCKY!” you shouted, turning an angry scarlet. But before you could scold him further, he placed his hands on your hips and began thrusting into you. You placed your hands on his shoulders as he pounded into you, his cock hitting inside you deeper and deeper.

“F-f-fuck!” your body jolted upwards from the force, making you stutter on your words. You placed a hand on the roof of the car to prevent hitting your head.

Your bodies moved in sync, rolling your hips into each other. Bucky’s mouth found itself onto your breast, sucking on it gently. You keened, pressing your chest further into his face.

Your other hand found its way into his hair, pulling on the long strands gently. He let out a growl, biting down gently on your flesh.

That’s when you heard it.

The sound of a car door opening and shutting loudly.

You could see the figure of the police officer walking towards your car, sending little red sirens off in your head.

“What? What’s wrong?” Bucky asked, moving his head to the side and peeking at the side mirror.

The both of you instantly scrambled apart, desperately trying to make yourselves presentable. Bucky practically tossed you into the passenger seat, trying to pull his jeans back up his thighs. Slipping back on your ruined blouse, you held the material closed with your hands. As for your skirt, you simply placed it back onto your lap.

“If we go to jail, I’m so gonna kick your ass, Barnes!” You hissed, trying to smooth out your I-just-had-sex hair. Jesus, it was so obvious.

“Relax doll,” he laughed, winking over at you as he buttoned his jeans.

“I hear prison sex is the best sex there is.“

-FIN. ❤


If anybody is curious about my diet, here it is. *disclaimer* - I am NOT encouraging anybody to do what I have listed. People have asked me how I lost weight so I want to share. I also want to state that I DO NOT choose to do any of these things, it’s my fucked up mind that tells me I must do these things to be thin.
but anyways, here are the rules for my diet.

1. 400-500 calories per day
2. Always count your calorie intake
3. Weigh yourself every Sunday
4. No meat
5. No breakfast or lunch
6. Dinner at 6:30pm
7. Do not eat after 8:00pm and before 8am
8. Must have a 24 hour fast 2x a week
9. No fast food
10. No frozen meals
11. No snacks/snacking through out the day (chips, crackers, pretzels, etc)
12. No desserts (ice cream, cookies, cake, donuts, brownies, shakes, etc)
13. No sweets/chocolate/candy
14. No white bread
15. No french fries
16. No pizza
17. No pasta
18. No rice
19. No soda
20. No chocolate milk
21. ONLY drink water

When Angels Answer

Title: When Angels Answer

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 5,600(ish)

Warnings:Descriptions of spousal abuse, terminal cancer, character death, angsty, fluffy, smutty, tear your heart out stuff

A/N: I would love, love, LOVE, feedback on this!! Angst isn’t usually my thing so let me know how it is!! Enjoy!!

Today you’d been diagnosed with stage one breast cancer. And you were happy. How’s that for a fucked up life view?  This was the happiest drive home you’d had in 15 years.

Home was your own personal prison cell. You did as you were told because why would you further anger an already hate filled man?

This was your way out. You were only allowed one doctor’s appointment a year, apparently his care for you was enough to keep you healthy for ages. In reality, he didn’t want anyone seeing his fists handiwork. The one appointment a year meant you wouldn’t receive treatment. You could let the cancer grow and spread. You had a way out.

Sound extreme? Oh, it definitely is. Do you know what else is extreme though? Being thrown down a flight of stairs to be dragged back up by your hair, to take a steel toed boot to the gut and tumble right back down again. Why? You accidentally spilled his beer while he tried to have sex with you.

Running never worked, his grip on you was too tight. He tracked your cellphone that must be on you at all times. He counted the mileage on the car before and after you drove, only certain pre-approved routes were able to be used, so he would know if you spent any extra time out of the house. The neighbors all thought you were an adulterous slut, thanks to your lovely hubby of course, and whenever they saw you leave the house when he wasn’t home they assumed you were going to cheat and would call him right away.

There was no way out, until now.

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Shape of You

//Here it is! So, I removed some of the parts that I couldn’t necessarily fit with the story as well, but only a few parts. (Mostly the ones that repeated over and over) Hope you like it! I was so fascinated how great this fit with Jerome. Although, with how I did the story I felt like not all of the song went with it, so like I said, I did pick and choose what lyrics I used, and I hope your fine with that.

(Also I was really nervous posting this ahhhh)

Title: Shape Of You.

Warnings: Consumption of alcohol, slightly inappropriate dancing. Slight “sexual” situation? Just like kissing and stuff?  I feel like this is the most “inappropriate” thing I’ve written so far? Maybe it’s because of the break I took in writing, or maybe it’s this dang song because dang this inspired me. I think it helped to get me out of my rut? So thanks for requesting! 

Rating: Mid fluff. //


The club isn’t the best place to find a lover
So the bar is where I go
Me and my friends at the table doing shots
Drinking fast and then we talk slow


When y/n walks in the room, her mind races. She knows that this bar was notorious for having some of Gotham’s biggest criminals hanging out in it, as it was run by one of them. Or, it had been. She wasn’t really sure of who ran it now, but she didn’t care much. Her gaze sweeps the room, and she can feel her heart beat faster just at the prospect of him being there. Little did she know, he was there.

And he noticed her.

Jerome sat at a booth in a corner, the rest of his group talking and drinking loudly. Barbara noticed that he wasn’t paying much attention to what is going on, so she taps his shoulder.

“What’s up with you?” She asks, tilting her head. Jerome’s gaze turns to her lazily, and he drums his fingers on the table.

“That girl over there…who is she?” He wonders dreamily, his head turning back over to y/n. Barbara shrugs, sliding over another shot to him.

“I don’t know. Why don’t you go see?” Jerome’s lips curl into a large smile, and he downs the contents of the glass before standing up fluidly, making his way over to her through the dancing crowd. He moves behind her, keeping his distance.

She sits perched on a bar stool, and something about the graceful curve of her neck sends shivers all throughout his body. He moves forward soundlessly, and wraps his arms around her, resting his chin on her shoulder. He can feel her tense to his touch and she turns her head to see who it is. He moves forward so he’s next to her and she makes eye contact with him. His heart beats faster when her eyes widen in realization. Before she can say anything, he motions for her to follow him back to his table, leaving without a word. She complies quickly, following behind him as if in a trance.

Come over and start up a conversation with just me
And trust me I’ll give it a chance now
Take my hand, stop, put Van the Man on the jukebox
And then we start to dance, and now I’m singing like Girl, you know I want your love Your love was handmade for somebody like me

When Jerome sits back down, he pretends as if she isn’t there. He wants her to approach him, he wants her to talk to him. He wants her to decide. So, she does. She slides onto the booth, sitting next to him. This causes Barbara to cock an eyebrow at him. Jerome glances over at him, a sloppy smile on his face.

“Hey.” She mutters, trying to ignore the fluttering in her chest. Jerome leans forward, his face only inches from hers.

“Hey doll. Tell me, what’s your name? I just gotta know.”

“I’m y/n.” She mutters, her gaze dropping to his lips for a brief second. Jerome narrows his eyes slightly as he studies her face, trying to figure out why he’s so drawn to her. Besides y/n’s obvious beauty, he couldn’t quite place it. So, he set out to figure it out. He nudges her slightly, scooting out of the booth and taking her out to the dance floor, pulling her too him.

“Y/n, tell me,” he pauses, guiding her body to the rhythm of the beat. He begins to say something, but his words are lost as he lowers his head, burying his face in her neck.

“Wh-what?” Y/n asks. He lifts his face up, his eyes meeting hers, his gaze unapologetic as he searches for any emotion in her eyes, trying to figure out what she’s thinking.

“Are you here alone?” He asks, his voice growing slightly deeper. Y/n’s lips part and her head tilts as a smile spreads across her face. Feeling bold she pulls away, which causes his head to snap up, his eyes widening ever so slightly. She shrugs, turning around.

“Why? What’s it to you?” Before she can even manage two steps, he pulls her back to him, y/n’s back pressing into his chest and stomach.

“I think you know,” Jerome mutters, once again guiding her to the music. She turns around to face him, letting him guide her dancing still. His hands travel from her arms down to her hips, and he pulls her closer to him. Jerome stares down at her, halting all action.

“You know I want your love. Something about you-I don’t know what it is, I can’t quite place it…but I want to figure it out. The best way to figure things out is to investigate.” He presses his lips to her cheek in a kiss. “So, that’s what I’m doing.”


Come on now, follow my lead
I may be crazy, don’t mind me
Say, boy, let’s not talk too much
Grab on my waist and put that body on me
Come on now, follow my lead
Come, come on now, follow my lead

Y/n’s face turns red, and he pulls back, staring down at her.

“So, what do you think?” He asks, halting all movement. Her heart pounds so quickly in her chest that she fears he might hear it. When she doesn’t answer, Jerome’s eyes close as he curses himself for being too brash, for coming on too strong. Before he can move, before he can say anything, y/n’s hand moves up to his head and she pulls him in, kissing him softly. Jerome’s eyes pop open, his pupils instantly widening, both from the alcohol and the rush of adrenaline that shoots through his body at her touch. His arms wrap around her as he pulls her as close as she can get, closing his eyes and kissing y/n, all the while the two of them dancing to the music.

When Jerome finally breaks the kiss, he shudders slightly, inhaling deeply and stopping his slight dancing. He swallows harshly before peeking at her, once again trying to figure out what she’s thinking. Her eyes are open wide, her cheeks slightly flushed. Jerome smiles easily, moving back over to her and wrapping his arms around her once more.

“I assume this means you came here alone, unless you’re one of those girls.” He nuzzles her neck, his breath tickling her skin as he laughs. “But you aren’t one of those girls, sweet-cakes, are ya?” She shakes her head, smiling slightly. His eyes close as he lets out a relived sigh. “That’s what I was hoping,” he murmurs.

Leave and get in a taxi, then kiss in the backseat
Tell the driver make the radio play, and I’m singing like
Girl, you know I want your love
Your love was handmade for somebody like me
Come on now, follow my lead
I may be crazy, don’t mind me
Say, boy, let’s not talk too much
Grab on my waist and put that body on me
I’m in love with your body
Come on, be my baby, come on
Come on, be my baby, come on 
I’m in love with the shape of you

Jerome drags her off the dance floor, not glancing back as they stumble out of the bar. He quickly flags down the car that he arrived in, yanking the door open for her. Y/n climbs in and Jerome follows close behind her, shutting the door. He grabs y/n’s face in his hands and kisses her, one hand sliding down to her waist to pull her closer. She pulls her head back, smiling brightly at him.

“I’m so glad I ran into you,” he mutters, pushing a strand of her h/c hair out of her eyes.

“Yeah, about that…” Y/n laughs nervously. Her laugh sends shivers up Jerome’s spine, and he smiles adoringly at her. “It wasn’t really…a… coincidence. I was looking for you,” she mutters, suddenly becoming shy as she looks down at the ground. “I just- I really admire you, and…I wanted to…” Before she can say anything more, Jerome kisses her quickly. When he has her attention her places both hands on either side of her face, staring deep into her eyes.

“Do you know how wonderful you are?” He whispers, tilting his head. “That makes it even better. All of it. You’re like me.” Y/n’s gaze sweeps over his face. His pupils are unnaturally wide, taking up almost all of his eyes so barely any of the blue-green is visible. She smiles softly, and his hand slowly falls onto her knee, resting there. “We’re going to have fun, you and I.” He murmurs. She sighs softly, relieved that he didn’t find it weird that she had gone out looking for him. Jerome kisses y/n, closing his eyes.

And, for the first time, although unknown to him, a love for y/n plants itself in his heart.

Cake Shake

Gainer shake recipe submitted by a follower. (Edited slightly for clarity)

  • ½ box of cake mix any flavor
  • 1 quart of heavy cream
  • 1 cup of maltodextrin
  • 3 cups of whole milk

Blend well and drink quickly through a funnel with a valve such as a beer bong with a valve. Try to do it in one shot or break it up in two.

It’s about 4800 calories of fat, sugars, and carbs for a total fat cell rejuvenating experience.

Engraved pt. 13

<– Engraved 12 | Engraved 14 –>

Short: You’re a tattoo artist for a gang known as EXO who own a club down town. (read synopsis at masterpost)
Words: 7992 
Warnings: nothing???? maybe like a sexual innuendo, and fraud
Pairings: D.O. x Reader, slight Kai X Reader, slight Chen X Reader
A/N: Sorry for not updating in so long! I hope you guys like it, share this please. I want it to read 40 notes before I update the next one. thank you for reading!

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A week later
Kyungsoo pov

He found you in the bathroom, after he’d gotten up to find the bed empty next to him. Your bed. He’d come home at 3am from a job, you hadn’t asked. All you had done was open up the covers and welcomed him in, where he pulled your back against his chest and dozed off easily.
But now he followed you to the bathroom, bare feet, clad in boxers and a shirt. You were leaning over the sink splashing water in your face. He wasn’t sure whether he should reply, but the bunching of the muscles in your shoulders were clear under the top you were wearing. Your legs shaking, bare apart from shorts.
“Go back to bed.” You whispered, finding his eyes in the mirror. Yours were sleepy, but wide awake. He immediately knew. 

Originally posted by kyungsuhos

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alltheluvharrys  asked:

Hello, how are you? Pretty please, can you do a blurb about Harry and (Y/N) planning their wedding? Thank you and have a lovely day

A/N:  Sorry this took so long to get posted.  It was swirling around in my brain for a long time.  I sincerely hope that this Harry fluff brings you joy.  I know that cuts in Asks don’t always allow you to read the whole thing on mobile, so I apologize if that’s the case for you.  

Wedding Plans

The parade of dresses is making your head spin.  Not only do you have to decide on a wedding dress from all of the designers who had submitted dresses to your wedding planner, but you have to choose a dress for the wedding brunch, the rehearsal dinner, the engagement party in London, the engagement party in LA, and the dress to change into after the reception.  You are exhausted with all of the choices.  Rodeo Drive was made for rich people who are used to being catered to in this way, but the champagne the clerk keeps refilling for you is giving you a headache.  

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Mine, all mine

Tom Hiddleston Birthday fic

It started out with a kiss.

Two years.

He was your friend at first and you were there. The girlfriend that tore out his heart and shred it to kingdom come. He was more yours than she ever was his. When she made a fool of him, publicly humiliating him, you stood up for him. She was waiting with baited breath for a spectacle and you gave her one alright.

You turned Tom away and looked him in the eyes. You held onto his face gentle to make sure he wouldn’t run away. You told him how you felt and you went for it.

You pulled his face down and you kissed him.

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Ship: Hunk/Keith

Words: 1672

A/N: Why am I doing this I have a script to write asdfghjkl whatever, here you go!

In space, the concept of time was abstract. There were no suns or moons to relay the passage of days – the world was plunged into eternal darkness. Hell, even the units of measurements were different. Seconds, minutes and days made way for ticks, dobashes and quintants.

So Keith couldn’t tell you exactly what time he woke up. He couldn’t even say ‘in the middle of the night’ because deep in space, the word night lost meaning.

But he could tell you that it was from a frightening dream. His hair was mussed, body caked in sweat and shaking, his heart racing.

This had been going on for weeks. Ever since Shiro’s disappearance, ever since that battle of Zarkon, ever since Keith was practically forced to step up as the black paladin even though he felt in his heart that he was far from ready. He had just gotten used to the idea that he was part Galra for quiznak’s sake before the universe placed this heavy burden on his shoulders.

Next to him a body shifted slightly. Keith glanced over, scared that he’d woken them up.

“Keith…? Are you awake?”

The former red paladin would forever blame this on a moment of weakness but very stupidly he said, “No.”


The body shifted some more, and Keith mentally cursed as it sat up completely and wholly, leaning against the back. A heavy sigh came out of his partner’s lips as he looked over at him with the kindest eyes Keith had ever had the pleasure of seeing.

“Nightmare?” Hunk asked, though it was already clear that he knew from the look of concern in his eyes.

Keith nodded anyway, scrunching the sheets in his fists. Hunk smiled softly before scooting over and wrapping his arms around him. Keith could never verbally express when he wanted physical reassurance, but Hunk could read him like a manual. He knew all his mannerisms, knew how he operated and for that Keith was grateful.

His shaking eased in his arms. It was a strange arrangement, sure. Keith would be the first to admit it. The first time he’d had this nightmare he’d woken up alone in his own room. It was unbearable, there was no one around to help him and though he mostly considered himself a lone wolf, Keith couldn’t stand the loneliness, the isolation. Out there he had a team – people he could depend on, but in his own company he had nobody to turn to.

That’s how he found himself wandering the ship during the sleeping hours. For a full week he avoided sleeping and did other things to occupy his time. He trained, he read, did anything really. But the sleepless nights had begun to take a toll on him. He suspected everyone noticed, but nobody wanted to say anything – what could they say? Everyone was dealing with the loss of Shiro in different ways.

This all changed three weeks ago. During one of Keith’s late night wanderings he had bumped into Hunk who had apparently gotten up to get himself a glass of water. Hunk could see just how wrecked Keith was and with just one enquiring sentence, Keith told him everything. He told him about the nightmares, about being afraid of waking up alone, about being alone again, about how his new position was taking a toll on him.

Hunk took all this in, and after about thirty minutes of listening and not speaking a word, a single sentence came out.

“You can sleep with me tonight.”

And that was that. It was such a simple solution, but it did wonders. At first Hunk thought it best that he slept on the floor but Keith wanted them both to be in the bed. It was a childish thought, but he figured if they were close then somehow he would be protected from his nightmares. And it helped to some extent.

Keith couldn’t help but feel bad, though. He was taking a full nights’ rest away from Hunk and that’s why he didn’t want him to wake up. But he supposed that it was too late now.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Hunk asked quietly. “It seemed…worse than the other ones.”

Keith said nothing at first, just basking in the feeling of Hunk’s arms around him.

“It was…different. I mean, it was mostly the same but…”

Hunk said nothing, an indicator for Keith to continue after he gathered his thoughts.

“It was exactly the same dream. We were on some planet in the middle of some weird Galra war, and there was so much yelling and blood. Guns were firing everywhere and I was running towards something. Exactly the same as always. And then there was a body wearing paladin armour. There was so much blood-I couldn’t see the colour, I don’t remember it. And then…”

Hunk tightened his grip on his reassuringly, telling him without words that it was okay for him to continue but at the same time if he didn’t want to he didn’t need to.

“I was used to it. I knew if I took off the helmet I would see Shiro’s face. That’s how it was for the past few weeks. But when I did it wasn’t Shiro. It was…oh god…it was you.”

Keith closed his eyes and placed his head on Hunk’s shoulder. “The thought of Shiro dying is devastating, sure. But for some reason seeing you on the ground, dead, lifeless, I just couldn’t take it. You’re the one thing that keeps me anchored.”

“Hey, it’s okay,” Hunk said reassuringly. “I know it’s hard. I know, but I’m right here and I swear that as long as you want me around I’m not going anywhere.”

“What if I want you around forever?”

Hunk froze. “What?”

Keith mentally facepalmed and retracted, moving away from him. Oh my God, did I just say that? he wondered in mortification before he curled in on himself. He’d never felt his face get so red in his life. That was no better than a confession. And yeah, sure, the idea of them being together was great, perfect actually. And the thought of waking up next to the yellow paladin for the rest of his life was more than Keith could ever hope for. And the idea of Hunk dedicating his affection to him and only him was incredible. But there was no way Hunk liked him. He liked Shay, or at least had a thing for her. Even Keith noticed. He noticed very much. He was only doing this…whatever this was, because he was nice. It just a Hunk thing to do. But it would be a lie to say that Keith didn’t like him on a deeper level.

He never knew him at the garrison, he didn’t really know anybody. It was only when the whole Voltron thing started that he got to know him. Back then it was just a sort of admiration; Hunk was fun and goofy but at the same time he was fierce and passionate. Over time that admiration evolved into something more but this feeling he felt right now only came into fruition when they went onto that mission together. When Hunk let him know in his own special Hunk way that it didn’t matter what race he was, he would accept him. When he needed that reassurance the most, Hunk gave it to him.

Hunk would do anything, anything, for his friends. He’d die for them if given the opportunity. But as mentioned before, that was just a part of his personality. There was no doubt in Keith’s mind that if any of the other paladins had nightmares that he’d do exactly the same for them as he did for Keith.  This wasn’t special treatment, and it would do more harm than good if he thought so. In the end he’d have to deal with a broken heart on top of every other quiznakking thing he’s had to deal with in the last few months alone.


“I think it’s best if this is the last time I sleep in your room,” he said without looking up.

“Keith, come on. Look at me.”

Keith fought the urge to, he really did, but he couldn’t help peaking up at him.

When Hunk noticed this movement, he placed his hand on top of one of Keith’s with a soft smile on his face. Everything about him was just so tender and sweet and soft…

“Forever isn’t nearly enough time.”

Keith’s heart stuttered. Did he just…?

The former red paladin unfurled himself as Hunk held onto one of his hands, threading his fingers through Keith’s. A cheeky grin formed on his face.

“Question is, are you willing to put up with me for that long?”

Keith looked at their interlaced hands in wonder. They felt so natural together, like they belonged and suddenly he wondered how he’d managed to go this long without knowing this feeling.

“I don’t…I thought…but Shay?”

Hunk chuckled. “Shay is someone I care about, sure. But I don’t really like her. I never did.”

“You like me?”

Hunk kissed the back of his hand. “Wasn’t it obvious? Pidge and Lance seemed to think so. Shiro too.”

Keith didn’t know what to say.  He didn’t know what to think. He just gawked at him, awestruck.

“Look let’s go to sleep now, okay? We can talk more about us later.”

Keith nodded numbly before lying back down. Hunk did the same, but kept his arms around him with his chest pressing into his Keith’s back. The former red paladin felt him nuzzle himself into the crook of his neck and place a soft kiss there.

“Sweet dreams, Keith.”

And for the first time in weeks, Keith wasn’t afraid to fall asleep. It was weird but he had a feeling that could actually look forward to a peaceful sleep for the rest of the night. A rare soft smile graced his features as he cuddled closer to Hunk and closed his eyes.

“You too, big guy.”

colouring book | jimin pt.3 (m)

Originally posted by ounew

genre: fluff, angst and smut 

word count: 3.3k

warning: contains smut and swearing

a/n: this is a tattoo!au! thank you for all the support and messages about part one and two, i hope you enjoy part three! smut is bolded so if you want you can skip!


Hours later you stood at the front of the shop, Ed hungover lying on the floor behind you as you ice cupcakes for the display.

“Hey,” a voice croaks when the bell chimes and you finish icing cupcakes.

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ivorylily  asked:

How comfortable is D with physical contact? Of course he's distant by default, but he has moments of unexpected affection, like firmly holding Lina's hand. I take it he has to feel particularly close, or empathetic to someone to express it.

I think he’s fine with it, but wouldn’t go out his way to do it either. He’s empathetic for sure, should a weeping girl through herself into his arms - like Lina did, even Doris (*barfs*) - he’ll let her take that hug, even patting her on the head to help calm her down - because he doesn’t like seeing girls cry. Then hand holding in time of grief; Lina and Granny Viper for example.

Anything else, for D to initiate physical contact beyond a hug - I’d imagine he’d have to feel something a great deal more than sympathy/empathy.

Then there’s kids… Kids get a free pass for affection. Smiles and hugs, full on ruffling of the hair; adults will get a flip of the bird.

anonymous asked:

my GF wants to gain weight as fast as possible, and we thought the least effort would be to make milkshakes. My first idea was weight gain power for obvious reasons, but looking at your blog made me realise that thats chock full of way too much protein. Any other cost efficient ingredients to make use of that will help pack on as many pounds as possible?

Soda, ice cream, potato chips, butter, whole milk, heavy cream, cheese, bread, cheesecake, peanut butter, pastries, fruit punch, orange juice. Lucky for you, we live in a society that sells high fat, high carb foods for very cheap. Fast food restaurants are your friend, as are grocery store sales. In terms of shakes, cake shakes work well. Cake mix + 1 cup whole milk + 1 cup cream + 2 cups ice cream + ¼ cup canola oil, and blend. The key, however, is to keep her stuffed full of fatty, high carb foods. She’ll be a blimp in no time. ;)