cake pig


Guess whose weirdo kid wanted a guinea pig birthday cake for his party? Lower tier pigs and carrots are food coloring on sugar paper. Top tier pig is sculpted fudge.

* Katya saying multiple times how Alaska is her favorite ru girl
* Katya talking about how her and Alaska have been bonding on one of her periscopes
* Alaska talking about how close katya and her have gotten on hey qween
* katlaska during Aspen gay ski week
* katlaska eating pig cake
* katlaska during Grammys
* Katlaska sharing clothes
* katlaska during Christmas queens
* katlaska always making each other laugh
* katlaska

tag 🐴

this is like my first time doing this but all right (tagged by @prince-winwin)

Rules: Always post the rules. Answer the questions asked, then write 11 new ones. Tag 11 people to answer your questions, as well as the person who tagged you.

1. why and when did u make ur tumblr - hmmm i think like 2 years ago??? I made it just so i can save #edgy stuffs on my phone lol

2. most favorite group and bias - for now it’s jaehyun from nct, suga from bts

3. favorite ship from ur favorite group - yusol - nct, taekook - bts (the two ships are just really cute maybe because both like watching anime??? Help

4. r8 my blog - 11/10 :))

5. donut or cake - im a pig so i’ll choose both

6. fish or meat - also both i just love them so much i couldn’t live without them

7. tell me one thing that went terribly in your day bc im a fucking sadist - i posted something that was kind of personal and i forgot to delete it and my friend saw it so i had to say it to them ;;

8. tell me ur talent so i feel lesser - im good in stuffing my face with rice………..

9. do u like day6. because screw you if you dont. - I LOVE DAY6

10. favorite girl group ? ? ? ? ? - 2ne1 will always be my favourite 💖💖

11. recommend me something to do bc im always bored - watch scum’s wish (ongoing anime, the plot is wild but intriguing. There’s also a live action but i don’t really like it :/)

My questions(sorry they’re pretty lame 😅)

1. When did you join your main fandoms?

2. Coffee or tea???

3. Books or movies?

4. ummm………. where do you buy your clothes??(im so sorry)

5. What tv shows are you watching rn??

6. Other than kpop, what other genres do you listen to??

7. Embarrassing moments?? im so sorry

8. Are you playing any gamessss?

9. Are you playing an instrument?

10. Favourite meme??

11. Weird habits??
im just gonna tag some people i’ve talked to it’s okay if you don’t do them :)) @ncten-loml @iloveyu-ta @teewhytrack @bts-makes-me-begin