cake mushing

Dating Zach

Would entail…

- The sweetest good morning and good night messages and FaceTime’s because you’re the person he wants to run through his mind before he falls asleep, and the first person he wants to make smile in the morning

- Unprecedented but hilarious food fights of casually throwing snacks at one another and laughing until it escalates out of control and ends with him wrapping his arm around your waist from behind and using his free hand to mush cake in your face

- Serenading you in public locations because he knows it makes you blush and he wants the whole world to know how special you are to him

- Borrowing his hoodies when you’re cold, but when he sees you in it he rushes back to his room and brings back a “Why Don’t We” hoodie, because “You gotta always plug, Princess”

- Always speaking highly of you, and dishing about your relationship on national talk shows and radio interviews, because despite it always making the other boys laugh and rolls their eyes playfully he loves talking about you

- Tip toe hugs with your head buried in the crook of his shoulder after all the lights are out, and it’s quiet enough to hear his breath as he holds you so fiercely you doubt the possibility that there could have ever existed a moment before that very one

- Family movie nights with the Herron’s featuring the best Disney and Pixar movies, heavily buttered popcorn, more hilarious jokes than you could possibly count, and eventually finding Zach fallen asleep in his little sister, Reese’s, room after singing her to sleep

- Going to mini golf when he let’s you pick the date locations because you know you can usually win, and teasing him for his poor golf skills as he laughs and swears that he’s getting better just to impress you

- Always being treated like absolute royalty, because you light up his world and deserve to be treated as such every day and night

- Dedicating songs to you while performing on tour, each dedication song different every time and dependent on what he wants to say to you, even though you can’t be there to see them all in person- because it makes him feel as though you’re right there beside him though everything

Husband And Wife [REQUEST]

If you want to read the proposal first, click here! It’s not vital to read it, everything will still make sense! I hope this is ok :D I had to restart it about five times because I wasn’t completely happy :(

Jade xo

Jongdae stood nervously at the end of the aisle, fiddling with his tie as he kicked his feet along the floor. He had performed to millions of fans around the world but this was even more nerve-wracking then all those performances put together. His palms were sweating, his heart was racing and he kept wanting to bounce around to get rid of all the adrenaline in his body. But just then the music started and the wedding began.

His wedding.

One by one, the members of EXO slowly walked down the aisle towards Jongdae with a bridesmaid on their arm. Jongdae had insisted on all of his members being groomsmen seeing as they were all his best men. He felt bad though that you had to find the same amount of bridesmaids, seeing as your family wasn’t that big. However the long procession was nice to watch, seeing all of Jongdae’s friends and yours get along so well, laughing and smiling as they walked to the front and then parted ways.

They weren’t who Jongdae wanted to see the most though.

When you appeared at the back of the grand hall, the air was literally sucked out of Jongdae’s lungs. He could help the audible gasp that came out of his mouth – you looked absolutely beautiful. With your father by your side, you slowly moved towards him, the lace of your dress extending out behind you as a train. He couldn’t see your face, it was hidden by a thin veil, but Jongdae knew you would be beautiful. You always were.

By the time you reached Jongdae, he was a nervous wreck. All he wanted to wrap you up in his arms and kiss you until your lips were swollen. He was so happy to see you after so long, your touch as your father passed your hand into his sending sparks through his body. “Hi,” you murmured under your breath as you squeezed his fingertips and made his heart skip a beat.

The ceremony started then and Jongdae got to lift the veil and see your face. As he expected, a few tiny tears had slipped down your face. He knew they were happy tears though because he was fighting back the same ones. “Beautiful,” he mouthed, smiling at the fact you blushed brightly at his words. Then you both said your vows to each other, promising to always be there for them and share everything with each other, to love and cherish each other as if it was the day you first said the words ‘I love you’. After you promised your vows, the minister pronounced you husband and wife and then came the moment Jongdae had been dying to have all day.

“You may now kiss the bride!”

Jongdae had organised the wedding so well, you couldn’t help but smile the entire day. After the beautiful ceremony, he took you out onto the lawn of the grand estate. You had some photographs taken, with all your bridesmaids and groomsmen. When it was your turn with EXO, they lifted you up so you were lying on their arms – you couldn’t stop laughing the entire time. Afterwards you had photos with your parents and new in-laws before Jongdae pulled you away from all the people, down the hill to a little pond.

“Thank you for today,” you said softly as you lifted your dress up as best you could. Your other arm was linked with your husband’s as he was helping you down the steep hill. “I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to call you my husband.”

He laughed melodiously and kissed your temple softly. “I love hearing you call me that,” he murmured in your ear.  

“My husband,” you replied directly into his ear, kissing the edge of his jawline. “My handsome and amazing husband. Today has been fantastic, I can’t believe you managed to put this all together by yourself.”

Together you arrived at the edge of the pond and Jongdae was quick to take his arms out of his suit jacket and lay it on the ground for you both to sit down. Like a gentleman, he held your hand and helped you to the ground, folding you slightly onto his lap. “I didn’t do it all by myself. The boys helped too. It was the first wedding we’ve ever planned but I think we should start a business in wedding planning.”

You covered your mouth and laughed into your hand, moving closer into his chest. “I can see that,” you told him, looking up at his beaming smile. “Wedding planners by day, EXO by night!”

“Thinking about it, the fans may just hire us to plan their weddings to us,” Jongdae joked, running a hand through his fluffy hair.

“You’re mine now so you should probably break the bad news to the fans,” you replied, kissing his nose softly. “My husband!”

“And my wife,” he countered, wrapping his hands around your waist to tug you even closer. “Thank you for marrying me.”

Pursing your lips, you smiled to yourself although you were trying to act nonchalant. “I didn’t have anything else planned today,” you joked. However you weren’t prepared for the onslaught of kissing Jongdae bestowed on you. His hands gently gripped your face and pulled it towards his to press his lips to yours in a long kiss. When he finally let you come up for breath, you flipped your hair out of your face and wrapped your arms around him to squeeze him tight. “I think I married the most amazing man on the planet,” you confessed, resting your head on his shoulder.

You stayed like that for a while, sat on the ground in each other’s arms whispering sweet nothings to each other while you watched a little family of ducks float across the pond in front of you. It was so peaceful and you loved every moment of it, just being able to relax with your husband, especially after the hectic morning of getting everything ready.

“We should probably go and start the party,” Jongdae said quietly after a while. His hand stopped tracing gentle patterns on your bare arm. He lifted you off his lap and then quickly got to his feet to help you to yours.

You smoothed your dress down and gathered up your train while Jongdae dusted off his jacket. “Do we really have to go? I kind of just want to stay with you and tell everyone to go home already,” you said cutely, batting your long eyelashes at him.

He smirked and linked his arm back up with yours. “I think they might notice if we don’t show up to our own reception, he joked, starting the mini hike back up the hill. “Besides I still have a couple of surprises up my sleeve for you.”

You rolled your eyes as he shot you a suggestive wink and then let him tug you up the hill.

Throughout the entire reception, you could barely contain your laughter. When you came up from the hill, you sat down for a meal with everyone who attended the wedding and then came the speeches. Baekhyun and Chanyeol gave the best man speech on behalf of all of EXO and by the end of it, you were gasping for air, laughing at their story of how Jongdae almost got the Korean flag tattooed on his bum. Then it was your sister’s turn to embarrass you with all the stories of what you got up to before you met Jongdae. He couldn’t believe it when your sister exposed your skinny dipping escapades. Even your dad joined in with the embarrassment, with a slide show of all your baby photos.

Jongdae’s speech was last and left you in tears. Through the entire speech, he didn’t pull his eyes away from you, holding your hand with one hand and a shaky piece of paper in the other. “The day I met you, I was having a really bad day,” he started, squeezing your hand as the rest of the room seemed to fall away. “I was trying to work out some of the stress by playing basketball when the ball rolled to your feet and you threw the best three pointer I’ve seen. Definitely put my skills to shame.

“You didn’t know who I was but you still sat down on the bench next to me and let me vent out all my stress to you. I thought I was pushing my luck when I asked you for coffee but miraculously, you said yes. And from that day on, you’ve made me the happiest man alive.”

At the memories, you started to tear up but you never took your eyes off Jongdae as he continued with his speech. “There are so many things I love about you that you probably don’t even realise make me smile. Like the little photos you send me to let me know how your day is going or how you always make me food even when I come home late and you’re tired from work. And when I’m away, I miss the way your nose crinkles up when you sleep or the way your perfume lingers even when you’re not there. I’m so glad I was having a bad day all those years ago. Thank you for staying with me when I’m grouchy or on the other side of the world. Thank you for staying up late and waiting for me to come home. Thank you for putting up with all the teasing from the boys and me, we only do it because we love you. You’ve shown me so much love when it comes to following my dreams and you’ve always supported me. You are my muse and everything I do, is for you my beautiful wife.”

You could barely string a sentence together but you didn’t need to. Jongdae knew everything you wanted to say with just a squeeze of his hand. Lifting you to your feet, he wiped your cheeks with a soft smile and then kissed you with his gentle touch, earning a loud amount of cheering, mainly from Chanyeol, Baekhyun and Sehun.

With the speeches and the crying out of the way, the party could really start. You cut the amazing three tier, lemon flavoured cake, mushing a little square into Jongdae’s face just like he did, although his aim was better and the majority actually ended in your mouth. Then he pulled you onto the dancefloor for your first dance, pulling you close to his body like you practised and while Kyungsoo and Baekhyun sung beautifully, he twirled you around and led you through your first and only dance.

The boys had organised some entertainment too. Jongin and Sehun did an amazing dance with your friends. You didn’t even know those girls could pop and lock like that, it was hilarious. Yixing played a piano piece he had written for the pair of you. Chanyeol played his guitar while Baekhyun and Kyungsoo sang one of your favourites. Junmyeon and Minseok even showed some magic tricks, however the ace of hearts was not the card you were thinking.

Your favourite part of the evening was when your dad asked you for a final dance with his little girl. You reluctantly agreed and let him pull you to the dance floor just as a beautiful voice filled the room. While you swayed from side to side in your dad’s arms, Jongdae sang a song you’d never heard before although you knew it was about you. Being with your dad while your talented husband sang with his amazing voice, the moment was absolutely perfect.

The whole wedding was perfect.

At the end of the night when the majority of guests had either gone home or made for their rooms, Jongdae found you and the pair of you escaped your own party and headed for your suite at the very top of the grand house. He pulled you through your little reception area, into the bedroom and onto the balcony where there were at least a hundred candles lit. The scene immediately reminded you of when he proposed.

“Oh Jongdae,” you sighed, turning around slowly so your train didn’t catch fire. Jongdae was beaming at you like he had all day, opening his arms so you could hug his chest tightly. “I really got lucky on the husband front, didn’t I?” you joked, leaning up to kiss him sweetly.

He smirked at you and stroked a strand of hair behind your ear. “I think my wife’s pretty amazing too,” he replied, making it his turn to find your lips.

Sighing softly, you relaxed into his arms and stared at the candles flickering against the dark backdrop of the beautiful gardens. “Will you sing your song for me again?” you asked quietly, tilting your head up to look at him. “The one you sang while I danced with my dad.”

“Of course,” he replied in a similar quiet voice. “Anything for my wife.”

And as he sang the beautiful song he had written especially for your wedding day, you fell in love with him even more and squeezed him tight. Finally he was your husband.

You expected to wake up next to Jongdae, to feel his arms around your waist and his hot breath on the back of your neck. But you woke up to an empty bed which only left you slightly dazed and confused as you sat up in the big bed and looked around the empty room. Wiping the sleep from your eyes, you stretched out your arms and then realised what had woken you up.

“Can you please be quiet?” Jongdae’s voice echoed from the other room, making you sit up straighter in your bed. “My wife is sleeping next door.”

“Ooh!” Someone teased, definitely one of the boys. “Your wife!”

“I bet she’s really tired after…”

“Don’t finish that sentence,” Jongdae interrupted threateningly. You giggled into the bedsheets and climbed out of bed, grabbing one of the bathrobes while Jongdae continued scolding whoever he was talking to. “Now why have you woken up?”

You crept up to the door and listened with your ear pressed against it. “We just came to say goodbye before you headed on your honeymoon. We have to head back into the city for a photoshoot,” someone said. It sounded like Chanyeol.

“Ok then,” Jongdae replied bluntly. You could tell even from the sound of his voice that he just wanted them all to go. “Have a safe trip. Thank you for coming. Bye.”

Someone scoffed. “I think he wants us to leave,” the person said. It was definitely Baekhyun – you’d recognise his sarcastic tone anywhere.

Someone else gasped. “Is this what it’s going to be like now you’re married?” That was definitely Sehun. “Not cool hyung! It’s supposed to be bros before hoes!”

“Did you just call my wife a hoe?” Jongdae replied, slightly louder than he probably intended. “Just leave already.”

“Are you kicking your bros out?” Chanyeol exclaimed, his voice followed by a loud amount of shuffling. The boys seemed to cry out in pain. “Stop pinching!”

“Marriage has changed you,” Sehun shouted from a distance amongst the pinching cries. “Have fun with your wife!” Chanyeol followed, earning himself a hard pinch by the sounds of it.

“Goodbye!” Jongdae called out cutely, before a door slammed shut.

It was safe to come out now. Tightening the bathrobe, you opened the bedroom door and peeked your head out, smiling when you saw Jongdae in an old t-shirt and his boxers. “They woke you up, didn’t they?” he asked, although he already knew they had judging by the remorse in his voice. “I’m sorry baby,” he added, stepping closer to take you in his arms. “I wanted to wake you up with breakfast for our first morning as husband and wife.”

You tried to soothe him by stroking your finger along his jawline. “It’s ok baby,” you told him softly, dotting kisses up his neck to his lips. “I knew when I married you that I was marrying all of you. Just call me EXO’s wife,” you joked, laughing as his expression grew serious.

“That’s not going to happen,” he said quickly, shaking his head as he moved his hands along your body and crouched slightly so you were face to face. “You’re my wife!” he practically growled, knocking your legs out from under you as he scooped you up in his arms and carried you into the bedroom.


A Little Sweetness


It started with a cake. Not just any cake, but a beautiful seven-tier rainbow cake. What followed was purely college student insanity.

Pairing: Jellal Fernandes x Erza Scarlet (Jerza!!!! fluffy. very v fluffy)

Rating: Like T because I’m too lazy to check if I swore

Dedication/Author’s Note: HAI! I’m sorry it’s been wayyyy too long. Like crazy long. But, I have been on vacation, away from electronic (super sorry about that), then I caught bronchitis… and well, ya….. But, I’m back with some fluff! I promise I’ll write my mutlis soon, my dear munchkins! This is dedicated to the fabulous @18knight who is constantly cheering me on and making me feel awesome, to the lovely @empressofeverything who always answers my asks and leaves sweet reviews and, of course, to my beautiful waifu @musemims :)

A Little Sweetness

Little love, a little sympathy
Yeah, you show me good loving
Make it alright
Need a little sweetness in my life
-Sugar by Maroon 5

Jellal Fernandes was well aware that his recent behaviour was a bit… ridiculous, to say the least. He may have been on the verge of getting his degree in astrophysics, but that didn’t mean he was any closer to becoming a mature adult, especially considering he was earning it a decade early because of his unparalleled intelligence.

He swore there was a valid, logical reason why he was crouching behind the shabby, old couch in his college dorm’s common room, in the middle of the night, instead of doing something more productive like, say, study for the ever-approaching exams.

To explain this, though, he would need to start his story at the very beginning. The very first time it happened.


The very first time Jellal discovered it, it was very late - scratch that - very early one September day. Ravenous and exhausted after spending the whole day studying and catching up with friends returning from exotic vacations, he was desperate to find something edible to eat. His dormmate, Erik, had eaten his stash of candy and it was too late to get more.

Sneaking quietly across the old wooden floors of Mavis University’s dorms, the bluenette reached the common room where a fridge held delicious morsels. He hoped no one would mind if he snatched a bit of their tasty treats.

Silently opening the white door of the refrigerator, he poked around before discovering the most beautiful thing he had every seen.

A seven-tier rainbow cake with yummy strawberry icing.

The best part was, there was a note saying “Feel free to snack” attached to the plate. Greedily reaching in, he expected the beautiful, perfect pastry with wide eyes. He examined the flawless desert, impressed by the quality of it.

Inspecting the note further, he realized that whoever had made it had signed it. The word “Titania” was written at the bottom, in beautiful cursive letters. Jellal frowned. Being one of the oldest students on campus (an elderly 22) and he knew no one of the name Titania, let alone someone in his dorm house.

This only stumped him for a few milliseconds. After all, Jellal was a hungry, sleep-deprived, overly stressed college student. Cake was his weakness and he didn’t really care who made it, he only wanted it in his stomach.

Less than five short minutes later, the plate had been wiped clean of any trace of food. Even the crumbs had been consumed by the ravenous man. Quickly scribbling a thank you note for the chef, he signed it “Mystogan”, his tumblr URL and gamer handle.

Smiling, the man returned to his room to finish his studying. He hoped the mysterious “Titania” would make more, but he doubted it. So few college students had time to make ramen, let alone bake intricate cakes.


The second time it happened, Jellal was alone. It was early on a Saturday morning, less than a month later. Most of the students (mainly freshman) had partied hard the previous night and were dead to the world until at least noon. Fresh out of the shower, he was busy buttoning up his light blue shirt and accidentally knocked into a girl.

“Pardon me,” she mumbled apologetically, keeping her head down and her face covered with her gorgeous scarlet hair. The student quickly scurried away, not even giving Jellal the chance to apologize.

Shrugging, the blue-haired student walked over to the fridge. He hoped to see the mysterious “Titania” had baked more and he was so delighted when he discovered they had that he may have squealed a bit.

This time, he found a delicious array of different flavoured ice cream cups. Each of the small contained held a bit of ice cream, with a small label with the flavour on each. Once again, the plate was labeled with a note, not unlike the last one. But unlike the last one, it had a specific recipient.

“To the mysterious Mystogan,” it read. “I hope you enjoy this treat as much as the last. -Titania”

Smiling uncontrollably, the scientist scoffed down the tasty treats. However this “Titania” was, they were making his life sweeter (no pun intended). He really wanted to know who they were…

It seemed that the desserts kept coming. Everything from elaborate cakes to exotic frozen treats. Jellal checked more and more frequently, always looking forward to the next sweet for his sweet tooth. With each of these, the man became more and more curious, eagerly wanting to discover the secret baker who named themselves “Titania”.

Several months after the first discovery, something different occurred. A small gathering of students were hanging out in the common rooms. They were all laughing, drinking, chatting. It was a mini-celebration for a certain blue-haired astrophysics birthday the next day. Jellal, among the group was smiling too.

The blue-haired man was enjoying himself more than he had expected to. The only reason he had let Erik drag him to this arty was because a certain girl would be attending.

A certain, scarlet-haired girl.

Now, Jellal may have been 22, but he still was capable of having a schoolboy crush on a girl. The younger student, a criminology major named Erza, was everything he ever wanted in a mate. She was intelligent, confident, funny, kind-hearted and gorgeous.

He was a pathetic excuse of a person, though. The normally well-spoken, intelligent scientist turned into a bumbling fool around her. He could feel his brain liquify when he spotted her. Yet, she was like a drug and he needed to get his fix.

From a third party’s point of view, it was pretty apparent to anyone that she felt the same way. She could be found looking at him from across the room whenever he glanced away. The hidden smiles when they spoke, the quick looks they shared. Everything they did was cute and quirky, just like the two of them.

Going over to the fridge to grab another beer, Jellal was shocked to see Titania had hit again. But this beautiful cake was unlike anything he had ever seen. Significantly smaller than her usual delights, this one was delicately decorated, all in a beautiful shade of deep blue.

A rather familiar shade of blue.

The note was also different. And, well, a bit… creepy, to say the least.

“For Mystogan. It was the colour of your hair. -Titania”

Grabbing the cake, he didn’t bother saying goodbye to his friends. Clutching the dessert, he ran to his dorm, slightly freaked out.

That was it.

He was going to figure out who this “Titania” was.

That very night.


And that, my dear friend, was why Jellal Fernandes sat, hidden in the shadows, lying in wait for a mysterious person who might never show up.

Hoping to lure them there again, he had written a note in response,

“Your cake was amazing as usual, dear Titania. Do you think you could make a larger version for my birthday? It’s tomorrow… -Mystogan”

And now, having laid his trap, the man waited in silence, praying the allusive chef would show up. He had been waiting for over a half hour, and was slowly starting to lose faith in his plan. Frowning, he wondered if maybe it was time to get back to his room.

Sighing in defeat, he started to get up, brushing off his pants. Tucking his hands in his back pockets, he walked towards the exit of the room, keeping his head down. This time it had been his fault. When he knocked into her, she hadn’t had the time to brace herself, and the plate she was carrying fell to the ground.

“Oh my, I’m sorry.” He apologized profusely, immediately bending down to pick up her plate. She, too, had reached down. His eyes wide, he picked up the plate.

A plate with “Happy Birthday, Mystogan. -Titania” written on a delicious looking chocolate strawberry cheesecake.

Immediately looking up, his eyes met another pair, a pair of beautiful dark brown ones.

Erza Scarlet’s.

“Titania?” He slowly asked unbelieving. A small nod answered his question.

“Mystogan?” She questioned, though her eyes betrayed her that she already knew the answer. Of course. She would have to know to have made the last cake.

They both stood up, Jellal grasping the slightly mushed cake as he did so. They were so close, he could smell the cocoa on her breath. She looked up, trying to meet his eyes. The height difference came into play as the distance between them diminished.

They stood there, not saying anything, the cake in his hands forgotten. They were lost in each other’s eyes. It was almost as if they were in a different world. She slowly smiled, and he joined in seconds later.

“Would you like to share it?” He asked, pointing unnecessarily to the cake he held. It was the perfect size for the two of them to share, even if it was a bit smashed from the fall.

“I’ll get the knife.” She said quietly, as she turned to pull out a knife from a cupboard. He pulled out two plates and some desert forks. He grinned as he glanced at her.

The two sat down at the nearest table, not speaking as she split the cake and put in on the plates. They looked at each other.

“You knew it was me all along, didn’t you?” He asked quietly. She nodded, answering, “I don’t bake my cakes for just anyone.”

He smiled at her, a full smile with teeth and everything and Erza felt her heart melt. She was so giddy, so in love.

They chatted a little throughout, grinning and giggling the whole way through. It was impossible to tell which of the two young college students was enjoying themselves more.

At the end of the delicious meal, Jellal finally got the nerve to do what he had found too daunting all year.

“Would you like to go out with me, Erza?”

Baekhyun - My Boyfriend Does My Make-Up

The day was going slow and you could feel the boredom really get to you as you began to bitch and moan as you paced the house. You were in leggings and an oversized tee moving around the house, checking the fridge, checking your phone, going completely insane.

“What’s wrong?” A chuckle from the bathroom in your apartment echoed through as you boyfriend Baekhyun appeared at the doorframe attempting to dry his hair with an already soaking towel.

“There’s nothing to do.” You whined, placing your face on the kitchen bench opposite from Baekhyun.

“Well, what would you like to do?”

“I don’t know, anything.” You threw your arms in the hair.

“Wanna play video games?” He smiled widely.


“Watch a movie?”

“No.” Baekhyun laughs again, shaking his head.

“Tell me what you want to do when you make up your mind.” He moves off to the laundry to drop the towel in the washing machine before going over to the living area and turning on the television.

You hung around in misery, leaning up against the bench in the kitchen, deep into thought towards what you could be doing right now. You went up for going to the city, or going to the movies or doing anything you’d done recently; being within the time frame of six months. You were just trying to think of something new to do.

You took your phone and went directly onto YouTube, scanning all of your recent subscriptions that’d you’d already watched. You sighed deeply until you came across something that caught your eye almost instantly.

Boyfriend does my make-up tag. You gasped in excitement and went straight to your bedroom, pulling out the abundance of bags and general kits that you used daily.

“Baekhyun!” You sang excitedly.

“Yes?” You called back. You rushed straight into the lounge room.

“Guess who’s doing my make-up?” You laughed as he pulled a face and what you’d decided to do.

“No way.”

“Yes way! Come on, you have to put on my make-up.” Baekhyun groaned with a smile and stood up, moving over towards the dining table with you.

You began to lay out all your make-up; Baekhyun watching bewildered as he had no idea what anything was. You were super anxious towards how this would turn out.

“Lord please help me if he stuffs anything up.” You shook your heard laughing as you prepared yourself for this spontaneous meant-to-be tragedy.

“I have absolutely no idea what any of this stuff is.” He said, picking up the fake eyelashes and blush that was set out before him. “How do you even, like… Do it?” He picked up a bottle of liquid foundation and read out the label.

“I know what this is! This is the stuff you put all over your face!” Baekhyun looked so excited it looked like his smile was about to fall off. You laughed at the amateur, face-palming as you did.

“What? Am I wrong?”

“Baekhyun, just do what you want.” You were already over this. You had no faith in Baekhyun anymore. You were coming out of this like a mushed cake.

“Well I’m going to use it.” He splashes it out onto his fingers and you sigh as he didn’t bother to use the sponges you hinted by leaving them directly beside the foundation. He smears one gigantic dash of foundation onto your forehead, stroking it down towards your checks as he avoided your eyes completely. You could imagine what you looked like and you cringed at the very thought.

“I think that’s about right.” The foundation felt so heavy against your skin you really wanted to scream RUB IT IN MORE but that was against the rules of this game.

Baekhyun went straight for the lipstick compartment and pulled out any random lipstick, not even bothering to check the colour.

“Now I’m going to put this lipstick on you. It’s called Mysterious Red.” He announced, looking at you with a smirk. You knew this was the brightest red lipstick anyone could ever own and now Baekhyun was could to smear it from corner to corner (and probably more) over your lips.

“Ooh, this looks fancy.” He popped the cap and saw the colour as he spoke in a posh voice. You laughed, pulling yourself away from him as if he was holding a weapon.

“Come here. I wanna put it on!” He moves the tube towards your face, stabling your head, applying. The red lipstick onto your lips, over the corners and up on your peltrim.

“Oh my god. I feel as if I’m going to look like The Joker Baekhyun. What are you doing?” You looked at him chuckling.

“Nah, you look great.” He smiles, biting his lip as he tries so hard not to laugh.

“I hate you so much.”

“Ooh! What’s this?” Baekhyun picks up the liquid eyeliner and pops the lid again, not bothering to read the label.

“Do you even know what that is?”

“Eyeliner, duh!” Baekhyun pretends to flick his lock like a girl, fluttering his eyes. You just laughed at his stupidity. There was never a moment where Baekhyun couldn’t make you laugh.

“Now, let’s see how hard this really is.” He pressed the tip against your eyelid and zooms it across the bottom of your eyelash. He pulls away, his eyes wide as if he had completed fucked up your make up, which he did.

“What?” You felt your heart jump in panic. Baekhyun had moved the eyeliner thickly across your eyelid and let it go blotchy.

“N-Nothing. You look perfect.” He gave you a reassuring smile, or at least tried.

“LET ME SEE!” You panic, pouncing towards the mirror.

“NO!” Baekhyun yells, taking the mirror from you. “I’M NOT DONE!” He quickly did it to the other side and watched the eyeliner blow up. He tried very hard not to laugh or give away his stuff ups.

“You’re so screwed after this I know it.” You scold him as he takes the blush.

“I know.” He murmured as he checked out the packaging of the blush.

“How do I…” Baekhyun looked around trying to figure out how to apply the blush before rubbing his fingertips into the pink powder.

“Oh my.” You hold your hand to you face, signalling a face palm.

“What? How else am I suppose to do it?”

“Just do it. I’m so done with you right now.” He snickered, rubbing the powder all over your face. Your face wasn’t just gold, it was also flamingo pink.

“Okay, I think I’ve finish my masterpiece.” He finalizes with a smile, making subtle chuckling noises inside his voicebox. You let out a sigh of relief and of anxiety. What the hell do I look like?

“Are you ready to see your new, beautiful and unique look?” He says, finally picking up the mirror for you to take a look at yourself.

“Yes.” You nod, biting on your lip. Baekhyun moves the mirror towards you, holding it up in front of you.

You were absolutely shocked at what you saw.


“Yes?” He snickers.

“Did you know, that I could get all the boys with this look.” You say pouting your lips to give off a pretentious prostitute look.

“But seriously Baekhyun, I look like Miss Piggy, cross the Joker, cross Chucky or something. You are so bad at putting on makeup.” You said to him in between laughs as you check out yourself in the mirror.

“Being honest, I’m not even sorry.” Then, Baekhyun knew it was best to run before you attacked and bashed the shit out of him; so he did. He ran away as you screwed up your face and yelled “I will kill you!” As you chased after him instantly.

He was so screwed, but nonetheless you loved him more than anything.

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Cute wedding moment.

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Harry: You lifted your fork, turning to the crowd for a moment while you waited for Harry to grab the bite of wedding cake he would be feeding you. When you turned back, your fork held up, Harry took his bite, using his hand to mush the cake in your face at the same time. “Harry!” You squealed as people began to chuckled, icing and cake smeared across your cheek. With Harry laughing and completely blind to your actions, you took a piece from the slice, spreading it across his face, sucking the leftover icing from your finger after. Harry took the opportunity to bite at your cheek, licking at the icing before kissing your mouth, tasting the cake from your lips and giving everyone a quick laugh at the both of you.

Louis: “You do know you’re not supposed to give a speech at your own wedding Lou?” Niall shouted from the bottom of the stage, Louis laughing along with the crowd as he took the microphone, tapping at it a few times until he was sure it was on. “I know that but man, I keep telling her I love her. By her I mean Mrs. Louis Tomlinson of course. I keep telling her I love her but it’s not enough. I need to tell everyone. Everyone in the world needs to know how much I love this beautiful woman. I mean god.” He shook his head, looking down at you from the stage, his eyes red and face sweaty from a night of drinking and dancing. “I just wanna scream to the top of the world. I’m the luckiest man alive!” Sure he was a little drunk at your wedding but he was cute and professing his undying love for you in front of everyone, even as the boys moved to the stage, patting his back and getting him back down. Louis still spoke in the microphone to all of them. “I’m the luckiest man and none of you will ever be as lucky as me. I’m sorry to say that but you can’t be the luckiest man in the world when I’ve got that girl.”

Niall: You’d been on the other side of the room from Niall when the DJ announced your first dance, the familiar tune you’d picked out beginning. Niall smiled as you both walked to the middle of the dance floor. Instead of your usual back and forth slow drag, Niall took your hand in his, pulling the other up to rest on his shoulder, his at your hip. He moved almost expertly, leading the dance and spinning you around. “You practiced.” You commented, both of you moving easily around the floor together through the song, completely oblivious to the people admiring you, to those snapping shots of the couple until the song faded out, an upbeat tempo taking the place of the previous song, a smirk on Niall’s lips as he stepped back, a laugh erupting from your throat as he started to dance. “Now, let me show you what I’ve really been working on.”

Liam: It happened when you walked in. There were nearly two-hundred people attending your wedding, but when you walked in the room it seemed as though everyone faded from the picture. There was no priest, guests, or wedding party. There was only you and Liam, his eyes on you as you made your way to the alter. His mouth hung open and he shook his head, his eyes wide and brimming with tears as you approached him. Once you’d finally made your way to him he stepped down, reaching out to you. “Wow.” He leaned in, pressing his lips to yours once, making you giggle as he was completely lost for words. “Ahem, not quite time for that.” Someone cleared their throat, bringing you both from your little world where only you existed, the crowd erupting with small chuckles as you proceeded with the ceremony after a small moment that seemed to be just the two of you.

Zayn: “Sorry to interrupt but could I borrow my wife for just a few minutes.” Zayn took hold of your elbow, guiding you to the back door of the reception hall. “Zayn, where are we going? Everyone’s here for us.” You asked, turning around to see people watching as you exited the building, fresh air washing over your face as Zayn’s hand sank into yours, beginning a slow stroll through the garden at the back of the building. “I just wanted you to myself for a few minutes.” He admitted, bumping against your arm as you walked. “We got married.” You stated the fact, looking down at your hands and to the two rings that had been placed on your fourth finger. “We did.” He stopped, turning towards you, his hands moving to the back of your neck, tilting your head up so that you were looking at him. “No regrets?” He asked, leaning down a little before you answered. “No regrets.” You repeated as a reply, your lips pressing together in a private moment for the two of you to share.

narwhalsarefalling  asked:

oh hell yes can u do 'hide' for the word thing?

oh hell yes i can

There was absolutely no sense in wasting a perfectly good cake.

To be fair, she was already carrying the slices across the ballroom when the attack occurred. It wasn’t like Star just stopped to cut apart an extravagantly crafted dolphin-shaped wedding cake while the bridesmaid’s table caught fire. That’s insane. She already got frosting on her dress, and lost a shoe, running from whatever howling thing popped into the center of the dance floor without looking back.

She wound up under a table. The cold, creeping sensation of ghosts nearby permeated the warmth of heated indoors. Star shivered, clenching her teeth and hunching her bare shoulders against it.

The tablecloth lifted and a dark figure darted into her covered hideout. Star tensed, then scowled, “Foley,” she whispered, “you scared me half to death.”

Tucker Foley crouched under the table and peered out of crack in the cloth. A horrifying shriek echoed from afar. He glanced at her sidelong, then held up his hand. The ground shook. He pulled out his phone and started texting, “is that chocolate?”

Star looked down. There was frosting all over her dress, and three mushed together plates with mushed together cake in her lap. She mourned the stained silk with a reserved sigh. “…Yeah.”

Tucker sank back on his heels, slipping his phone back in his pocket and looking at her expectantly. “Are you gonna share, or are we going to keep huddling in horror?”

“Stop talking so loud.” She passed him a plate, even if it was just to silence him.

Tucker settled cross-legged on the floor, with a plate on one knee and his phone on the other. He lowered his voice, and dug his fingers into the cake, “Ghosts arriving to ruin the wedding. Lancer can’t catch a break, can he?”

Star curled her nose as Foley licked his fingers clean of frosting. “I had forks.”

“Star. We’re eating under a table.”