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Taehyung Scenario: Make A Wish.

Request:  I’m the anon that asked for the Tae birthday scenario. For it a birthday party would be fine. Like with the other members there or whatever you want

Genre: Fluff

–Are you sure this is safe? – you asked with a tremulous giggle, holding onto Taehyung’s arm for dear life, literally, since you couldn’t see anything. Your boyfriend had tied a black cloth over your eyes after smiling mischievously and saying you weren’t allowed to see anything of where he was taking you.

You trusted Taehyung a lot, but being blindfolded wasn’t particularly trilling because you were dying to see, you guessed that was exactly how Taehyung wanted to get you, curious until you couldn’t take it anymore.

–Of course it is Y/N, I planned it – Taehyung laughed and caressed your hand.

You accommodated yourself against the back seat with a little smile, you didn’t even need to look at your boyfriend to make out the satisfied smile he was sporting on his lips. Exactly because he planned this was the reason it got you a little nervous, Taehyung could get a little crazy sometimes and you still didn’t get the full point of covering your eyes.

You suddenly startled because now that you noticed, you’d been on the car for quite some time already, long enough to be out of the city, you just suspected it. Taehyung had only been distracting you with his easy and cheerful chatter, giving you little kisses here and there, saying how excited he was for your birthday.

The thought made you smile silently and you let your head fall onto where you knew Taehyung’s shoulder was. It was special beyond words to spend your birthday with your boyfriend and in the way he planned it for you because you knew he’d put some thought into it and it was going to be special any way. When he’d barged into your bedroom waking you up at 5 am with a smile out of this world, a gift box on hands and singing-screaming happy birthday for you, you thought he was definitely a special guy, that was just how Taehyung was.

–You still aren’t going to tell me where are we going right? – you asked amused, because of course he wouldn’t.

–No baby – Taehyung’s lips grazed the skin of your temple and made you shiver, increasing even more the nervous anxiety you were feeling, you were just dying to know and patience was never one of your strongest qualities. – but you’ll see it right now–

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radioactivibee  asked:

He heard the honking and is very confused. But he remembers this bot being friendly and it's enough to get him toddling in Swerve's direction. He looks up curiously, dragging a dirty rag behind him like a blanket. His own frame is caked in dry mud and some other debris, but he doesn't seem to mind. "Loud."

Swerve scoops Bee up as soon as he’s close enough, booping him. “Aha! Hello Bee. You gonna play with Smokescreen before a bath?”

The photograph that Eddie takes of Marvin Acme and Jessica playing “patty-cake” in Who Framed Roger Rabbit was created during pre-production, and features an earlier design of Jessica than the one that is used in the final character animation. The one shot that was re-done to incorporate the new Jessica design was the insert shot of the picture after it is first developed.