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Anyone other than me noticed how thin Chuuya is, compared to the other three…

Normal Horoscope:

Aries: Oftentimes it is not you who gets to decide wether your butt looks good or not, though you do get the tiebreaker.

Taurus: Cynicism and optimism have their place. That place is mashed together into a confusing Frankenstein of a conversation. Gotta keep people on their toes.

Gemini: Your toothbrush is a mimmic, a mimmic that really cares a lot about your dental hygiene.

Cancer: There is magic in cleaning your home. Not fiery kaboom type magic, more the now your house is clean kind of magic.

Leo: As you sit there, thumbing through your phone, something watches you. Something with dead eyes and rotted legs. Do not look up, it will see that as a sign of aggression.

Virgo: Whatever is carving your name into your belonging will stop if you read up on financial literacy, seriously debt management is important.

Libra: Look “dress for success” does not mean “cover yourself in gold paint”. The stars and I see what you were going for though.

Scorpio: Watch your tongue. It has its own agenda.

Ophiuchus: Due to a clerical error, all Ophiuchans can talk to cakes form the next two weeks or so if they concentrate real hard.

Sagittarius: Invoke your right to duel. Invoke it without warning or cause. Kill people with a rapier. Kill unsuspecting people with a rapier.

Capricorn: When all falls apart, follow the money.

Aquarius: I don’t care if it works, a thong is a silly thing to enchant.

Pisces: Make sure it’s a real angel of ephemeral night. Ask to see ID. Ask to see their nightmare mount. Protect ya neck. Wu Tang.


To celebrate Shiro’s birthday this year, I wanted to bake and decorate a cake :3

(I wanted to put a # candle on it but I had none rip)

Happy Birthday! Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Requester: littlepony-66

Prompt: Hi! I just read your Bill’s imagine and I love it. I was wondering if you could do one where he have this long-time girlfriend and she surprise him in set of IT for his birthday and he’s there dressing as Pennywise and it’s a lot of fluff 🙈

Warning: None 

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You were beyond excited when you checked the calendar that morning. Today was the day you could put your plan in set. You had been dating Bill for over 7 years now and never once do you question your relationship.

Well you did have the occasional argument of course but that doesn’t matter right now! You had already talked to the director of the movie your boyfriend Bill Skarsgård was staring in two weeks ago so your plan was ready.

You had been doing this for 7 years now where on his birthday you’d go over the top to celebrate his party. You had gotten up early to make him a simple pancake breakfast with itty bitty cutie pie pancakes.

You smiled when you saw him come into the room shirtless with only sweatpants that just barely held on around his hips. He came around you to make coffee and you  flipped the new batch of pancakes over to reveal a golden brown side.

You squeaked when you felt arms wrap around your waist and him place his chin on your shoulder. You giggled as he gently swayed you back and forth occasionally leaving light kisses on your neck and shoulder.

“Should I have stayed in bed longer?” He asked softly.

“What for?” You asked pretending not to know.

“You know why.” He said tucking your hair behind your ear.

You giggled and he wrapped his arms around your tighter. You placed the last of the pancakes on the plate and shook him off to bring the pancakes to the table where two plates with hash browns and bacon were waiting.

He sat down in his chair and grabbed a few pancakes before pouring some maple syrup over them. Of course when you took the maple syrup you get pouring…and pouring…and pouring…and pouring…the pancakes were floating in syrup…half of the bottle was gone…still pouring…and now your plate was a pond of sticky syrup.

Bill rolled his eyes but smiled at your antics and began to eat his little pancakes. After you were done you slurped the maple syrup from your plate and then took it the sink.

“I’m surprised you haven’t given me a box that will blow confetti in my face.” He teased.

“Whatcha mean?” You asked continuing to play dumb.

“C'mon you know it’s my birthday.” Bill said walking over to put his dish in the sink.

He leaned towards you nearly nose to nose and smiled looking from your lying eyes to your teasing lips. Just as he was about to kiss you his phone alarm went off from the bedroom that alerted him it was time to get dressed since he had to leave in 15 minutes. Bill sighed and walked off leaving your lips feeling cold.

You pouted wishing you could throw something at that stupid alarm to shut it up so he could’ve kissed you. You quickly cleaned the dishes before putting them back where they belonged.

When you finished putting the tray away Bill was walking out wearing a white shirt with black jeans. You purred and he grinned as he walked over. He kissed you for a few seconds before pulling away with a loud smack, “I love you. I’ll see you tonight!”

“Love you too! See ya!” You called.

You waited until the door closed and he was walking down the hallway before planning your attack. You took a quick shower, got dressed, and grabbed your keys and jacket before hurrying to leave.

You were careful when you got in to not run into Bill. You found the director Andy Muschetti and quickly ran up to him well it appeared he wasn’t busy.

“Andy do you have everything?” You asked.

The director looked up a little surprised by your sudden appearance but grinned at the enthusiasm sparkling in your eyes.

“Yeah just get Kelly to show you.” He pointed to said woman and as soon as she saw you she nodded and the plan began….

Bill finished doing a scene when the director called for a 5 minute break. He strolled out still in his “Pennywise mode” occasionally laughing in his clown voice.

“Hey Bill.” Andy called walking over.

“Yes Andy?” Bill asked.

“You might want to go to the makeup trailer. Your lipstick smudged.”

“Alright.” Pennywise replied.

He headed towards the “make up trailer” which was also his trailer since he required the most amount of makeup to cover his handsome features. When he arrived he opened the door only to jump back startled as least 50 red balloons suddenly poured out.

Bill blinked confused looking around but no one was here. He pushed through the balloons popping a few in the process until pretty much all of them were out. He looked at himself in the mirror but his lipstick and everything else looked perfect.

Curious, he walked back towards the set not finding anyone. It was like the cast and crew just walked away leaving all their equipment behind. Nervousness grew in Bill who slowly lost his character personality as he walked through the empty set.

When he arrived to where he was filming originally it was pitch black.

‘Hello?“ Bill called.

The lights came on and he jumped back even more startled as the whole crew revealed themselves shouting, "SURPRISE!”

Bill spotted you in the crowd and grinned walking towards you. Before you could say anything he smashed his lips into yours making you smile and kiss back. You wrapped your arms around his neck ignoring the audience awing at you.

A few of the kids cringed in disgust though.

When you pulled away his buck teeth were a little crooked and his lipstick was smudged and had rubbed off on your lips but you didn’t care.

“Happy birthday.” You said before kissing his cheek.

Bill smiled and brushed his thumb over your cheeks.

“Oh I also got a present for you!” You announced.

Andy came up holding a colorfully wrapped box and handed it to you. You took it and held it for Bill excitedly.

He smiled and took it before undoing the ribbon and opening the box…only for it to blow up in his face.


Colorful confetti blew up in his face and fell on him. He even spit some from out of his mouth. You laughed along with the others and he just rolled his eyes.

“Sorry babe. Gotta keep the birthday pranking tradition.” You grinned.

“Just wait until it’s my turn to prank you.”

That night you were snuggling with Bill in bed enjoying each others warmth well watching cartoons. Yes, yes, you were two grown adults over the age of 20 watching cartoons. But not like the new ones it was the good old 90-early 2000 cartoons everyone loved.

Bill’s head was resting against your chest (really boob ;) ) just listening to the sound of your heart beating well you stroked his hair in sort of an auto pilot mode. He purred loving his birthday.

When you got home your true gift was that you had gotten him a few new shirts and a nice leather jacket you had seen him eyeing since forever. You had even made him a birthday cake from scratch with rainbow sprinkles baked in and iced and shaped to look like his Pennywise character.

Turns out his character in cake form tasted pretty good. Then after that you both just decided to cuddle and spend some quality time together. He couldn’t have asked for a better girlfriend.

“So did you like my cake?”

“It was okay.”

“Just because your the birthday boy doesn’t mean I can’t slap you or kick you out to sleep on the couch tonight.”

“You wouldn’t do that.”

“Ow! Okay, okay! I loved your cake!”

“Aw thanx. Happy birthday… ~ ❤️”

Epilogue: Yaya 3 requests done in one day! Whew. So because I’m in high school I will be doing one request per day on the week days and then how many I can do on the weekend. So please be patient. Thanx for reading!! XD!!!!

Caught in the Act

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

As requested by anonymous:  This sounds so weird but I love imagines where bucky and reader get caught by people from the team if ya get what I mean. So basically I would like to request a imagine where they get caught but you can just do whatever you want with the plot or whatever. Plus your writing is so good your like my fav blog ❤️

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You loved being in a secret relationship with Bucky. You loved the thrill, the stolen kisses, the quick heated moments, the sneaking around…but you also hated it. You hated that you couldn’t go out in public alone together. You hated that you couldn’t kiss or hold hands in the open. Sure, you two flirted, but the team thought it meant nothing. They were wrong. It meant everything. What you hated the most was that the team kept trying to set you and Bucky up with people. You both explained that you’re not looking to date right now, but the team still pushed for it. 

So yeah. You felt conflicted about your secret relationship.

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Pregnancy Cravings Sentence Starters

Feel free to adjust pronouns/etc.

“I want french fries and root beer like you wouldn’t believe.”
“Honey mustard. Not that fancy dijon crap. Give me a bottle of honey mustard.”
“I pretty much ate every form of cake within arm’s reach. Donuts, pastries, muffins, danishes, cookies, cupcakes…”
“I have cravings for apple juice and fried chicken wings with ranch, but thankfully not together.”
“One week I ate ONLY chicken quesadillas—Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.”
“My husband always laughed when he saw a full jar of pickles with no juice… he knew it was me.”
“I want ketchup on everything. And I don’t normally like ketchup.”
“I craved mozzarella sticks throughout the entire pregnancy with my first kid.”
“I ate one pineapple a week while I was pregnant!”
“Whenever I had morning sickness, I’d immediately eat a hotdog with sauerkraut right after…”
“All I wanted the entire time I was pregnant was Big Macs and french fries.”
“Potatoes. Baked, scalloped, mashed, whatever it doesn’t matter. I love them.”
“When I was pregnant with my first son, it was PB&J for 3 months!”
“Why doesn’t this place have any good barbecue at 3 AM?!”
“I need some chocolate sauce in my life.”
“No, I will not rest until I get my Doritos.”
“Frozen yogurt and brownies are all I can think about right now!”
“I’d kill to get a spicy chicken sandwich.”
“They’ll probably be weighing me on a livestock scale by the time October rolls around. ”
“He’s making me french toast and apple cider at 11 PM. Clearly, I married the best man.”
“I’ve never had it before, but I want it so bad. It looks so good!”
“The pregnancy cravings are endless, please help me eat this.”


Triple Coffee Cheesecake

Prep Time:180 Minutes 
Cook Time:60 Minutes
Difficulty Level:Medium


For Kahlua Cheesecake:10 chocolate graham crackers, about 1 ½ cups (130g) cookie crumbs

¼ cup (57g) melted butter

16 ounces (453g) cream cheese,

2 eggs

½ cup (100g)
white granulated sugar

¼ cup (62ml) sour cream

½ cup (113g) mascarpone cheese,

¼ cup (60ml) Kahlua, or strong espresso

1 tablespoon instant coffee

For Coffee Mousse:

1 cup (236ml) heavy cream

4 ounces (113g) mascapone cheese

½ cup (118ml) sweetened condensed milk

¼ cup (45g) chocolate chips, melted

¼ cup (60ml) espresso

2 to 3 tablespoons (45ml) Kahlua

2 teaspoons (6g) unflavored gelatin

For Coffee Whipped Cream:

8 ounces (226g) cream cheese

½ cup (88g) chocolate chips, melted

¼ cup (60ml) Kahlua

pinch of salt

2 cups (473ml) heavy cream


1) Prepare the Kahlua coffee cheesecake layer first. Wrap a 9-inch spring form with foil in preparation for a water-bath. Preheat oven to 325F.

2) Place chocolate graham crackers into a food processor and pulse into fine crumbs. Add the melted butter and pulse again until crumbs are well coated. Transfer the crumbs into spring form pan and press firmly into the bottom of the pan, creating an even and firm crust; set aside.

3) Place the softened cream cheese into a mixer bowl with a flat beater attached. Mix for 5 minutes, until cream cheese is light and creamy. Add the eggs, sugar, sour cream and softened mascaprone; beat again for a few minutes until mixture is smooth. Scrape down sides of mixing bowl periodically to ensure no clumps of cheese remain. Dissolve the instant coffee in the Kahlua liqueur, then pour into the cheesecake batter. Mix for a few more minutes.

4) Pour the cheesecake batter over the prepared chocolate crust. Transfer the cake onto a baking sheet and fill the pan with hot water. Bake in preheated oven for 1 hour and 5 to 15 minutes, just until the top is set. Once cheesecake is baked, remove from oven and allow it to cool for one hour before adding the next mousse layer.

5) Prepare the coffee mousse layer. Pour cold heavy cream into a mixer bowl and whisk until stiff peaks form; set aside. In a separate bowl, cream together the softened mascarpone, sweetened condensed milk and melted chocolate. In a measuring cup, combine the espresso, Kahlua and unflavored gelatin. Heat this mixture in the microwave for about 1 minute, or until the gelatin is completely dissolved; cool for 5 minutes.

6) Pour the gelatin mixture into the creamed mascarpone and stir until combined. Add the whipped cream and fold gently with a spatula until well-combined. Fold as gently as possible to keep the whipped cream airy. Pour the mousse over the cooled cheesecake and set into the refrigerator to set for 30 minutes up to 1 hour. The top of the mousse should start to firm up before adding the last layer.

7) For the coffee-chocolate whipped cream, place softened cream cheese, Kahlua, and a pinch of salt into mixer bowl. Whisk for a few minutes until creamy and smooth. Pour in the cold heavy cream and whisk until a thick and fluffy whipped cream forms.

8) Transfer the whipped cream into a pastry bag; I used tip #4FT - French star tip. Pipe the whipped cream in layers over the mousse. Alternatively, simply spoon the whipped cream onto the cake and smooth the top. Place the cake into the refrigerator and set overnight. To remove the cake from spring form, run a flat spatula along the edges to release the cake. Keep cake refrigerated until ready to serve.

Servings : 8-12
Course : Dessert

How about I die instead :)

Little Spoon- Morgan Rielly

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I wasn’t sure where I was going with this but I love how it turned out so I REALLY hope you guys like it! Things I associate with Morgan Rielly: Captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs, juggling, Jake, and ice cream cake. So… enjoy!

Warning: fluffy Mo

Anon Request: Hey! Could you please write a Morgan rielly one shot about him being the little spoon? Thank you!


              You laid across the couch, watching TV and waiting for Morgan to get home.

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Domestic Victuuri Daily Prompt Challenge: Day 1

Over on my buddy @daysinrussiavictuuri‘s blog there will be daily prompts all through August for Domestic Victuuri moments! You can write the prompts or even suggest prompts to be used!

Because we all know I lack self-control, here is my contribution for Day 1 Prompt: Makkachin’s birthday :)

There were so many things Yuuri loved about Victor. The sparkle in Victor’s eyes every time he had an idea. The happy hum Victor released every time Yuuri curled to rest against his chest. The way Victor’s hands idly ran over Yuuri’s body at whim. Each of these little things made Yuuri adore Victor even more.

But at the top of that list, above all of the cute habits, unfailing support, and unconditional love, there was one thing that made Yuuri a swooning mess of a human.

Victor’s absolute love for Makkachin.

It was the support of this love, and all the ridiculous things it made Victor do, which had Yuuri circling the tables at the onsen carefully placing down tiny party hats. Next to each hat was a plate, decorated with dancing poodles and little paper bowls to match. There was no need for silverware, as the food served on these dishes would be for pets only.

Yuuri smiled doing a final count before peering up at Victor who was fighting stemmers alongside of Mari. His sister looked mildly amused at the setting around her and Yuuri was thankful that she was playing along without question.

Although, it was really his mother to blame, Yuuri thought, as he watched his mom setting up two tables across the room. One held a variety of pet food while the other would be destined to hold food suitable for the humans attending the party. His mother was bouncing on her toes and humming, and Yuuri couldn’t help his smile while watching her happiness.

Feeling an arm around his waist, Yuuri looked up to Victor’s smiling face. “Happy?” Yuuri asked, although the heart-shaped grin was already giving him the answer.

“It is going to be so much fun!” Victor hugged Yuuri tight, kissing Yuuri on the forehead. “Makkachin has never had a birthday party before, it was always just the two of us.”

There were times that Victor would release these little tidbits of information that would make Yuuri’s heart ache. Immediately following the dull thud, was the desire to make up for every pain Victor had every experienced. “Well, it is definitely going to be a day to remember!” He laughed against Victor’s chest as Yuuri was squeezed again. “Everyone should be here within the hour.” Lifting his head, Yuuri twisted toward the kitchen. “Dad! Is the food ready?”

His father’s cheerful face popped up in the window. “Ready! Mari, Yuuri, come help me with these trays!” Yuuri released himself from Victor’s arms and headed for the kitchen. As he passed his mother, Yuuri grinned at her small wink.

“Vicchan,” Hiroko smiled, placing her small hand on the crook of Victor’s elbow. “May I borrow you for a moment?” She led Victor to the nearest table and gently guided him onto the pillow.

Yuuri paused after placing his dish into the serving pan, watching his mother with his fiancé.

“I know Makkachin is napping before the celebration,” Hiroko spoke in careful English, “but I wanted to give you this.” Removing a small wrapped package from her apron, Hiroko placed it in Victor’s hands.

From his position across the room it was hard for Yuuri to judge who was closer to tears, himself, his mother or Victor. When the simple brown paper fell away from the gift, it was Victor who lost control first, followed immediately by Hiroko. Yuuri was right behind them as Hiroko wrapped her arms around Victor’s shoulders and tugged her other son into her. They stayed like that for a moment, whispering words Yuuri couldn’t hear.

When his patience finally failed, Yuuri crossed the room, letting his mom place a hand around his waist. With a grin so wide it was surely hurting his face, Victor showed Yuuri Makkachin’s gift. Yuuri felt the hiccup of emotion, turning first to hug his mom and then leaning down to hug Victor.

The excited burst of noise came from the front of the onsen and Yuuri leapt back to react to the sound. “They are early?” he asked no one in particular as Seung-gil and Phichit bounded into the room with their furbabies in tow. “Better get the birthday girl,” Yuuri smiled at Victor, who jumped up to greet their friends and then went in search of the guest of honor.

Meatloaf birthday cake and various forms of kibble and pellets were scattered all over the onsen floor. Makkachin laid across both of their laps, a pile of doggy birthday presents laying between them. She was snoring loudly with a rubber pork chop dangling out of her mouth. Every time Yuuri tried to remove it, Makkachin groped for the toy in her sleep making both of Yuuri and Victor giggle.

Leaning onto Victor’s shoulder, Yuuri ran a finger over his mother’s gift around Makkachin’s neck. “This is really pretty, huh?” Yuuri tilted his head slightly to peer up at Victor.

“I love your family, Yuuri,” Victor whispered, looking around in awe at the completely trashed dining room. “Thank you.”

Scooting even closer, Yuuri pressed himself tighter into Victor’s side. “For what?” His own emotions were dangerously raw with the exhaustion of the day.

“For loving us,” Victor whispered, kissing Yuuri on the head. “For letting us be a part of your family.” The hitch in Victor’s voice was obvious and brought Yuuri up to face him. “For making a little family of our own.”

The glimmer of tears winked in Yuuri’s eyes as he leaned forward to kiss Victor. As he shifted, the tags on Makkachin’s brand new collar jingled.

A blue and purple personalized collar that read “Makkachin Katsuki-Nikiforov.”