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For my first assignment in class, we were to buy a shoe and customise it to our inspiration. I decided to bade mine on bakery/sweets/desserts. Because in the past I use to do decoden, I decided to incorporate it into my shoe as I thought it went well with inspiration. The fruits are made from Polymer clay and painted with acrylics, glazed with sparkly nail polish as I left my glaze at home. The Swiss roll heel is made from Air drying clay and painted with acrylics. Both the filling and piped cream is white silicone.

I added more piping but don’t have a nice enough photo so this is the near finished design! Pretty please how it turned out!

Not sure what to make of this cake, but it looks more like a square-shaped log cake with birch details and berries, than a wedding confection. That said, weddings these days are all about personalised touches, and less centred on perfection. So if there was a cake that encapsulates the zeitgeist of weddings today, this one’s one of them.

Cake: Palermo’s Bakery

If You Don't Know Me By Now - For Famousfremus

I actually started writing a fic based on a prompt Famousfremus sent me some months ago. I figured it’s her birthday, give the lady what she wants! But then the story went in another direction and I ended up chucking it and coming up with this one.  So, like a fuddy duddy aunt who knows you love coffee but gives you a tea set, hoping that you’ll drink it anyway, I offer up this little one-shot.  There is a birthday in here (blink and you might miss it)!  And it’s based on an 80’s song by Simply Red, which is our decade (more or less!).

You are a lovely lady and a dear friend and I really appreciate your kindness and upbeat support. I love working with you and chatting with you – you are one of the best consequences of joining tumblr and your notes are one of the bright spots of my day.

So, Happy Birthday, and here goes…


If You Don’t Know Me By Now

All the things
That we’ve been through
You should understand me
Like I understand you
Now girl I know the difference
Between right and wrong
I ain’t gonna do nothing
To break up our happy home

It wasn’t the flirting that set Katniss off.  Not completely, anyway. She’d grown somewhat resigned to the fact that women would flirt with Peeta. He had always been handsome but it seemed the older he got, the hotter he became.  In his 30’s, Peeta had lost that youthful sweetness of his teens and early twenties.  That, together with his scars and broad, baker’s shoulders and chest, gave him an irresistible, rugged appearance.


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confessions, part 10

MORE FLUFF also pls check out this amazing scene that marchofthethieves drew from part 9 8 oh man I know what I’m writing, promise

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The last person Marinette expects when she opens the door is Adrien, yet there he stands, grinning adorably. “Good morning, Marinette,” he chirps, bending down and offering bises, which Marinette returns automatically, her heart screaming.

“Good morning, Adrien,” she replies, faintly, unable to keep the smile from blooming across her lips. She raises a hand to her mouth instinctively, feeling obscenely happy.

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