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What has happened with the anons on Jenny’s blog (@jennyboom21) is absurd; it’s clear that most of the users here don’t know even recent history never mind 4-5 years ago.

 I can’t claim this chart to be complete - it’s just the beginning - but it shows that this is a small and intertwined network.

 I am posting this as a basis for further questions and conversations.

explaining your personal planets: sun, moon, venus, mars and mercury & your rising (1st house) position with the cake analogy. hope this is helpful!

message me if you want me to explain your placements (sun, mercury, moon, rising, venus and mars) + how your cake would be like according to your placements. for $8 (through paypal, credit or debit card).



French patisserie “Paul” & MRM//McCann Romania launch new desserts product line based on gender gap statistics

“Bittersweet pies” is a new cakes product line, sold in all ‘Paul’ bakeries across the country, that highlights the gender inequality in Romania’s society by turning cakes into statistics pie charts!

This makes the project to be the 1st ever “social desserts” line in the world.

The cake line includes:

The “Salary Gap” cake

The “Misrepresentation Cake” (in politics)

The “Extremely Rich Cake”

The “Startup Exclusion Cake”

The “Glass Ceiling Double Cake”

(Which shows the inequality in senior management positions compared to mid management level positions)

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i’d also like cake chart to be a thing.