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What has happened with the anons on Jenny’s blog (@jennyboom21) is absurd; it’s clear that most of the users here don’t know even recent history never mind 4-5 years ago.

 I can’t claim this chart to be complete - it’s just the beginning - but it shows that this is a small and intertwined network.

 I am posting this as a basis for further questions and conversations.

Every Other Weekend pt. 10

Prompt: After five years of marriage and two kids, you and Bucky decide you can’t make it work anymore.

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 1,368

Warnings: divorce, angst, cheating, language

A/N: TAGGING IS CLOSED. sorry it has taken so long!!!! but a heartbreaking part for y’all. (the last paragraph thoughhhhh.) 

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Part 9


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(the gif is for the flashback, nice.)

Steve opened the door to the small room and began to speak. “So the space is pretty full. A few more minutes and we’ll be ready to go.” You could tell when he turned towards you because he seemed to forget how to speak. “W-wow.” Steve breathed deeply as his eyes moved all over you. “You look absolutely breathtaking, better than I imagined.” His jaw was on the floor and you felt yourself blush. “Bucky’s going to lose his mind. In a good way, though.” Steve smiled. There was something different in his eyes that you’d never seen before, or never noticed. He seemed happy, yeah. But there was something else there.

You adjusted the flower in your hair as you stared at your reflection in the full length mirror. You felt like you’d waited for this day for forever. Or at least since you had fallen in love with Bucky. And it was finally here. After all of the planning and cake tasting and seating charts, it was here. “Thank you.” You smiled as you turned towards Steve, messing with the skirt of your dress. Taking a deep breath, you grabbed the bouquet of elaborate flowers and closed your eyes.

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explaining your personal planets: sun, moon, venus, mars and mercury & your rising (1st house) position with the cake analogy. hope this is helpful!

message me if you want me to explain your placements (sun, mercury, moon, rising, venus and mars) + how your cake would be like according to your placements. for $8 (through paypal, credit or debit card).


neo-losangeles  asked:

hi ms.m i have a q about solar return charts. so my birthday is tomorrow (yay) question: because my parents immigrated to los angeles from guadalajara, mexico do i use my birth place to calculate my solar return? does change of cities alter your solar return chart or not? (i really want that libra moon instead of virgo haha) thank you

“Happy Birthday to Yoooooooooooou!” Here is your cake:

Solar Return charts, for those who aren’t familiar with the term, are erected for the instant the Sun returns to the exact Zodiacal position it occupied when you were born. They can be interpreted to show what’s coming up for you in the year ahead, and (did you know?) the Moon and the Angles/House cusps can be progressed from one SR chart to the next.

Where to erect that SR chart, though, is something else astrologers quarrel about. It’s either the birthplace (even if you don’t live there anymore), or the place one happens to be at “the moment.” The latter option is used by people who want the optimize a stinky SR chart - spending the day where it’s least stinky - which is a little too “Masque of the Red Death” for yours truly, anyway. You can run but you can’t hide….

Regardless of the place, though, the planetary positions will all be the same. So if Guadalajara gave you a Virgo Moon, it’s still going to be a Virgo Moon in California, Calcutta, or Honolulu. (Waiting for someone to “get” that.) The only way it changes is if you adjust for “precession” as follows: multiply your age by 5/6, add that to your natal Sun’s position, and erect that chart.

I, Ms M, having endured a lot of Extremely Significant Life Events, once sat down and went diligently through all those events by setting up SR charts - precessed, non-precessed; birthplace, current place of residence. And the “winner” was birthplace, non-precessed. But that’s just me! Have a lovely day, XOXOXO

900yearsoftimeandspacce  asked:

Hi! You posted that cake chart of ace "representation" in fiction, and I was just wondering where you got your information? What your sources were? Because a) it's super interesting and I'd like to do some research myself, and b) I'm always looking for good ace representation. Thanks! :)

The data is actually entirely made up. I didn’t go through anything and get statistical numbers. The graph was more a representation of what I felt when reading the TV Tropes page for Asexuality (linked to in the post), since there are a LOT of characters that aren’t normal humans who happen to be asexual and instead are the types listed on the graph. I deliberately skewed the data, such as it is, in order to achieve a satirical effect. However, you could definitely look through the TV Tropes page and classify the examples given in order to get a better look at actual asexual representation. I can’t vouch for what statistical problems might arise with using that as a sample, but it’s certainly something, and an interesting read for sure. I’d be interested in what results you might find if you do anything with it!