cake batter cheesecake


It was a pretty relaxed day for me today. I had lunch with Russ, Lydia, Liam, & Rhys! Those babies have grown up so much since I left and it was so nice to see them.

Afterwards I picked up Kim and Tre from the Boys and Girls Club (Kim works there/Tre attends) and we went for a fun trip to fro yo. I’ve figured out my favorite flavors are cheesecake, cake batter and vanilla.

When we got home Kim and I took her bikes for a ride around her new neighborhood. When Kim was testing out her bike the tire came off and it was the funniest thing ever. She was handy and was able to fix it. After she dropped Tre off at baseball practice we went for a 2 mile walk at one of our old running spots. It’s a gorgeous lake to run around but too many geese and ducks! It was terrifying to say the least when we walked past them.

Now we’re ending the day with a family barbecue dinner!! A nice quality day with family today.