Oreo Cookies are delicious, but even the superior Double Stuf Oreos aren’t always enough to satisfy our sweet tooth. Thank goodness Japanese baker and YouTube contributor Mosogourmet created this awesome Giant Oreo Cake along with an easy-to-follow video tutorial:

To make your own colossal cookie cake you need a pair of cookie-shaped silicone baking pan molds (Available on Amazon), cake flour, baking powder, cocoa powder, vegetable oil, eggs, sugar, salt, milk, heavy whipping cream, and Oreo cookies. The cookies are crushed and mixed with the cream and sugar to make an honest-to-goodness cookies ‘n cream cake filling that sounds like a dream come true.

Check out the info section on the Giant Oreo tutorial page on YouTube for the complete recipe and instruction. Then please invite us over to share your awesome giant cookie cake. We’ll bring the milk.

[via Design Taxi and BuzzFeed]