angie’s fic rec

for luketheprincesshemmings, because she wanted to know what I love to read :) rating and word count included after title. 

* = an absolute all time fave


the playground (teen and up) (1k)

if you just say the word (explicit) (3k) *

it should be criminal that you could be mine (mature) (4k)

kinda hot (explicit) (2k)*

(let them hear you) (explicit) (693 words)*

Falling All Over The Place (teen and up) (21k)


obsess (explicit) (4k)

two paper airplanes flying (teen and up) (21k)

Save the Talking for Later (explicit) (7k) (+2 really hot OFCs)*

How He Moves (explicit) (30k)

Mockingbird (explicit) (43k)

the only reason (explicit) (16k)


walking backwards (mature) (52k) *

the walking backwards “sequel” swing swing swing (teen and up) (39k)

delete this transmission (mature) (67k) *


All I Wanna Do Tonight Is Drink You Like A Spanish Wine (explicit) (3k)

every now and then the stars align (explicit) (3k)

I Think You’re My Best Friend (teen and up) (18k) *

Got to Get Out (mature) (21k)

kinky winnebago (explicit) (2k)*

All We Seem To Do Is Talk About Sex (teen and up) (12k)*


radiohead in three acts (explicit) (13k)

treat me like a ragdoll (or treat me like a prince) (not rated) (4k)

chips of glass (explicit) (40k) *

wishful thinking (mature) (9k)


made of glass and careless (explicit) (42k)

we’re both showing hearts (explicit) (17k)

without you i’m a lost boy (teen and up) (9k)

and on this night and in this light, i think i’m falling for you (not rated) (421 words) *

Looks Like He Can Surf (explicit) (174k) *

crawling back to you (explicit) (7k)

Other pairings:

somehow you kicked all my walls in (explicit) (15k) (Michael/Harry) *

Look at You, Looking at Me (mature) (1k) (Luke/Ashton/Calum)

the one where they’re in the dressing room (explicit) (8k) (OT4)

it’s our destiny (you will see) (teen and up) (7k) (OT4)

big gay line (explicit) (4k) (OT4)