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Long before Shane Taylor met his wife, he dated Nicole.  Their life goals pulled them in different directions - but they made the best of the ten months they were together.  After they’d decided to call off the romantic part of their relationship, they managed to work on being just friends.  Sometimes it was hard, but they knew it would be worse if they tried to be intimate and had to break up again.

Nicole would eventually move away for her career and it was then that she met Rami Malek.  They hit it off as friends immediately, but after a few weeks it was clear that they were both thinking they could take this to a different level.  When Rami asked her out to dinner one night and clarified with, “Like a date, not like our usually dinners.  I mean like an actual date,” Nicole hesitantly agreed.  

Later that night she called Shane to talk about it.  They both agreed that going through what they’d had to was horrible, but that they’d do it again.  She thanked him for his support and he carefully mentioned he’d started seeing someone as well.  Nicole was truly happy for him and told him so.

The date with Rami was a success.  It was about two years later they moved in with each other.  Four years after that when Nicole casually mentioned if he wanted to get married (she wasn’t a fan of the whole wedding thing but was curious if Rami would want to).  He said that he didn’t mind if they had a wedding or not, just as long as they recognized some how they only wanted to be with each other.  So in a way, they were married.

Nicole worked with Ron Livingston.  They were great friends and loved to annoy each other by eating the other’s lunch from the fridge at work. But one day Nicole came across Ron pretending to be a cat.  She confronted him about it and he hissed at her, threw a keyboard against the wall, screamed, “SAIL” and jumped out the window.