Breakfast And Brunch - Mamas Tomato Gravy

This dish is truly a taste of Louisiana Cajun Country. My mama made countless batches of biscuits and tomato gravy in her lifetime. I’m sure she learned to make this from her mother. This is the dish that puts my feet back under my mama’s table. Serve with love over hot buttermilk biscuits along with bacon or sausage for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.
El Sótano - Rhythm n' Blues junto al pantano - 10/07/15

“Rhythm n’ Blues by the Bayou” es un recopilatorio editado por Ace Records que rescata material gestado en Louisiana en los años 50 y primeros 60, en buena parte grabaciones inéditas hasta la fecha. Playlist; Tabby Thomas (Teenagers), Wonder Boy Travis (She’s got eyes like a cat), Lester Robertson (Schooldays schooldays, My girl across town), King Karl (When I leave here, Walking in the park), TV Slim (Flat foot Sam), Lonesome Sundown (California blues), Otis Smith (You’re so good looking), Leroy Washington (Learn to treat me better, You can’t trust nobody), Big Walter (San Antonio), Classie Ballou (On mama (cajun blues), Lucille), James Sugar Crawford and his Canecutters (Round and round), Ivory Jackson (I’m a country boy), Billy Tate (Pray on (pray on my child)) y Carol Fran (Tomorrow).



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