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Courage the Cowardly Dog: Brother of the Bride

Kitty and Bunny are getting married, at last.  It’s reason for much rejoicing, but not everyone is as happy as they ought to be.  

Courage does not think Katz is a very good brother.  

Inspired by c2ndy2c1d’s villains-as-caretakers AU

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The Unexpected Arrival: Part Seven

The Unexpected Arrival: Part Seven

This story was inspired by Acid/C2ndy2c1d ( and her undying loyalty for one of my favorite cartoons, Courage the Cowardly Dog. And since she’s shown so many wonderful drawings to help sate my cravings, I thought I would write something in exchange.

This particular scenario is inspired by her awesome comic:

Rating: K (for Katz~)

Summary: After Muriel and Eustace’s passing, the Middle of Nowhere finally seems too empty for Courage. But some familiar, frightening faces will soon change all of that.

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What does it take to run a cajun soul food restaurant in Austin and feed the homeless people in your community? A lot of determination and faith. Watch the latest Austin While Black episode on the inspiring Nubian Queen Lola.

My Top Twenty Tittiegirls - Milking and Not Milking

I’m trying Ten for Ten.

My beauty criteria - huge, absolute Js or bigger, lots bigger and even, thick, standing firm or sagging, large lovely nipples, large leaky milky nipples, firm and full.

My number 1. - Milky Maxi Moom, her Mammoth titties strapped and milked or pumped by machine. Size - nipples - milky - Gorging

My number 2 - for incredible size, firmness and beauty Miosotis. These massive beauties made Nadine and Milena look small. Firmness - Size - Massiveness

My number 3 - again for incredible size firmness and beauty, Abbi Secraa so gorgeous hanging - lots of tit display - massive

My number 4 - Kristina Milan -
Huge nasty dripping tits. Gorgeous like basketballs leaking - Nasty - huge- milky tits gorgeous - leaky nipples

My number 5 - Mickey Bell - milky! Her tits have grown into fabulous gorgeous gigantic milkers. Huge - gorgeous - leaky nipples - lots of girliegirl Titus king

My number 6 - but you rarely see her Cajun Queen - any time you need two arms to handle a tit, Im there -mesmerized Macromastia - Now that’s ; a tittiegirl

My number 7 - someone else you rarely see much of these days - the incredible E-Melons. So thick and firm and huge. I loved when rolled around on her back, those big fat puppies so huge and firm.

My number 8 - the beautiful fat rockets of Hjtomi. OMG beautiful. Great tittiegirl acting. Lots of huge bouncing tit. Lots of girliegirl titsucking beautiful nipples

Mmmm my number 9, the huge gorgeous milk tits of Alicia Loren. She’s lovely and her tits are huge and beautiful and milky.

My number 10, oh goodness, speaking of getting milked - how about the milking of the innocent Mirumiru. Milked on all fours. Delightful

My number 11, going back to size, the Ns of Rinko, hanging past her waist from under her top. Nasty huge tits - giant nipples - playing with them on her back in the red bra. Her nipples rippling

Numbers 12 and 13 Milena and Nadine. Thank the goddess for these two Tittiegirls - tittielovers - girliegirl titsucking

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i said, yeah,,, YEAH, yeah,,, wooo houw come youe,, how come u dance so go od yeah,,,, yeah, yeah,, wouoo just like a, just like a black girl should yeah,,, yeah,, yeah, wo oo

Courage the Cowardly Dog: Wimbledon

The Queen of the Black Puddle was trapped under the floorboards, Le Quack was heading for the electric chair, Big Toe was being held in a top-secret quarantine chamber, the Cajun Fox was stuck in a stew pot, and Courage had been taken captive by the eggplants, who were preparing to storm the house.

He knew who was to blame.


Inspired by c2ndy2c1d’s villains-as-caretakers AU.

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Foxxay Fanfiction - Gone Too Long

Anon asked: Foxxay smut, just like pure graphic smut. Please? Pretty please with a banana on top? Xx

Rated M

Side note, my dialogue got carried away. 

Cordelia Foxx had been gone for much too long.

And Misty Day made sure the Supreme knew it. The older woman had barely stepped through the academy’s threshold that her girlfriend was on her. The swamp witch’s arms wrapped around Cordelia’s slim waist in a death grip, and she buried her face in blonde hair. The couple threatened to fall to the floor.

“Okay, okay Misty.” Cordelia laughed. “I missed you too.” She rubbed the taller woman’s back. Kyle appeared from behind a corner and took the luggage the Supreme delicately gave him, still wrapped up in her lover’s embrace. “Could you take that into my office? Thank you.” The shaggy haired boy smiled and did as he was told.

“Are you going to let go?” Cordelia asked into Misty’s wild hair. The cajun queen shook her head almost violently, and squeezed the Supreme a little tighter. The older blonde raised an eyebrow in amusement.

Zoe and Queenie popped their heads out of the salon, having heard Misty’s squeal and the door closing, but Cordelia shook her head and waved them away. She’d talk to them later. Zoe glanced at the voodoo witch, and they shared a smile and a shrug before disappearing again.

“Okay, babe.” Cordelia struggled to throw her keys onto the hooks by the door. “You’re going to have to let go, just for a second. Let me get my coat off.”

Misty’s grip slackened enough for the Supreme to tug her jacket off and she threw it as best as she could at the coat rack. It missed and landed on the floor, but she’d get it later, she hardly thought her girlfriend would let go long enough for her to pick it up.

“Is everything alright?” She asked quietly, determined to hear the girl’s voice.

It came, muffled. “Ya were gone too long.”

“Yes, I’m sorry.” Cordelia grimaced. “I didn’t like it either, but I’m back!" She finished brightly.

"Ya were gone way too long.”


Misty’s death grip suddenly took a new light.

“Ohhhh.” Cordelia knew her cheeks were turning red. “Okay, upstairs. Now.” Misty finally let go, a smile growing on her face. The Supreme pushed the girl forward, slightly miffed that her lover had acted that way. It was endearing, but she’d honestly thought something was terribly wrong.

Cordelia shut their bedroom door behind them and faced Misty. “You shouldn’t do that, you know, I thought the worst.”

Misty bit her lip and tightened her shawl around her shoulders. “The last three weeks have basically been the worst.”

“I noticed. You blew up my phone.” Cordelia smiled.

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be.” The older woman shook her head. “Where are the girls? The academy is rather quiet today.”

“Myrtle took them out for a field trip.”

“That’s a well-timed field trip.” Cordelia winked at Misty as she pulled off her shirt. She threw the garment at the swamp witch, who let it limply slide to the floor. From where she stood, the Supreme could tell the cajun queen was shivering in anticipation. She raised an eyebrow. “Do you want me to help with all those layers?”

“I didn’t wear that many today.” Misty blurted out.

Cordelia smirked. “Right.” Her fingers landed on the zipper that belonged to her skirt, and she slowly, achingly slowly, pulled it down. Misty’s hands became fists at her side.

“I’m not an art gallery, Misty. You can touch.”

“I just-I just thought ya might want to shower, or, or somethin’.” Misty said lamely.

“I didn’t come back from a three week business trip to take a shower." Cordelia shrugged. "Unless you’ll join me?” She cocked her head sideways, let her skirt fall from the end of her finger, and padded to the bathroom. Misty puppied in after her. 

Cordelia studied Misty’s reflection in the mirror. “Are you going to tell me what you’re thinking about?” She asked, moving to the clasp of her bra.

The swamp witch was behind her in a second, pushing aside the Supreme’s fingers and helping her with the offending undergarment.
They eyes met in the mirror.

“Do ya have any kinks?”

“Oh wow.” Cordelia grinned. “‘Hi Cordelia, welcome back, you got any kinks?’ What a welcome.” Misty blushed furiously. “No, I don’t think I do. But you, on the other hand…” She raised an eyebrow suggestively.

“What?” The swamp witch laughed nervously.

“Don’t think I haven’t noticed, Misty Day.” Cordelia turned in her girlfriend’s arms and looked up into her blue-green eyes. “You like it when I tug your hair.” She added with a smirk. “You like it when I bite you and you like it when I leave marks all over you. You wear them like trophies.”

Misty didn’t think she could turn any redder.

“You’re not denying it?” The Supreme asked.

“Why would I? Ya know me too damn well.”

Cordelia stood up on her toes and placed a kiss on the swamp witch’s lips. She was about to pull away when Misty’s hands wound themselves in her hair and tugged her back to deepen their embrace.

Cordelia turned them both around and pushed Misty into the sink countertop, grinding her hips into the swamp witch’s. Misty moaned into her mouth and melted underneath the Supreme’s touch. She moved her hands to the shorter woman’s back, but was repaid with a slap to the wrist.

Cordelia took a step back. “No touching.”

“No touchin’? What do ya-”

“You don’t get to touch me.” Cordelia repeated, a finger on Misty’s heaving chest. “And I get to do everything I want to you.”

“Everythin’?” Misty echoed, eyes bright.


The swamp witch bit her lip, and nodded.

Cordelia smirked. “Bedroom. Go.”

Misty practically ran out of the bathroom, Cordelia hot on her heels. The Supreme pushed the cajun queen down on the mattress and straddled her, beginning to work on the girl’s buttoned up corset. Misty found it incredibly hard to keep her hands to herself, and so she had to settle on wrapping her fingers around the duvet. She was rather happy she hadn’t worn a bra today.

Cordelia bit the swamp witch’s collarbone and moved down to suck and lip at a nipple. She tugged its twin between two fingers and drank in every yelp Misty gave off. She moved to the girl’s ribs, pulling at her skin there and biting every bone she could find. She began to suck on the girl’s skin, determined to leave a hickey or three.

Misty’s hands tangled in the Supreme’s hair despite herself. She was rewarded with nothing. Absolutely nothing. Cordelia had pulled away and sat up, a glint in her dark eyes.

“Misty.” She said slowly.

“I’m sorry Delia, I-”

“That’s a punishment, Misty. Turn around.”


“Misty.” The Supreme cut her off. She pointed at her lover and made a circle motion. “Turn your ass around.”

The swamp bitch let out a small moan and did as she was told, settling back down beneath Cordelia’s weight.

She let out a sharp yelp as Cordelia slapped her bottom, and she let bit the pillow to stop herself from crying out any more. The girls were gone, yes, but the house wasn’t completely empty. She felt the older witch press a kiss to her back, followed by a bite and a soothing touch that had her arching into the feeling.

Her wild hair was suddenly being tugged upwards, and she realized she wasn’t going to get a break tonight. Cordelia brought her up to her knees, her back towards the Supreme’s front, and she could feel every breath her lover took against her. Cordelia’s free hand traveled up to scratch a path from her ribs back down to her navel, little red marks that would be gone in a matter of minutes, but that contrasted nicely with the hickeys she knew the Supreme had left against her breasts. She felt another tug, and she brought her head back, her neck now exposed to Cordelia’s wandering mouth.

And Cordelia’s hand continued its path downwards. She moved past the waistband of Misty’s skirt and flirted over the girl’s panties, enjoying the way Misty breathed so erratically.

She pushed Misty back down, the swamp witch now on all four. The cajun queen glanced over her shoulder, throwing her hair back. Cordelia tugged at Misty’s underwear until it fell down to her knees, but she didn’t remove them.

“Cordelia.” Misty breathed.


“Please, Delia.”

“Please what?” The Supreme teased, running a finger down the girl’s spine. She moved her hand to Misty’s front and played with the short curls she found between her legs. “Please what?” She repeated. She wanted the swamp witch reduced to a blubbering, begging mess.

“Goddammit, Delia.” Misty whined. “Fuck me, please.”

Cordelia grinned and brought her hand back to Misty’s ass, only to dip her finger into the swamp witch’s pussy. Misty hissed and let her head fall between her shoulders. Cordelia began a slow movement in and out, adding another finger quicker than the cajun queen had thought she would. The younger witch moved her hips back to beg silently for more.


Cordelia let Misty’s demand slide, and did as she was told. The swamp witch answered with a groan.

“More, Delia.”

That one, the Supreme didn’t let slide, and she tugged hard on Misty’s hair. “Hey, don’t talk so much.” She tried to say it like she meant it, and she barely managed to keep her smile in check at the look Misty gave her. A mix between lust and hate. “Up.” The swamp witch groaned.

Cordelia turned Misty back to face her, and pushed her back into the pillows. She settled on her stomach and pried the swamp witch’s thighs apart. Misty didn’t fight too hard against her. Her head lolled to the side as the older woman began to lick her clit.

“God I’ve missed you.” Misty whimpered out, back arching off the bed, one hand heading back to grab a support on the headboard.

Cordelia answered by redoubling her efforts, nails digging into the girl’s flesh. Misty was so close and she just couldn’t take it anymore. Her hands anchored in the Supreme’s blonde hair and she fought to keep Cordelia’s mouth on her as stars began to collapse behind her eyes.
She came silently, fingers wrapped so tightly in her lover’s hair that Cordelia had to come up, short of getting hurt past pleasure. Misty’s head fell back, and fought to regain her breath.

Cordelia placed a small kiss on Misty’s stomach, rested her chin on taut muscles, and smiled.

The Unexpected Arrival: Part Two

The Unexpected Arrival: Part Two

This story was inspired by Acid/C2ndy2c1d ( and her undying loyalty for one of my favorite cartoons, Courage the Cowardly Dog. And since she’s shown so many wonderful drawings to help sate my cravings, I thought I would write something in exchange.

This particular scenario is inspired by her awesome comic:

Rating: K (for Katz~) 

Summary: After Muriel and Eustace’s passing, the Middle of Nowhere finally seems too empty for Courage. But some familiar, frightening faces will soon change all of that.


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Foxxay Fanfiction - Not My Hell Part III

Part I: Here

Part II: Here

Cordelia awoke to Misty’s fingers flirting with hers. She opened her dark eyes and gazed into the younger blonde’s blue-green ones.

The swamp witch had suddenly shown up on the academy’s doorstep the night before, drenched from the storm outside, tears streaming down her face. She’d hiccuped out Cordelia’s name and fallen into her arms, her fingers tightening so hard on the Supreme’s skin she’d left bruises. Misty hadn’t let go of the witch that night, hadn’t stopped crying either, and Cordelia had let her soak her shoulder. The necromancer had fallen asleep, curled up against the older woman, tears drying on her face.

And Cordelia hadn’t let her eyes stray too far from the girl, afraid this was a dream, a nightmare. But as she woke and her thoughts came alive again, she realized the blonde’s touch was very real. Misty’s eyes were still puffy from the night before, but she wasn’t crying anymore. She gazed evenly at Cordelia.

“I’m back.”

Cordelia allowed herself a small smile, and she squeezed Misty’s fingers tightly. “Yeah, you are.” Her heart swelled with emotion. “I missed you so much, Misty.” Her breath rattled in her throat. “It killed me that I couldn’t save you, I tried everything and I couldn’t even begin to find you.”

“It doesn’t matter anymore.” The taller girl smiled softly. “I’m back.”

To the Supreme’s surprise, Misty brought their lips in a sweet kiss. Cordelia’s eyes closed, reveling in the moment. Misty’s stayed open. They broke apart, the older woman breathing hard. The necromancer seemed at war with herself, she bit her lip hard, blinking rapidly.

“We’ll have to hold a meeting, so the new girls can meet you.” Cordelia said quietly. She sat up, despite her brain screaming at her to stay in bed with the swamp witch.

“Okay.” Misty smiled.

“And then we’ll talk about this,” Cordelia pointed to the two of them. "Later.“

The swamp witch smirked as the Supreme turned her back. "We could talk about it now.” She stood up and wrapped her arms around Cordelia’s waist, placing small, open mouthed kisses on the woman’s shoulder. Cordelia’s head fell back, a moan escaping from between her lips, her fingers grasping onto Misty’s. 

She managed to undo the swamp witch’s hold on her, breath ragged. “Later, Misty, please.”

The necromancer’s arms fell limply to her side, her smirk replaced by a panicked look. “I’m sorry. I’ll just be goin’, to Zoe’s room or somethin’. To change.” She muttered a curse and hastily left, closing the suite’s door rather hard behind her.

The Supreme’s shoulders slumped. She had to give the young blonde time to return to her senses. It was the least she could do, for both the swamp witch and herself.

She went around the girls’ rooms, knocking on each and calling out for a meeting in the salon. As it was unscheduled, she got quite a few incredulous looks, but promised to have all their questions answered.

Cordelia sat herself in her favorite chair, by the piano, and waited for the young witches to file in. Zoe watched, eyes filled with sleep, as she stood behind the Supreme with Queenie. Misty had been given the place of honor, to the right of Cordelia. She stared ahead, eyes blank.

There were almost thirty girls, and it took time for them to all find a spot in which to comfortably sit. A few ended up on the floor before the oldest witch, gratefully taking the glasses of orange juice Kyle was passing out.

“Quiet girls, please.” Cordelia called out. “I know I retired early last night. And I know many of you were confused by me bringing in a stranger so readily from the storm. This is no stranger.” Her dark eyes flitted from witch to witch. “This is Misty Day, a gifted necromancer who was lost to us during the Seven Wonders back in January.” She glanced at the wild blonde, and grasped her hand tightly, Misty’s fingers wrapping around her own in quiet trust. “She’s found her way back.”


Misty answered quietly. “I made a deal with the devil.”

A ripple of laughter went around the room, and the swamp witch smiled softly, but Cordelia didn’t find it funny.

“I want you girls to give her your utmost respect, she’s braved a lot to come back. There will be no jokes, no slurs.” She glared hard at her students. “She is not part of the council, but treat her as such. She is an original of this academy.”

“You’d better not mess up.” Queenie added, crossing her arms over her shirt. “We’re quite protective.” Zoe nodded, though her gaze was not as steeled as the voodoo witch’s.

“It’ll take her time to readjust, and some rules might change around here to accommodate her return.” The Supreme added. “As of this moment, the greenhouse is off limits at any time other than class time. Understood?”

The witches nodded as one.

“Where will she sleep?”

“Don’t worry, Jackie, you’re not about to get kicked out. There’s plenty of room in the academy.” Cordelia heard Zoe distinctively pushing through her thoughts to be heard. You were just saying last week we couldn’t house anyone else, and I don’t think Chelsea will give her her room back. She gave the younger witch a long look, but didn’t answer her unspoken comment.

The meeting over, the girls went about their day.

Kyle passed by the four witches left to pick up their glasses, and as he walked by Misty, the swamp witch didn’t even accord him a quick glance. She raised an eyebrow and held out her glass for him to take from between her long fingers. He did so quietly, not paying much attention. But Cordelia noticed. Misty always had a warm smile for the boy, always a comforting touch and a laugh in her blue-green eyes. But today, she didn’t meet his gaze, she chose to grimace instead.

The cajun queen stood and cast a look around the room lazily, her hip cocked out. She took off Stevie’s black shawl (the one Cordelia had left, like an idol to be worshipped, in her former room) and draped it over the back of the couch before leaving the salon, headed god knows where.

“Is she acting weird to you?” Cordelia asked her council softly. “Like, really weird?”

“Like you said, she just got back from Papa’s hell.” Zoe smiled saddly and placed a reassuring hand on her Supreme’s shoulder. “Give her time.”

“She’ll be back to her twirling ways soon, don’t worry.” Queenie added.

Cordelia sighed and stood, bent on finding the younger blonde, determined to have a conversation with her. She passed Stevie’s shawl and wrapped it around her fingers, deciding to bring it with her to the greenhouse, where she’d most likely find Misty Day. Or where Misty Day would most likely find her.

The hallways felt dark, even with the sunlight bouncing off the academy’s white walls, even with the life radiating from all the girls now living inside the school. She crossed her arms, the shawl hanging off at her elbow, and paused to rest her forehead on the backdoor’s cool wood.

Fleetwood Mac was playing loudly, loud enough to be heard from the outside of the greenhouse, and Cordelia smiled softly. She filed away the thought of asking Stevie back for a day or two for later. Maybe the swamp witch would feel better if she saw her idol again.

Misty was bent over a dying plant, her ringed fingers softly tracing the outlines of the leaves, hips barely swaying to the music playing on her favorite record player. The Supreme had left it there as a token to her memory, and she was glad to hear it play again. It’d been silent for far too long.

“Misty, can we talk now?”

The young blonde looked up, her frown turning into a small smile. “Of course, Miss Delia.” She wiped her hands on a rag and hopped up onto the counter, legs swinging. Cordelia rounded the island and stood in front of the swamp witch, about a foot away.

She began to wring her hands. “About earlier…”

“I wanted to apologize-”

“Please, don’t.” The Supreme said quickly. She stepped closer, her hands coming to rest on Misty’s thighs, playing with the fabric of her skirt. “I’m just confused, that’s all.”

“I don’t know what came over me.” Misty admitted. “I was gone for so long and I was fightin’ to remember ya down there. I just needed to feel somethin’ other than pain.” She looked up into Cordelia’s dark eyes.

The older blonde gazed back, surprised. “You thought about me?”

“I tried to, as much as I could. It was hard. I can’t remember.” She sighed. “Thanks for takin’ me back so readily.”

“I just want you to be happy. You deserve to be happy.”

Their gazes locked, tensions rising.

“Yeah?” Misty’s fingers crawled up to Cordelia’s neck.

“Yeah.” The Supreme nodded.

The cajun queen brought Cordelia’s face closer to hers, the older witch’s eyes closing as her lips ghosted over Misty’s. Misty tugged her jaw upward, pushing her away, letting out a bark of laughter as she did so.

Cordelia stumbled back, shocked, as the wild blonde jumped off the counter. She sauntered over to the record player and removed the needle with an angry jerk, a smirk on her face.

“You’re cute, Delia.” Misty snickered.


“How much older are you than me? Ten years?” The swamp witch asked. “I’m one of your students and here you are, getting all sentimental.” She shook her head, grinning. “A dyke and a cougar, who’d have thought?”

The Supreme’s dark eyes were wide.

Misty suddenly bit her lip and broke gaze with Cordelia, her eyes filling with tears. She slammed her eyes shut, her breath coming out in short gasps. “I’m so sorry, Delia. I just-oh god.” She pushed past the older blonde, running out of the greenhouse.

The vinyl spun on, silent.

I have no idea how long this will end up being. 


This project was assigned in my Wed Design class. It was an open project, so we were given choice to create or redesign a website on whatever we wanted. I have been in South Carolina for almost 3 years now and my favorite restaurant by far is The Cajun Queen, located in Charlotte, NC. When I first went on their website to find their address, it shocked me how their website was unorganized, so I decided to redesign it for this particular project. The main focus of my design is creating an ambiance that would reflect the restaurant’s.  The home page has all the information that a person usually looks for when they go on a restaurant’s website; address, hours, awards and the kind of food.

J'ai créer ce site web dans le cadre dans ma classe en “Web Design”. Ceci était notre projet final pour la classe et le sujet était a nous de décider. J'ai choisie de redessiner le site web de mon restaurent favoris parce que leur site original est très chaotique. La principale chose a laquelle je me suis concentrer était de créer une ambiance a travers le site qui allait refléter sur l'ambiance retrouver dans le restaurent. La page d'accueil comporte tous l'information qu'une personne veut voir: les heures d'ouvertures, l'adresse, les prix que le restaurent a gagner, ainsi que la sorte de nourriture servis.