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Eugene Roe Headcannons

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Anon: Please more Eugene Roe! I’m fine with what ever you do, we just need more of that adorable pinked nose Cajun prince;)

As A Significant Other:

  • He is so sweet
  • Because he will bend over backwards to make you happy
  • Even if you don’t ask for it
  • He’ll wants to make sure that he’s the one making you smile.
  • He gives you long-lasting hugs
  • Where he wraps his arms tightly around your waste
  • And he likes to kiss you on your nose
  • Or your forehead
  • And then rest his head on top of yours.
  • He takes you out on personal dates
  • Like, if you tell him that there’s a place that means a lot to you
  • Or a place that you loved as a kid
  • He’ll surprise you by taking you there
  • And spending hours going around while you tell him stories about the place.
  • And he loves to kiss you slowly and softly
  • Kind of like a Disney prince
  • Because he adores you
  • And would do anything to make you happy.

As A Best Friend:

  • You two are the best friends that are so close you’re practically twins
  • Because you spend all your time together
  • And it’s even gotten to the point where you finish each others sentences.
  • You met during boot camp
  • Because you were both medical personnel
  • And you were kind of forced to be around each other
  • So you slowly but surely bonded
  • And now you’re inseparable.
  • You both let each other be their own person, though
  • Because he realizes that you can handle yourself
  • And you understand that he can take care of himself
  • But there are still times
  • When one of you sees the other being harassed
  • So you step in
  • And God help the person that fucked with one of you.
  • You two let each other know that you love each other
  • And you’re not ashamed to admit it.
Oh, I most definitely will marry you!

Oh, there's so much to plan!

The guest list! The dress! The music!
The flowers! The shoes!

We're gonna have ourselves
a Mardi Gras weddin'.

For Marlee elsa-stole-a-tardis

emanationman  asked:

Band o' Bros!


  1. my husband Ronald Speirs
  2. my salty child Joe Liebgott
  3. my cajun prince Eugene Roe
  4. my favorite child George Luz
  5. my fellow ravenclaw David Webster

THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE LIST BECAUSE IT CHANGES IF YOU ASK ME IN AN HOUR! except for the top spot. That’s gonna be the same always. 

Easy Company Nicknames

Thanks to everyone who contributed!! <3 

Easy Company: 

Dick and his Dicklings, Badass Beauty Queens, Band of Baes, Squad Squad, Airborne Sons, Not F(ucked) Company, Band of Badasses, IT DEM BOIS, My Sons™

Dick Winters: 

The Sass King, Dad Friend, Actual Captain America, Ginger Prince

Lewis Nixon: 

The Gossip Lord, Eye brows, Gangster, Sleeping Beauty, Human Liquor Cabinet, Whiskey Uncle 

Ron Speirs: 

Daddy, The Scary One, Mama Lip’s Man, Swiper, Sticky Fingers

Buck Compton: 

My Sun and Stars, Blonde Zombie Eyes, All-American Blonde Bombshell, California Sunshine Daddy

Carwood Lipton: 

Sweet Tea, Goody Two Shoes, Mama Lip, The Secretly Scary One

Joe Toye: 

Angry Teddybear, Ramse, Boy-Toye, Husky Incarnate

George Luz: 

Luzmeister, Actual Sunshine Outta Yo Ass, Impersonator Extraordinaire 

Bill Guarnere: 

Hot Shot, The Godfather, Underbite

Don Malarkey: 

Ginger Son, Mortar Squad King, My Irish Baby

Eugene Roe: 

Cajun Prince, Snow Medic, Ragin’ Cajun, Sleepy Kitten, Mon Petit Chou (My Little Cabbage), Cajun Ray of Sunshine

Ralph Spina: 

Snow Medic, Pudgy Dough Boy, Cooler Than You Originally Thought

Harry Welsh: 

Gap Toothed Leprechaun

Babe Heffron: 

Philadelphia Sunshine, Sweet Summer Child, Sonshine, Sassy Ginger Twink from South Philly, Actual Ray of Sunshine,

Joe Liebgott: 

Salty Cinnamon Roll, Jewish King, Nice Hair That Will Ruin Your Life Guy, Pretty Lips, Soft Hair Satan, The Angry One

David Webster: 

Princess, Shark Lover, Nerdy Bookworm, Gucci Runway Model, Miss Haguenau, Professor Humanity, Poster Boy, Lurker #1

Donald Hoobler: 

Precious Boy Who Deserved Better, Dopey McHotstuff

Skip Muck: 

Chinless Wonder, Adorable Idiot, Tiny Pup, Mortar Squad Prince, Dork Son 

Alex Penkala:

Polish Ray of Sunshine, One I Always Forget About and Then Feel Bad, Most Precious Son™

Shifty Powers: 

Sniper Puppy, Virginia Love, Southern Belle

Bull Randleman: 

Big Blonde Guy, Actual Tank, Hilljack, My Giant Southern Sweet Iced Tea

Floyd Talbert: 

Kokomo Love, Heartbreaker, James Dean, McSexybutt

Skinny Sisk: 

The Calm One, Gangly Puppy, The One With The Sense Of Humor Drier Than The Fucking Sahara

Frank Perconte:

Lil Guy, Chip Skylark

Pat Christenson: 

Actual Land Shark, Lurker #2, Thirsty Guy


Baby Andrew Scott, Wait Isn’t That Moriarty?


Corn. Not My Boy, Never My Boy. Annoying Ass Drunk. 

Lt. Jones: 

Snail Junior, Bless Him He Tried


Peaches, The Asshole