cajun prince

Easy Company Nicknames

Thanks to everyone who contributed!! <3 

Easy Company: 

Dick and his Dicklings, Badass Beauty Queens, Band of Baes, Squad Squad, Airborne Sons, Not F(ucked) Company, Band of Badasses, IT DEM BOIS, My Sons™

Dick Winters: 

The Sass King, Dad Friend, Actual Captain America, Ginger Prince

Lewis Nixon: 

The Gossip Lord, Eye brows, Gangster, Sleeping Beauty, Human Liquor Cabinet, Whiskey Uncle 

Ron Speirs: 

Daddy, The Scary One, Mama Lip’s Man, Swiper, Sticky Fingers

Buck Compton: 

My Sun and Stars, Blonde Zombie Eyes, All-American Blonde Bombshell, California Sunshine Daddy

Carwood Lipton: 

Sweet Tea, Goody Two Shoes, Mama Lip, The Secretly Scary One

Joe Toye: 

Angry Teddybear, Ramse, Boy-Toye, Husky Incarnate

George Luz: 

Luzmeister, Actual Sunshine Outta Yo Ass, Impersonator Extraordinaire 

Bill Guarnere: 

Hot Shot, The Godfather, Underbite

Don Malarkey: 

Ginger Son, Mortar Squad King, My Irish Baby

Eugene Roe: 

Cajun Prince, Snow Medic, Ragin’ Cajun, Sleepy Kitten, Mon Petit Chou (My Little Cabbage), Cajun Ray of Sunshine

Ralph Spina: 

Snow Medic, Pudgy Dough Boy, Cooler Than You Originally Thought

Harry Welsh: 

Gap Toothed Leprechaun

Babe Heffron: 

Philadelphia Sunshine, Sweet Summer Child, Sonshine, Sassy Ginger Twink from South Philly, Actual Ray of Sunshine,

Joe Liebgott: 

Salty Cinnamon Roll, Jewish King, Nice Hair That Will Ruin Your Life Guy, Pretty Lips, Soft Hair Satan, The Angry One

David Webster: 

Princess, Shark Lover, Nerdy Bookworm, Gucci Runway Model, Miss Haguenau, Professor Humanity, Poster Boy, Lurker #1

Donald Hoobler: 

Precious Boy Who Deserved Better, Dopey McHotstuff

Skip Muck: 

Chinless Wonder, Adorable Idiot, Tiny Pup, Mortar Squad Prince, Dork Son 

Alex Penkala:

Polish Ray of Sunshine, One I Always Forget About and Then Feel Bad, Most Precious Son™

Shifty Powers: 

Sniper Puppy, Virginia Love, Southern Belle

Bull Randleman: 

Big Blonde Guy, Actual Tank, Hilljack, My Giant Southern Sweet Iced Tea

Floyd Talbert: 

Kokomo Love, Heartbreaker, James Dean, McSexybutt

Skinny Sisk: 

The Calm One, Gangly Puppy, The One With The Sense Of Humor Drier Than The Fucking Sahara

Frank Perconte:

Lil Guy, Chip Skylark

Pat Christenson: 

Actual Land Shark, Lurker #2, Thirsty Guy


Baby Andrew Scott, Wait Isn’t That Moriarty?


Corn. Not My Boy, Never My Boy. Annoying Ass Drunk. 

Lt. Jones: 

Snail Junior, Bless Him He Tried


Peaches, The Asshole