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More Mystery Skulls! As promised, here we have my other vampire OC, Katherine turned into a ghost. 

Kat and Larkin are known for always being together and it seems that she couldn’t let him go when he became a ghost, so she became one herself.

Kat is also known as Larkin’s “good concience” or “innocence”, in the way that he sees her as his little sister and no matter how bad he gets, she will always be there for him, to comfort him and pull him out of the darkness. 

As you can see, Kat has darker red hair than Larkin, so I swapped places on their personal colors (red and yellow), and gave her a more innocent backdrop than the sinister one that Larkin has. 

Hope you like! 


Decided to jump the bandwagon and do some Mystery Skulls art, and my OC Larkin fell victim for it. I dont think he minds that much though~

I guess this is what would happen if he died again and came back as a blood sucking ghost. The cracks on his skull are from his two most visable scars. 

I must confess that I have been listening to the song on repeat since.. about 10:30 am, it is now 16:48 pm. Obsession much?

Really happy with the result, and it was very fun to do :) So much so that I plan on making more characters in this style! Next up will be Larkin’s partner in crime: Kat! 

Also, couldnt decide on arms or no arms, nor vest line or not, so have both.

Larkin belongs to me of course <3

And the style belongs to Mystery Skulls.

Oops, I Orion’d. 

Just felt like drawing him the other day after trying out a new way to draw pony legs and hooves and just played around, somehow decided to give him a fluff around his neck and it fitted so well, so yeah, he’s a fluffer now. 

Thinking about adding a star marking by his horn, sorta like the one on … what’s her face, the unicorn from The Last Unicorn.

His wings are no longer completely transparent, since I have converted that to it being a spell/blessing of his called Orionäs Gust, it can only be used during the night, and is more powerful depending on the sky.

If the night is cloudy and you cant see the stars or moon, then the wings are very fragile and cannot contain flight for a longer time, nor certain heights.

If the sky is clear and you can see the stars and moon, then the wings are stable and allows a safer flight, however the wings are mostly for gliding. 

During a full moon, the wings are at their full strenght and can perform more complex flying than just gliding. 

Orion/sketch belongs to yours truly, aka Cajes/me. <3


Neloru, the Mistweaver


OHEMGEE, art from Cajes?! 

Yes, about a week ago, my boyfriend and I started to play World of Warcraft again. I have a serious love for the draenei men, in fact I have seven of them. 

This here is my current highest level draenei, Neloru. He is a mistweaver monk and he is basically all about the specialization, as one can tell by his hair and skin colour x3 

He loves everything about Pandaria and has embraced the culture very well. 

A lil info on him, he is an alchemist, potion maker, herbalist, tea brewer, pipe smoker, masseur and in general life enjoyer. Very optimistic, and very friendly to all factions and genders …. if you know what I mean. -wiggles eyebrows-

The freckles are a fun story, I just added some markings to his tendrils and then just added a few dots by his eyes, it looked so good that I covered him in freckles. 

Also, he looks like a fricking genie with that pose and hair, not to mention the mist around him. 

Hope you like this dork as much as I do <3

Reference used. 

Neloru and the art belongs to yours truly.

Draenei and monk class/mistweaver belongs to Blizzard.

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((btw the stump on his back is one of the plates/scales(?) on his tail.))


Two custom adopts I was commissioned to design. 

The client wanted an angel pony and a black/rainbow counterpart. 

Knowing it would not look well, and because I am not a fan of the latter color choice, I discussed another design with her and this is the final result.

Custom adopts are still open, if anyone’s interested! Will have to tweak the prices a lil since I’ve gotten way better.

For now, enjoy.

Art&Designs © yours truly.

Characters belong to their rightful owner.

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