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EDIT: Curse be me, I forgot his blush and had to go back and fix that. 

Here we are! Part 2 of the portrait series, that started with this hunk!

This time around, we have the biggest cutie in the galaxy, my twi'lek vanguard, Bazeen. 

Baz is the sweetest thing you’ll meet in the galaxy, he is a big, gentle giant, standing at the height of 2.30 meters. He has a broad, muscular, yet soft build, covered in scars from head to toe, his most obvious one being on his neck. 

He is 32 years old, making him 4 years older than Rhy'lohk. He has been in service as a soldier of the Republic since he was 18, and became part of Special Forces in his mid twenties. 

In the game I play him as a tank vanguard, who amusingly enough, is NOT wearing a massive, heavy armor, but instead a rather light-looking jumpsuit. 

He is almost full light side, of course.

He isnt the sharpest tool in the shed and quite naive. He is selfless and puts others before himself and will do anything to aid the innocent. 

He tries to talk his way out of situations, since he is reluctant to use violence, but if he has no other alternative, then he will punch your teeth in. 

That’s it for now, dont want to spoil him too much ;) Enjoy!

Art/Bazeen belongs to yours truly, aka me <3 

Twi'lek, vanguard, trooper, SWTOR belongs to LucasArts, BioWare and EA.


Part 2 in the portrait series.

Here it is! The best male face I have ever drawn! 

This right here is the face of my zabrak mandalorian merc, Rhy'lohk from SWTOR.

I adore him, just saying, I really, really adore him, especially now that he has this rocking face! 

I just love everything about the bounty hunters and mandalorians in Star Wars, and Bounty Hunter is easily my favorite class in the game. 

I have a full blown story for this guy that will be written in the future and even turned into a comic once I have more time. 

I can’t stop staring at this guy, he is easily one of the most attractive OCs I have <3 

As you might see, I kinda went nuts with the second picture ^^; but it turned out really good and I learned a few neat tricks in Photoshop, plus I got to try out my new brushes >3 

Can’t wait to get a sub for the game so that I can relevel this punk and get rid of the parasite named Mako that got to him.

Art/Rhy'lohk belongs to yours truly, that’s me! <3

Zabrak, Bounty Hunter, Mandalorian, TOR belongs to LucasArts, BioWare and EA. 

More Mystery Skulls! As promised, here we have my other vampire OC, Katherine turned into a ghost. 

Kat and Larkin are known for always being together and it seems that she couldn’t let him go when he became a ghost, so she became one herself.

Kat is also known as Larkin’s “good concience” or “innocence”, in the way that he sees her as his little sister and no matter how bad he gets, she will always be there for him, to comfort him and pull him out of the darkness. 

As you can see, Kat has darker red hair than Larkin, so I swapped places on their personal colors (red and yellow), and gave her a more innocent backdrop than the sinister one that Larkin has. 

Hope you like! 


Decided to jump the bandwagon and do some Mystery Skulls art, and my OC Larkin fell victim for it. I dont think he minds that much though~

I guess this is what would happen if he died again and came back as a blood sucking ghost. The cracks on his skull are from his two most visable scars. 

I must confess that I have been listening to the song on repeat since.. about 10:30 am, it is now 16:48 pm. Obsession much?

Really happy with the result, and it was very fun to do :) So much so that I plan on making more characters in this style! Next up will be Larkin’s partner in crime: Kat! 

Also, couldnt decide on arms or no arms, nor vest line or not, so have both.

Larkin belongs to me of course <3

And the style belongs to Mystery Skulls.

A pony/chibi(?) version of a wild horse character I came up with a few months ago. 

She’s a wild mare with a love for speed and adventure. In attitude she is much like a Rapidash, as soon as she spot anything moving, she will chase after, urging it to race her. 

Her pelt is a bold, reddish brown, with a darker brown mane. Three black hooves, and one beige, with the left front leg being white. Her eyes being a shocking iceblue. 

There is a story of how she got her white leg and patch of mane, that story being that she was struck by lightning as a foal. This story also says that the lightning strike is also why she is such a fast runner. 

Decided to update the picture I had of her from earlier, that one was bad x_x Also updated my pony anatomy. Still too long neck though. 

Here’s the horsie I told you about, Louise :D 


Neloru, the Mistweaver


OHEMGEE, art from Cajes?! 

Yes, about a week ago, my boyfriend and I started to play World of Warcraft again. I have a serious love for the draenei men, in fact I have seven of them. 

This here is my current highest level draenei, Neloru. He is a mistweaver monk and he is basically all about the specialization, as one can tell by his hair and skin colour x3 

He loves everything about Pandaria and has embraced the culture very well. 

A lil info on him, he is an alchemist, potion maker, herbalist, tea brewer, pipe smoker, masseur and in general life enjoyer. Very optimistic, and very friendly to all factions and genders …. if you know what I mean. -wiggles eyebrows-

The freckles are a fun story, I just added some markings to his tendrils and then just added a few dots by his eyes, it looked so good that I covered him in freckles. 

Also, he looks like a fricking genie with that pose and hair, not to mention the mist around him. 

Hope you like this dork as much as I do <3

Reference used. 

Neloru and the art belongs to yours truly.

Draenei and monk class/mistweaver belongs to Blizzard.

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((btw the stump on his back is one of the plates/scales(?) on his tail.))

A little WIP for you guys to enjoy. This is actually not a new piece of art, but one that’s been collecting dust in my art folder for some months now. 

This is a concept of my dragon OC, Simnae [meaning North Whisper]. Might tweak on it a lil more, like, see the holes on his jawline? Might add a few more of those a lil here and there. Might give him a second line of ridges down the back of his neck.

And of course I have to design the rest of his body, which is taking me FOREVER!

I have his body type done, I just need to figure out his wings, scalepattern and feet. And of course his coloring. 

Basically his coloring is rather simple, he is ivory colored all over, but with faint markings.

Also, he isnt a true dragon, he was created from water and wind. And his insides are pretty fun. He doesnt really have any organs. His insides are hollow, and look like this! His blood is a thick, blue liquid which freezes instantly if it leaves his body. 

Also the holes on his jawline that I mentioned above can be found a lil everywhere on his body, like under his neck ridges for example. These will exhaust large amounts of steam when he is enraged or exhausted, and when he is calm they will only exhaust tiny trails of steams. 

His breathing attacks consist of two types.

Ice breathe, which is as it sounds, a cone of sharp icy winds that freeze a prey in place.

Steam, again as it sounds, he exhales a cone of steam, which is so hot it burns your skin and causes major burn damage. 

Although, Simnae is in fact quite the gentleman and will rarely use these attacks, he prefers to use his teeth and claws and politely rip you to shreds. 

Despite being born from wind and water, turning him to ice, Simnae isn’t cold to the touch, but instead rather warm, thanks to the steam inside his body. But his wings is another story. The steam doesnt reach into his wings in the same way it does his body, so his wings are stonecold. So cold in fact that frost and snow are constantly formed on them if kept still for too long. 

This isnt something that bothers him, nor has any negative effect on his movement. Instead, the snow and frost leave a beautiful glistening trail behind him during flight. 

Simnae is an ageless guardian. Meaning he wont die from old age, but he can be killed, though it’s not the simplest task. 

Despite being both ageless and having a lack of organs, Simnae still has to feed like everyone else. Due to his size, he has an enourmous appetite and will have to hunt a large amount of smaller prey, or go after a few big ones to substain his hunger. 

It’s not that uncommon for him to fly out to the ocean and pick up a surfacing whale or so. Thanks to his size, he can easily pick up an orca and fly away with it. A blue whale or whale shark is on the other hand too heavy for him. 

But he isnt just a large, scaley badass. Oh no, this derp has allergies. Pollen to be exact. Poor guy was born in a winter wasteland and thus is used to not being surrounded by fields of blossoming flowers and trees. This causes him to be very sensetive around such smells. He rarely travel through such places during spring and summertime, unless he absolutely has to. 

Thankfully he has a nifty little trick. Just like seal, when going under water, Simnae can close his nostrils. Granted this doesnt keep out all of it, but it prevents him from inhailing pollen that’ll get stuck in his nose. 

However, if he were to be stricken with an overdose of pollen, the worst that’ll happen to him is a clogged up nose and him collapsing in place, refusing to get up. His body becomes weak and he feels limp all over. Thankfully, it can be quickly solved by splashing ice cold water into his mouth and nose, to rid of the pollen that is stuck in there. 

Poor sod. 

Also, did I mention he is really large? He is roughly around 40-60 feet in height, and longer in length. Due to not being technically a real animal, but a magically created one, he can chance his size and looks. He can compress himself to be the size of a cat or medium sized dog, as well as the size of a race horse. Though he prefers his massive form the most. 

He can also take the form of a human. Even this form can be altered. Before meeting his lover, Xio, Simnae was often mistaken for a very tall, fine-looking woman. 

His hair was always let down and reached his lower back, the fact that he wore robes didnt help much either, since it smoothened out his broad shoulders and overall physique. His old friend, Tru, constantly made fun of him for this.

After meeting Xio, Simnae changed his apperance. His hair is still long, but now always in a braid, loosely wrapped around his shoulders like a scarf. He has a beard, and his overall physique has been buffed a bit, plus he is hairy. He also wears more fitted clothes, like suits, to show off his masculine physique. He usually only wears robes at home, for comfort. 

Around his small group of friends, Simnae is most often seen in his human form, rather than as a dragon. But he cant keep his human form forever, and must stretch his wings as often as possible to not lose his mind as his humanskin sometimes feels like a prison. 

He also has a hybrid form, which he uses when he is too tired to compress into his human form, but not in a space that allows his dragon form. 

The hybrid form varies in looks, but the biggest difference is if it has wings or not. Otherwise, Simnae simply gains his tail, a husky-pattern of scales, his legs become more animal like, with a reptile foot at the end. He also becomes slightly taller thanks to the change in his legs. 

Sorry for the long post, but hey, info on a character of mine :D Jippie!

Art & character, as always,  belongs to yours truly.

A gift/3+ year or so belated birthday gift for my darling, Rae <3  

This is one of her main characters from our ancient roleplay, this is Sycosi, or Syasi as her true name is, and this is also her true form. While she normally looks like a normal woman, except with golden eyes and dark plum hair x3 

She is the partner/lover/fiancé/buttbuddy/whathaveyou of my character Tru, and together they have a son named Credo(poor kid is fucked up after being taken away from his parents as a toddler, not meeting his father until at age 15, and they are the shittiest parent in our story.)

Here’s for you, hun <3

Edit: Fixed her eyes.

“Fuck, it’s YOU I hate the most!”

And the ghosts keep coming! Did you guys expect anything else? I LOVE drawing these! 

So, next on the chopping block *snort* we have none other than the man of envy himself; Akantru, Tru for short. He’s a rather fun character of mine, one of my mains from my roleplay with :iconethelo: and over the past 10-12 years he has gone through a TON of changes, in fact so much so, that I am STILL not sure what he should be! :iconcriesplz:

Seriously though, he’s done some serious changes from a punk vampire rockstar furry, to a gay human vampire, to an grim reaper, to a ghost, to a ghost wolf, to a vampire wolf with blue fur and a tail so ridiculous it would make a snow leopard stare in awe. He’s been a maned wolf, a gloppy tar wolf, a fallen angel, a soul eater, an owl gryphon and I can’t for the life of me get a firm grip of the idiot!! 

I’m thinking of turning him into some transformation god/demon instead, and envy would be a pretty big part of him, because it already is. 

I can’t even begin to tell ya’ll how paranoid and suspicious this man is of anyone and everyone he meets. Anyone that dares to approach his family, talk to them, hell even LOOK their way, he will think up all these crazy scenarios of what’s going to happen and will mostly scare them off, because he will stare at them as if he’s about to bite their heads off and spit it down their open throats! 

He is very cold in behavior, except towards his fiancée, but his son rarely feels the same love that his mother does. He only tolerates one other person as his friend and that is an ancient, obnoxious(according to him) elemental dragon named Simnae. 

But back to the picture, this is NOT the ghost from the cave or whatever that possessed Arthur, though if Tru ever found a group like them he would most likely pull a similar stunt like that. I don’t hold it against him, it’s in his nature.

Art and character belong to yours truly~