Water Deer, 2014

ink, watercolor, digital

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EDIT: This piece is now available as a gallery-quality archival print in my new INPRINT shop, starting at only $25.  For signed editions including a personalized original sketch just for you, email me at with the size you’d like and your mailing address; limited signed editions for the first 15 queries for $10+ the print cost.  

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For people in the Boston area: I’ll be showing selected new works along with dozens of other amazingly talented designers, artists, sculptors, and jewelry makers on June 1st at the South Boston Open Studios in the Distillery building.  If you’re in the area, RSVP here.  Amazing work, by many multi-faceted artists, it’ll take you hours to check everything out.  And, if it’s you’re thing, I’ll have veeerrryyy limited edition signed prints (of the pieces above and more) for sale at $20-40, plus one-of-a-kind sketchbook pieces I’ll be working on during the open house event for free, if yer one of those lucky folks that drop by in person.  Don’t miss it, y'all, it’s gonna be great.

Cai Vail’s tumblr and website 

Vulpes Vulpes, 2014  / graphite and digital 


End of the year sale!  Today I’m releasing hand-signed prints of Vulpes Vulpes in a limited edition of 20 (size 8"x12", $30) in my shop for the first time.  Get yours here.  Also available unsigned in various sizes on INPRNT.  And guess what? THIS WEEKEND, ALL PRINTS IN MY INPRNT SHOP ARE 25% OFF!  So right now, you can grab one for less than $20. Pretty cool, Inprnt.

So long, 2014.  Can’t wait for what the new year is gearing up to bring!  Hope everyone has a fantastic New Year’s celebration with plenty of glitter and doom, mild regrets and boundless idealism.  If you see me, say hi.  I’ll be the sober, pregnant rhinoceros napping in the corner.

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Detail of a large-ish piece I started late last year and never finished.  I was all gung-ho about it and then I got Photoshop and fell into that rabbit hole.  She taunts me from the corner of my studio, insisting that I finish her.  I may have to completely rework it digitally if not traditionally, but I hate to leave things hanging, and she’s got her eyes set on me.

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Another peek at what I’m working on today. #wip #workinprogress #process #drawing #painting #watercolor #illustration #ink #linework #gouache #snake #feathers #art #artofig #instaart #pen #micron #cosmos #pegasus #constellation #lightgreyartlab #LGAL #wahm #caivail

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Today I apparently decided to break out and try every single ‘novelty’ brush in Ps on this Inside Llewyn Davis illustration.  Simultaneously overworked  and unfinishable!  It reminds me of stuff I used to paint in art school.  Seeing as that was seven years ago, likely not a great sign.  But I’m teaching myself Photoshop here, dammit.  Mistakes must be made.  And if your worst mistakes look like the album cover for a pretty bitchin’ alternative rock band circa '94, not too shabby.

Water Deer, 2014 ink, watercolor and digital

Good news!  Because you guys are rad and love art and illustration, I’ve had more than a few requests for prints of this guy up here, Water Deer, and I’m happy to announce that it’s finally happening!  

Edit: I’ve just joined up with the lovely folks at INPRINT to make this print available to you for a fraction of the original price.  You can now get a gallery-quality giclee art print on 100% cotton rag archival paper, printed with archival inks (and a minimum 1" border in case you’d like to mat/frame the print) in my new shop, for $25 as an 8"x12", $35 for a 12"x18", $45 for a 15"x24" or go crazy and get a big'un for $85 for a 24"x36" (bigger than the original, in all it’s glorious detail!).  

Want a signed edition, with a personalized note and sketch?  You can do that! For only $10 bucks more! Just email me at and tell me what size you’d like and your mailing address.  Each print will be hand signed and include a special gift drawing, and shipped off to you from me personally within 10 business days.  The price of signed editions is an additional $10 to the prices listed above/in the shop, with no extra shipping/handling costs.  Sweet.  

This original illustration was made in ink, watercolor, and digital coloring, and the amount of detail visible in the limited edition print vs. the digital jpeg you’re seeing right now is a world of difference and will probably look awesome on your wall next to that Hieronymous Bosch poster and over that weird wall stain that has no discernible origin.

Get it now at half the original price, support working artists by buying original pieces and prints directly from them when you can, and please don’t be a party-pooper and make sure you reblog art that you love from the source and/or with credit whenever possible.  Thankyouthankyou tumblr art lovers!

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A little preview of an in-progress retooling of an old drawing.   Linework in ink (micron pen) circa July 2013 and everything else, Ps experiment circa now.  Finished piece to come soon!

Cai Vail’s tumblr and website