I don’t think I tell either of you enough, but you really are the best friends a girl could ask for. Every single time I’ve ever been upset I can always open up a group chat or have a drunk girls night in the TV room. We have the most infinite amount of inside jokes of any friends ever and I think people think we’re psycho’s sometimes. When there are 3 best friends, almost always two are closer than the other. But that’s definitely not the case with TBOD. Caity, we’ve been friends for almost 9 years now and can dig up every single embarrassing middle school moment possible on each other. But I don’t think the length of time matters. Because it’s been 3 years since me and you have been inseparable  Greta. And I wouldn’t trade that for the world either. From Warped Tour to nature walks, from “Grandma’s Kisses” to getting wasted, just the 3 of us and screaming All Time Low, from chain smoking and taking turns bitching about everything to 5 AM guitar circles, from Boston, to Eldersburg, to St. Augustine; I love to the two of you, closer than my own sisters sometimes. Being away from each other is really hard sometimes, and almost every situation I think “Jesus what if Greta or Caity was here”, but it makes it so much better than everything can be back to normal the next time we see each other. Being away at college and making new friends is a rewarding experience, but always having the two of you to fall back on is even greater. I really hope you guys come down for Spring Break in March, I’ll be counting the seconds until we’re high as fuck on the beach judging people. I love you so much, and thanks for being there for me through everything and keeping my stupid ass in line.