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reasons why all fo4 companions are problematic
  • danse: likes country music
  • cait: somehow has an irish accent in the middle of post apocalyptic boston
  • hancock: literally calls you "bro" before even getting to know you like chill bro
  • deacon: isn't romanceable
  • nick: also isn't romanceable
  • codsworth: will put on a butler hat but just try giving him a monocle
  • maccready: never once says that he's "mac ready to get down"
  • x6: wears sunglasses indoors
  • piper: who needs so many pens. stop hoarding.
  • dogmeat: cries when getting hurt and it breaks my heart
  • curie: her pet molerats can give u that dumb disease which u can't cure unless u wanna be a dick and let the kid die which is why you have to reload like a billion times during that mission and that gets fucking tedious
  • preston: holds his musket wrong like son that laser's gonna burn your fingers off like this
  • strong: stop judging me for picking locks you absolute shrek
Reaction Text: Jealous


It doesn’t take much to make Cait jealous. If someone if stares at SS for too long, she gets defensive. Every Time the two of them head into Diamond City and the guards start flirting with SS, Cait gets pissed. 

She will grab her arm around their waist and pull them close, glaring at whoever tried to flirt with her lover. She wants to show everyone that SS is hers and no one else’s. They have done so much to her and made her feel a way that she didn’t know she was cable of, she isn’t going to let someone take them away from her.


Curie isn’t used to feeling jealous, as emotions are a new thing to her. Normally she will just stare at SS and whoever is flirting with them. She won’t do anything, though she knows that this makes her feel weird.

She will ask SS about it later and will be told of jealously. SS thinks it is cute that she didn’t know about the feeling. Comforting words will ensue from SS, telling Curie that they don’t have to be jealous.


Depending on how jealous Danse gets, he does a few things. He can deal with people flirting with SS, but as soon as they start to try and touch them, he swoops in. He doesn’t start off by saying anything to the person.

He will just pick up SS and fling them over his shoulder, turning around and then walking away. He will then tell SS that they shouldn’t let someone talk to that and they will reassure him that they are only his. 


Hancock doesn’t hurt the person, surprisingly, since he knows that SS wouldn’t like that. Plus, it wouldn’t be good if every time he got jealous, he killed someone. Almost all of Goodneighbor would be dead.

He will go up to the person and tell them to back off before grabbing SS hand and dragging them back to his place where he will explain how he doesn’t like people flirting with them. Depending on where the conversation goes, naughty times may ensue, as Hancock wants them to know that they are only his. 


Easy, he will just pull out his gun while standing behind SS. He won’t say anything, he will just stand there with the gun in his hands. Soon enough the person will leave and MacCready will be left alone with SS, just the way he likes it. 


Nick, being the gentleman that he is, will only step in if SS looks like they want him to. He believes they are grown enough to make their own decisions and he trusts them not to cheat on him. They are faithful. 

That doesn’t mean that he won’t stay close by and mumble curses under his breath. 


Death glare, directly at the person flirting with SS. If Piper can’t get them to go away using her charisma, she will try to scare them off with her glare. She looks scary, something which is rare for her. The look is almost like a deathclaw, protecting its mate.

SS finds this cute and will pepper Piper with kisses afterwards, saying how cute she is.


Even though Garvey trusts SS, he still feels jealous quite a bit. He doesn’t like to fight with people unless needed, so he does something else. While the two of them are talking, he will walk over and join the conversation, making it seem normal.

He will kiss SS during the conversation sometime and then glance over at the person flirting with them, a sly smirk on his face.


Fighting. He will beat someone almost to death if he sees them looking at SS the wrong way. Isn’t that how he solves all of his problems. SS is working on his talking skills, but it isn’t working out.


He isn’t programmed to feel jealousy, or he didn’t think he was. When he saw SS standing too close to someone, he let them talk, but once SS had left, he pulled out his gun and threatened the person who had flirted with them.

Guess everyone can have a few surprises in them.

Reaction Text: Finds out  SS has Died

Cait: She had gotten distracted by a raider that she hadn’t even noticed when one snuck up to them, knife in hand. Apparently, they hadn’t seen it either as the knife was lodged into their neck. They couldn’t even call out for Cait to help; the only noise they made being a gurgle. Once Cait had finished dealing with the raider that was shooting at her, she turned around to see them on the ground, blood starting to pool around the stab wound.

Cait couldn’t remember the last time that she got that angry. She just saw red as she killed the rest of the raiders around her. She could hardly breathe, her lungs feeling like they were betraying here. Once finished killing, she kneeled down next to SS, unsure of what to do. She just felt panicked, unable to process the death. She tried everything to get them to wake up, a last hope that they weren’t dead. She slapped, begged, hit, shook, anything, but the life was already gone in their eyes.

So, she cried; large sobs that just kept falling out of her. Even when the tears stopped falling, her breath continued to be ragged and hard. She grabbed your bag and began to look around, knowing you had picked up some jet. They never let her near it and she was glad about that, but now she needed it.

As the needle pierced her flesh and her savior washed into her, she layed down next to SS. Everything became numb and she was overcome by an old friend, as if it were telling her that she could never truly leave it.

Curie: It wasn’t a shock to Curie, though that didn’t mean that she didn’t feel horrible. They were sick and she tried her hardest to figure out how to cure it, but it was no use. They just kept getting worse and worse, though they kept telling Curie they were fine. One day, Curie walked in and noticed that they had no vitals showing up on the machine.

She rushed over and did everything she had learned to resuscitate, but it was no use. She was too late, by hours it seemed. How come she had not been alerted? She might have been able to fix it if the machine had worked!

She stayed next to their body for hours, unable to understand that all of this was true. The one thing that she was made for, she had failed. She had failed to save them. What was she to do now? She was a failure…

Danse: He hadn’t wanted them to go on he ghoul mission by themselves, but they insisted. They could protect themselves from some stupid ghouls and Danse believed them. And that was true. SS could protect themselves from ghouls, but not for rigged missiles. The ones who found them told him that the building had blown up, just a skeleton and a vault suit left. It was obviously them.

Danse yelled at them to get out, as he wasn’t sure how to process this news. They did as they were told and left the man alone. At first he was angry, shouting at the air about how he was right. Why didn’t they listen to him?! They wouldn’t be dead if they had! How could they leave him.

Tears began soon after and he got out of his suit, just sitting on his bed. The strength had left his body, as if his entire world had just collapsed. The Commonwealth wasn’t the same without SS in it. They were the hero, trying to make everything right again. They were the last hope and now they were gone.

He put his head in his hands and sighed sadly as he wondered how the Commonwealth was going to survive without their help.

Hancock: A knife was thrown at the wall where the messenger was standing as soon as the words left their mouth. They were scared and wanted to leave, but didn’t move. Hancock’s face had turned to one of pure rage, as if he was going to kill anyone who was in front of him that moment.

“How?!” He shouted, eyes like the brimstone in Hell.

“Deathclaw, sir. Some of our men saw and went to help, but once all was said and done, it was too late. We are so sorry.” The last part was quiet, as if the messenger was scared to say it.

Hancock marched over and grabbed his knife, putting it to the messenger’s throat, “They were my everything! How could you let this happen?!”

“We tried, sir! It was just too late!”

Hancock knew that they tried their hardest and he quickly pushed the boy to the door, which had been left open. The boy stayed, causing Hancock to start yelling once again,

“Leave before I change my mind!” The boy quickly left the room, understanding.

Once he was gone, Hancock grabbed some jet and shot up, trying to ignore the thoughts in his head that kept reminding him that SS was truly gone from his life.

MacCready: It was the bartender who told him when he came back from one of his jobs. Apparently while he had gone out of the job, SS decided to go do some scavenging in a park. They weren’t prepared for a big fight, expecting to only need a gun or two. A Yao Guai had snuck up and attacked, mauling the body almost too bad to recognize.

He acted shock, unable to process the new information. He quickly said he was leaving and went to a room to be alone. He couldn’t be around people at the moment; they couldn’t see him like this. He had to look strong.

But once he was alone, the tears started. He couldn’t stop them from pouring out, falling to the floor and on top of his dirty boots. He silently cried until he couldn’t anymore and then just sat in the dark, thinking about how this was all his fault for leaving them..It was all his fault..

Nick: Nick couldn’t cry, the ability being impossible. Yet, he knew that if he was able to, he would be. Yet, his eyes stayed dry as Ellie told him the sad news. She looked like she had been crying, her eyes being red and puffy.

“It was a synth…A-A group of them.” Ellie stuttered out, hiccuping. She had gotten close to SS, but not as close as Nick. Their relationship would be hard to be matched.

He nodded and told Ellie to go home for the day, saying that they both needed to be alone for a bit. She quickly left, though secretly feeling like she should stay. She knew that Nick would need to be comforted, but if he wanted to be alone, she would let him.

Nick sat down in his chair and shook his head, unable to process the information. He had seen them just yesterday, smiling and laughing at one of his terrible jokes. Yet, now they were gone and they weren’t ever going to come back.

He stayed like that for the rest of the night, unable to think about anything except how he was unable to say goodbye, or tell them how he truly felt about them.

Piper: She blamed herself. They had blocked a fatal shot from hitting her, though not before killing the last raider. The gunshot was in their stomach, unable to be healed, but they didn’t die quickly. They held onto life long enough to know that Piper was going to be safe.

Piper hurried over and put their head in her lap, trying to comfort them while also figuring out what to do. She had to be able to do something but what. She tried to put pressure on their wound and when they didn’t make a noise of pain, she looked up, seeing their eyes open but glossy. Dead, yet still warm, a terrifying scene.

They had died in her lap and she couldn’t do anything. It was all her fault. She had been crying since the end of the fight, her tears landing on their cooling face. The information that they were dead just brought on more tears and heaving.

Piper held them in her arms, crying out their name, begging them to get back up. Crying for Blue to just come back to her, but they never did and she knew they couldn’t. She did this until their body started to get cold, a reminder that they were dead.

Scared and shocked, she ran away, back to Diamond City. They hadn’t been too far. She had to get away from the corpse that was SS. She had to get away from this terrible nightmare.

Garvey: Death wasn’t something that Garvey wasn’t used to, but he didn’t think they could ever die. A grenade proved him wrong. Their leg was blown off and the medic tried their hardest. It was slow and filled with false hope, but the end was the same. Death.

Garvey was beside them the entire time, holding their hand and whispering comforting words into their ear. He tried to keep himself from crying, not wanting to scare SS. When the chest stopped moving, his will to stop his emotions broke. The tears spilled down his cheeks as he silently cried, almost unable to make a sound.

His hand stayed wrapped around theirs, in a death tight grip. He wasn’t going to let go. He promised them he would always protect them and he had broken that promise. How could he go on anymore?

Strong: Violence was his answer, as it was to everything. He punched the super mutant who had killed them. A bloody body was all the was left of their killer when Strong was done with it. He wasn’t going to let them get away with this.

He didn’t feel sad, but angry. Unable to keep himself in their death area, he got up and went on a killing spree. Anyone, no matter who is was, that got in his way was quickly dead. It seemed like nothing could stop him, your dead body a image that was burnt into his brain and eyelids.

X6-88: He didn’t feel sadness, he knew that. Emotions were a hard thing for him. He was programmed to be tough, as emotions were only a weakness. They stopped the main mission so they were not needed.

But when he learned they were dead, he felt something;which he wasn’t sure what it was. It hurt, it hurt horribly. He tried to do a system scan to figure out what was wrong but came up with nothing. He stared at a wall, the pain overcoming him as he thought about how you were dead and he would never travel with you again. He wasn’t sad, he refused to believe that. You didn’t mean anything to him…You could just fight, that was it. That was all.

My Tabris will always be my favorite Warden because of the huge parallels between the City Elf storyline and Loghain’s storyline.

Loghain starts out as an oppressed peasant. He is driven to strike back against the Orlesian colonizers after the rape and murder of his mother.

Tabris starts out as an oppressed Alienage elf. She who is driven to strike back against the Ferelden nobility after the rape of her cousin and the murder of her fiancé.

Loghain meets Maric — the goodhearted if doofy blood heir to the Ferelden throne — and becomes his unlikely BFF because they share the same cause. Loghain has every reason to distrust the upper classes but would still rather see Ferelden nobles in charge than Orlesian ones who don’t give a shit about the peasantry. Also Loghain is a bit in love with him.

Tabris meets Alistair — the goodhearted if doofy blood heir to the Ferelden throne — and becomes his unlikely BFF because they share the same cause. Tabris has every reason to distrust humans but would still rather see a bastard outsider on the throne than a sheltered blue-blood who doesn’t give a shit about elves. Also Tabris is a bit in love with him.

Loghain is forced to choose between his own happiness and setting Maric up for a marriage that will stabilize the country. He chooses Ferelden over himself.

Tabris is forced to choose between her own happiness and setting Alistiar up for a marriage that will stabilize the country. Except stabilizing the country is not the same thing as helping her people because let’s be real here, Anora isn’t actively cruel to the elves but the Alienages don’t appear to have been a priority for her, and she was raised by a dude who condones slavery. So Tabris chooses to dethrone Anora and find happiness as the King’s mistress, rationalizing that it’s actually the best thing for everyone involved (well, except Anora, obviously, but Tabris has no reason to care about Anora, and it’s not her problem that Anora would rather be executed than renounce her claim to the throne.)

Loghain saves the country by taking charge of a small guerrilla force and later mustering greater military numbers. This earns him fame as the Hero of the River Dane. He is appointed to high nobility and commands respect far beyond the station he was born into, taking a hand in running the country.

Tabris saves the country by taking charge of a small guerrilla force and later mustering greater military numbers. This earns her fame as the Hero of Ferelden. She is appointed to high nobility and commands respect far beyond the station she was born into, taking a hand in running the country.

And of course, Tabris kills Loghain for his crimes against the Alienage without a second thoughts, never knowing how close she is to being Loghain. While Loghain himself never understands that the Ferelden treatment of elves created his own worst enemy, another version of him.

I can’t wait for the Keep to open, you guys. I love my “canon” Warden an awful lot.

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companions react to Survivor baking them a pie?

Piper, Preston, and Curie are absolutely ecstatic about the fact they baked them a pie, and won’t stop complimenting them on how great it is and how sweet and thoughtful they are.

Danse reacts similarly, but is mainly just completely surprised they made something for him.

Cait watches them suspiciously the entire time she eats it, still not convinced they didn’t do something to it…what, she doesn’t know, but it’s too nice of a gesture not to be a trap. 

MacCready eats the entire damn pie because he refuses to share it with anyone because they made it for him. Won’t stop complaining about how sick he feels afterwards and just lies on the ground groaning while Dogmeat tries to lick crumbs off his coat. 

Hancock eats the whole pie too, but not because he’s greedy like Mac. He’s just really high and really hungry and is really stoked to have pie. 

Deacon says something about a job where he once posed as a baker for a month and insists that he could totally bake them under the table, but still eats a slice with no complaints.

Unless it’s made with fingers and toes…Strong really isn’t interested…

Nick and Codsworth appreciate the gesture, but since they don’t eat, they suggest inviting a few people over to share it with. 

Dogmeat is super thrilled he has food all to himself!

X6-88 remarks it looks lopsided and doesn’t eat it, claiming something about its sugar content being enough to choke a brahmin. 

the biggest mystery of the commonwealth

how the heck did cait get her irish accent in the middle of postapocalyptic boston. how. literally how did she get it if there are no nationalities anymore. everyone is american. now you can’t just fly over from ireland like whats up. i’m so confused. is there a close-knit irish community in america just sitting around and keeping alive the traditions of rebellions and green hats and drinking. is that where she got the accent. or is irish the new lower class boston variation of cockney. i’m just– i literally don’t understand like how did cait get it how is she irish in the first place just how. this doesn’t make any sense. piper please investigate this.

My Fallout 4 DLC Idea (minor spoilers!)

I want more of The Memory Den. The mission with Kellogg’s history was such an interesting way to show, rather than tell, his backstory. How great would it be if we could have that with our beloved companions? We could see Nick as a pre-war cop, the McDonough brothers playing together as children and building a relationship leading up to the betrayal, Deacon’s TRUE back story(whatever that may be), heartbreaking scenes from Cait’s life being sold around….think of the potential! Somebody contact Todd and make this happen for me, please.