caits irrelevance

anonymous asked:

Yes, her name got dropped into Jess inbox and yes, one can argue MM posted/posts innuendo. But shippers are the ones who have given her this huge amount of attention. Shippers are the ones who watch her every move, online times and posts and comment on her, although they claimed she's irrelevant and they don't care. Shippers can't say she's thirsty and an attention seeker if shippers are the ones paying her the most attention. For quite a while shippers talked more about MM than Sam and Cait.

Technically, she is irrelevant because she has nothing to do with the show (the scripted one set in 1743/1945).

As for Shippers giving her the most attention? I’m not so sure about that. A quick Tumblr search of her name produces a lot of material, all of it on the Anti side. 

I’ve never said she was irrelevant or “thirsty”, though I do think she wants attention (and kids these days call that being “thirsty”). If she didn’t, she’d go private, stop posting suggestive things, or disable comments. 

We, as in all fans, are watching this ridiculous show taking place over SM because there’s not been much promo for S3 and we’re hungry for something to talk about. Many are angry and frustrated because it looks like the SM games are the promo. I don’t know if we’ve talked about her more than Sam and Cait, but it would be wrong to think she doesn’t want to be talked about. Maybe we’re fools to take the bait? If we didn’t talk about her, there would be an outcry from Antis saying we are ignore anything that doesn’t fit into our fantasy. 

It’s all a matter of perspective.