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This past week has been like Christmas for my petty ass.

•Ace of Diamonds coming for Amber Rose •Beyoncé canceling Coachella (duh) •LGBT POC dragging Caitlyn Jenner •Remy dragging Nicki •Nicki dragging Trey •2 Chainz dragging the shift managers at his restaurant. •Moonlight dragging Lala Land

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Do not fall in love with people like me. 
I will take you to museums, and parks, and monuments, and kiss you in every beautiful place, so that you can never go back to them without tasting me like blood in your mouth.

I will destroy you in the most beautiful way possible. And when I leave, you will finally understand why storms are named after people.

—  Caitlyn Siehl, Literary Sext
Do not fall in love with people like me.
I will take you to museums, and parks, and monuments, and kiss you in every beautiful place, so that you can never go back to them without tasting me like blood in your mouth.
I will destroy you in the most beautiful way possible. And when I leave you will finally understand, why storms are named after people.

Stay, I Pray You is already super emotional, but then when you add on the fact that it’s lead by Constantine Germanacos - who in the scene is playing Count Ipolitov, but also plays Nicholas - and it’s like the Tsar is taking a moment to say goodbye to his home land and then he greets Anya as Your Highness (or Princess, I can’t remember right now) before he sings and it’s just AHHHH

Just My Luck (Leonard Snart x Reader): Chapter Two

Pairing: (Eventual) Leonard Snart x Reader

Words: 2254

Summary: Chapter two of Just My Luck. Chapter One left off with the reader trying to call Joe, only to be followed. This picks up there.

A/N: I do not own the gif. I found it on google, so credit to whomever made it. Thanks for reading!

“Well this isn’t the gift shop,” I heard a voice behind me. I froze, stuffing my phone in my pocket before turning to see who was behind me. I really shouldn’t have been surprised; this was just how my luck worked.

I turned to meet a pair piercing blue eyes. Snart. I tried not to look phased; I could tell he was the kind of person that was constantly calculating everything around him. I would not let him see me startled.

“Can I help you?” I said in a sweet voice, playing the innocent thing up. “Well that depends,” He drawled. “Excuse me?” I was legitimately confused. “You’re good, I probably wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t been paying close enough attention to you,” he somewhat explained.

“I’m sorry? I’m not sure what you’re implying.” I was using what I referred to as my retail voice, you know the one; the one retail employees use with their customers to sound nicer than they actually are. “You’re a cop,” He said outright.


“I am not a cop,” I assured him, dropping the retail voice. “What are you then, reporter? Private investigator?” I thought I was concealing my facial impressions well, but he must’ve seen something. “Private investigator, yep. That must work well for you. No one suspects the pretty young thing at the end of the bar of being the one his wife hired to take dirty pictures of him and his mistress,” he sneered. This is the point in which I should have continued to deny being a PI, but I have a little bit of a temper, and he was kind of insulting my line of work.

So instead of denying it further I said, “I don’t just take dirty pictures.” I must have looked like a deer in the headlights. I should have kept my mouth shut, I knew it, he knew it. “So why is a little PI like yourself tailing a hardened criminal like myself?” he asked getting closer than I was comfortable with.

“I have no idea who you are. Yes I am a PI, but I was just enjoying the new museum exhibit like everyone else. Everyone has their hobbies right?” I smiled, trying to find my escape route. I looked around. Then I looked up and saw the museum guy talking to Joe on the second floor, thank god. “You’re a pretty good liar, I’ll give you that,” he said and then he looked up. Shit. He saw Joe. I tried to dart away from him, but he grabbed my wrist. “Son of a bitch,” I mumbled under my breathe.



“Hey, isn’t that the nice private eye you sent?” The museum curator told Joe. Joe looked down to spot Y/N, talking to Snart. How did she always seem to find herself in these situations? Joe didn’t have too long to think about it though, because Snart spotted him and grabbed Y/N before pulling out a strange looking gun and smiling.


Back to Y/N

 “Sorry Sweetheart can’t let you go. I need some bait, and you’ll do just fine.” He dragged me out of the museum and down the street. A cop car started toward us. Snart shot at it with is weird looking gun. A layer of ice appeared on the road as the car slid over it and crashed. My eyes were wide. Barry better show up soon.

Snart dragged me into a theater. And that’s when Barry decided to show up. Snart shot Barry and he fell. I took this as my chance to get out. I used some of the self-defense moves Oliver taught me to break free from Snart and land a punch on his jaw. He looked taken aback and then smirked. “Kitty’s got claws,” he said. I looked over to Barry who was still on the ground. I couldn’t really call out to him to make sure he was okay, considering the whole secret identity thing.

“Y/N!” Barry shouted, warning me of the blow to face I was about to receive if I didn’t duck. I ducked, landing a blow to the blue eyed man’s stomach in the process. “Y/N, cute name,” he smirked. Damn you Barry, I mean I was thankful for the warning, but I did not need Snart knowing my name. “Let’s skip the chit chat,” I spoke while trying to figure a way out, Snart had me cornered, and some back help would have been very much appreciated. Barry was recovering from getting hit by Snart’s gun, so I guess I was on my own at this point. “Straight to the point, I like it,” Snart winked at me. I rolled my eyes going for another punch. He caught my wrist before I could, twisting it around so my back was to him. He leaned in and whispered in my ear, “I don’t want to hurt you, sweetheart.”

He pushed me away from him and Barry grabbed me and took me to where he had moved Joe behind one of the large pillars. “How’s it going, Detective?” I smiled. “What happened to ‘no dangerous situations’?” Joe quoted me. “You know me, I just can’t seem to stay out of trouble,” I said catching my breath.  


Star Labs

“It’s still numb,” Barry said looking at the large black spot on his abdomen. “It’s presenting itself like third degree frost bite,” Caitlyn explained. “I thought he had hyper-healing?” Felicity questioned. “It’s been slowed. If your cells weren’t regenerating at the rate they are your blood vessels would have frozen solid and the nerve damage would have been permanent. You’re lucky to be alive.” Caitlyn finished. I was torn between shocked and relieved, I mean that gun that Snart had could do some serious damage to Barry. This was not good, but at least Barry was okay.

“Snart wasn’t another meta-human. He had some kind of gun, it froze things” Barry explained. “Yeah I saw him freeze the street to stop a cop car,” I added. Felicity gave a worried look in my direction, clearly still worried about my getting myself taken hostage, even though I had assured her that I was fine over the phone the whole way back to Star Labs. “It slowed me down,” Barry continued, “Enough that I wasn’t in time to save someone.”

“According to his records, Snart didn’t even bother to finish high school, so how did he build a handheld high tech snow machine?” Felicity asked the group. “Star Labs built the cold gun,” Dr. Wells spoke up. “Dr. Wells and Caitlyn had nothing to do with this,” Cisco paused. “I built the cold gun,” I stood there in shock. How could Cisco have made something that caused so much destruction? “You did? Why?” Barry asks. “Because speed and cold are opposites. Temperature is measured by how quickly the atoms of something are oscillating, the faster they are the hotter it is. And when things are cold, they are slower on the atomic level. When there’s no movement at all it’s called-” Barry cut him off “Absolute zero.”

“Yeah. I designed a compact crio-engine to achieve absolute zero. I built it to stop you. I-I-I didn’t know who you were then, Barry, I mean what if you turned out to be some psycho? Like Martin or Nymbus?” “But, I didn’t, did I?!” Barry was clearly angry. My heart broke for both Cisco and Barry. “We built the entire structure you’re standing in to do good, and it blew up. In the wake of that, you can understand why Cisco would want to be prepared for the worst,” Caitlyn stepped in.

“I can understand that, but what I can’t understand is why you didn’t tell me what you did. I mean, after all we’ve been through, I thought you trusted me. I thought we were friends,” Barry looked betrayed. “We are Barry,” Cisco stepped towards him. “I mean if you had just told me, I could’ve been prepared,” Barry backed up further “But instead someone died tonight.”

“And I have to live with that,” Cisco said. “Cisco,” I said in a sad voice. “No, Cisco, we all do,” Barry said before walking away. I walked towards Cisco, not entirely certain of what I was going to say, but he was my friend and I wanted to comfort him.


The Apartment

With the whole fiasco of a day I had, it was late by the time I made it home. Claire was already settled in. She was sitting in the kitchen with a bottle of wine. “So how did your day go?” she asked me. I looked at her with suspicion. “Pretty boring, you know, the usual surveillance stuff. Did you get settled in okay?” I ask trying to steer the conversation away from my day.

“Hmm… the usual surveillance stuff, huh? Nothing interesting happened?” She was using what I refer to as her mom voice, uh oh, I was in trouble. “Nope, super boring,” I said going for the bottle of moscato sitting next to her. She snatched it before I could get it.

I eyed her. “So I turned on the TV earlier and the news was on,” she paused, I was pretty sure I knew where this was going. “They played a very interesting video clip,” she continued. “Well it is Central City, it’s a very interesting place,” I still wasn’t letting up.

 “Well it was certainly interesting, because I could swear I watched a video of my best friend being pulled through the street by a psychopath,” I had definitely been caught. “Ah, that video clip,” I tried to act casual; there was no use in denying it further.

“Yeah, that- Why are you acting so casual? Are you in shock?” She had concern written on her face. “No, it’s just that it’s kind of a normal day at the office for me,” I replied. “Being taken hostage by a mad man with some sort of freeze ray gun is a normal day at the office for you?” She looked at me like I was insane.

“Like I said, Central City is a very interesting place,” I repeated.

“That’s a bit of an understatement,”

“I may have left some stuff out when telling you about my time here,” I admitted.

“You don’t say? How about we start with this apartment. How do you afford this place?” She questioned looking around. It was a fair question, these were definitely nicer digs than a normal PI could afford. “I have a rich client that foots the bill,” I answered. I mean it wasn’t a complete lie. I was technically working for Oliver, by helping Barry.  

 Before she had time to say anything in response my phone started to ring. I looked at it, it was Cisco. “What’s up?” I answered it. “We found a way to track Captain Cold,” Cisco said before I’d even finished my greeting. “Captain Cold? You mean Snart. Dude you need to cool it with the nicknames. Haha, cool it, you get it? Sorry, continue.”

“We found a way to track him, and Barry went after him alone and turned his comms off,” Cisco continued. “He did what now?!” How could Barry be so reckless? “We are going after him, we’re gonna swing by your place on the way, so be ready. We’re only a couple minutes out.” He explained. “I’ll be right down,” I said in return hanging up the phone.

“Duty calls,” I told Claire. She shook her head, “Try to stay out of any hostage situations this time will ya,” she joked. “I make no promises,” I retorted with a laugh before running out the door. I knew I’d eventually have to tell her the reason I got into all these dangerous situations, but I was glad that I didn’t have to worry about it at the moment. Besides, I had bigger fish to fry at the moment.


I walked up to the train crash with Cisco, Caitlyn and Felicity. “Thank you,” I heard Snart’s voice. “For what?” I heard Barry ask. “You forced me to up my game, not only with this gun, but with how I think about the job. It’s been educational,” now we could see them. Barry was on the ground, and Snart had his gun pointed at him.

“Drop it,” Cisco commanded him, while starting up his fake cold gun. Snart turned his head to look. “This is a prototype cold gun, four times the size, four times the power,” Cisco bluffed. “I was wondering who you were talking to,” Snart said to Barry. He then noticed me there. “Y/N, how lovely to see you again.” He winked. “Hey. Unless you want a taste of your own medicine I’d back the hell up,” Cisco warned.

“Your hands are shaking, you’ve never killed anyone,” Snart said gun still pointed at Barry. “There’s a first time for everything, Captain Cold,” Snart smirk at the nickname. “I will shoot you,” Cisco repeated.

“You win kid. I’ll see you around,” Snart started to back away. “Hey, leave the diamond,” Cisco spoke up. “Don’t push your luck,” Snart continued to walk away. Once he was far enough away, Cisco turned off his ‘cold gun’.

“Couldn’t shoot him if I wanted to, this is actually the Star Labs vacuum cleaner,” he laughed before adding, “With a lot of LEDs,” I smiled and shook my head.

The team headed back to Star Labs, but I had them drop me back at my apartment. I was completely exhausted.

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So there's this post where someone said Caitlyn Jenner "fetishized being a woman" and I noticed 3 types of people reblog it. Terfs who found it appealing, People who criticized the wording, and people who reblogged it uncritically cause they don't like Caitlyn. Thoughts?

Caitlyn Jenner is a Republican and a Trump bootlicker and no friend of most trans women (that is, trans women who aren’t white/passing/Republican/rich), but that doesn’t change the fact that she is a woman. Saying she ‘fetishized being a woman’ is some straight-up TERF shit, and I don’t really think that anyone should be using TERF language to talk about trans women they don’t like. Just because someone’s opinions are shit or because they do things that harm us doesn’t mean it’s okay to use transantagonistic language toward them. 

(It falls under the same umbrella as ‘don’t say Ann Coulter is “really a man,” or make jokes about her man hands or her Adams’ apple,’ which is distressingly fucking common among supposed progressives.)

I generally think Caitlin Jenner is only interested in promoting herself, not the wellbeing of any other trans person. She certainly doesn’t think I’m real, and definitely isn’t there for the trans folks that are in my circle – poor trans folks, TPOC, nonbinary people.

But she’s still a woman. She didn’t fetishize it any more than any other trans woman did. She deserves rage and disgust, but not transantagonism.

I’ve Got Your Six

It was about five o'clock in the great town of progress, Caitlyn entered her office fuming.
“Vi! Get in here now!” Yelled the usually calm Brit.
“Yes cupcake?” Vi replied snaking her way slowly into Caitlyn’s office “Shut the door.” Caitlyn said sternly.
Vi meekly did what she was told not wanting to piss Caitlyn off anymore then she already was.
“Soooo?” Vi questioningly said.
“Shut it!” Caitlyn shut her down.
“Mind explaining to me  why you got into a fist fight with the swat leader?” Caitlyn questioned.
“He called me a dyke, so I threw the homophobic bastard around a lil bit.” Vi answered.
Caitlyn sighed.
“Yo! I don’t keep my sexuality a secret and it doesn’t make me not a good cop!”
“You should have told me Vi, God dammit you put him in the hospital!” Caitlyn stated.
“All I fucking did was break his nose, not my fault he was a big baby about it!” Vi snapped back.
“I’m going to have to suspend you for tomorrow.” Caitlyn said.
“Jesus fuck Cait for what? Standing up for myself when a dick swat dude decides to be a prick and call me names?” Vi yelled.
“Vi calm down, its just a day.”
“No, you didn’t even try to stand up for me and  reprimand him! He started it!” Vi said as she stood up and opened the door and slammed it.The whole office of detectives were looking at Vi.
“What the fuck are you looking at? Yeah the ex criminal dyke got in trouble, take a fucking picture will ya?!” Vi said as she picked up her gauntlets as she stormed out of the building leaving everyone speechless.Caitlyn stepped out a little bit after Vi had left. Everyone turning around and looking at the sheriff.
“Don’t you all have work to do?” Caitlyn said with an authoritative tone.They all immediately turned around and went back to what they were doing.
Caitlyn went over to where the coffee pots were located and started up the electric kettle where she made her tea. She stuck the teabag in her favorite teacup picked up the kettle and poured the hot water into the cup. She then added the fixings, stirred it then walked back to her office closing the door.Caitlyn sighed sipping her tea. Vi was about to leave the department when she bumped straight into Jayce.
“What the fuck man!?” Vi yelled.
“I’m sorry, didn’t see you there Vi. Why are you so heated?” Jayce questioned
“One, how the fuck do you not see me I have bright fucking pink hair and I’m 5'11, and on top of that I’m carrying a giant hex-tech gauntlets.” Vi Replied.
“Oh wait I know why you didn’t see me, cause you had your head up your ass thinking about how to flirt with Caitlyn and ask her out. Am I right?” Vi Asked.
“Let me tell you this, she’s not interested in you Bill Nye the fucking science guy!” That must have hit a nerve because Jayce snapped back.
“Oh yeah cause she’s totally into an ex criminal Zaunite orphan she picked up off the street to do grunt work for her department.” Jayce spat.
“You’re a charity case, Caitlyn was just nice enough to go through a  list of criminals, similar to picking a dog out at the pound. Why don’t you get out of Piltover you mangy mutt? All you do is cause damage everywhere you go. Not that you have anywhere to go, your parents are dead and your on a hit-list with your ex gang.” And with that he continued into the building.
Vi stood there for a few minutes, taking in all Jayce had said.Was it true? Was Vi just a mangy mutt Caitlyn felt sorry for? Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.This wasn’t the situation, now Jayce had struck a home-run and Vi was hurt. She walked outside to her bike and started the engine and took off towards  home.
As Caitlyn took a sip of her tea and was alerted by a knock at her office door “Who is it? She said with that authoritative tone of hers.
“It’s Jayce, can I come in?” Jayce asked hesitantly.
“Sure.” Caitlyn replied letting out a huff of breath.
“What is it I can help you with today Jayce?” Caitlyn asked.
“Well I was wondering if you’d accompany me to dinner this evening?” Jayce asked.
“Thank you for the thought Jayce but I’m going to have to decline, I have to finish this report and head over to Vi’s apartment to talk to her.” Caitlyn replied.
“Oh well um..” Jayce started.
“Did you run into her on your way in?” Caitlyn questioned.
“Yeah and we exchanged some words.” Jayce said meekly.
“What did you say? I know they weren’t nice words, they couldn’t have been Jayce. Now tell me exactly what you said to her.” Caitlyn said with a firm tone.
“She started..” Jayce started but was interrupted.
“Ah I don’t care who started it.What, and I mean what exactly did you say to my partner?” Caitlyn said a little less patient.
“Well, I told her she was a charity case, and that she was only here in Piltover cause you felt sorry for her and all she did was cause damage and that she was an orphan and a mangy dog and should get out of Piltover but that she had no where to go because both her parents were dead and her gang wants her dead.” Jayce Explained.
“God dammit Jayce!” Caitlyn yelled “Why would you ever say something like that?” She said getting up and pushing him out of the way and leaving her office.
Caitlyn rushed to her patrol car throwing open the door, jumping in and turning it on. The hex-tech engine revved and she pulled out and headed towards Vi’s place. Caitlyn sped towards Vi’s apartment getting there as fast as she could. As She arrived She threw the car in park and jumped out of her vehicle and at a steady pace walked towards the building she went up to the floor Vi lived on and banged on the door.
“Vi its me let me into your flat i need to talk to you please.” She banged on the door again.
“ Vi will you bloody please let me in?!” Caitlyn said raising her panic laced voice.
A door opened across the hall and a women stepped out.
“Could you keep it down please there are others that live in this building, fight with your girlfriend elsewhere.” The women said.
“I will bloody do what I please, I’m  the sheriff and my best friend and partner is in there so Shove off!” Caitlyn said.
The woman realized who she was had been talking to and apologized. Caitlyn banged again “Vi please."Caitlyn pleaded She heard movement from inside and heard the lock and the door handle turn.The door was open and she was now face to face with Vi.
"What? You came to yell at your mangy zaunite dog again? Let me guess, its cause I started a fight with Jayce huh?” Vi spat venom laced in her words, she had been drinking. Caitlyn thought for a second.She then pushed Vi into her apartment closing the door  behind her.
“Hey what the hell? I didn’t say you could come in…” Vi protested, but was cut short by Caitlyn’s lips crashing into her own. Vi’s eyes widened, Caitlyn pulled away. “Shut it.” Caitlyn said before Vi could speak.
“Your not a charity case Vi, you never were… I saw the potential in you and saw you could change and I pulled you off the streets. What Jayce said was fucking bullshit and he’s wrong! You’re my partner Vi, my best friend. I’m sorry he said all those God awful, shitty things to you. I wish I could make him take it all back.I know it hurt you, I can see it. You’re strong Vi I know, but we all have a breaking point.You don’t cry I’ve never seen you cry for the past  two years you’ve been my partner.I admire you Vi! God I know you may not believe me when I say this but I think I’m falling for you! Never in a million years you’d think Caitlyn Dreamore the proud sheriff of Piltover, Married to her work would fall in love… Never with a woman, but I have.” Caitlyn finished she Looked at Vi’s face and saw tears.
My God Vi the big bad brute enforcer of Piltover, my enforcer was crying. Caitlyn thought to herself “Please say something.” Caitlyn said starting to cry as well, “I’m in love with you too Cait! Absolutely head over heels for ya doll.” Vi said wiping the tears from her face She pulled Caitlyn into a hug.Caitlyn buried her face into Vi’s chest Still crying Vi rubbed Caitlyn’s back softly.
“God look at me the sheriff of Piltover crying after i just confessed my love to my enforcer.” Caitlyn laughed, Vi laughed “That was pretty fucking homo of ya cupcake.”
“Again shut it.” Caitlyn said.


why is it always the woman who has to see past the beast in the man? why does she always have to clean his wounds, even after he has damaged her beyond repair? why is it always the man who is worthy of forgiveness for being a monster?
I want to see the beast in the beauty.
the half smile, half snarl. the unapologetic anger. I would like to see the man forgive the monster. to see her, blood and all, and love her anyway.

beauty and the beast by caitlyn siehl