caitlyn takes over

A World That Is Not My Own || @ramencrazedninja

Confused and completely unsure of where she was going, Caitlyn pressed on, carefully of course. It was a dense forest, a beautiful one but it could be hiding many dangerous things. The time she had spent exploring the forests in her grandmother’s backyard when she was just a little child had taught her that. Sweeping her feet along the forest floor to brush the weeds and various other plants aside, she kept on going slowly like that, wincing every time a thistle swept across her exposed ankles.

How she had ended up there, she wasn’t sure. She had woken up in a clearing, her head pounding and a dull ache spreading slowly over her entire body, and she hadn’t been able to remember anything that would be a pointer as to why she was there. Instead if thinking on it too hard, she had moved on in search of civilization. And now she had found it.

She recognized the place immediately due to one of it’s landmarks. Konoha. It was like a dream come true. How she had always wished there was some way to see this place in person, and extraordinarily she had found it. But she needed to find someone who would be willing to help her out. Hopefully she wouldn’t come off as too strange, otherwise no one would be willing to provide that help, she knew. Either way, she set off into the village, feeling rather small as some of the villagers’ eyes were set on her as she walked through.