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It’s my fault [Barry Allen]

Barry Allen. 


For a while now, Barry and Team Flash have been plotting a plan against Zoom, but so far they hadn’t succeeded. They are always so close but then he turns everything around and they are the ones who are being chased. For once, Central City seemed to slow down and take a breather. Zoom hadn’t made an appearance in over a week, but of course, Barry didn’t relax for one moment. He was convinced that Zoom was near, ready to attack, to scare, ready to finally take down The Flash, ready to hurt anyone Barry cared about. 

He couldn’t let that happen, especially when the girl he loved was on the team. She was involved, more than Barry wanted. 

“Barry,” (y/n) strolled into the room where the scarlet speedster was running on the treadmill, for over 15 minutes now. It didn’t look like he was planning on slowing down anytime soon. Barry knew that Zoom was faster, and he wanted to match his speed as fast as possible. “Barry!” She repeated, but this time louder. 

The speedster looked at her and turned the treadmill off, slowly stepping off and walking to pick up a water bottle. His chestnut hair was messy and his expression was blank. 

“You need to stop for a minute.” She explained quietly. 

“You know I can’t do that. Zoom could be lurking around, waiting until no one is ready and I can’t let him hurt anyone, not anymore.” Barry’s voice was raspy from the lack of speaking today. (y/n) was sure that the sun had began to set by now.

“Okay, but come eat something, and then you can carry on running.” He sighed and nodded. (y/n) held out her pale hand and Barry took a hold of it. He gave her a gentle squeeze and the couple walked out of the room, back into the cortex. 

“You owe me.” Caitlyn said to Cisco. He sighed dramatically and nodded, continuing to eat his Big Belly Burger. 

“Why do you keep betting?” (y/n) asked arching her brows. 

“Don’t take my fun away.” Cisco threw a fry in his mouth. (y/n) pulled Barry around the table and he sat down. She was about to walk to an empty chair but Barry pulled her into his lap. (y/n) felt her face become hot and she looked down. Her (y/h/c) hair well into her face, creating a curtain effect. 

“Are you hungry?” Barry asked in her ear, sending shivers down her spine. He wrapped his free arm around her waist to make sure nothing happens and with his other hand he took some fries out of the bag. Not feeling particularly hungry, he left the burger untouched. (y/n) shook her head. 

“I ate a few minutes ago.” Barry hummed in response, his fingers drummed against (y/n)’s hip until she left his arms faster than Barry could even register what had happened. There she was, in Zoom’s grasp. His black, covered hand was tightly wrapped around (y/n)’s neck. She was choking for air. Barry quickly jumped up and the second he reached Zoom, (y/n) was thrown against the table, and the side of it made half of her upper body lean back, pain shot through her back and she yelped out.  She could feel gusts of wind all around the room until the disappeared and (y/n) felt two pairs of arms lean her upwards and she opened her eyes but everything was blurry from the tears that were threatening to spill. 

“It’ll be okay.” Caitlyn spoke softly. (y/n) was placed on a hospital bed in the lab, stomach down. Her back hurt more than anything. 

A few minutes passed, and she heard Barry’s voice. 

“He’s gone… for now.” He stated and walked closer to his girlfriend that was in tears from the pain. Caitlyn pulled (y/n)’s shirt up and on her back was a bruise that was stretched across the middle of (y/n)’s back, in a straight line. The bruise was a dark purple color and there were some noticeable specks of blood that were under a thin layer of skin. 

Caitlyn ran her hands down (y/n)’s legs and asked, “Can you feel this?” 

(y/n) nodded slowly, “Y-yes.” Her voice was slightly shaky from crying. 

“It looks worse than it is. I’ll give you some painkillers now and more for later.” She walked over to the cabinet that was on the other side of the room and pulled out a small bottle of painkillers. 

“I’ll take it from here.” Barry said and took the painkillers from Caitlyn. 

Harry, Cisco and Caitlyn left the room to leave Barry and (y/n) alone. 

Barry pulled up a chair and sat next to his hurt girlfriend. She had became slightly more calm. He placed the bottle of pills on the table right next to the bed and wiped the tears off of (y/n)’s cheeks. She was still laying on her stomach, afraid to move. 

“It’s my fault.” The speedster sighed sadly and placed his hand on her hot cheek. 

“No, it’s not. It was Zoom’s fault. It’s okay, I promise.” 

“You do realize how massive the bruise is, right? You could have broken your spine, you could of been paralysed.” 

“Could have, not did or are. Use this as motivation, if you have to.” She smiled weakly. 

“What am I going to do with you?” Barry chuckled softly and ran his warm hand down her arm. 

“Take me home and give me painkillers.” 

Barry: Iris I think we need some space. Westallen fandom:

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Things aren’t always what they seem. Our fears can play tricks on us, making us afraid to change course. Afraid to move on. But usually hidden behind our fears are second chances, waiting to be seized. Second chances at life. At glory. At family. At love.

  • Me: Yay they all made it back alive
  • Me: Watch Zoom go through the breach
  • Me: Jay hurry and close it
  • Me: Stop making puppy dog eyes at Caitlyn Zoom is gonna kill you
  • Me: See Jay you should've listened to me
  • Me: But oh my god poor Caitlyn first Ronnie and now Jay
  • Me: But on the other hand....HELLO SNOWBARRY

anonymous asked:

Who has seen the latest headline where Caitlyn Jenner has done something headline worthy (Yet again) and decided to tell the world she no longer feels like a woman? Further, what are your thoughts on her and some of the controversy she causes?

Jay says:

Every other week a shitty newspaper or site comes out with a story saying Caitlyn is detransitioning and like … she’s not. So I really think that unless a reputable paper / news source actually post about it, don’t believe it.

I think Caitlyn Jenner deserves a degree of respect, but I also think she’s very problematic and not a good role model or icon for the trans community. At least within America, she’s done something, she achieved highly in sports - abroad, people don’t actually know that. Many people in Ireland just see her as someone who got famous just COS, and don’t value her achievements in any way.

She’s very republican, very conservative, very sketchy in many ways, and while I respect her for coming out in such a large scale way, and dealing with any transmisogyny and transphobia sent her way, she is not an accurate representation of our community, and she is not a good icon or role model. She shouldn’t be put on a pedestal just cos she’s trans, she should be evaluated as any other person.


Kim - put her next to a man who violated their private videos
Bill Crosby - accused rapist laying in a bed of unconscious women
Anna - highly respected lady who is laying next to the scum which is trump
Trump - he’s just disgusting anyway
George bush - man who fucked America
Amber - Kanyes ex who helped him and was there for him when his mother died yet has her laying naked in a bed of men
Ray j - the man who violated Kanyes wife’s privacy
Caitlyn - basically made to look a joke next to a rapist who is touching her in the video
Taylor - after repeatedly saying that she did not agree with the lyrics Kanye wrote she is laying naked next to a man who humiliated her Rihanna - put next to the man who violently abused her black and blue Chris brown - Rihanna’s abuser

Remember me? | Part 3

(Note: going to skip ahead, because this imagine will become into a story😂)

A few days later, Justin finally introduces Caitlyn to y/n, and since then they’ve become really close friends. As for Justin and y/n, everything seems to be doing well but still a little tension and akwardness between them.

“Cait, you know I love you, right?” You say, giving her a side hug while smiling. “What do you want y/n?” Caitlyn says, playfully rolling her eyes. “Pleaseeee go shopping with me!” You say pouting your lips, trying your best to make the cutest face ever. Caitlyn stares at you for a moment before laughing at your lame attempt. “Real cute, but nice try…” She says before returning to do her makeup.
“Aw come on! Why not?!” You pout, slightly stomping your feet following her to the bathroom. “Sorry boo, Justin and I have a date tonight…” Caitlyn says, slowly fixing her eyeliner.

You froze at the word “date”, feeling your heart shatter one again. This wasn’t the first time you felt this way ever since you found out they were couple, it’s as if you werel jealous. You quickly shook the thought away, I should be happy for thought to yourself, Justin’s moved on and so should I.

“Y/n?” Caitlyn says a little louder, quickly snapping you out of your thoughts. “Hmm?” You reply completely lost on what she said. Caitlyn giggles before repeating, “I said, why don’t you take Christian?”
You slowly thought about it, “sure why not?” You say smiling, knowing you had no other option. Lately Christian and you have gotten really close, at times you two oils flirt, but the relationship was more playful and games. “Okay, come on I’ll go ask with you..” She says before pulling you towards Justin and Christians hotel room.
“Hey Christian, y/n wants to ask you something” she says before greeting Justin with a kiss.

You tried your best not to watch them, but the feeling of jealousy in your stomach wouldn’t go away. You mentally slap yourself to snap out of it, as you walk towards Christian.

“Hey want to go shopping with me?” You say with the biggest smile on your face.
“Ew hell no!” Christian says with a disgusted look.
You walk towards him grabbing his hand, “pretty pretty please,” you say one again with a puppy face. Once you did that, you felt Justin’s eyes on you, and you took a quick glance to see that your assumptions were right, he WAS looking at you.
“Ugh fine..your face made you win.” Christian says before groaning.
You squeal in happiness as you quickly hug him, Christian chuckles before hugging you back.

“Awww you guys actually make a cute couple…don’t you think Jay?” Caitlyn says as she slides her arm around Justins waist, looking at him.

“W-what hell no!” Justin blurts out. Everyone turns to look at him, before anyone could reply he quickly responds, “I uh uhm mean, hell no….they make an adorable couple.” Justin says laughing nervously.

You look at Justin weirdly, not clearly understanding what just happened.

“Oh come on! Let’s go…” You say before pulling Christians hand out the door.
Justins POV:
I don’t know what’s happening to me, but every time I see them together…. It drives me fucking insane. Ever since she got here, they been doing nothing but flirt, and I’m sick of it! Wait a minute? Am I jealous? No, no…no way, y/n and I are practically strangers and I’m with Caitlyn.
End of trip, Justin and y/n have gotten closer, but not as close as they were before. A few days before Christian asked out Y/N, and now they’re officially together, but Justin isn’t too happy with it.
Find out in the final part!!! Posting soon!!