Pairing: Caitlin Snow & Barry Allen
Rating: PG-13
Show: The Flash
Genre: Grief/Angst
Description: When Caitlin gets badly injured, Barry finally realizes the depth of her being, and what it does to him. this is [pt.1/3] here is [pt. 2/3] based off of this [x]


That was the only word that had torn from his throat in that horrifying split second moment. He had gone (so selfishly, so unguardedly) to scout the area, looking for the other half of his mask that had burned off of his suit, when he heard her bloodcurdling scream from off in the distance.

It was only once, a loud screech of surprise agony, but it was unmistakably, undoubtedly hers. In that moment he had panicked, his mind and body frozen in place, unable to budge a muscle to rush to her aid. A thought was seared into his mind, sending shivers down his back and word was stuck in his throat, choking him to tears.

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anonymous asked:

The independent woman line could be about Iris by Eobard (which would be awesome, I really want to see them interact because he must have had dealings with her future reporter self as well, being a supervillain and all. It could give us new insight into future Iris). I also though it might be Cisco about Caitln, which would be kind of cute (and flirty)

I really feel like that’s something Cisco would say… I doubt Barry will let Iris be alone with Eobard, and if Eobard dares to speak to her… LOL