RIP to all the people that have commit suicide

People shouldn’t have to end there life,for someone to realise how much they mean to them, or for people to even think of committing suicide, people kill them self over bullying and when people tease them, and call them names, i think everyone should put a stop to this, i don't know when everyone's going to realise that bullying hurts, and makes people depressed, and teasing them about there sexuality is totally wrong, they should be able to love whoever they love, it’s so bad that so many people are actually thinking of ending there life because maybe, you were the reason they are upset, you called them names, you said no one liked them or that you hate them, or that you wouldn't help them when they needed someone by there side, everyone needs to learn to be nicer, and to not say hurtful things because people self harm and do things that no one wants to hear! i love you and i want people to know that i am here to listen you whoever and whenever !!