So, after doing Grizz for the CN collab, I decided to do a 2nd one, and Shirley the Medium opened up! Unfortunately, I let the month slip by me and overestimated my ability to do this…plus bake all day, plus get ready for everything the next day (Halloween) and didn’t get it done on time. 

Since it was pretty much almost inked though, I finished it anyway because why not? I’m pretty happy either way. I just feel like a turd for not having this done when I should’ve. 

Welp! It’s been exactly a year today since I entered my last How to Train Your Dragon t-shirt design. Now, another How to Train Your Dragon contest has come up for welovefine and I definitely wanted to enter again! Rating hasn’t started yet, but I figured I’d post anyway. Unfortunately I’ll be away and possibly without internet when rating starts, so I’m hoping that for the 2 days I’m not there for rating I can still spread the word. Once rating starts, once I get back, I’ll repost with a link to the design to make it easier!! 


Found an old picture I apparently made this day 4 years ago of Oliver for my sophomore film. I thought it’d be appropriate to put the old one and the new one side by side to compare how he actually has changed more than I thought lol! Actually, I think I inked and colored the old one in Flash for a class project…still my line art’s gotten cleaner thank god. 

His outfit has changed, though I’m not sure the old jacket’s toootally gone. He may wear heavier stuff here and there but overall, different outfit. Different boots, hair style has changed a bit. Also made his eyes a bit more shaped to hopefully hint towards his Native American side from his dad. Though he honestly looks 90% like his mom let’s not kid ourselves.

But yea! Not his birthday yet, but he will be just about 4 years old by the time I hopefully get a trailer out for this film. Time flies, my god.

I was looking through my sketchbooks from last year (I can safely say I’ve definitely improved..yikes) and I found this. I sat there laughing for a good 5 minutes…didn’t help that it was horribly drawn. Remember this Viv?

These are some fox character designs I tied down quick for a short animation (just a few seconds long) I hope I can get done by next week, if not, the end of the month. I’m probably gonna simplify them just a touch, but considering it didn’t take me long at all to draw them, I should be comfortable enough to animate them. That old fox is gonna take a big longer, but that’s just because I don’t draw old animals often. It’s actually a lot of fun though. 

It’s late…I’m loopy and between watching Star Wars IV and working on concept art…after baking all day this is what happens: I throw some color and shade on a sketch and put a light saber in Oliver’s hand (it’s a spear in the actual sketch…you’ll see.) For some reason the color isn’t doing the drawing justice but eh…this was for fun. Human legs are my weakness, judge me not.

Also this is because it’s Oliver’s birthday tomorrow and seeing the new Star Wars tomorrow…there’s apparently many reasons why I doodled this out and felt the need to share lol.

Had work day so in case I don’t get anything else done (or decide to be a good girl and actually try and do more thesis work tonight), I had this already made and just went ahead and slapped some text on it. Been a long time since I’ve seen Niko’s precious face <3

Hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine’s Day whether you’re in a relationship or single =3 

2015 has flown by. Seriously, it felt like the fastest year ever. I suppose between working late 2014 into the first half 2015, fun summer trips, CTN, and then going right from that to a busy holiday season…it’d make sense it felt fast. It was a busy year. But somehow, I managed to do finished art almost every month (with the exception of August and February.) The last 2 months of the year seems to be when I began doing fuller compositions and backgrounds. I hope to carry that over to 2016 AND get rolling on an upcoming film I’m very excited about!