I started this animation a little over a year ago….featuring gummy bears! Hence why he has no pupils. it was meant to be for the 11 second club competition but again, just did not have time to participate again. This isn’t the only 11 second club incomplete I have too. I’m really trying to finish both anyway because I’m long overdue for some new animations. My reel’s feeling a bit stale.

This and another segment were the only two parts I had fully animated so far but this was by far my favorite little snip it. I wanna work on making my acting better but it’s getting there I guess. 

I actually hit a moment of zen while just..drawing. That hasn’t happened in a LOOONG time. Literally had no idea what I was doing just had a very loose design idea and had at it.

Long story short, Shift is still in the works but seeing as it’s been a while since I’ve sat down and animated…and I’d like to get my skills up to par, I’m gonna slow it down for the time being. Still working on it, just not in an “omg I need to work on it everyday” sorta thing. I’d rather enjoy the process of that film and let it go on as long as it needs to rather than force it because all the fun was getting sucked out of it and I didn’t want that either. So, I kind took from a silly idea I had based on something I watched on good old youtube and started using that to work up a brand new concept for a “mini” short film. I will not WILL NOT let this film go over a minute because I’d like to get it done by the end of the year. It’ll be simple, fun, funny and above all…short. This is one of two of the main characters and the design I immediately took a liking to. Outfit’s a work in progress but for once, I actually enjoy looking at it and drawing her. Was gonna work on the other girl but I started crappin’ out so I’m gonna call it a night on a good note. 

She didn’t have a name, but for fun been just mentally calling her Nicky after watching Little Nicky while working on this. Don’t…don’t judge me. I’m gonna sleep. I talk too much. 

Took a continuing education Toon Boom class at my school to get some necessary skills under my belt while seeing how I liked the program and I have to say I was impressed! I have a LONG way to go as it’s pretty complex but the amount of stuff you can do in this program has me hooked! 

This was my final project from the class. It’s super short but I was trying puppeting and rigging for the first time to do something different and out of my comfort zone (plus it seems a lot of different shows use this method so why not?) Figuring out how to set rigs up was a bit of a headache at first but once I got the hang of it I actually can say I enjoyed it! I still have a lot of practicing to do but I’m overall very happy with what I’ve learned and how this animation turned out. 


Finished the animation!! Might ink and color it down the road after tackling some other projects I have in progress. For now I’m happy with it the way it is. Above is just keys. I changed the final position for Oliver because it didn’t flow right as I broke it down and some of the timing changed for both Oliver and Harper, though Harper’s timing stayed pretty consistent throughout. Oliver’s changed more. 

Anywho, here’s the first of a few animations I wanna do to dust off my demo reel in time for 2015-2016.

So, after doing Grizz for the CN collab, I decided to do a 2nd one, and Shirley the Medium opened up! Unfortunately, I let the month slip by me and overestimated my ability to do this…plus bake all day, plus get ready for everything the next day (Halloween) and didn’t get it done on time. 

Since it was pretty much almost inked though, I finished it anyway because why not? I’m pretty happy either way. I just feel like a turd for not having this done when I should’ve. 

So…long time no update seen…it’s July already and yea I’m still trying to finish Bear Appetit. Though to be honest, the biggest reason it’s taking a while is for a while I just needed a break from it. I tried to keep pressing on after graduation but I was kidding myself. Mentally I needed a break and a lot more scenes than I realized needed a major makeover or just needed to be finished period. I’m back to enjoying it though so it’ll be done by the summer easily…goal is this month though before vacation.

ANYWHO, this scene was one of the scenes that needed to be completed and re-inked because I had to rush a bit in the end to get it done. I have to go back and redo the background (also was done fast) and get everything colored and it will be all ready to go. This scene gave me a bit of a challenge because there was a lot to keep track of and the bear was challenging. But I’m pretty happy with it overall.

Alright..decided why not? I’ll post it. This is how my film will hopefully look in the end. This was actually done for a layout assignment as well. Still wondering about the linework on the characters, I mayyy make it a tad thinner just so they fit a little better but I’ll see.

I’m not the best at backgrounds (should’ve practiced it more) and I’m sure there are some persepective issues still but…I’m pretty happy with it overall.


So it’s getting down to the wire with thesis. JUST TEN MORE DAYS!!! And I’m going nuts…no sleep…major cabin fever but with this incredibly weird sense of optimism. Hoping to hang onto that. This is the fastest I’ve ever worked in my life. Ever. 

Anywho, with that said, wanted to share some boards that never made the final cut, without giving too much away from the film. Kinda bummed they were cut but in the grand scheme of things..had I kept them my film would’ve been a whole minute longer. The second one is more of one of the ideas I had for the middle of the film. I ended up liking what I used in the end much better, but these boards were still fun. The other two just make me laugh. Wish I could’ve kept them in, but it is what it is. 

Changed up the style of how the backgrounds will look and I definitely like it better. It’s simpler too I think which works better and in my favor lol. 

This is  what my film’s gonna look like in the end and I am SO excited to get to coloring and inking honestly but still so much animating left to do. 

That reminds me though if anyone has experience with the video feature in photoshop and has just..overall experience flat coloring and would like to lend a helping hand, throw some examples my way and I’ll be really happy for the help! You’ll be put into the credits and I’ll even do a simple colored art piece for you of anything you want! Just email me at or message me on here if you’re interested!

It’s a Sugar Rush me! XD Based on the hat I wore when we went to see the movie, which according to Kyra resembled a Neapolitan. So, this happened.

I forgot I started it a while back. Never got around to finishing it past the basic shading. I’ll probably finish it up when Wreck-It Ralph comes out on Blu-Ray/DVD. Wanted to add an ice cream cone on the shirt, some sorta glow on the coin and what not.

It’s almost there, but I figure it’s worth putting it up the way it is now in case I forget again or can’t get around to it. 


Some doodles and such of two new characters: Giovanni (Spotted Hyena) and Natalia (Striped hyena), both shapeshifters. I probably should start a new tumblr to put silly doodles on, but I’ll use this one for now =)

Last picture was done by Corie <3 I give her a lot of credit for this. She helped me figure out a good design for Natalia.

And so the artistic brainstorming for my next film begins..and Oliver’s one of the mains! I was really in the mood to tweak his design a bit at work today so that he was better suited for animation. Rather..he’s getting a bit of a slightly different hair style. This doodle was the one I liked best so hopefully if and when I get it tightened up, it’ll still look good. I’m also ok with him looking younger for the short, but will try making him look his current age with this style (only a bit longer/fluffier lol) for the future lol!

Also, excuse the notes surrounding it  

So, I’ve been seeing a lot of people doing this so again I am joining this bandwagon. Especially since this will be my last year in art school!

This kinda proved to..well..myself I’ve been a lot more productive this year art-wise. July technically doesn’t count as something I really “drew” this year, but the shirt I did this year. I was a bit shy using vibrant colors I noticed but I just this month I finally started breaking out of that comfort zone and recolored Alexis.

When I take another break, I’m gonna try for the “yearly” meme, even though it mayyy just go back to 2010.

Resolution for 2014: More backgrounds, trying out more painterly styles, and further breaking out of that comfort zone with color