So…long time no update seen…it’s July already and yea I’m still trying to finish Bear Appetit. Though to be honest, the biggest reason it’s taking a while is for a while I just needed a break from it. I tried to keep pressing on after graduation but I was kidding myself. Mentally I needed a break and a lot more scenes than I realized needed a major makeover or just needed to be finished period. I’m back to enjoying it though so it’ll be done by the summer easily…goal is this month though before vacation.

ANYWHO, this scene was one of the scenes that needed to be completed and re-inked because I had to rush a bit in the end to get it done. I have to go back and redo the background (also was done fast) and get everything colored and it will be all ready to go. This scene gave me a bit of a challenge because there was a lot to keep track of and the bear was challenging. But I’m pretty happy with it overall.