I started this animation a little over a year ago….featuring gummy bears! Hence why he has no pupils. it was meant to be for the 11 second club competition but again, just did not have time to participate again. This isn’t the only 11 second club incomplete I have too. I’m really trying to finish both anyway because I’m long overdue for some new animations. My reel’s feeling a bit stale.

This and another segment were the only two parts I had fully animated so far but this was by far my favorite little snip it. I wanna work on making my acting better but it’s getting there I guess. 

Took a continuing education Toon Boom class at my school to get some necessary skills under my belt while seeing how I liked the program and I have to say I was impressed! I have a LONG way to go as it’s pretty complex but the amount of stuff you can do in this program has me hooked! 

This was my final project from the class. It’s super short but I was trying puppeting and rigging for the first time to do something different and out of my comfort zone (plus it seems a lot of different shows use this method so why not?) Figuring out how to set rigs up was a bit of a headache at first but once I got the hang of it I actually can say I enjoyed it! I still have a lot of practicing to do but I’m overall very happy with what I’ve learned and how this animation turned out.