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I think I have a new favorite band.

They’re called Sabaton and like most of their songs are these epic balads about the WW2 Allies beating up Nazis

here is a sample of their ode to the Russian Night Witches, which, for context, all lady unit of basically stealth bombers

and i love


oh my god

I think I like that song so much because you never get good metal songs about women for how fucking BADASS they are, the only songs that are like “These bad bitches will DESTROY YOU” are like …. “oh foul temptress!” kinda shit when Night Witches is just “FROM THE DEPTHS OF HELL, THEY LIVE TO FIGHT, DEATH IS IN THE AIR!” and I’m like

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If you like Sabaton for the rhythm and historical themes, you might also like Turisas, who have made concept albums like The Varangian Way about the titular Scandinavians travelling to the Eastern Roman Empire - and also the Stand Up and Fight! album that has amazing historical ballads like The Great Escape and End of an Empire.

Word! Thank you, I’ll give that a shot!

I’m more “eh” about the historical aspects tbh, I’m just like any decent bloodthirsty American, I love to hear about nazis getting murdered but I love rhythmic metal that isn’t afraid to go all out so if they’re like that I’ll have to check em out!

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🎶 for all the toons

🎶 what song makes you think of (specify muse)

I actually have [an entire playlist for Tallia], her themes are “ANGRY and ANGSTY” but like… gun to my head, I gotta only pick ONE song off this playlist then UUUUUHHH

I guess I pick Lacuna Coil’s “Trip the Darkness” because it sums her better self up as a character better than the others and actually has a woman’s voice for once?

Similarly have [a playlist for Pargal] with the usual themes of sedition and paranoia but if I had to pick just one off of it that would be perfect for him it’d probably be “MK Ultra” by Muse because it’s the buildup to what finally made him break and decide the Empire had to be torn down brick by fucking brick until everyone under its boot was free, including himself.

Aerasuni’s much more… bittersweet with emphasis on the sweet than the other two, so for her stuff I listen to a lot of Pet Shop Boys, notably “More Than a Dream” by them stands out for her. 

Sadly the others I really don’t have… any kinda music for them? I feel bad about that, like I neglect them or something but yeugh. It’s too hard and I’m an old fart who just wants to listen to the same 3 bands over and over again until I die.

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Man, it was so hard keeping it down to just 2 Lacuna Coil songs for Tallia’s playlist.

I’ve also got “Hostage to the Light” on there for some nice angsty guilt spiraling about you’ve let them make you into a monster just to survive, you know you deserve what Korriban throws at you because of it

But I reaallllllly wanted to add “Upsidedown” as her great big “fuck you” to the Emperor and the Dark Council for how they still don’t fucking Get that the Wrath will not abide by their rampant cruelty and corruption for another goddamn second.