caitlin stone



1. What To Do When You Run Into Somebody Beautiful In The Toothpaste Aisle And After Four Minutes Of Small Talk They Shake Your Hand And Ask For Your Name And You Realize For The First Time How Much Brown Eyes Remind You Of Being Submerged In A Swimming Pool

2. What To Do When You Can’t Stop Staring At Your Life Line For Two Hours Afterwards Because That Was More Tremor Than Shake And You’ve Never Lived Anywhere Other Than The Northeastern Region Of The United States So You’ve Never Been Taught How To Prepare For A Natural Disaster

3. What To Do If You Can’t Stop Staring At Their Lips While You’re On Your First Date Because Holy Shit Do They Look Soft And Holy Shit You’ve Never Done This Before And Holy Shit Holy Shit HOLY SHIT You’re Touching Their Mouth And Suddenly You’ve Discovered A Feeling That You Can’t Name For Fear Of Getting It Wrong And After One Week Of Text Messages And One Drugstore Aisle Trick Of Fate You Already Know That You Can’t Get Something Like This Wrong

4. What To Do When You’re In Their Apartment And It Smells Like Vanilla And Empty Seltzer Cans Are Lined Up On A Trunk-Turned-Into-Coffee-Table Like Chess Pieces And You Think Maybe Your Chest Is Splitting Open By How Much You Want Them To Need You And How Soft Their Hands Feel Against Your Face In The Darkness Of Their Living Room On The Fabric Of Their Sofa

5. What To Do When The Ache Turns To Fire And Their Teeth On Your Earlobe Only Feeds The Flames And You Want To Ask Them How Many People They’ve Kissed But You Also Don’t Want To Know Because It’s Not Like You’ll Be The Best They’ve Ever Had Since The Closest You’ve Come To Heat Like This Is The House Fire In Your Abdomen But Maybe You Could Be The Most Tender Heart They’ve Ever Held And That Could Be Just As Good

6. What To Do When You Sleep In Their Bed For The First Time And They Snore Into Your Hair And Pull You CloserCloserCloser And You Get The Best Night’s Sleep You’ve Ever Had Because Instead Of Wiping Tears From Your Face You Spent The Night Being Wanted And This Isn’t The Unnamable Feeling But You’re Sneaking Up On It And It Tastes Like Sugar

7. What To Do When You Can’t Stop Looking At The Red Marks On Your Neck Because They Remind You Of Last Night And How They Told You That You Smelled Nice So During Latin Class You Bought Four Bottles Of That Perfume You Were Wearing So That They Might Say It To You Again And Then You Get Out Your Phone And Check Your Collarbones Again And Shudder Until You Make Yourself Cold To The Touch

8. What To Do When You Trust Them Enough To Not Take Advantage Of Your Gentleness And You Remember That At This Time Last Year You Were Pining After Somebody That Didn’t Know How To Love And Now You’re Waking Up Next To A Person That Tells You You’re Worthy Of Compassion And Gives You Goosebumps Whenever They Run Their Fingertips Across Your Bare Skin And You Don’t Understand How Anything Could Be Better There Is No Way Anything Is Better Than This

9. What To Do When You Realize That No Matter How Complimentary Your Bodies Are When Pressed Up Against Each Other It Will Never Be To The Extent That You Want It To Be Which Is Another Way Of Saying You Were So Busy Daydreaming About The Possibility Of Being Needed That You Didn’t Realize You Had All Of This Demand Laying Dormant Inside Of You Until They Placed Their Lips To Your Naked Shoulder And Woke It Up

10. What To Do When You Know It’s Time To Be Your Own Person And Stop Looking In Translations To Confirm What You Already Know And You Come To A Revelation In The Middle Of The Mystery Section At Your Local Library That Maybe You Aren’t Supposed To Name The Feeling You Get When They Look At You

11. What Matters Is That You’re Feeling It


love how relieved both of them looked when Barry revealed that even tho Caitlin kept the stone, it actually inadvertently helped stopped Savitar from escaping from the Speed Force <3 like i think it jarred Barry from his comfort zone thinking that Caitlin could ever betray the team…and he’s relieved that albeit she did….but it turned out to be a blessing instead.


“It’s just a morality tale, it’s obvious which gift is best, which one you’d choose -“
The three of them spoke at the same time; Caitlin said, “the cloak,” Cisco said, “the wand,” and Barry said, “the stone.” (insp.)

Fellow Shipper

They are your best friends. They cry with you, scream with you, laugh with you, tweet with you, blog with you, read smut with you and throw garbage at the writers when they don’t make your ship cannon with you.


I haven’t been this scared in a long time

And I’m so unprepared, so here’s your valentine

Bouquet of clumsy words, a simple melody

This world’s an ugly place but you’re so beautiful to me.