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I was lucky enough to be invited to participate in the Ham4Pamphlet, a book illustrating 46 of the songs in Hamilton! It was put together by Arielle Jovellanos as a gift for the cast - it won’t be sold anywhere, but you can (and should) check out the rest of the booklet right here!!! 

I still haven’t seen the show, but the OCR has been my constant companion for months & months now - most of JONESY #1 & 2 were drawn with Hamilton blaring in my headphones. It’s kept me smiling through some tough times, and I’m really glad I got this opportunity to join in saying a small thank you to the cast! 💖🙌

Thx again to Arielle for organizing! 

Ken Tucker loves Nashville singer-songwriter Caitlin Rose’s new album The Stand In:

Rose tosses off a pun in “When I’m Gone,” as she sings, “Lyin’ / I’ve been lyin’ / I’ve been lyin’ around with the dogs in this town too long.” She’s preparing to beat a hasty retreat, yet the force of the music belies the image of Rose as a quitter or an escapee. Like another apparent influence here — the Everly Brothers’ sound pops up in some of her layered, multi-tracked harmonies — Rose knows that it takes a strong, assured performer to sell the notion of vulnerability over the long haul. Keeping yourself open to the hurt is what her music is all about.

The cartoon short that Caitlin Rose Boyle and I have been working on with Nickelodeon Animation Studio is ONLINE! Over the past year and a half Caitlin and I pitched, wrote, boarded, designed characters, and then saw through the production of the short. This opportunity has changed my life in many ways and I want to thank all of you who are still here rooting for us. Your love and support mean everything!

Everyone, meet Buck and Lou!:

Already a Nashville and touring veteran at the tender age of 26, Caitlin Rose has been defying female country singer stereotypes since signing her first record contract six years ago. In the time since, she has demonstrated a constant willingness to venture into new musical territory and showcased a lyrical wit and candor that lends an uncommon maturity to her songwriting.”

- Justin McGowan

Chainmail Bikini preview: Connections ⊟

All week, we’re featuring samples from Chainmail Bikini, the ”comics anthology celebrating female gamers”. The Kickstarter-ed book features a number of portable gaming-themed stories, like this page from Caitlin Rose Boyle (Tumblr / Quick bio: “Caitlin Rose Boyle makes comics, illustrations, tiny video games, & short animations whenever she manages to put down her 3DS. She’s currently developing an animated short for Nickelodeon.”). She also contributed the art for Dannel’s piece on “Taking Pokémon across multiple generations”!

Chainmail Bikini will offer 200+ pages of comics about video games, tabletop RPGs, collectible card games, and more from 40 cartoonists. It sounds like a really awesome project, and we’d be happy if you pledged some cash to get a copy of the book and to help the participating artists get paid even more!

More Chainmail Bikini: Pocket Worlds, Achievement Unlocked, and Hermia.


Ken Tucker on Caitlin Rose’s The Stand In:

As its title suggests, The Stand-In finds Rose assuming various roles in her songs, but they really boil down to two: the person who’s been wronged and the person who’s committed a wrong. Rose produced this album with Jordan Lehning and Skylar Wilson, who also co-wrote much of the material with her. The production of any given song frequently rubs against the mood of its lyric, with downbeat sentiments made tense when strung along a zippy, coursing melody, or a hopeful verse called into question by the downward spiral of guitars, keyboards and drums.

Above, “Own Side” off of Caitlin Rose’s new album The Stand In

  • Shotgun Wedding
  • Caitlin Rose
  • Dead Flowers

Caitlin Rose - “Shotgun Wedding

…and now for something completely different.

I live in Nashville, and true to the stereotype, there’s plenty of bad country music about. Luckily though, a lot of what’s around the city isn’t this poppy, Nickelback-with-an-accent, fake-country nonsense that you see these days. But if you stroll around town and listen, you’ll hear more country music that’s true to its roots, music built on solid songwriting, and instrumentation that requires talent, not a mixing board and Auto-tune.

So, to prove to you that country music isn’t all Taylor Swift or Keith Urban, I give you Caitlin Rose. A Nashville-local with a gift for songwriting, Caitlin and her music owes far more to the greats of Country Past than most of her contemporaries. Which is to say that Caitlin plays the kind of country I want to listen to: at times it’s fun and quirky, other times it’s heart-breaking and beautiful. It’s simple, and better suited to a dive-bar than it is to CMT. I could blather on about how good Caitlin is, but I should let the song speak for itself. — Bill


Heidi Feek - Someday, Somebody

It’s country in a Chris Isaak vein. I like the style of the video…plus, Caitlin Rose is in it.