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For a month, I rode some kind of relaxed sex galleon around London, like a lady pirate – remembering, again, how every conversation with a member of the opposite sex carries with it that tiny, atom-small, atomic-bright possibility: ‘Hello. Are you it?

And every Thursday, I would invite over Pete from Melody Maker, cook him soup and tell him all these stories – ‘So I rang Room Service, and asked for a steak sandwich, and a pair of men’s pants’ – while we played records, and cried laughing.

Read a whole section about Caitlin’s wedding from How To Be a Woman at the Mail on Sunday.

‘Oh!’ I said, waking up. ‘I’m in love! I’m in love with Pete.’ I looked around the flat. ‘He’s what’s not here.’

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Journalist and author Caitlin Moran talks to Matthew Stadlen about Twitter, being home schooled, what feminism means to her, how writing behind the paywall at The Times has affected her readership - and why her childhood was blighted by tights and towel shortages.

A book of her columns! This year!

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