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I kind of want Reign to start over from the beginning with the same cast but different writers. 


The DC crossover episode we really want

From left to right: Lena Luthor, Nyssa al Ghul, Sara Lance, Felicity Smoak, Laurel Lance, Alex Danvers, Iris West, Caitlin Snow, Thea Queen, Mari McCabe, Maggie Sawyer and Kara Danvers

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Category: Pregnancy
083: “I can’t be pregnant… or….OH, MY GOD! ”

Pairing: Barry Allen x reader 
Warnings: Girltalk where the word “sex” is mentioned a couple times (idk if that’s a legit warning tho), mild swearing (I think there’s like… three curewords or something), and a bit bad writing in the beginning.
Words: 3516 

A/N: Just thought I’d give you the reason why I didn’t post Cinderella part 2: it’s pretty much because it’s been a while since I wrote last time, and I want the second part to be perfect, AND I didn’t have so many ideas – just thought you guys deserved an update quicker…


When it came to sneaking in after a long night, Y/N Y/L/N wasn’t the best. Was the girl inexperienced? Well, maybe, but she blamed it more on her dominant gene of clumsiness. As expected, the door wasn’t on her side when she tried her best to get into her and Mary’s apartment inaudibly.

Squeak! It was moments like these, Y/N regretted not getting their door fixed. Though she excused her laziness with the argument that it was a great (cheap) alternative for an alarm in case of thieves (as if anyone would break the law for her stuff, hah!), it wasn’t funny when you tried your best to sneak inside after a long night out.

“Good morning,” Mary, Y/N’s best friend, and roommate smirked at her, two cups of coffees in her hands. 
“We really need to oil those hinges,” Y/N tried her best changing the topic, as she took the mug her friend offered her. 
“Nice try, go shower and get dressed. You’ve got a lot to tell me, and I don’t want you to be hung over while you’re at it,” at that moment, Mary was so determined, Y/N didn’t dare nor care to tell her she wasn’t that hung over.

“You had sex with Barry?! I can’t believe it! I mean, you guys are like… the definition of cinnamon buns!" Mary exclaimed in shock.
"Ugh, stop it, Mary. Now that I’ve told you everything about last night-”
“He asked you to take som drinks with him and Caitlin, then you just ended up having sex? Who are you?" 
”-can you just be the bestest best friend in the world and don’t remind me about it for the rest of my life?“ Y/N continued as if her friend hadn’t just interrupted her, and hid her face in her hands.

"Wait, what? Why? Was he so bad?”  
“NO! Jesus, Mary, no, he- he was good… But the sex is not the point!” Y/N shook her head. 
“Well then, what’s the problem?”
“We’re friends, and… and… and did you not just hear what’s happened?! We had intercourse-”
“Don’t say intercourse, Y/N/N, it’s old and it’s weird,” Mary interrupted.
“Well, we did it-”
“You’re not five, Y/N, I believe the word you’re looking for is-”
“Oh my God, Mary, can we just not talk about this?! Please?” Y/n couldn’t do this conversation anymore, and with a short “OK” from her noisy friend, Y/N left their living room. 

It had been days since her and Mary’s conversation about Y/N’s wild night with Barry. Luckily for her, Barry was needed in Star City for a week, so the awkward meet was yet to come. Of course, Y/N knew that it had to happen sooner or later, though later had worked out just fine for the past days, hence why she was still rooting for that method – despite Mary’s constant nagging.

The morning came quicker than usual as Y/N woke up by the sudden urge to throw up. This confused her, considering Y/N was never sick – well, excluding the days she actually happened to be, of course. So when she found herself hanging over the toilet, she couldn’t help being both frustrated as well as disgusted. 

“Y/N, are you ok?” Mary’s voice came from the other side of the locked bathroom door. Y/N never locked the bathroom door – she feared she would get shut in and stuck during a fire – which happened more often than you would think (let’s just say that Mary wasn’t the best at cooking, or with fires).
“Uhm… yeah, just-” She was interrupted by a second and hopefully last round of vomit.
“Yeah, I’m fine, just a sec, Mary!” Y/N was panicking. Y/N was throwing up. Y/N never threw up.
“Y/N Y/L/N, I demand you to open this door before I get creepy Jack  down the hall to kick this door open for me!” And that’s how Y/N got herself in lockdown.

It was never fun to be at home, sick. Especially when one wasn’t sick, but one’s crazy overprotective roommate and best friend forced one to stay home because one acted a bit off and looked a bit pale in the morning. Y/N was currently in this situation. She didn’t like it. At the moment she was walking around their apartment, feeling 100% good to go to work. “You look terrible today as well, Y/N, you’re not going anywhere. I’m telling Mrs. Norman, so if I get a phone call that your toe has even touched the air of the other side of that door, you’ll be dead,” Mary had told her. 

This was it, the last drop, she was done, finished, finito with staying home any longer. Y/N had just finished her third film of the day, and just laying there was getting her a migraine. ‘OK, I’m going out! I’m a grown woman! A big girl, an independent girl! I can do whatever I want to! My best friend can’t make me stay at home!’ Y/N went for her purse and was ready to walk out the door, but as if Mary could read minds, Y/N’s phone rung.
“Hello?” Y/N sounded as chirpy as she could, feeling nervous as hell.
“Hey, Y/N! Just wanted to make sure you haven’t left!” Mary knew her better than anyone, and it was almost scaring Y/N a bit. Almost. 

Three knocks on the door followed by the sound of a pair of keys, and then the door opened. The familiar squeak made its way to Y/N’s ears as she laid on her bed in misery.
“Hey, Y/N, are you alright?” It was Barry. 'Barry? Is he back home?’ Y/N tried not to let her panic take overhand. Anger suddenly washed over her, if this was Mary’s work, a certain brunette would be in deep trouble when she came back from work…

“Hey, I uh… I brought flowers,” Barry’s voice could be heard from the living room, and Y/N’s mind was twisting and turning: Should she go on and play sick? It would certainly delay the awkward conversation that was bound to happen… Deciding it was her best option at the time, Y/N made out a weak cough, and answered her friend:
“In here, Barry!” as sickly she could manage.

“Hi, how’re you feeling?” Barry stepped inside carefully, as if the floor would cause her more pain. 
“I’m ok, my head hurts a bit, and I’m a bit nauseous,” Y/N thought that her breasts being tender were a fact she didn’t have to share.
“Uhm…” looking as Barry’s ears had just turned tomato red, Y/N scolded herself for saying her thoughts out loud.

“Mary told you to come here?” Y/N tried her best changing the subject quickly as well as keeping her act. 
“Uhm, no, heard it from Caitlin actually. She was.. uh… on the phone with Mary I think. She, uhm, she’s a loud talker,”
“Caitlin or Mary?”
“Both,” the two laughed, Y/N throwing in a couple of coughs. When the laughing calmed down, and the tension started to grow, it was as if her guardian angel saved her, and Barry’s phone rung.
“Uhm, sorry, I have to go, Captain Singh needs me at the office…”
“Yeah, of course, you just go and save the city by stirring in chemicals,” her good-bye made him laugh as he made his way out the door in a hurry. 

“Y/N?” Mary asked. They were currently sitting on the couch, eating pizza and watching How I Met Your Mother. 
“Pee on this for me, will you? I think you’re pregnant,” the brunette said, throwing a box at Y/N – who were almost choking on her food.
“Excuse me?!" 
"Just do it, it won’t hurt, and you’ve been feeling bad for days. Now be quick and get it done already before I eat this up," 

"This is stupid,” Y/N said. It turned out that Mary had seen the episode airing on TV “a thousand times”, so they were now hovering over the white stick somewhat curious and excited.
“Because I can’t be pregnant… OH, MY GOD!” Y/N couldn’t believe it. It said positively.
"Is it Barry’s?” Mary broke the silence
“Well, you’re obviously not Mother Teresa, and you’re not the one to sleep around; I mean, I’m just tying up the loose ends…”
“Oh my God, Mary, can we just not talk about this?! Please?” Y/N was still trying to cope with the fact that a living creature was growing inside her vagina.
“Yeah, yeah of course…” And the night continued, Mary planning out how she would be the cool aunt of the unborn baby, and Y/N denying the scary fact that she would become a mother in roughly nine months.

“You need to tell him, Y/N,” Mary said, looking at her best friend while trying her best not to tick off the ice cream-eating bipolar monster.
'I thought we agreed not to talk about this,’  Was what Y/N wanted and meant to say, though because of the piece of heaven that was melting inside her mouth, it rather came out sounding more like: “Eh ohuph uh a-edh umph uh ahk a-ou es!” Mary, on the other hand, managed to translate the faded message by the clear look in Y/N’s eyes.
“That was three weeks ago," 
"Ugh!!” And the monster sunk her head in the pillows surrounding her, letting out a loud cry of frustration.

“What about Coby?” Y/N asked her friend. 
“Because Cody is too common for you?” Mary answered, still skimming through her magazine in the other end of the sofa. 
“I don’t know, he just feels like a Coby,” Y/N answered, looking down at er stomach – if she really just concentrated hard enough, she could see the little bump forming.
“Yeah, you’ve just begun the first trimester, so sorry hun, but the kiddo doesn’t even have a face, let alone a pair of good functionating lungs," 
"You’re right, but what about Bia? Or Dory? What do you think about those?” Y/N asked, and at this, Mary set her Vouge away and looked her friend straight in the eyes.

“I think that if you want to name your child after a Pixar/Disney-cartoon fish, you better talk to the daddy…”
“Yeah, Dory was a bit too creative maybe… How about Elza? Elza is cool, or Logan? He was always my favorite. Though Jess was also-” Y/N’s attempt on ignoring her friend’s change of topic failed hard when Mary interrupted her.
“Y/N this is getting serious. You haven’t even hung out with Barry much for the past weeks. Remember when you two couldn’t stay away from each other for more than six hours? I remember that very well. I also remember him being your number one topic to talk about 24/7," 

She was right. Mary was right and Y/N knew it, though she couldn’t help it! All she could think of when picturing their first real talk since the one four weeks ago was BABYBABYBABY. Imagine how stressed he would be? He made one mistake, and now he was forced into a huge commitment. In addition to that, this was not what Y/N wanted herself. She wanted to get kids with the man in her life. And currently, that was her dad, considering her status on Facebook was still remaining 'single’. 

"But how Mary? How do I confront him with this? He’s going to be a dad! And when I tell him, he will have two options: A, to agree to all terms and conditions, to become a dad and parent with me, or he can B, politely decline and leave my life forever! Mary, I can’t bear a life without him!” She hadn’t even realized the tears running down her cheeks before now. 
“He won’t leave you, do you hear me? He will never ever leave you,” Mary tried her best reassuring her friend, patting Y/Non the head while whispering soft comforting words.

“You know, having a pregnant roommate is way more expensive than you would think,” Mary came in the door with four bags full of food.
“Yeah, yeah, where’s the pickles?” Y/N asked frantically, to which Mary gave her one of the bags.
“I mean, not only does it drench your wallet, but also your mentality. Here you go by the way, bought eleven jars, just for you,” Y/N went for it, and opened the first one in sight. But just as she was about to open the lid and down all of the juice like she had done for the now empty seven jars in their fridge, she stopped.
“Yuck, how disgusting is this? Do we have any chocolate?" 
“Like I said, drenching my wallet and mentality…” Mary said looking up to the roof, shaking her head.

Y/N was currently in her thirteenth week, and her clothing style had changed drastically for a couple of weeks. 'They are meant for comfort and coverage,’ she had told Mary when her friend had commented that she couldn’t leave the apartment in 'the biggest sweatshirt in the building’ and her pajama pants. So you could imagine Barry’s shock when he not only saw his once best friend and crush clothed in uncharacteristically clothing but also for the first time in months. How Y/N had managed to avoid him for that long?

Y/N laid in her bed, computer on her lap, popcorn within her hand’s reach, and sipping on a coke. Her mind was parallelled set on the kittens in the video she was watching, and how cool it would be when her stomach finally would grow to a proper, usable size AKA when she could drop the coffee table in the living room, and do a Phoebe Buffay. 

Interrupting her thoughts, her phone started ringing, leaving her annoyed as she had to pause her YouTube-watching.
"Hello?” She said unaware of whom it wa son the other side of the line. 
“Hey Y/N/N, just wondering where you-” It was
Barry. Her Barry. What was she to do?!
“Sorry, wrong number,” Y/N said in the deepest voice she could muster, as she quickly hung up on the poor, oblivion guy.

Though that wasn’t it, Y/N really was creative with her avoiding methods. She needed to go to the store? She asked Mary. Mary said no? She asked Mrs. Norman. Mary figured that out, got mad at her, and told Mrs. Norman not to worry about it? Y/N asked creepy Jack down the hall, whom she knew Mary wouldn’t dare to talk to. But how about her job? In addition to having a feminist extremist as a boss, Y/N was a writer for a magazine. So simply explaining her situation, adding a couple of white lies, and finishing with a strong apology with a touch of ‘I promise to work twice as hard at home,’ Y/N was off the hook. 

But just as any hormonal pregnant woman, Y/N got enough of her hiding – it should be him hiding, not her! To this Mary had told her that Barry didn’t have the knowledge to why he had to hide (which apparently, Mary didn’t have either) and she was being ‘irrational and not herself,’ which Y/N obviously ignored. Hence why she left their home to get the right chocolate milk, because creepy Jack simply didn’t do the job properly. 

“Y/N? Is that you?” Barry couldn’t be too careful when it came to assuming  – let’s just say this wasn’t the first time he had “seen”  Y/N in public. Though at the mention of her name, Y/N turned to see who had said her name. Her eyes locked into his for mere seconds before Y/N turned away in hope her invisibility powers would quickly appear and hide her. Such a pity Y/N wasn’t a meta…

“It is you!” Barry jogged up to her. Great, what was she to do now? 
“Hi…!”  Y/N answered back, holding her basket with milk in a tight grip.
“How’ve you been? I haven’t heard anything from you for so long…” Barry said, just standing there in front of the girl he loved. 
“Uhm, a bit ill actually… Yeah, that’s why I haven’t had the time to hang out,” quite happy about her explanation, Y/N stood there ready to go. 

“For three months?” Barry asked, not completely convinced.
“Yeah,” Y/n faked a cough, “really bad flu," 
"I see, well, do you want to grab dinner Friday?”
“Friday? As in now Friday? in three days?” Barry nodded, and Y/N shut her eyes as if she had to think of her plans for the rest of the week.  'Should I say yes? It would be quite suspicious if I told him no… But he will know! On the other hand, Big Belly Burger does sound tempting…’
“Big Belly Burger?” Y/N asked with a smile on her face, which Barry gladly returned.
“Yeah! Good, I’ll pick you up at six,” Barry winked at her, then left. 'What have I gotten myself into?’

“This is good, Y/N! Now you can finally tell him!” Mary said, proud of the maturity her friend was showing.
“Telling him? Are you kidding, I’m not gonna tell him anything! We’re just grabbing some burgers…” Y/N defended herself. Wouldn’t that be scandalous, her telling him? He would flee the country to just get away from her.
“You’re not serious now, are you?” When Y/N didn’t answer her, Mary took a deep sigh.
“You are aware of that you’re pushing him away from you, right? Because that’s why you don’t want to tell him because you don’t want to lose him? So I’d use some more time to think before you just go on your date-”
“It’s not a date!”
“- later today, and keep your secret safe,” Mary finished and left the room for Y/N to remake her decision.

It had taken her blood, sweat, and tears – literally, but Mary finally made Y/N agree to tell Barry about her pregnancy. But after a brutal paper cut, an intense discussion, and while following the DVD-aerobic-instructor, Mary argued her way to victory, Y/N left their apartment in defeat.

Walking next to Barry, Y/N started to regret her choice of clothes – no scratch that, Mary’s choice of clothes. Because Y/N was supposed to tell Barry she was pregnant anyway, and 'It’s a date for fuck’s sake, and you like him, you might as well dress proper!’ So there she was. Next to the guy she loved, feeling more insecure about her body as ever, in hope Barry hadn’t noticed. And even though he didn’t show it, Barry did notice. But the thought of her being pregnant? That hadn’t nor ever would’ve crossed his mind. 

“God, I’m hungry… Haven’t eaten since lunch, how 'bout you?” Barry asked, not really sure of what to say. The conversation usually came naturally between the two of them.
Starving,” Y/N said, but kept out the fact that she ate an hour ago. “I could seriously eat a horse, or maybe even the whole team, when I think of it,” she finished, and made Barry laugh. 
“A whole team of horses?” He asked with a smile, to which Y/N chortled at.
"I don’t believe you…” Barry said playfully, loving the feeling of the normality between him and the Y/H/C girl. 
“Bartholomew Henry Allen, you’ve officially been challenged to a duel,” Y/N said in the stiffest voice she could muster. 
“A burger-eating contest?”
“Well, if you want it to sound dull, so yeah…”

“Oh Holy Moses…” Y/N sighed and rubbed her stomach. In front of her was a grinning Barry Allen, and five un-eaten 500g-Double cheese-bacon-burger with sweet potato fries.
“Told you you’d lose, though I’m impressed, not many can keep up with a speedster,”
“Trust me, it’s not that difficult when you’re eating for two!” Y/N said with a laugh, but it quickly stopped when she saw the look on his face. It was a good mixture of shock… shock… and more… shock.

“Uhm… Uh… yeah, I’m uh… I’m pregnant… Sur-surprise?” Y/N had never been this nervous ever. 
“You’re pregnant?” Barry couldn’t believe it. Who was the father? For how many months? Why hadn’t she told him before? Was this the reason she hadn’t talked to him for so long? However, he decided to keep those questions for himself, afraid of the answers – especially the first one, hadn’t he meant anything for her? 
“Uhm, yeah… Due date’s 4th of April,”

“Who knows?” He asked again, “… is the father aware?” He finished.
“Mary and you are the only ones. Mom and dad are kind of still in the dark…” Y/N felt ashamed saying it out loud. 
“Ok, well, how are you feeling about it?” He asked, his concern warming Y/N’s heart. She was so sure this would have ended completely different – hell she had cut off all contact for three months, and she’d continued if it hadn’t been for their random encounter at the supermarket. 
“It was hard to cope with in the beginning, though I’ve grown fond of the little creature," 
"I just want you to know that I’m not leaving your side anytime from this moment, Y/N. You’re stuck with me, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”