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Curl Up To Some Twisted Reads 2017 Editions:

Tales from a Talking Board

Fourteen new supernatural stories exploring divination and communication with the dead through Ouija boards, tarot, and “stranger things.”

California Infernal

Fischer’s unique collection of photos takes us straight into the ritual chamber of the Church of Satan in LaVey’s infamous “black house” in San Francisco, as well as into Mansfield’s Hollywood “pink palace.” We also get to follow LaVey on excursions to his friend Forrest “Famous Monsters of Filmland” Ackerman, to Marilyn Monroe’s grave, to TV studios and back, to Satanic weddings and Zeena’s baptism at the Church of Satan HQ   BUY NOW ON AMAZON

Death and Douglas

When “incredibly out of the ordinary” murder victims start showing up at Douglas’s family’s funeral home, he and his friends set out to solve the mystery.


The World of Lore: Monstrous Creatures

A fascinating, beautifully illustrated guide to the monsters that are part of our collective psyche, featuring both rare and best-loved stories from the hit podcast Lore, soon to be an online streaming series.

From Here to Eternity

The followup to her best-selling look at the death industry Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, mortician Caitlin Doughty travels the world to examine funeral practices from unique cultures around the globe.

The Butchering Art

The Butchering Art is medical history at its most visceral and vivid. It will make you forever grateful to Joseph Lister, the man who saved us from the horror of pre-antiseptic surgery, and to Lindsey Fitzharris, who brings to life the harrowing and deadly sights, smells, and sounds of a nineteenth-century hospital.”   BUY NOW ON AMAZON

Confessions of a Funeral Director

Confessions of a Funeral Director is the story of one man learning how death illuminates and deepens the meaning of existence—insights that can help us all pursue and cherish full, rich lives.  BUY NOW ON AMAZON

The Witch

The witch came to prominence—and often a painful death—in early modern Europe, yet her origins are much more geographically diverse and historically deep. In this landmark book, Ronald Hutton traces witchcraft from the ancient world to the early-modern stake. BUY NOW ON AMAZON
Caitlin Stasey, ‘The 100’s Lindsey Morgan, & Zoe Levin Gear Up For ‘Summertime’

EXCLUSIVE: Caitlin Stasey, Lindsey Morgan, and Zoe Levin are set to co-star in Edward Burns coming-of-age film Summertime, which will begin shooting next month in New York.

The pic, set in the summer of ’83 on the south shore of Long Island, follows a group of working-class young people as they work their summer jobs, fall in and out of love, and wrestle with what the future holds when the summer ends and the real world beckons.

Stasey will co-star as Suzy, the wild child who skipped town the day after high school graduation but now she’s back after her marriage hits the skids. Stasey, who starred in Fox’s new comedy APB and Hulu’s Please Like Me, is repped by Authentic Talent & Literary Management and Gersh.

Levin will take on the role of Lydia, the beauty in the group who always tries to guide her friends to do the right thing. Repped by Anonymous Content, CAA and Patty Felker, she co-starred in Fox’s short-lived series Red Band Society and has appeared in Gia Coppola’s drama Palo Alto.

Lindsey, repped by CAA and Luber Roklin Entertainment, stars as Raven Reyes on CW’s post-apocalyptic drama The 100, which is currently in it’s fourth season and is set to return for a fifth.