caitlin gets personal

So…I’ve spotted some Cait hate from the last ep & I kind of…don’t understand why? I mean, yes the writing made her sound like she was more concerned abt reverting into a villain than taking the risk that she wouldn’t so she could save Iris’s life. She was afraid for herself personally. She didn’t want to lose who she was & become this horrible, evil person who does terrible things, maybe permanently.

But guys, Cait knows that if she becomes KF, not only will she lose the good person she is, she will start hurting people. And if it happens when she’s trying to save someone? That person won’t be saved. They might actually be killed instead. And it could very well be a stream of killings.

Could the writers have written it better so that her very real concern for Iris was more evident rather than just assumed under the branch of her becoming KF & that scaring her? Ofc. The writing can always be better. But let’s not pretend she wasn’t worried about Iris, bc I believe she was. That’s what I came away from the scene feeling. And I swooned through that whole interaction.

PLUS, Iris being there for Cait in a moment that some could view as selfish proves even more what Berlanti & Co have been saving - Iris is the heart of Team Flash. And I LOVE that that’s being shown now with people other than Barry and her biological family.