caitlin foord


Kelley’s off the back board dunk assisted by Rylie Rampone and Caitlin Foord!


Hahaha oh man i love Sky Blue FC!


THE MATILDAS ARE GOING TO RIO following a 2-1 victory over North Korea with goals by Heyman and Gorry. During these scenes of celebration commentator, and ex-Matilda, Melissa Barbieri could be heard sobbing, overcome by the achievement that had eluded this team since 2004. The Matildas have won every match they’ve played in this tournament and are eyeing an olympic medal.
Captain Lisa De Vanna summed up the mood of all Matilda fans at the end of the match:


where’s the good in goodbye?

i’m not sure how long sam and caitlin will be in australia playing for perth, but i am sure that there’s one person who’s really going to miss them.
and i cry inside just thinking about this, especially because i got to see the three of them in person, laughing and yelling at each other.
the kids, the kangys, ko and the aussies.
the three best friends anyone could have.