caitlin ffrench


Testing out the two new botanical inks I’ve made myself and one that I got from a local artist from the Witches’ Night Market! The inks I’ve made are alcohol based (dried flower petals with Everclear added). The red is the Hibiscus, the blue one in the middle is Butterfly Pea Flower and the last one is a blue one made by Caitlin Ffrench of These Secrets (she’s really awesome and I want to take some of her classes some day!). Also, thanks to @fenditch for the idea of using shells to hold the inks.
Caitlin ffrench's book of fibre knowledge and alchemy

Caitlin ffrench of We Will Tell You All of Our Secrets is Kickstarting her self-published book. If you like knitting, fibre, slow clothing, natural dyeing, and supporting a talented artist, you should fund this. Plus she’s offering a lot of ridiculously beautiful rewards fot backers!