caitlin chugg

Caitlin Chugg sent me a care package last week, and it has finally arrived!

The card next to “Hilhil” contains a list of contents. It says:
“What’s Inside?!?!
1. TEA! My favorite tea, made right here, in CT. [It’s Bigelow Earl Grey]
2. A MUG! Relevant and practical! (What else would you drink that tea in?) [Not pictured, it’s a FRIENDS mug that refers back to that one time I got drunk on St. Patrick’s Day, went to Caitlin’s flat, sat in front of her TV featuring an episode of Friends, and proceeded to narrate the entire thing - a split second before it happened since I know the series so well.]
3. SWEET BEATS. Duh. [Two mix CDs, the playlists are on the cards in the lower right]
4. SNACKS! I didn’t include any sour ones, I promise [Not pictured, four packs of Gushers. Toward the end of my time studying abroad, I again drank a bit too much and for some reason, despite the fact that I am not a weepy drunk, got very upset and started bawling after I’d gone home for the night. I called Caitlin and she trooped over with her boytoy and bestfriend, and they all comforted me with Gushers, which I ate… crying. Apparently, though, I got a sour pack without realizing it and did not enjoy it all too well. I can safely say that if I had been watching the whole debacle, I would have found it hilarious.]
5. THE PURPOSE PORTLAND PEOPLE EATER. Made with lots of love (for snuggling and wearing) by yours truly. [An AWESOME purple scarf that I am way too excited about].

Over to the left, we also have a card filled with love from Caitlin that made me laugh and tear up and I love it and I love her. [Also included are instructions for washing the purple Portland people eater, which are much appreciated]. Here are bits and pieces of the letter:

Dear Hilary,

I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to write. Things are, as you can tell, hectic right now. I do miss you terribly and talk about you quite a lot. I hope I can see you soon. Life can seem pretty dire without someone’s hand to hold sometimes, you know?

I hope things are well in OR. I’m sure you’re pluggin’ along. You ARE a trooper. You can do anything, especially excel in a tough semester. You’re coming down the home stretch. Although the last leg seems tough to run, you’re almost done!!!! So keep your chin up and your nose to the grindstone! You are doing great, babygirl. Trust.

Here are few things to remind you that the home you left in Glasgow is right here, in CT. I honestly believe "home” is the people you love most. Also they’re some comfort tools to help you cope with tough days. I know you’re having a ton of those, because my face isn’t around…Kidding. Sorta. I love you, boo. Always.

<3 Caitlin.

This has brightened my entire week; SD, I love you, and I promise I will try to send back an equally impressive care package, though it’s going to be really difficult to live up to.

These Gushers are delicious.