My out takes from the #20beautifulwomen game on Insta. Posting because my mug is cute and the colors are pretty and the light was good and……because I don’t need a reason to post 6 pictures of my face on my own blog! 👍

In the right
harsh light,
my mama’s cheekbones
shine through
My papa’s eyes
are unmistakably
green in hue.

(I once met a fool who
thought they were blue)

But I cut that
great weight
and said
Screw You.
Is found in what you lose.

1. New {shorter} hair! Aaand super fluffy at the moment. Super blonde, coming soon!
2. Sometimes, oftentimes, most times, makeup-free is the way to be.
3. Feeling pretty anxious about what’s coming up, but mostly excited.


I just got REALLY excited about 2014.. moving back to Minneapolis, taking classes again, exploring God’s love, doing more shoots and video work, building a business with my best friend, being single, living entirely on my own, working a part-time job like a normal college student, legitimately planning where to move when I’m done with school, meeting new people, traveling, and just starting a brand spanking new life that I didn’t foresee a year ago but am learning to welcome with open arms. I’m anxious. I’m nervous. I’m scared. But, I’m excited.