Can we make it canon that Kara will both be invited to & attend the WestAllen Wedding AS WELL AS Iris’ Bachelorette Party (Along with Caitlin, Jessie, & Felicity [[and Sara?]]) because Barry has no major concern for Iris’ well being if she’s with Kara [and the Squad]. Did we just figure out a motivation for the next big crossover? I. THINK. WE. DID. 

Also, can someone please write a fic for this because I’m too excited for the Universe to collide and make this happen. 


Caity Lotz On The Return Of Wentworth Miller’s Captain Cold In ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’


Legends Of Tomorrow Episode 2.16 “Doomworld”
BETRAYALS — After obtaining the Spear of Destiny, the Legion of Doom rewrites reality, leaving the Legends changed, perhaps forever.  Frightfully, the Legends’ and the world’s hopes rest with Rory (Dominic Purcell), but being the “hero” is not easy for him.   Meanwhile, there is tension within the Legion of Doom and the reason why the Spear of Destiny needs to be destroyed is revealed.  Victor Garber, Brandon Routh, Arthur Darvill, Caity Lotz, Franz Drameh, Nick Zano and Maisie Richardson-Sellers also star. Mairzee Almas directed the episode written by Ray Utarnachitt & Sarah Hernandez (#216).  Original airdate 3/28/2017.

anonymous asked:

Caitlin!!!! who hurt her? who am I hating right now? why isn't she at the hospital??

The episode description seems to indicate Gypsy, though it could be Abra Kadabra I guess, those descriptions can’t be trusted. Or it could be a Gypsy (and some team Flash members I guess or did they all went out for coffee when it happened?) vs Abra K battle and she’s hurt because of some lost blast. If our local speedsters were around though I’m side eyeing them, where’s that speed of yours boyz. 

I assume she isn’t at the hospital because the doctors there would remove her necklace and Frosty Caity would then come out to play but really they could just talk to someone, it’s not like metas are a secret. “Don’t remove her necklace or you’ll all die” “Sorry can’t do it’s hospital policy, no jewellery”. Meh. They could have gotten Harry which would literally take 15 seconds, breach Cait to E38 with Dr Alex Danvers giving me my #BioLove ship, which would also take 15 seconds but well, we can’t have logic now can we. CSI Juju it is. Also Cait looks conscious on the photos so I guess she’ll guide them. Or be a terrible patient like doctors usually are in TV shows. I am fine with both tbh.

raeczerny  asked:

idk if you've already spoken on this, but in the preview for next week's LoT, Sara and Amaya are being badasses together in that timeline. But like how since Amaya isn't from that time? Meaning one of the Legion had to like meticulously think out Amaya and Sara working together as baddies?? in those outfits? )): (a little gross)

the answer to that amaya question is no, nope, no, stop talking go to jail

like darhk has met mari, he could’ve picked mari, i doubt mari’s actress wanted to come onto the show and this is the gag the show wanted to do so… screw it, i guess?

like as far as outfits go, considering that darhk basically has them being his charlie’s angels, and considering the amount of comics i’ve consumed, they really do win the not as bad as they couldve been award- plus, from caity’s instagram, she had a lot of fun with the look and the evil sara character so i guess i’ll give it to her and let her play with it, like i’ve watched enough totally spies to know theres about 100000 totally spies episodes where one of the girls is brainwashed into turning on the others and that’s literally, literally what’s happening here. like down to the outfits

the real cruelty of it is that she’s working for dahrk, but it seems from the preview that she and amaya are like, maybe not actually good fighters and are all look? which would be HILARIOUS in this universe if he forgot to put them through fighting training and was just like, they work for me now i guess. im not forgetting anything

like if you look at the outfits on insta, they’re literally no worse than what natasha romanov wears, it’s just the context of how they’re wearing it that’s like, oooooh boooooy

but also knowing sara lance i’m surprised evil sara wasn’t like, and this is my w-neck.

mick: it’s a shirt with the boobs cut out


Some reminders about Dr. King before tomorrow:

  • US government agencies were implicated in the wrongful death lawsuit in a civil trial in 1999 that his family fought for years and which was then buried by the justice department.
  • He spoke out against police brutality, capitalism, and war.
  • He believed that white moderates were and are the greatest threat to civil rights, moreso than any hate group.
  • He was arrested over 10 times.
  • He was considered a dangerous radical by the majority of white Americans. 
  • He refused to condemn rioters, because “a riot is the language of the unheard.”
  • Any white person who voted for Trump who tries to use MLK or his words as a rhtetorical tactic to justify their bigotry and complain about people protesting can personally come to my apartment in the next 24 hours for an ass-kicking.

Best parts of Moana:
-no love interest
-Moana had proportions like an actual human and wasn’t sexualized
-Disney princess set to inherit is actually depicted being trained in running her society
-no dead parents!
-bechdel test pass
-respectful depiction of source material and culture
-the music oh my god!!!!!
-Maui’s 4th wall breaks
-no actual villain
-closest thing to a villain was David Bowie crab
-Lin-Manuel Miranda
-the chicken
-only white in the cast voiced the chicken
-my giant green wife