Country Girl

Ca19990000 asks: could you please do a little request where Reid gose to a country bar where he meets the girl of his dreams and she is a famous country singer and her is Caitlyn or caity

Rated: PG

It was theme night for the BAU. Once a month Penelope convinced everyone out for a themed night on the town, which mostly consisted of being at a bar and then going back to her place to watch movies and eat snacks with said theme in mind. About two weeks ago Penelope had sent out a mass text to the team declaring this month’s theme would be Cowboys and Cowgirls. Tonight the team met at a local country bar, many of the team dressed in country gear. Spencer came dressed as he normally was causing Penelope to pout. Spencer was normally into the theme nights but tonight he seemed to have distaste for country. Derek placed a cowboy hat on his head and passed him a shot of tequila.

“Live a little kid!” Derek declared and Penelope smiled. Spencer sighed and took the shot. He hated the burn of tequila.

“All right ladies and gents! We have a special guest performing tonight, please welcome Caitlyn!” the crowd cheered as a young woman came on stage. Spencer looked over and his jaw nearly dropped. There was the most gorgeous woman he’d ever seen in his life. He watched as she gave a slight nod to the MC. She had on a pair of jeans and boots, a light blue blouse on her shoulders. Her hair was pulled back into a French braid. Make up light. She stepped up to the mic.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Since the day they got married. He’d been praying for a little baby boy. Someone he could take fishing Throw the football, be his pride and joy He could already see him holding that trophy, Taking his team to state. But when the nurse came in with a little pink blanket. All those big dreams changed


Spencer watched enthralled as people cheered and raised their glasses. Derek whistled and Penelope pulled him closer to the stage. The song continued and once she finished the crowd screamed with praise and Caitlyn let out a slight giggle and bowed. She hopped off the stage and walked over to the bar, standing right next to Spencer.

“Hey Sammy, Can I get a beer?” She asked and the bartender smiled, he pulled a beer from under the counter and passed it along to her. Spencer watched her take a sip. “You need something hon?” She asked looking at Spencer from the corner of her eye. He blushed.

“No, I uh.. You did a really nice job.” He stuttered and she laughed. Caitlyn looked at him fully and rested a hand on his shoulder, squeezing it gently.

“Thank you. You seem a bit out of place.” She replied and Spencer nodded. She assumed this was either his first time at a bar or at a country bar.

“I’m Spencer.”

“I’m Caitlyn, Do ya wanna dance?” She asked and he looked a bit apprehensive. “Oh c’mon don’t tell me you don’t dance!” Spencer shook his head and she pouted.

“That’s gonna have to change sweetie” She grabbed his hand as the song Boot Scootin’ Boogie came over the speakers in the bar. She pulled him onto the dance floor and spun him around. Derek and Penelope whooped from the dance floor, the rest of the team just now entering the bar. They watched Caitlyn and Spencer dance, laughing as he clumsily moved with her. Spencer was truly enjoying himself. The couple danced the rest of the night.

Spencer held her against him as the song Waitin’ on a Woman by Brad Paisley came on at around one in the morning. The team had long left and last call would be happening soon.

“Hey, Caitlyn?” He asked and she looked up from his shoulder. She smiled at him and he kissed her lips softly. She melted into his arms. “Will you go out on a date with me sometime?”

“Love to sweetie.” Caitlyn and Spencer continued to dance. He was starting to really appreciate country a little bit more.

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anonymous asked:

Was there ever a scene wherein Ben and Chris read to the gang their email exchanges from their first weeks in Pawnee, the email thread in which Ben changes the subject when Chris mentions Leslie? I feel like I saw this on tumblr once but after watching the 7 seasons I did not see it and now I'm trying really hard to find it (if it even exists) so it would be great if you could help :)

oh man honestly i can’t even recall this scene
if anyone else knows pls respond??
(caity i’m tagging you in this bc hopefully you remember)