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Well, I didn't get to go to Molokai or anything, but...

“Donna, what is wrong with your daughter?”

“I don’t know, what’s she doing?”

“She’s curled up on the couch, cradling Martin Crieff!”

I can already hear the cries of jealousy and confusion, so let me first assure you all that Martin Crieff did not magically pop into existence in my living room. If that were to actually happen, I wouldn’t make a post about it for two very important reasons:

  1. The chances that anyone would actually believe me are slim, and I’d hate to have the reputation of someone who makes up outlandishly unbelievable lies to get attention.
  2. Were I to prove that I actually had a real-life Martin in my home, someone would surely try to take him away from me, and I am just not having that.

It’s a lose-lose situation really.

In actual fact, the Martin Crieff I’m referring to can be seen here, indeed being cradled and held by a curled up me.

AHA! That is correct! My wonderful mother got me a Martin Crieff doll from Cait’s Crochet Shop, and because my grandmother apparently doesn’t understand love, she took this picture of me snuggling him with my crappy camera phone. I’ve scarcely let go of him since I opened the box (which contained tissue paper in bright blue and yellow Cabin Pressure-y colors, and was scattered with tiny paper aeroplanes!). He’s even with me right now.

Told you!

Also in the box was a lovely little card, with a note from my mother that said, and please listen to this because it is brilliant: “Have a very Martin Crieffmas.”

I’m sorry, did you hear that the first time? My mother told Caitlyn to write “HAVE A VERY MARTIN CRIEFFMAS.”

#my mother is a better CP fan than yours

As well as cuddling him, petting him, and making him ride the cat like a horse while singing “Went to Mow a Meadow”, I showed Captain Crieff my very snazzy GERTI ornament, also made by Caitlyn:


I won’t bore you all with a list of everything else I got this year, but some things of note included: a jumper and a cardigan, fancy tea, and a new mp3 player since my other one is dying. Yay!

I hope everyone who celebrates it has/had a lovely Christmas, and that everyone who celebrates other winter holidays has/had lovely those as well. Now, I must go back into hibernation, as I’ve just noticed that someone on the internet is wrong (about Sherlock, no less) and I don’t have time to correct them…right now…




In order! My mom got me a mini-Sherlock and mini-John for my birthday. They’ve got a pair of crocheted handcuffs and their hands have magnets in them so they’ll hold hands.

Because she’s the loveliest person ever, Caitlyn also made me a mini Captain Crieff! I knew about the Sherlock and John but was completely shocked to find little Martin in there! (She’d hinted at sending me an extra something for my birthday but I totally expected something low-key; not a whole other doll!!! Gosh!!!)

I’ve also got a full-sized Captain Crieff (paramount Crieff?) for Christmas last year, which was also a gift from my mother! What can I say, she’s got my priorities down.

Around the same time, I bought a Yellow Car keychain and a Army Doctor + Consulting Detective keychain. And because I totally forgot to include it in this family, at the end there’s a picture of the GERTI Christmas tree ornament Caitlyn sent me for Christmas.

If you think this stuff is as cool as I do, GO GET SOME FOR YOURSELF! She does lots of other characters and keychains for other shows like Doctor Who! :D