What the.....?

Night shift messes with my head I admit, and I’m just getting online and skimming so maybe I’m missing something.   But all I see is a fan pic with Sam that might be Montreal and an unrelated IG of MM in a hat that we’ve seen her wear before.  Am I missing something?

Seriously.  How can we go from the love fest over the GG picture,  ‘they would never act that way if they had SO’s’,  ‘Cait was at Islay’, cancelled flights and missed PCA’s,  bts goodness and the list goes on and on…

to this.

Two pictures and suddenly ‘we are being played’, Sam’s a womanizer, ‘this will be the death of the fandom’.  

You can substitute any number of things into this picture….a bowl of porridge, a day of skeet shooting,  a bottle of Jamaican rum,  a winery picture,  blah blah blah,  and the ending is always the same.  It always blows over and back on board we scramble to ship again another day.

Unless I’ve missed a big piece if this picture I’m just going to wait over here for the ending that always comes.

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Lauren, what's your opinion? SC together or not?

I’m going to say no, they’re not together because that is what they want us to believe. I think there are a lot of very suspicious things about this entire situation but I frankly have no fucks to give anymore. This game that has been played for whatever reason has sucked the fandom life out of a lot of people, has hurt a lot of fans, and seems unnecessary.

Things I will continue to question: gold rings during the Christmas video, NYE and missing PCAs, Sam looking like he wanted to die during the IFH and Kristin doing half of the denying, arm around chair at the Globes, social media times during Venice/Paris with Sam cancelling that appearance and not being at the gym, Cait correcting Sam on what time he gets up in the morning to go to the gym, and their argument about the amount of time men spend in the gym instead of with their significant others.

And finally, if they really aren’t together, I would greatly appreciate them taking social media lessons from Kerry, Tony, and the rest of the Scandal cast.

Ok. I’ve had to much to drink, but I don’t care. You see that smile on Cait’s face? And no this isn’t Tony, this is David Malone. The guy she was with the longest and even if it ended, she was happy with him for quite a while. She was open about her relationship with him, even talked about him in an interview when she was a model. Went along to all his concerts and supported him with being in his videos. He even wrote songs and music for her. Well this is the smile she used to have all the time, but whether it’s Starz, PR or Sam, she doesn’t have it in all her pictures lately. This is the smile she should be wearing. This is what I wish and hope for her. She deserves to be happy. Everything is about Sam. If Sam is with Blondie number 999, so be it. But, since Cait has always been my girl crush, if she and Sam are not together and he is with whatshername, then he isn’t for her and she deserves happy. I just want to see that smile in her eyes and on her face again. This is all I want, wish and pray for her.😘

The Love Continuum

This could be the title of my next ficlet, but it’s not. It’s actually about the subject du jour, Sam and Cait (sorry fanfiction people, but after all I’m a trash shipper).

I understand why people are sad and even angry. Many have been hurt, in more ways than one, and it’s the human nature to pounce and fight back when something or someone hits us where it really hurts.

But I think perhaps these words might help. Love (as time) is a continuum. That means that love changes, evolves and it’s not the same throughout our lives. Sometimes it grows; sometimes it dwindles; sometimes it just changes. So when we recall events that took place some time ago (let’s say Paley, for example) they had one value then; but cannot be seen at the same light at present. This means that things weren’t necessarily a lie – they were true, then. We shouldn’t think they will remain so forever.

And there is also this – love is complicated. Messy even. Maybe they were in love and tried to have a relationship and failed – and we’ll never know. Maybe they never loved each other and never will (they should, but hey). Maybe they always have and couldn’t find a way to make it right. Love is not only about love, but also about timing. And it’s a scary thing – a wave that threatens to crush you, to overwhelm you. A great love can be challenging and make you want to run from it when your heart seems like there isn’t enough space in your chest, mind and life to encompass it. And choose a safer thing, a simpler thing. Another love, even if not as great.  And the burden and pressure of having to live up to one of the greatest love stories of all time (Jamie and Claire)? Also something to think about.

We know very little of their heartbreaks and aches. I’ll say this – I have loved when I was not welcomed to; and failed to love when it was only right that I did. But we do not command it, we are mere slaves to it.

So yeah. Love is a continuum. And that also means we never know what tomorrow may bring.

Again, again...

I know I have only been a part of this ship for a short time but I am so disappointed that my ship sisters are ready to heave ho. A few days ago, I wrote a message to Sam and Cait about the love they have for each other and how dreams do come true. I wasn’t alone. Seems that I was joined by a thousand other hopefuls. All of the messages were beautiful, full of love, and admiration for Sam and Cait and each other. Where did all of that hope go? Can it really be that we, ALL of us, on this ship were so wrong about that love and the hope of that love?
Things don’t work that way for me. I really feel this stuff, as most of you do who have been on this ship way longer than I. I don’t know anything about the business of stardom. I don’t know at what lengths people will go to see their star rise or their pockets lined. Yeah, my son is an actor, but he keeps me way out of this loop. But what I do know is that being an actor, in a very popular show, is BIG BUSINESS. As for Sam, he’s still waiting for his big movie break, and that’s important in the scheme of things. Cait has made that leap ahead of him. It’s a crazy business and I guess you have to jump hoops and do what you are told to make it all work.
So, what do I feel today after that picture and the pic with the hat? Can I be honest with you? NOTHING. Yes, I read all of the posts and heard all of the opinions, but I’m still breathing. Shit, I’m still exactly where I was yesterday and the day I spewed my heart out to them on Instagram. Still a believer.
Hearing from many who know Sam and Cait personally, I just can’t believe that they are and have been playing us for fools. Really? If they are that kind of people, it reflects on many more people than just us. They would have fooled thousands of people including those close to them.
To me and my heart, this crap means nothing. A smoke screen, some kind of divergence. From what? I have no idea. The one thing that can’t be tricked is my heart. You don’t have a relationship with someone else and show the love for another so publicly. Man, that would really suck for the SO. I don’t buy any of it. That behavior would be totally adverse to who they really are as people.
So, I’m gonna shut up now and prepare for the inevitable. My husband’s company picnic. God I’m glad it’s only once a year! I can tell you this dear women I am so fond of, this isn’t over by any means. Just another burr under our saddle blankets and it won’t be the last one. Have faith in what you said to Sam and Cait a few days ago and what is in your heart. It’s still called HOPE.

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The Companions as Steven Universe characters please? I love your blog btw

Aw, thank you!

Cait: Ruby

Curie: Steven

Danse: Garnet

Deacon: Greg

Hancock: Amethyst 

MacCready: Lapis

Nick: Sapphire 

Piper: Peridot

Garvey: Pearl

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Can you tell me what the drama was today? I'm so confused.

It’s not so much that the ship of SamCait is taking on water. It’s that we’re tired of the ‘games.’

As for straight up facts of what happened today:

1. MM posted picture of herself wearing MPC hat. No biggie.
2. Fan pic was released today of Sam, allegedly from 3 days ago in Montreal. 

I see nothing wrong with these facts except that people can make assumptions and conjecture about it. We still have zero proof Sam is dating MM.

I think shippers are very, very tired after months of bullying from all sorts of people.
First, we had Starz dish out a very offensive narrative insulting a portion of their fanbase. That was the “some fans are too stupid to tell the difference between Jamie and Claire & Sam and Cait” narrative. They made their two leads reiterate this dozens of times over months of interviews. Meanwhile, the bullying of this targeted group became more intense.

More recently, there’s been a lot of strain on us because of Shatner and his relentless attacks. Many, many people called and emailed Starz weeks ago when Shat inferred Sam was in on the agenda. Starz did nothing. Sam did nothing. Sam still engages with Shat, and even PC, therefore making Shat feel like this fandom is his home. 

William Shatner does not deserve to be in this fandom. He’s very publicly mocked the main character, Claire. He has attacked fans from the start - day 1 in the Outlander fandom and Shatner was attacking fans (not even shippers). Now he has made it his mission to ‘get rid of’ the shippers in our fandom.

Starz & Sam need to join the 21st century and take a stand against misogyny and sexism and bullying. Stop calling women stupid. Grow some courage and stand up for fans and tell Shat to piss off. If they don’t this is going to bite them in the ass big time.

This drama today has really nothing to do with MM. It has everything to do with how fans have been treated.

Sam, one day an angel, the next day the devil himself

I probably won´t make a lot of friends with this, but it bothers me.
I really cannot understand that there is so much Sam hate all of a sudden. A few days ago everybody was hysterical with joy over his IG pic. Now he’s in a fanpic in Montreal and BAM, he has been lying to and fooling fans all along. 
Sorry, but he has not!

When I see Sam and Cait together I see nothing but love. Pure, honest love. Hearteyes and all. For me, bodylanguage never lies. And I know all of you (shippers) see the same thing. 

BUT, it is what WE see and think and make of it. Fact is (sorry for the word, I know it’s not popular around here ;-) ) they never said they are a couple.
I hope they are, believe they are, like most of you, but they have never said that they are. 

Maybe what we see is their (weird) kind of friendship, the one you maybe only can have when you do this kind of intimate work. I mean, who has a colleague who licks and touches your boobs like Sam does Cait’s for 8 straight hours…? 
They are not the normal kind of colleagues. That is what they have told us and maybe it is true.  Again, I hope not, but we just don’t know.

What we do know, because many people who know them told us, is that they are kind, honest, generous human beings. We have seen them engage with fans and some of you had the privilege of meeting them in person. You can’t fake that! They love their fans.

We don’t know why he is in Montreal, maybe because of M, maybe he’s working, we just don’t know. But I don’t think he deserves being hated like this because he showed up in a fanpic. If he is with M, his loss. If Cait is with T, her loss. But that is OUR opinion, we can’t blame them. They don’t owe us anything because they never said they were a couple, so they never lied. 

All this doesn’t mean we can’t ship the hell out them! Because we can! Just like all those Leo and Kate shippers can and all those other shippers in other fandoms. Nothing delusional, just wishful thinking.

And maybe, in time, Sam and Cait will show the world that it wasn’t just wishful thinking but that we were right.

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The companions reacting to sole having "elf" ears? I'm sorry I've been playing too much Dragon Age •.•

LOTR elf ears tho <3  

Ada: “Your ears are quite intriguing….” She has the sudden urge to touch Sole’s pointy ears and play with them. Sole only stares at the robot’s longing robotic eyes.  

Cait: She’s yanking and touching Sole’s ears. Invading their personal space just to touch them. “You got ears! Like the ones in the fairy tales!” She says that as Sole tries to find a way to escape her. 

 Casey: “There we have it folks! The radiation does wonders for your ears!” She giggles and flicks them. Sole rolls their eyes and covers their ears when she tries to whisper in them.  

Codsworth: “Now how did that happen? I told you going into the glowing sea was a bad idea-” Sole cuts him off and taps on his metal body in frustration. He keeps lecturing them on the dangers of rads. 

Curie: “Oh they are so cute! Where can I have some?” She asks as she plays with her own ears. Sole shakes their head and allows her to play with their ears.  

Danse: “That is….Strange…”He like Ada, has the sudden urge to just touch Sole’s funny looking ears. He even touches his own ears and expects Sole’s to feel different. But alas they were the same.  

Deacon: “There’s no way you can hide from anyone now. All we have to do is find the elf-” Sole punches him in the ribs and he laughs as he moans in pain. “IT’S THE TRUTH!!!” 
Hancock: “Wow….Funny lookin’ ears. But they look nice.” He tells sole that he envies their ears and attempts to touch them but sole backs up and avoids his touch. Their ears were already molested enough. 

MacCready: He turns into a giant geek. “I-I read comics of these things called elves! And you have their ears wow that is so cool-” He totally geeks out and messes around with Sole’s ears as Sole glares into his soul. 

Nick: “Never seen anything like that…” He says but he doesn’t touches Sole’s ears-which is quite a relief. So Sole is able to relax without the fear of people yanking on their ears. 

Old Longfellow: “Rads do that to yea. Be careful or you’ll grow three dicks from her ears the next time-” Sole blinks and blushes, turning their attention away from Longfellow as he laughs. 
Piper: “Wow!Looks cute on you!!!” She makes a grab for their ears but Sole avoids any contact with her and dodges her tackles.  

Preston: He finds their ears interesting of course but he doesn’t touch them in fear of Sole drop kicking him like they did to Sturges. He stares at the man who was wiping his bloody nose with a napkin.  

Tori: “I find it weird…..Rads.” She giggles and gently touches them, making Sole calm for some reason that it felt weird. They smile, surprised that she isn’t yanking on them. 

X6: “Hmm….Radiation must’ve did this to your ears.” He observes as he leans in close to Sole’s ears and touches them. Sole cringes and grits their teeth.

Strong: They look funny on the human! Why would human change their ears? Can humans always do that? He found a little respect for Sole because of this.

Dogmeat: He barks at their ears and then sniffs them. They look strange on Sole but it’s still Sole. They kinda look like his ears. Gasp! Is Sole part dog? 

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All this hate towards Sam is madness and if it is Sam today, in a few months it'll be Cait and we are in a never ending cycle. When did dating whoever he might be dating become more important that raising a QUARTER MILLION pounds to leukemia treatment research, and all the other charity work he does, AND giving us a great Jamie Fraser? What the hell fandom?

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Hi. Can you please tell us your thoughts of you think SC are still dating? I do love your opinion on things.

Because the alternative is troll-driven. Or as
@cb4tb pointed out, it can only take one out of touch suit to make a bad decision.

Sam and Cait haven’t confirmed they are with other people and any denials they have put out have been (for me) unconvincing - and no, lurking screencappers, I am NOT calling them liars. Body language and words don’t match. That’s not lying it’s just not convinced me yet.

I could be hopelessly wrong, probably am but that’s for me to deal with as and when I am given 100% from either of them that they aren’t together or they are with others. Until then *paddles my canoe*

The Theory of Everything

Disclaimer: I am not a physicist, I’m an immunologist, whatever, I like physics, although some of it is beyond me.

So thinking about all the events today and in the past few months, it dawned on me that this whole scenario with Sam and Cait has been like Newtonian vs. Quantum Physics.

The two Theories of Physics are both true, without question. Countless experiments and mathematical proofs leave no doubt. Newtonian physics we see every day, gravity, relativity etc. the macro stuff. Quantum governs the small particles at the molecular level. I must say Quantum Physics gives me a headache.

The problem is the two contradict each other!!! Wtf?? How can they both be true then?? Well, they are. So physicists have been banging their heads against the wall looking for a Unifying Theory - The Theory of Everything. Good luck, they haven’t found one. Well, String Theory is a possibility, but that one is not perfect and doesn’t explain everything.

So, that is how I feel about Sam and Cait right now. I feel there is evidence for them being a couple and there is evidence for them not being one. So, what to do? How do you reconcile all the pieces? With the assumption that nobody has lied (something that is good about the laws of nature - they don’t lie, unlike humans), it is a bit of a puzzle.

You guessed it, I don’t have an answer!! LOL LOL LOL 

I wish I did. What this points to is that of course there will be many theories coming into play and we will likely never know how all the pieces fit together until Sam and Cait decide to actually let us know.

Till then… all your Unifying Theories are welcome :)

So... that happened...

and it hurts like hell, to be honest! My heart was beating like crazy and my dinner started to make it’s way up again. I’m not going to lie.

My first reaction was “ok, I’m done!”, I’m changing my tumblr name and focus on the show and SC as actors and their beautiful pics. No more shipping. If they don’t see what’s right in front of them…. their loss!!

But I don’t like this feeling at all. I like shipping, it makes me happy and it’s fun. More importantly, I WANT THEM TO BE TOGETHER! SO FUCK IT!!
Whether everything is all staged or not, Sam is with MM and Cait with T or not, I DON’T CARE! They should be together, so I will ship them! Just for the fun of it! Just like so many people still ship Leo and Kate, when everybody knows for sure that they are not together. And they are fine with it.

So I’m not going anywhere, I’m NOT delusional, I just love seeing these two beautiful assholes together whether they are or not. 

They will be back in Scotland in a few weeks filming for 10 months, shooting all those beautiful scenes we know so well. Let’s see how long these “SO’s” will be around, shall we? 

I feel better already!!

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Food for thoughts

When Sam gave us so many details about his flight I was actually suspicious. He is not stupid, he knows we always want to know where he is. If he didn’t want us to know, he wouldn’t give us so many data to work with. I mean, how long did it took for anons to start worrying that he went to Montreal? We were supposed to find out about that. Not very private.

And remember when he came back from Barbados? Everyone just assumed he was there with A on a romantic vacation. As it turned out he wasn’t.

Not everything is as it seems. 

We don’t know what kind of relationship is between Sam and M. I’m still convinced it’s work related. It seems ridiculous that he would choose to spend time with her now when she’s working but not when she was on vacation.  As long as Sam or Cait are not caught making out with someone everything is just an assumption. 

I don’t care about that photo. I don’t care if Sam is in Montreal. It only hurts me that so many of my sisters are now hurt. That for me is the only bad thing that happened today.

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companions react to sole coming out as transgender maybe?

By Old World values, this would be an immense declaration. Sole might attract scorn, or hate, or shock. Love, too, from a rare few, but the open-minded are uncommon in Pre-War America. Not to say that the Commonwealth is much better, but they have different values. People always want something to hate, and now it’s just about ghouls and synths, rather than people of color or anyone we’d now call ‘queer.’ 

But Sole doesn’t know this, and still has that Pre-War worry of being derided or shunned. So it’s up to the companions to prove to them that no matter what, they’re accepted and loved.

Visit my blog on the tumblr website to see the full post, if you’re on mobile!

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SoSu showing up with synth Shaun

Ada: She was happy to see Sole in a state of happiness. She also couldn’t help but like Shaun. He loved to tinker, so he always made her cool mods, like laser cannons, a built on sword, or other cool things that robots can finally get.

Cait: Cait was nervous. A kid, Sole’s kid. What if they didn’t like her because she use to be a junkie? What if they don’t like her because she’s fucked up? All of these thoughts flooded her mind as she watched Sole walk in with their kid. They introduced each other and the tension slowly started fading. She couldn’t not like him, he was just like his parent. In no time Cait was teaching the kid how to fight and curse.

Codsworth: He had been waiting a bit over 210 years for this day. Of course he was excited! Shaun was immediately intrested in him when he walked through the door. Shaun would sometimes tinker around and give him minor upgrdes and Codsworth would tell him stories about before the war, and other things he wondered about.

Curie: She was excited before, but once she found out he liked science related stuff, she almost burst with joy. When they first met, Curie and Shaun immediately started bonding. She would do experiments while and Shaun would help her, and he would persuade random people around the settlement to test out their experiments. MacCready is most of the time the victim.

Danse: Danse had a sense of uneasiness. The boy was a synth, but he didn’t hate him. He hated the Institute. Kidnapping an infant while killing one parent and leaving the other to rot, and once they’re finally free and able to find their son, they find him only to be replaced with a machine. He pitied both Sole and Shaun. At first he tried to avoid him, but eventually Shaun’s curiosity beat him and Danse ended up loving him like he was family.

Deacon: He immediately fell in love with Shaun. Him and Hancock have this competition where they try to be the cooler uncle. Deacon tells him jokes and teaches his witty comebacks. He also teaches him about the Railroad and their cause, beacuse Deacon knows he’s a synth, but would never tell him. He also teaches him jow to prank people withe precision, stealth, and style. Deacon-1. Hancock-0

Dogmeat: He was the most excited to see Shaun. (Well, besides Codsworth) He was so ready for the fun games, the table scraps, and the affction. Synth or not, Dogmeat loved the boy.

Hancock: Hancock too loves the boy the moment he lays his eyes on him. He tells him about freedom, and give him cool history lessons beacuse he’s a history nerd. He also spoils the shit out of him with the coolest gifts. Hancock-2. Deacon-1

Longfellow: He always imagined himself as a father, well, grandfather now. He was happy that the kid was there, but he didn’t really know how to act. He tried to open up to him, but instead he was standoffish. Eventually, with a lot of hard work, the kid was like his grandson, and the two did what an old man and a kid did for bonding.

MacCready: Everyone knew MacCready had a soft spot for kids. It was no shock that when Shaun came in, MacCready would flip out from excitement. The first thing he did was tell him about Duncan. He then (with Sole’s approval) taught him how to shoot a gun. He also of course volunteers for the painful science experiments that Shaun and Curie do. The boy was like MacCready’s second son, even if MacCready didn’t like synths.

Nick: Nick felt a sense of pride wash over him when he saw Sole and Shaun walk in. He helped out with the reunion. Even if some things were not quite as planned. Shaun looked up to Nick like a role model. He would tell him stories about his pre-ar cases, and the more thrilling recent cases. He always tells the boy that his favorite case will always be the one with the frozen vault dweller.

Piper: Piper was happy to see that Sole finally found their child. After the hell they had been through, they deserved that victory. She told Shaun about her sister, and bought him noodles and nuka cola whenever him and Sole visited Diamond City. She also told him about her newspaper, and felt bad when Shaun insisted that he fixed the printing pres. She loves how smart he is, and finds it adorable that he has a tiny crush on her.

Preston: Preston was happy that Sole finally had a family. He absolutely loved how smart the kid was. He also loved how positive he was, even while living in the Commonwealth, Shaun, always looked on the brightside. Preston would be the type of guy to give shoulder rides and teach him the good morals of the Minutemen.

Strong: He really could of cared less. He was just a tiny, weak human in his eyes, but when he met them he saw the same leadership in him that he saw in their parent. He then started to like the kid. He still didn’t understand why he like tinkering with junk though.

MY HOPE FOR THE OUTLANDER FANDOM: That we ALL learn to have “fun” and to “fan” without dissecting Sam and Cait’s Personal Lives

I started out as a shipper. I then became a “giraffe” (my term for neither a shipper nor a truther). Recently I’ve called myself a “non-shipper” who is part of the non-shipper/ truther (NST) coalition.

In the past, the boundary I have set for myself on my blog is I would only discuss personal information about Sam and Cait that was already out there on the Internet. I have stuck to that resolve. To my knowledge, I have never introduced any new information about Sam and Cait or the people in their lives on my blog.

I still believe that it is not my place to ever introduce new information about Sam or Cait.

I have spoken to enough people at this point who actually know what is happening in Sam’s and Cait’s lives that I can confirm that Sam and Cait told the truth when they said they weren’t a couple. But that’s all I feel is okay for me to say–because Sam and Cait have said it themselves–repeatedly.

But I don’t want to discuss any new information that comes in about Sam or Cait anymore that didn’t come in because of something very public that happened–like a picture of one of them with a significant other at a very public event–or an announcement that one of them makes about their personal life. 

I particularly no longer want to discuss the new stuff that fans on either side of the fan feud dig up about Sam or Cait or their significant others via sources or deep data mining or stalking. 

It’s not my place to discuss those things.

In my opinion it’s not any fan’s place to discuss those things.

If the only way someone can have “fun” as a fan is to dig up information on Sam and Cait and the people in their lives or to discuss and dissect that information endlessly, I might suggest that they re-think their priorities. In my opinion:

  • It’s not any fan’s place to know what times Sam and Cait are on social media.
  • It’s not any fan’s place to be tracking where Sam and Cait are in the world or to know what flight they are on.
  • It’s not any fan’s place to know exactly where Sam and Cait live or what the counters in their kitchens look like or how the molding in their flats is stained.
  • It’s not any fan’s place to be dissecting minutia in pictures of Sam or Cait to figure out where they are or who they are with.
  • It’s not any fan’s place to try to superimpose the face of Cait or Sam on any vague picture of someone to try to make an argument that Sam or Cait were somewhere they didn’t say they were.
  • It’s not any fan’s place to be looking at the posts of all Sam and Cait’s friends and colleagues on social media to try to find out clues about Sam or Cait.
  • It’s not any fan’s place to sort through random photos on IG of some event that Sam or Cait attended to try to see if they can find a picture of Sam and Cait together as a couple–or with a different significant other.

None of this is harmless “fun.” 

And I don’t care if this is something that is done “in every fandom.” Because something is a common practice doesn’t make it right. Lots of people abuse alcohol and drugs but that doesn’t make it right.

We fans forget sometimes that Sam and Cait are real human beings who just want to live their lives in peace. Neither of them should have to figure out how to avoid their fans knowing every facet of their lives. They shouldn’t have to post “decoy photos” or pretend to be one place when they are really in another. In other words they shouldn’t have to fear that their own fans are stalking them either in cyberspace or in real life. 

That’s what I believe. 

In terms of the information about Sam and Cait that is already out there, well it’s already been dissected to death. By all of us on both sides of the fan feud. We can’t take that back.

But we can go forward in a new way. 

Or at least I can.

In my opinion each fan is free to believe what they want about Sam and Cait–but I don’t believe that each fan is free to invade Sam and Cait’s privacy in order to bolster their beliefs. 

NOTE: This is just my opinion as a fan, nothing more. If you disagree, please do so respectfully. Updated 07.29.16 at 11:23 am EDT.