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Just saw Cait's comment ('should have read the T-shirt man...') on Sam's lastest gym IG. I can't remember the last time that she has made so many comments on his IG posts in such a short period of time.

Haha! I was actually just looking at her comments. Ninja Cait strikes again. 

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Wait. Seriously? Because Sam may have been in a coffee shop sometime today, and Cait read her script sometime tiday, they cohabitation possibly spent the day together? That's absurd. How about this? Sometime earlier today, Sam popped out to the fancy coffee shop (which closes at 2 pm on Sundays) to pick up some ground coffee for Cait to use in the French press coffee maker that was sitting on her table. That actually makes real world sense.

I like the way you think :)

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I was looking at the "frilly dress" gifs and I'm slightly less sure about what Cait said, but lip reading I'm getting: Cait: "Very frilly?" Sam: "Very frilly. It's perfect. I love it." Cait: "It was fast. She helped me the other day and then. Ummm..."

I think there’s definitely something about the dress being frilly. She does a little dance at one point showing him how frilly it is hahah

as for the rest of it, I’m terrible at reading lips so I’ll believe whatever. I love that the whole exchange was captured though. it’s so like girl crushing on boy and flirting while he tries to hold it together. 

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Fuck, Marry, Kill with Trump, Shatner and Starz Boss Chris Albrecht :)


Fuck the Starz guy
Marry Trump
KILL SHATNER by having shippers read Sam Cait porn fanfic aloud to him while he’s bound and gagged and being forced to look at shipper blog posting on Tumblr

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I'm not even a shipper anymore and I have had people on my ask box threatening to out me to my family as "punishment" for being a "delusional shipper" but yeah, sure, Jess totes makes SC nauseous, have several seats, anon (tho I don't know how you will manage such an act of contorsionism with your head so far up your ass, that's some Twister shit right there)

Lololol because shipping is soo wrong and totally illegal right?? I’m sure your family would be so ashamed! If Sam and Cait were reading everything that went on on Tumblr, shippers certainly wouldn’t be the ones making them nauseous. 

Mirror mirror on the wall, what does this reflect on them all??

Mixed feelings all around, almost as many as people/bloggers here. Funny how we all react differently to the same stimulus/incitement or in this case what feels like bait/taunt.
I see disappointment, frustration, anger, lost of respect, sadness, confusion, exhaustion… I see fans giving up on everything Outlander, others trying to explain this new act, some blaming S&C, some giving them an escape… and the crazy thing is I relate to them all and it all.
Stating that from the very beginning none of us knew what the whole truth was, a thousand different scenarios and theories could be made up with all what we were seeing/reading/hearing and what we were being given (note the difference between them both please).
Now, my problem here resides in the fact that such a mess has been made of things that no matter which one of those scenarios turns out to be the real one it won’t come out completely clean from shit and nonsense. It’s all tainted one way or another. I’ll explain myself.
Bear (no pun intended) with me, let’s assume narrative #1 is the real deal and Sam was single, fell for Skipper and they have been together for a year (is it?) now plus Cait had been with that T guy all along. There are some questions to which the answers are NOT PRETTY:
- is that really MM&S’ relationship’s true timing, so close to her having another boyfriend? (stinks, I’m never one to break up another couple)
- why has Skipper/Sam/someone close to them been leaking info and pics about their “private” lives from the very beginning? (stinks even more)
- why let your misogynist bully blue-checked of a “friend” make statements about your love life that you aren’t able/willing to make yourself? what is more, why in the middle of that twitter war and harassment you choose to acknowledge and like and interact with shipper tweets (as easy as it would’ve been to ignore them in the ocean of tweets and mentions you get every freaking minute) (beyond shitty)
- why would you forget/avoid to mention your boyfriend of 3 years in the 2 minute speech you have to give on what was your most important award and achievement to date? (sorry honey, you already know I love you, no need to declare it publicly as other hundreds of celebrities have done and still do each time they win something - again pure bullshit)
- why if you dislike shippers and agree with the big bully that we are all crazy, you go like his tweet then go hurry and unlike it? If those are your true feelings OWN IT woman, you can’t have your cake and eat it too (yep we are disgusting but I’m wearing my Unusual Lady T-shirt as I type this, may help clean my hands of this shit)
- why the rainbow mockery?!?! Yes it now feels like that.
- why if your co-star is your BFF he has been dating a girl for a year and you fail to simply acknowledge her in SM till today? The normal thing would have been to give a follow back the moment she follows you (didn’t happen), or later on when she likes stuff you post (hi there Cait, it’s me!), or later when your BFF retweets her…but no, it wasn’t official enough till today (maybe she’s pregnant and they are in the countdown…you know what’s down? A pile of shit, yeah).
So yes, you get the gist of it, many more bullshit I’m sure I’m forgetting.

Let’s go now with story #2 and that version in which this whole thing has been and still is fuckery to hide the real relationship between Sam&Cait. Okay, they are forced to hide it because of work/industry reasons or/and they want their privacy. Poor them, having to play along and go places they don’t want to go and post and tweet pics they don’t want to, being active part of a farce that results in many of their fans being insulted and bullied, leaving them defenseless and at most saying they ignore (all the while knowing they are in the right). Many people here claim as long as S&C didn’t get directly involved then they couldn’t get blamed by what other people (Shitner, MM, etc) implied so when the “coming out” came it would be clean. Well, after today’s shitshow now this is not possible anymore either. Cait had already wished him a happy birthday, today’s tweet was nonsense.
- why today’s picture with 5 people on a kitchen doing nothing, just posing for the camera no cake no birthday celebration to show whatsoever? And on Cait’s feed and by her own hand. Again notice she HAD ALREADY tweeted him happy birthday.
- why follow the girl back today? Again it would’ve made the narrative more believable if it had happened at the very beginning.

Now we also have the gay scenario #3, in which Sam is in the closet, Cait his BFF willing to cooperate at the beginning but not so much after a while (IFH) enter goldilocks. Well this would be very sad but would make sense from many points of view (why no jealousy from any SO would ever be involved when facing very inappropriate behaviour between costars). Still many games and fuckery being played by al involved and fans paying for them.

Now add a hundred more scenarios apart from those mentioned above and in-between (Sam and Cait did date at the beginning but it was too much, Cait wanted out and he was heartbroken from bimbo to bimbo, they have always been just friends albeit very touchy feely ones)

I guess what I’m trying to say is in the end it doesn’t matter what truth comes out (if/when it does) if in the process there has been all this nasty business of constant fuckery. I don’t like that so I’m reacting the only way I can and that I feel counts: in numbers. As a fan and merely a number, today I’ve unfollowed both S&C in twitter and instagram. I don’t mean to go away cause I still look forward season 3 but I’m gonna be a lurker, no likes no sharing in their stuff anymore.

Of course this is just my POV, coming from my own experiences (funny became a celeb cynical because of Jennifer Aniston, epic let down and since a few weeks ago people here started comparing her and skinny-legs, yes Justin, to Sam and Cait. Fuck my life). Feel free to agree or disagree and share your own opinions if you feel like it and thanks for listening/reading.

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Comment about the script. It appears to be a Studio/Network Draft. Not yet ready to shoot (although shows have been know to start shooting from a Stu/Net Draft). My guess, Cait (and Sam) are reading it to give any notes they have because if this WGA strike happens, the writer (likely Matt) can not make any more changes on it starting on May 2nd. JMO

I was thinking it felt too early to be filming, but agree that Sam and Cait would read a script before it’s finalized. I remember them talking about season two and fighting for changes, which would only happen if they read the script early on.

Nuclear Family

“Nuclear Family”
dedicated to the companions of Fallout 4

Sole emerges from their sleep, thawed into reality,
Starving and alone, gutting roaches for practicality.
Searching for their family, they find those willing to give aid,
Thirteen warriors at their side, like a family; they’ve got it made.

It’s gritty and it’s brutal deep down in the Combat Zone,
The most fearsome of all being the Irish gal with that muscle tone.
Baseball bat in hand, she’s introduced as Cait,
Point the way and she will strike all the way from the home plate.

Codsworth is the name of your dear Mister Handy,
Loyal, kind, a bit crazy, isn’t he just dandy?
Irradiated water in his hands become pure,
Hatred is the disease, he believes, and kindness is the cure.

The world learned of radiation from her beloved namesake,
But we learned of the world of radiation, there’s nothing there to make.
From sweet, naive Miss Nanny to sweet, ingenious Gen 3,
You’re never down in a fight when you fight alongside Curie.

Dogmeat has no master, but he sure as hell ain’t a stray,
In life he makes his own way, and he’ll never lead you astray.
He wanders across the wasteland ‘till he links up with Sole,
He sticks with them to the end, for without one they can’t be whole.

The Commonwealth is filthy, so says the Brotherhood of Steel,
The Minutemen are useless, no–this is the real deal.
Paladin Danse will bring forth righteous authority,
On the enemies of humanity, which makes up the majority.

Hidden in plain sight, but blatant as a beacon,
The protagonist of the Railroad, that right there is Deacon.
Tinker Tom thinks that through time the man flies,
Lesson one, trust no one, for in time you’ll find he lies.

Freedom rings true–the slogan of the Revolution,
But we bombed ourselves to pre-Rev, so much for evolution.
John Hancock, in the flesh, here to liberate the oppressed,
Careful 'round the zombie king, there’s some rage to be expressed.

The world’s favorite mungo, now ironically grown up,
He’s adopted a bastard’s temper and the face of a kicked pup.
Robert Joseph MacCready, 250 caps, at your service,
He’s tempered his hand well, so with a rifle he’ll never miss.

Meet the synth Nick Valentine, dashing detective noir,
He refuses to let things here stay the way they are.
Help those in need, that’s how to play the game,
Ev'ry scumbag in the Commonwealth is gonna know his name.

Denounced by Diamond City as an unscrupulous muckraker,
Piper Wright is determined to oust the mayor as a faker.
Free of charge she joins you, although she’ll take a story,
She really didn’t expect her job to be so bloody gory.

The sole surviving Minuteman, about to give up hope,
Despite his love for settlements, he’s much more than a trope.
Preston sees good in all, with his heart of pure gold,
He’ll never give up on the Commonwealth, even when he’s old.

Scouring the 'Wealth for the milk of human kindness,
He doesn’t know where to look, hell, he actually finds less.
Strong decides to join up with the Survivor and their ilk,
He’ll leave with a wealth of knowledge, yet not with that elusive milk.

Designed by the Institute, designation Courser,
X6 knows how to teleport, kind of like a sorcerer.
He’s not pleased at first when Sole takes charge and leads,
But they’re not the hero the 'Wealth deserves; they’re the one it needs.

Thirteen disparate elements, all too willing to clash,
But Sole’s charisma unites them, so they’ll do nothing brash.
Sole’s world was torn up and crudely slapped together,
But the General and their soldiers will protect the Commonwealth forever.

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omg these ppl who dislike fanfic (or rly doesn't know much about them or about fandom tbh) talk like every time someone writes a samcait fic somehow sam and cait are forced to read it 🙄 ugh it's just FICTION and it just for the FANS, don't like it don't read it, it's simple… also i bet sam and cait have never wasted a minute of their time thinking or worrying about fan fiction so jfc can't this ppl just learn how fandom works once and for all and leave shippers alone!!?!!?!!!!

THIS THANK YOU. If people think that shippers and shipping and fanfic and manips and all the NORMAL parts of fandom are so terrible then why not go away and stop paying attention to our side? I guarantee Sam and Cait have better things to be doing than worrying about fans writing fanfic about them. 


Cait can’t read nor write, but she has learned to identify some words, such as “Danger”, “Combat Zone”, “Swan” or her own name. She starts learning letters and numbers after her rehab, when she decides that she wants to open a new Combat Zone, but, in the end, she ends up developing a new writing system that mixes words and symbols only she can understand. It’s possible she’s dyslexic.

Codsworth has reading among his skills, as he needs it for both communicating with his masters through notes and grocery lists, and for reading kids to sleep. However, he finds it difficult to read for his own amusement, because has the thought that he has to be “useful” so ingrained into his CPU that it feels rude to him to “waste” time in his own leisure… but he loves historic novels, specially if they have a touch of both hopeless romanticism and bloody gore. 

Danse knows how to read, but he’s not very good at it. He needs to take his time at it, and when he wants to make sure that he really understands what’s written, he unconsciously follows the words with his finger. He has a very rough, difficult to understand, hand-writing. However, he is a certified combat medic, able to provide first aid and trauma care in the battlefield (it was a voluntary course but he felt it was important to take it – and encouraged all the soldiers under his command to do the same), and a certified specialist in civilian crisis management and crowd control during mass panic.

Deacon can read and truly enjoys it. Pre-war everyday texts such as newspapers or even grocery lists really amuse him, but what really catches his attention enough to sink in it for hours are books that make him think, that show the world and the character’s drama in a crooked light, with a lot of symbolism and a bit of irony and social criticism. Needless to say, Proust is his favorite writer. And he’s dying to get ahold of a good Shakespearian library. His lazy handwriting is plainly illegible (he says it’s code, but bullshit) but if he forces himself he can write with lovely calligraphic flourishes.

Dogmeat can’t read - he’s a dog! 

Hancock can and loves reading. The Old State House has a very big old library he hasn’t finished to dust off yet, and he gave word to Daisy to set aside for him any interesting books that she could come across. He loves philosophy, politics and history treatises, of course, but what really draws his attention are texts written in first person, that explain a personal experience or a situation from the point of view of a real witness. He has also grown fond of The Silver Shroud thanks to Kent, but he only started reading the comics to be able to follow his fan-theories when they talked about the topic. His handwriting is very nice, curved and flourished – it might be possible that he is secretly trying to imitate real Hancock’s handwriting.

MacCready knows how to read but he gets bored easily with huge, dense books. He prefers things that are fast-paced and have a bit of action and humor, and a charismatic main character he can relate to (like comics, or theater plays). His handwriting is a mess, and makes a lot, but like in, a lot, of orthographic mistakes.

Piper can totally read and has naturally mastered several speed reading techniques. She truly enjoys pulp fiction, but hides her magazines behind more serious, non-fiction books (that she also devours; truth is, she loves reading ANYTHING). Her handwriting is very straight and practical, made to take quick and easy to read notes.

Valentine can read and loves doing so, but right now he hasn’t time due to the amount of archives he has to revise – he complains all the cases already give him enough lecture material. However, he has read everything that is worth of reading (and has an amazing memory for quotes), and he’s a frigging expert in 1800s poetry. His handwriting is refined and clear, but he tends to write little annotations all over the paper.

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Too dead around here. I so miss the good old shipping days. Have not found anyone to ship and probably will not again to the degree I did Sam and Cait

You’ve been reading my mind. Never will I ship anyone else as I did them. They were pure magic together. I do, however, enjoy the variety of old/new interests that folks are sharing. At least I am not seeing the same old OL and S/C pics across my dash.

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I hope you don't mind me asking this. What would be the companions' reaction to SS being the artist/creator of the Silver Shroud and Grognak the Barbarian? Can you add Kent to the reaction too? Thanks!

(I love this idea since I am an illustrator/comic artist!)

Preston: “An artist? Not a lot of those these days, perhaps the commonwealth could use a bit of art and culture these days.” He enjoys the stories about heroes beating the bad guys

Piper: She gets the idea that they could increase paper sales by putting pages of comics in Publik Occurrences. Diamond City enjoys the comeback of a long forgotten pre war comic artist, and Sole gets to enjoy drawing and creating something that makes them forget all the harshness of the world.

Nick: Sole actually based one of their character on the real life Nick Valentine. They start featuring this character more and more, the stories they come up with are based on real life adventures of them and Nick.

Curie: She asks them if there is any possibility that they can teach her to draw, just as a hobby. She frustrated at first when she can’t seem to get it right, but Sole is patient with her.

Hancock: He likes those comics because it promotes vigilantes and justice. On the rare days that he does t have a lot of work to do, he’ll catch up on his favorite artists issues. “You really out did yourself in this one slick, keep up the good work, you hear?”

Danse: Even though he gives off the impression that it’s a waste of time, he honestly doesn’t. I mean, he’d rather them go out and fight for the brotherhood, but he feels like comics are a lost art that the war almost destroyed. It’s a bit of culture that was too stubborn to die quite yet, and he can respect that.

Maccready: He fanboys a bit. He has LOVED comic books since he was a kid, and he’s always asking Sole if they have drawn any more comics for him to read.

Cait: As a little girl, Cait use to sit up with the blankets of her bed over her head and read comics when she was suppose to be sleeping. It distracted her from the grim reality of her apathetic parents. Even as a slave she would hide away when she got the chance with her only possession of an issue she has read a hundred times over. She doesn’t have the guts to tell Sole about how much they really mean to her though.

Deacon: Sole starts to come out with a comic that features a character that is fairly similar to Deacon, they tried to be discreet, but he figure it out. He flattered, but at his request they stop because he doesn’t want to give away any cover. The readers in Diamond City liked the character so much, that he ultimately lets them continue.

Strong: He himself can’t read that well, so Sole will read the dialogue and show him the pictures. He enjoys Grognak comics the best.

Codsworth: “Oh it’s so good seeing you get back into the old business! Honestly it seemed you were at your happiest when you were working sir/mum!”

X6: It’s not entirely that interesting to him, though he does enjoy some of the action. But he takes it to Father to show him what his parent is like. Father then asks him to collect more and more comics from Sole from before and after the war. There is now a small archive featuring all of Soles work. Father himself has been distracted from his work to read them, he even notices a character named after him, and he is saddened for some reason…

Kent: Can you imagine?? He’d almost faint to know it was them! If he didn’t look up to them already, they are now practically the sun and stars in his eyes. His real life hero that brought him so many good memories.

Just General Fallout 4 Headcanons

Cause who doesn’t like a good set of headcanons? (I guess this’ll be part 1) Let’s do this (BEWARE SPOILERS):

  • Remember in the beginning of the game, where you get to go around the house and explore a bit? If you go up to the dog bowl, the Sole Survivor mentioned their dog ran away. WHAT IF, after around 210 years, a dog comes up to Sanctuary Hills, but it’s ghoulified, and then the Sole Survivor reads their collar, only to learn that it was their old dog (Bonus points if the dog was chosen by their spouse, and the dog’s a small dog like a Shih Tzu or a chihuahua)
  • Jun and Marcy are on good terms. They don’t need to be a couple, but they learned to get along again.
  • Sarah Lyons isn’t dead.
  • Maccready left Duncan with the Lone Wanderer back in the Capital Wasteland, after he left Little Lamplight, he might’ve bonded with them and started to trust them a lot more.
  • All of Deacons stories that he tells Shaun are true. Every. Single. One
  • We don’t get much backstory about Fahrenheit, which kinda bothers me because shes a great character! But one thing that I headcanon about her is that at one point when she was a kid she was all alone, and one time after a brutal fight with a super mutant or some feral ghouls, she was left out to die in the middle of the wastes. Then Hancock came in, helped her out and tried to find her a new home. Ever since then, she looked up to him and remained his bodyguard ever since. (But seriously Bethesda pls fix this i need more Fahrenheit in my life)
  • Piper writes fanfiction
  • and Cait might have read one or two of them
  • Remember when Deacon said he was once in the Capital Wasteland, as well as claiming he was a women (which was canon, apparently). We all know Deacon lies a lot, but what if, and I know the chances that this happened was very slim, but what if Deacon was Victoria Watts? It can be possible, very unlikely, but possible.
  • Sturges is like a Mama Bird to little Shaun whenever the Sole Survivor is gone. 
  • Whenever the Sole Survivor mentions a pre-war meme, you just hear Nick Valentine from the other side of field being like “Nope nope nope not this again, nope nOPE”