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Behind the Scenes of the Harper’s Bazaar Fic Thing

Now that both videos have been posted, here’s a little insight into how @bonnie-wee-swordsman and I got here.

Back in the middle of September I got a vague message from someone at Harper’s Bazaar saying they wanted to talk to me about something that had to do with my Outlander fanfiction. There were no more details than that, just looking to see if it was okay for them to email me more information. I immediately messaged @bonnie-wee-swordsman. Literally, she was the first person I texted. I didn’t hear back from Harper’s Bazaar until Monday and when I did, I FREAKED (again, a lot of it was directed at Bon). I was told that an excerpt from Written in the Stones had been chosen by Cait and Sam to read for this video they wanted to release to celebrate Print Shop and that the fics/excerpts they had chosen were of reunions. 

Two days later, Bon texted that they’d reached out to her too about A Hundred Lesser Faces. So for the last MONTH we’ve been quietly (and not so quietly) freaking out as we counted down the days till the video was going to post. We were told it would go up on the 22nd - the same day the episode would drop. It was supposed to be both together and then Friday everything became 100x more exciting and chaotic. Cause the video with Sam and Cait reading A Hundred Lesser Faces seemed to have been posted sometime in the wee hours of the morning… except it turned out it was a leak. And Harper’s Bazaar’s plans for the video(s) changed. They quickly and officially released the video of Bon’s fic through the proper channels and had to figure out what to do with the video that included the reading of Written in the Stones. Though there was discussion of holding back and releasing it with a later episode this season, ultimately the decision was to spread out the videos and interview they were originally going to post Sunday over several days. 

So it’s been an agonizing month of waiting followed by an emotional and CRAZY last few days, but I’m so excited everyone finally got to see this thing that still doesn’t feel real and that I’m SO thrilled and honored to have been a part of and I couldn’t have asked to go through it all with a better friend than @bonnie-wee-swordsman. Getting to be a part of the whole print shop experience in this way is beyond anything I ever could have expected and just… there aren’t words for it. 

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It's so funny reading Cait calling herself scruffy and schleppy with THAT face and her beautiful skin. I think Cait is the one with not an ounce of ego. I also think after all that she went through and witnessed in her former profession it opened her eyes to the important things in life. She seems so laid back and normal. Very refreshing in these days of self absorption among so many women.

THIS!! Also can we talk about the fact that she thinks she looks like a mess and Sam still thinks she looks glamorous??? Who says that to a friend???

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Just saw Cait's comment ('should have read the T-shirt man...') on Sam's lastest gym IG. I can't remember the last time that she has made so many comments on his IG posts in such a short period of time.

Haha! I was actually just looking at her comments. Ninja Cait strikes again. 

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Wait. Seriously? Because Sam may have been in a coffee shop sometime today, and Cait read her script sometime tiday, they cohabitation possibly spent the day together? That's absurd. How about this? Sometime earlier today, Sam popped out to the fancy coffee shop (which closes at 2 pm on Sundays) to pick up some ground coffee for Cait to use in the French press coffee maker that was sitting on her table. That actually makes real world sense.

I like the way you think :)

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I read Cait is teasing Sam about Ireland? What's that all about? I don't follow either of them anymore

Oh! Sam retweeted an article stating that Scotland was the most beautiful country and Cait’s response was that the comment was made before they visited Ireland. 

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In that 45-sec promo video, Cait half-turned to Sam several times while talking, but Sam never did that. I find this odd compared to their interactions in past promo videos. This is a nice promo, but the SC dynamic is different. It feels off, especially on Sam's side. Your thoughts?

What you say is true and the not turning is a fact, as to the why, which is what you and I both wanna know, I can come up with a variety of reasons, all just speculation. First of all as some people have mentioned already it’s clear they were both reading from a screen so depending on whether any of their previous promo videos were shot like this we can compare or not. Imagine if this was their only take and they couldn’t mess it up so just had to focus on reading, maybe Cait was brave confident and comfortable enough to advert her eyes from the script and Sam wasn’t or maybe it’s just a question of what I have also mentioned today: toning the S&C cuteness down to either follow the narrarive or finally cut their crap all together (if it was all fake in the first place).
So, to sum it up, I do believe they were off but I can’t say if it’s just the weird “news anchor” mode on for them or something else. Guess we will be able to further analyze tomorrow. With Tobias permission, which I think he is not gonna give.

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I have no problem with Sam or Cait reading tumblr. If they are amongst the shipper blogs, then they absolutely know most shippers are generally, kind, forgiving, funny and talented. You women that are artists, whether vids, graphics, gifs, or drawings are fabulous.

My only art form in this fandom is pouring out salt and dropping truth bombs. 😂 Props to all the fans who make gifs, videos, photo sets and write fanfic. If Sam is reading Tumblr on the reg, I wouldn’t be surprised. It seems a lot of people related to this show do. I hope he saw @fromheretoeternity1121’s Sam Christmas card list. It was an absolute treasure.

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Companions react to Sole having a panic attack please? Thank you!

Moxie here! This could be a little triggering, These descriptions get a little graphic so please please read with discretion. If you are having frequent panic attacks please try talking to a friend or even a counselor, you are not alone! 

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Sam and cait reading fan fiction in the harpers bazaar vid is life. Don't know why, but Love sam at the end " it's very hot in here"

They were very cute! Especially Cait making all the sound effects. I can imagine there are a lot of laughs during the read throughs.

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I was looking at the "frilly dress" gifs and I'm slightly less sure about what Cait said, but lip reading I'm getting: Cait: "Very frilly?" Sam: "Very frilly. It's perfect. I love it." Cait: "It was fast. She helped me the other day and then. Ummm..."

I think there’s definitely something about the dress being frilly. She does a little dance at one point showing him how frilly it is hahah

as for the rest of it, I’m terrible at reading lips so I’ll believe whatever. I love that the whole exchange was captured though. it’s so like girl crushing on boy and flirting while he tries to hold it together.