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If I didn’t know better I would swear the rhetoric in this fandom is starting to sound like a lynch mob. Are we ready to burn Sam or Cait at the stake? From the I told you so, to the let’s get him people, you can stick it. If I want to be pissed at Sam or Cait I can be, if I want to forgive them, that too is my own fucking choice.

We only know what is fed us on SM. This does not mean we know either one of them personally. I think Cait read WS and liked something. Sometimes I read things wrong depending on my frame of mind at that time. How do we know if she meant it? Since we aren’t sitting next to her when this shit happened, we don’t know. Since we can’t burn her ass for doing something we aren’t sure of then why the hell are we Trashing her? My friend was walking around town with a guy. Hugging him and cuddling him. She is married and it sure as shit wasn’t her husband. People started talking and then she became a slut. At a school function she turned up with this guy. He was her brother, he was in the military and she hadn’t seen him in 10 years. Check your facts before you throw stones. Cait deleted her like, but the damage was done. I can’t believe after standing up against Trump for President and having sisters who are very pro women, she would like that mans remarks. Especially after the shit she got from the IFH and calling fans crazy. He seems to have got pissed she unliked it and moved on. Next step he classified her as a VS Model and poor Sam didn’t win an award. Why don’t you be obvious IW.

IW is and always will be a bottom dweller. Way back when he was on TV no one at my house watched Star Trek. Why, because my mom was totally against watching WS being a smug actor, who treated his coworkers and friends like trash. Women were things to him, not people. He has had how many wives? 4. Check back and look at his track record it’s all there. Especially his coworkers opinions of him.

Should she stand up to him? Why? This isn’t like normal people. You have an old man who, if you disagree with him do you think he isn’t going to come back at her with guns blazing and his whole following of guys just like him? It will be fucking bloody battle and Cait could end up looking like a fucking bitch. I guarantee PR would be more pissed at her than WS. You figure out the rest.

Sam, well that’s another story. He is trying to be friends with the devil. If he and/or his publicist can’t figure a solution out then he can enjoy the flames. We can even demand his standing up to WS, but we aren’t going to get it. If you decide to dislike him, go for it. If you are waiting for an explanation you will need supplies because you have a looong wait.

If you recall, when the IFH was made Sam and Cait both said this whole charade of them being together was acting. If it was acting then that means somebody wanted them to act for PR. I’m sure they didn’t go out in public and started to drool all over each other and look like a couple on their own if they were acting. So why were they acting. You don’t put an idea or image out in interviews, pics and just plain promo without somebody saying ok. Actors do not have that kind of freedom. Just like the breakup interview. Time in front of any camera is PR and that means money. I recall Ron Moore in an interview and he said after Season 1 he was anticipating more focus on the show and less on just the actors. He is the show runner. He promotes the show. Whether Cait, Sam or anyone were the leads he doesn’t care. It’s all about the show. If the actors together promote the show great, if not and to much shit with the fandom and on SM then it creates a problem, then lets separate them. They get paid to promote and yes it’s usually in their contracts.

By the way, I do think they love each other.

From the IFH came the change in Sam’s Twitter, more business and PR for Outlander and less personal. Remember Sam in the box. Even Sam’s IG was and is focused more on Outlander. I am sure Sam and Cait have personal accounts. I know I do. Work and play don’t mix. So why does Blondie park herself on IG and come off and on around the time Sam does. So does Amy. They are hooking onto Sam’s exposure and when he gets it then so do they. I didn’t even know who Amy, Cody, Abby or MM was till they were thrown into my view because of Sam. If Twitter and IG are suppose to be primarily Outlander then why are they there? Friends? Family? GF’s? Well if it’s any of these people, then why the hiding of Luke his best friend. I don’t see him begging for likes or follows and he is an actor too. We finally got a glimpse of his brother because of a run he did. Why the anger of everyone finding and descending upon their friends? Because they try and keep it separate. If he is so private a person, then why do all these girls have to parade themselves all over. They can’t contact him privately? Just be seen with your GF and let it be. Charlie Hunnam has a GF and everyone knows it. You hardly ever see her, so what? Why play this like a soap opera? Out of the whole world of women he is always with starlets who seem to need a step up. Even if Sam is dating MM, why is she so clingy on his SM which is now mostly Outlander? Who do you know, actor wise, who has a GF that is following him so closely on SM. Throwing innuendo everywhere and screaming look at me. Either she is extremely insecure or using him. Either way I find myself unable to like her for acting like a 15 year old, just as the others before her. Also, why can’t she move up by becoming a better actress and not just depending on a guy to help her with exposure?

If PR doesn’t have something to do with all this shit, I will be completely shocked. You can’t figure it out because they don’t want you too, and even they don’t know what the hell they are doing.

I have said enough. People are leaving, staying, can’t make up their mind etc. The only thing that I care about is that the one person who has stuck it out and been there for all of us has left. Jess did not deserve any of the shit she was exposed to day after day. This fandom is made of women, if there are guys here they are hiding. As women how can we treat our own like this. Jealous, cowardly, mean, self centered little girls attacking Jess daily and hiding behind Anon. What have we become? Oh I forgot we just elected a President who thinks we are only around for his pleasure and to grab pussy when he feels like it. Our children must think we are insane. Those of you who think this is a way to move ahead in the world are really sad. Those of you who voted for Hillary God Bless You. Even if you hated Hillary it was better than what we have now with Trump. Those of you who are ok with any man treating you this way I pity you. I don’t need a man to define me and neither do you. I have been lucky in my life to have extremely strong men with me. From my first husband who past away, to my second husband and stepfather. They didn’t need to keep me under their feet to feel like a man. They encouraged and supported me in every way. If we continue to let men degrade us in any way, you can’t complain that we make less than them while doing the same job. You have to ignore men like WS and define yourself by being educated and informed and they find one day you are their boss. We can move up in this world, but you can’t let men like WS get you pissed and turn on each other. You can’t change an 80 some year old man, do better than that raise sons who become strong men. Make good choices for yourself. Be with and marry men who appreciate you. They are out there.

Nuclear Family

“Nuclear Family”
dedicated to the companions of Fallout 4

Sole emerges from their sleep, thawed into reality,
Starving and alone, gutting roaches for practicality.
Searching for their family, they find those willing to give aid,
Thirteen warriors at their side, like a family; they’ve got it made.

It’s gritty and it’s brutal deep down in the Combat Zone,
The most fearsome of all being the Irish gal with that muscle tone.
Baseball bat in hand, she’s introduced as Cait,
Point the way and she will strike all the way from the home plate.

Codsworth is the name of your dear Mister Handy,
Loyal, kind, a bit crazy, isn’t he just dandy?
Irradiated water in his hands become pure,
Hatred is the disease, he believes, and kindness is the cure.

The world learned of radiation from her beloved namesake,
But we learned of the world of radiation, there’s nothing there to make.
From sweet, naive Miss Nanny to sweet, ingenious Gen 3,
You’re never down in a fight when you fight alongside Curie.

Dogmeat has no master, but he sure as hell ain’t a stray,
In life he makes his own way, and he’ll never lead you astray.
He wanders across the wasteland ‘till he links up with Sole,
He sticks with them to the end, for without one they can’t be whole.

The Commonwealth is filthy, so says the Brotherhood of Steel,
The Minutemen are useless, no–this is the real deal.
Paladin Danse will bring forth righteous authority,
On the enemies of humanity, which makes up the majority.

Hidden in plain sight, but blatant as a beacon,
The protagonist of the Railroad, that right there is Deacon.
Tinker Tom thinks that through time the man flies,
Lesson one, trust no one, for in time you’ll find he lies.

Freedom rings true–the slogan of the Revolution,
But we bombed ourselves to pre-Rev, so much for evolution.
John Hancock, in the flesh, here to liberate the oppressed,
Careful 'round the zombie king, there’s some rage to be expressed.

The world’s favorite mungo, now ironically grown up,
He’s adopted a bastard’s temper and the face of a kicked pup.
Robert Joseph MacCready, 250 caps, at your service,
He’s tempered his hand well, so with a rifle he’ll never miss.

Meet the synth Nick Valentine, dashing detective noir,
He refuses to let things here stay the way they are.
Help those in need, that’s how to play the game,
Ev'ry scumbag in the Commonwealth is gonna know his name.

Denounced by Diamond City as an unscrupulous muckraker,
Piper Wright is determined to oust the mayor as a faker.
Free of charge she joins you, although she’ll take a story,
She really didn’t expect her job to be so bloody gory.

The sole surviving Minuteman, about to give up hope,
Despite his love for settlements, he’s much more than a trope.
Preston sees good in all, with his heart of pure gold,
He’ll never give up on the Commonwealth, even when he’s old.

Scouring the 'Wealth for the milk of human kindness,
He doesn’t know where to look, hell, he actually finds less.
Strong decides to join up with the Survivor and their ilk,
He’ll leave with a wealth of knowledge, yet not with that elusive milk.

Designed by the Institute, designation Courser,
X6 knows how to teleport, kind of like a sorcerer.
He’s not pleased at first when Sole takes charge and leads,
But they’re not the hero the 'Wealth deserves; they’re the one it needs.

Thirteen disparate elements, all too willing to clash,
But Sole’s charisma unites them, so they’ll do nothing brash.
Sole’s world was torn up and crudely slapped together,
But the General and their soldiers will protect the Commonwealth forever.


Outlander table read - season 1


Cait can’t read nor write, but she has learned to identify some words, such as “Danger”, “Combat Zone”, “Swan” or her own name. She starts learning letters and numbers after her rehab, when she decides that she wants to open a new Combat Zone, but, in the end, she ends up developing a new writing system that mixes words and symbols only she can understand. It’s possible she’s dyslexic.

Codsworth has reading among his skills, as he needs it for both communicating with his masters through notes and grocery lists, and for reading kids to sleep. However, he finds it difficult to read for his own amusement, because has the thought that he has to be “useful” so ingrained into his CPU that it feels rude to him to “waste” time in his own leisure… but he loves historic novels, specially if they have a touch of both hopeless romanticism and bloody gore. 

Danse knows how to read, but he’s not very good at it. He needs to take his time at it, and when he wants to make sure that he really understands what’s written, he unconsciously follows the words with his finger. He has a very rough, difficult to understand, hand-writing. However, he is a certified combat medic, able to provide first aid and trauma care in the battlefield (it was a voluntary course but he felt it was important to take it – and encouraged all the soldiers under his command to do the same), and a certified specialist in civilian crisis management and crowd control during mass panic.

Deacon can read and truly enjoys it. Pre-war everyday texts such as newspapers or even grocery lists really amuse him, but what really catches his attention enough to sink in it for hours are books that make him think, that show the world and the character’s drama in a crooked light, with a lot of symbolism and a bit of irony and social criticism. Needless to say, Proust is his favorite writer. And he’s dying to get ahold of a good Shakespearian library. His lazy handwriting is plainly illegible (he says it’s code, but bullshit) but if he forces himself he can write with lovely calligraphic flourishes.

Dogmeat can’t read - he’s a dog! 

Hancock can and loves reading. The Old State House has a very big old library he hasn’t finished to dust off yet, and he gave word to Daisy to set aside for him any interesting books that she could come across. He loves philosophy, politics and history treatises, of course, but what really draws his attention are texts written in first person, that explain a personal experience or a situation from the point of view of a real witness. He has also grown fond of The Silver Shroud thanks to Kent, but he only started reading the comics to be able to follow his fan-theories when they talked about the topic. His handwriting is very nice, curved and flourished – it might be possible that he is secretly trying to imitate real Hancock’s handwriting.

MacCready knows how to read but he gets bored easily with huge, dense books. He prefers things that are fast-paced and have a bit of action and humor, and a charismatic main character he can relate to (like comics, or theater plays). His handwriting is a mess, and makes a lot, but like in, a lot, of orthographic mistakes.

Piper can totally read and has naturally mastered several speed reading techniques. She truly enjoys pulp fiction, but hides her magazines behind more serious, non-fiction books (that she also devours; truth is, she loves reading ANYTHING). Her handwriting is very straight and practical, made to take quick and easy to read notes.

Valentine can read and loves doing so, but right now he hasn’t time due to the amount of archives he has to revise – he complains all the cases already give him enough lecture material. However, he has read everything that is worth of reading (and has an amazing memory for quotes), and he’s a frigging expert in 1800s poetry. His handwriting is refined and clear, but he tends to write little annotations all over the paper.

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Hi lovelies! I hope you all are having a beautiful day/night!! As it says above, I’m still doing free readings and I will be online for a while. So, if you want a reading, just send an ask or a message and I’ll get to it asap.

Please, if you have a good reading, spread the word about my readings, I do them for free, because I really like the practice. So I’d love it if more of you would do them. So if you don’t mind, maybe share the word?

Thank you very much!

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anonymous asked:

Does my bf really like me or are they pretending? Do they like me for me? I know its to be taken with a grain of salt and i should ask them but we just got together yesterday i don't wanna start something?

Hi! And thank you so much for your questions! I ready appreciate it. I hope you’re having a good day!

I got a yes, he does really like you. No he is not pretending. And yes, he likes you for you.

I really hope this helps! Ask again any time!!

Love and light
Cait ✌

🏵 Please remember that readings can be wrong, so please take everything with a grain of salt.🏵

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Can or Cannot Read and What they Read

Cait–Cannot Read

Codsworth– Can Read

Curie– Can Read– Science and Theories

Danse– Basic Reading Skills

Deacon– Can Read– Philosophy, History, and Fiction

Hancock– Can Read– History, (Auto)Biography, and Non-Fiction

MacCready– Basic Reading Skills– Comics and Easy Fiction

Nick Valentine –Can Read– Detective Noir, Mystery, and Non-Fiction

Piper– Can Read– Non-Fiction and Comics

Preston– Basic Reading Skills– Fiction

Strong– Cannot Read

X6-88– Basic Reading Skills


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Outlander and Sam and Cait

I’ve read a great deal today and yesterday on my TL about people being worried, angry or uncertain so I’ve decided to chime in. 

My advice would be to stop taking to heart every little thing that comes along and that includes the small minds of the antis. They live to make shippers doubt. But you have to do what is best for you. For me, I’m on this ship for life.

But might I add that this is not a novel. This is the real life of two people to which we are privy to only very small glimpses into their lives. And just like any real life couple in love not everything is hearts and roses everyday of the week. Plus they’re adults with friends, families outside commitments and interests. A big part of which includes networking and marketing themselves as individuals to keep their separate careers relevant and moving forward. So as you appreciate the couple you should respect and appreciate the individuals and trust them. 

Thanks for reading…resume drinking to those that can.   

anonymous asked:

The kid wears all white, kinda like a white military uniform, a single green glove on their left hand and the hair is green. He looks up at Skippy. "You like to write talk and float. A white kitty told me so. I'm supposed to see you."(Anon muse child

Go anon and pretend to be my character’s child.

The witch had to think a moment. What white cat could he possibly know that would know this about him? Let alone tell it to a child. Then he figured it out, Cait Sith. He could have sword he told that cat to him his existence a secret to anyone. Including Kagami. A quill wrote on a paper, no sense in hiding his use of magic. The paper floated over to the child. Hopefully the could read.

Cait Sith I’m assuming? Only white Cat that I know of. Nice to meet you, I’m Skippy The Overlords Underling. What’s your name small child?