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My maid said that a… a Frenchman’s thing, you know, they put it right between a lady’s legs! I mean, right up inside her! An Englishman, or even a Scot… Oh, I didn’t mean it in that way, but a man like your husband, surely he’d never dream of forcing his wife to endure something like that…

“He’s a good man.”  x

“Sam’s a sweetheart. As a person, he’s just incredibly generous.” x

“Sam’s the greatest guy. That’s why women go crazy about him. You really see what a good guy he is and that shines through - always.” x

“Very proud of this generous and big hearted man. Always inspired and impressed by his capacity for helping others.” x

“No one is perfect … But he … comes pretty close” x

      ~ Caitriona Balfe on Sam Heughan

Happy Birthday to the good, sweet, generous, big hearted and pretty close to perfect Sam Heughan!

To all the Moms, Mums, Mamas, Mas, Mamans, and Mothers out there. To those who take on an incredibly difficult task. Who raised, are raising, or will raise, teach, nurture, and love another life (fur babies included!). Here’s to you wonderful women 🌹

Happy Mother’s Day!