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EVERYONE STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING AND WATCH THIS. If you haven’t already. I yelled and squealed and cried non-stop. AMAZING EDITING holy crap. I can’t handle this right now bye

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When I realized the show was going to sell itself out with cheap dullena, I decided to just pretend TVD ended at 4x01. It kind of helps now

See I’ve seen this said a lot and I totally get it, because obviously I feel like Stefan is the better match overall, however the S3 finale was just heartbreaking - I mean, she chose to die. For her friend. And Stefan respected her so much he let her make that decision despite the fact he knew he would have to spend the rest of his immortal life without her. That’s something that just Damon will never understand, especially not with Elena. He’s driven to obsession (Katherine, Revenge, etc.) and I like his character, but Delena as a long-term relationship just never made sense to me.

And in reality, it hasn’t made sense - I don’t understand the draw of the relationship the way it is written. People will say it’s the passionate aspect and to those I say - go rewatch S1-3. I also feel pretty strongly that the sire bond is the reason for this whole fucking mess - I believe it was a way for the writers to try to be so romantic ‘it doesn’t affect feelings and I still love you’ and blahblahblah, but it didn’t play off that way at least to me. So basically that whole plot point was weird, but more importantly it tainted the entire string of their relationship and everything after the bond ended.

Because of that, I felt like it became a dependent relationship in the worst way imaginable - they can’t exist without each other (in a semi-abusive/psychopathic way). 

Stelena was the complete opposite of that - as evidenced by the S3 finale. She didn’t sacrifice Matt to be with Stefan, but look at what she did in S5 for Damon - completely counter-character and don’t give me that bullshit about how a vampire amplifies your emotions because if it did she’d be more S1 Elena than ever.

Basically, I can’t ignore the other seasons because I’m a masochist and I keep hoping Elena will find herself again and become strong without the love interest drama. I love Damon, but not with Elena..just as I love Stefan and Caroline, but not with each other. (uuuuuuuuuuuuugh)


okay can everyone just take a few minutes and process these few things:

  1. He said I love you
  2. He asked her on a date
  3. He kisses her
  4. He says I love you again
  5. She says I love you
  6. They make love
  7. They get married.


Like, that just tells you so much about their relationship right there. They don’t need a slew of formal dates. They’ve had three years of relationship building - they’ve gone through grief, anger, evil, other relationships, and they still have come out the better for it.

Bless this ship.