“You should keep on painting no matter how difficult it is, because this is all part of experience, and the more experience you have, the better it is…unless it kills you, and then you know you have gone too far.” -Alice Neel

Circa ‘79 this may be my earliest rabbit drawing. Even then I was using text in my drawing. It also seems I was very aware of the NYC art scene of that era.

The other day I had an FB conversation with a mommie friend of mine about children’s early art work. With her permission I have transcribed the thread below:

LA: At the entrance to the Alexander Calder exhibit we saw last week at the Nat'l Portrait Gallery, there’s a crayon drawing he did as a child. Every time I go to throw away any of the thousands of pictures S has created, I keep thinking ‘what if Calder’s mom had done that?“

Me: just keep the good ones. scan the others and toss 'em.

LA: er…what if they’re all good? i mean, i know i’m biased, but she’s got about an 80% success rate over up in here

Me: yr biased. yr a mom. even at 80% there’s still 20% to toss. also the value goes up the fewer there are. If you need me to sort through them let me know.

LA: yes, we need your gimlet eye! next time you’re in la…

Me: haha. ok i’ve got them dead eyes. I will say my elder nephew has been pumping out some good work. finally. His early stuff was a little meh, and fraudulent as I saw marks obviously made by his mother and the preschool lady. that stuff was hardly frame worthy.

I’m glad my mom kept my shit. Where would art be without archivists?

This is Ella. She is the familiar to one of my friends and patrons, Marc . Over the years I spent a fair amount of time with her. Our interactions usually consisted of her coming up to me at some point, sniffing my foot and running off. Though I am not one for close animal engagement, my encounters with Ella were always pleasant as it seemed we had a mutual respect for each other. So I was not unmoved when I learned, from Marc, of Ella’s passing a few days ago. In his email he described a particularly connected moment that reaffirms my feeling of there being a mutual respect between Ella and me.

“After I was living at my mom’s for a bit, I decided to lay out all of the art I had to see what I wanted to hang on the walls of my studio. When I rolled your piece out, Ella rubbed her face all over it and then proceeded to lay down on for about an hour. She was a fan.”

Goodbye… Ella, the black cat (1995-2011)

Amelia With Deer Mask, 2010 23cm x 30.5cm acrylic on canvas

There is a wealth of information written about the symbolism of masks. Anyone who’s ever sat next to someone in a bar that has taken an anthropology, psychology, humanities, art history course or committed a robbery can tell you about the significance of masks ad nauseum.  In European and Native American traditions deer represent profound change, new adventure and freshness. Deer also carry the message of purity of purpose,gentleness/kindness, and of walking in the light.


een dutchslavetrade : verstehen

This 120 minute painting mix is perfect for the bleak midwinter…cold, a little sad, a little angry and very danceable. Perfect to listen to while defrosting yr windshield, applying lotion to yr dried out skin, or while walking the streets looking for discarded cardboard to use as shipping material.

Verstehen features songs by Crass, Amy Winehouse, Shit Robot, RZA, Knife in the Water, Harmonia, John Lennon, Debbie Deb, Janet Jackson, Glass Candy, Frank Ocean and more.

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Elizabeth of Bohemia (19 August 1596 – 13 February 1662) was the eldest daughter of King James VI and I, King of Scotland, England, Ireland, and Anne of Denmark. As the wife of Frederick V, Elector Palatine, she was Electress Palatine and briefly Queen of Bohemia. Due to her husband’s short reign in Bohemia, Elizabeth is often referred to as the Winter Queen.

This is Erin and Darin. Though not a couple in the traditional physically romantic sense , they are a couple in an ideologically platonic and post-historic sense. Sharing interests, goals, and agreed upon house rules such as “men/women can come and go, but they can’t stay”, the pair has redefined coupling for our current reality. After individually purchasing a few paper works early into The Flash of the Spirit Volvo Experience Erin later contacted me saying that she and Darin were interested in procuring (We Think Yr Weird) Isobella DeLuca, 2002 together. A unifying act of friendship. The admiration, respect, and magnanimity that flows between them was clear during my initial visit to their home. A fact further evidenced by its ability to be captured by digital representation, as in the above photograph taken during my second visit.