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I love your elsewhere U. It is amazing. Two questions, if someone's name was in another language and they went by the translation would they be safe, named Marie and goes by Mary. And as an Early learning and childcare major would the fea be interested in those classes, what with the history they have with taking children and all. Also have you read Kelly Armstrong's Cainville series or Melissa Marr's Wicked Lovely? I think you'd like them.

Technically not your given name but so close that it wouldn’t even be a challenge to guess it. Probably inadvisable.

…You would want to be Very Cautious in classes with children. Very, very cautious. The classrooms have probably been renovated to include a length of iron piping under the floor surrounding the rooms the little kids are in, but you still have to get them to and from class.

And lastly no but I’ll add those to my list, thank you!