Twitter Chat Thurs Oct 3 for Omens

Yep, as the title suggests, I’m doing an Omens chat on Twitter on Thursday Oct 3. It’ll be at 2PM EST. Not sure what that is in your time zone? Check here.

To ask a question, use #OmensChat as the hashtag. To follow it, search on that hashtag. If you miss the chat, it’ll be transcribed and posted later. But if you do want to participate, I might have bribes…

At my events, I usually use swag to get questions going. For this chat, I’ll give away an Omens tote bag (pictured below) if I answer your Omens question. The chat is not restricted to Omens, but that’s the focus, so I’ll reward you for sticking to it :) Ask me a question about Omens or the Cainsville series and if I haven’t already answered earlier in the chat I will reply and you’ll get a tote.To claim it, just email Alison ( with your Twitter handle and the question I answered for you.