If you follow my feed, you’ll notice a distinct bias towards the Pacific Northwest. I live in Seattle but find the Northwest one of the most beautiful places in the world. But I also love shooting in the desert of Southern Utah. It’s a harsh place but beautiful in a way that couldn’t be more different than the Northwest. I try to get there to shoot every year. Here is an area east of Capitol Reef National Park. It’s an amazing graphic landscape. - - - - - - - - #desert #utah #utahgram #dry #capitolreef #caineville #erosion #thewhisperers #earthfocus #marvelshots #awesomeglobe #fantastic_earth #b_pictures #ic_shotz #ic_landscapes #exploringtheglobe #hot_shotz #epic_captures #jaw_dropping_shots #global_hotshotz #REI1440project #bpmag #keepitcontagious #featuremeinstagood (at Cainville, Utah)

Badlands In Bloom by Guy Tai

Photo taken near the one-horse town of Caineville in the area known as the Colorado Plateau.  The magic carpet of scorpion weed in Mojave Desert, Utah

Every few years for a few short weeks, this remote section of desert is transformed into a magic carpet of purple. But its beauty is best appreciated in a photo- locals talk of the plants giving off a foul smell like human body odor. Worse still, it’s not called Scorpion Weed for nothing - pick this desert blossom up and you’ll get a very nasty rash.

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Estos dos pilotos se alejaron de toda civilización para perderse y enseñarte el épico terrero en Caineville, Utah.